They Are A-OK Ch. 16

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When the time came for me to go dress for the afternoon, Adam thankfully offered me the loan of a robe. My room was in the opposite wing of the large house. I wasn’t keen on walking the halls in the buff. My room though smaller than Adam’s seemed just as luxurious. It had a private bath with both shower and tub as well as wall of glass with a different but just as magnificent view as his.

As promised two complete outfits in my exact size were laid out on the bed. There was a tux for the evening and a more casual outfit for the afternoon. The closet held a few pieces of additional clothing in my size. In the dresser were brand new packages of underwear and socks. There were several styles of undershorts which I supposed was to accommodate whatever my taste might be. There was also a bathing suit that I had trouble imagining that I would need. Nude swimming was certainly preferable. Just as I finished dressing and was selecting a pair of shoes someone knocked on the door. When I answered the knock I found a distinguished looking, well dressed man who appeared to be about sixty standing in the hall.

“Good morning, sir. I am Stephen, Mr. Donaldson’s valet. He has asked me to attend to you. But I see that you are nearly dressed already,” He said in what sounded like a genuine British accent.

“Yes, I have been dressing myself almost exclusively since I was three,” I said in a flippant tone that I did not mean to show disrespect.

“I am sorry to disturb you than, sir. I trust you found everything you needed to your satisfaction?”

“Yes, of course everything is perfect. I did not mean to…”

“No need to explain, sir. But if you will allow me a moment, there are some things I wish to go over with you.”

“Yeah sure, but do you have to be so formal?”

He ignored the question as he continued, “There are variety of toiletries in cabinet above the vanity. Should there be anything you need that is not there please let me know. I will do my best to accommodate you within the limitations of being on a small island of course. You will find your duffle bag on a shelf in the closet. Mr. Donaldson wants you to know that the clothes are yours to take when you leave. I will pack them for you and have them taken to the boat Monday morning. Now is there anything I can do for you before lunch?”

I thanked him and told him that I was all set. He told me I was expected for lunch in a half hour. Lunch was uneventful. It turned out that Adam was tied up with a business. So I had lunch with Sheila on a terrace surrounded by tropical lushness. After lunch she offered me a tour of the house which I eagerly accepted. The house was immense and every possible detail was included in its design. There was a professional style kitchen that could have served the needs of a fine restaurant. The main dinning room had a table that seated up to sixteen. There was a smaller dinning area that I imagined got more use. Beyond the dining room was a huge area that could best be described as a ballroom. On the other side of the house near Adam’s office were a billiard and game room as well as a library. A theater style entertainment room and one lane bowling alley were in the semi-underground lower level. Upstairs were ten bedrooms in addition to Adam’s suite. Each room had its own bath. Though not all were as luxurious as the one in my room they were all nicer than any other bathrooms I had ever seen. Shelia explained that on the other side of the gardens were a number of bungalows for additional guests and key staff members. Other staff members were housed in a village like setting closer to the dock area.

Though the house was amazing I found the tour a bit disappointing. After showing me the first floor Shelia had escorted me upstairs to see the bedrooms I had not been in and the view from the upper deck. Being far too imaginative I had hoped that the tour was in reality a ruse to get me in a bedroom with Shelia; where in my fantasy she would seduce me. All we did in regard to bedrooms was take a quick peak into a couple of them. She told me that the rest except for decoration were just more of the same. The view from the upper sun deck did not disappoint however. The teak deck wrapped around what I imagine was the attic of the house forming a kind of outdoor third floor.

It was a clear day and the view seemed to be endless on all sides. The entire island was visible from the high perch. There were however a few parts of the deck that did not seem to be visible from anywhere. I wondered if that was by design. Those thoughts rekindled the fantasy I had regarding fucking Shelia on the tour. However, she did stop long in those areas. When we got to the side of the house that looked down on the dock we could see Paul maneuvering the yacht into place.

“Oh the guests are arriving already. I am sorry John, duty calls,” She said and left me alone on the deck.

I watched as Paul expertly placed the sleek ship along side the dock. Several crew members scurried around tying the vessel securely pendik escort to iron cleats. I saw Hector jump from the ship to the dock even before the other crewmen finished securing the lines. He returned with a large cart and a crewman handed baggage to him as a gangplank was put in place. Shelia emerged from the foliage obscured pathway just as several men came from below decks. She was at the base of the gangplank as the Captain began escorting the passages ashore.

I counted a dozen men and three women. All were well dressed in what I have come to learn is country-club casual style. I assumed that Hector was transporting their evening wear up the hill on the cart. As the group began to disappear into the foliage the sound of engines distracted me from the scene at the dock. A helicopter appeared overhead and then disappeared as it landed on the island. It was the first of many to arrive. Over the next two hours the peace of paradise was invaded by the sound of engines and whirling blades. Since I had retired to my room after about a half hour on the deck I had no idea how many guests had been ferried to the island in the noisy flying machines. Since there was very little noise on the second floor I assumed that most of the guests were being housed in the bungalows.

At some point I must have drifted off to sleep. I was awoken from a very pleasing dream by the insistent voice of Adam’s valet. In the dream I was the center of attention in a rather wild sexual orgy. The group was composed of Adam, Shelia, Paul and Hector. We were of course all naked. Shelia was riding my cock while Paul fed me his snake and sucked Adam’s cock. Hector was on his knees behind Adam licking his ass hole. Somehow I knew he was being prepared for me to fuck. Before anyone reached climax Stephen’s insistent voice brought me back to reality.

“Please, Sir, it is time to get you ready for the reception.”

It took a minute for me to grasp the situation and remember where I was. It took a few more seconds to recall the name of the smartly dressed older man that was invading my dreams.

“Oh ok sure,” I mumbled. “How much time do I have?”

“Time for a shower and shave. I will be back in ten minutes to help you dress,” He said and quickly left the room.

I was happy he did not want to help with the shower. The tent in my pants was embarrassing enough. I would not have enjoyed baring my erection in front of the man. The shower quickly brought me back to full consciousness. But apparently I stayed in the shower a bit too long. I was standing in the bathroom spreading foam on my face when Stephen returned.

“Perhaps if I assisted you we can get you downstairs before you are too late, Sir,” He said in a very annoyed tone as he lifted the razor from the vanity.

Though I didn’t really like the idea of someone else shaving my face I obediently turned and stood still allowing him to do his work. As it turned out he was very efficient and I rather enjoyed the attention. When he finished shaving me, he took the towel from around my waist and patted off the remaining shave cream without some much as a word of warning. He tossed the towel aside leaving me standing there naked and feeling somewhat awkward. It was obvious he was very used to helping dress other men as he was completely nonchalant about the situation.

“Well come along, Sir. We have to get you into this tux.”

Though I thought I was perfectly capable of dressing myself I let Stephen take over. As it turned out it was tremendously helpful to have a valet assist in dressing. I suppose that was particularly true in that case since I had only worn a tux on two previous occasions. When Stephen was done with me I felt a bit like a young James Bond ready to break the bank playing Baccarat. This of course was a time before the new James Bond and the switch to Texas Hold Em. Stephen even styled my hair before escorting me to the main stairs. I was happy to see Shelia in a stunning evening gown waiting at the bottom of the staircase.

“Come on, John, Adam is waiting to introduce you,” She said softly as I made my way down the long curving stairway.

“Wow!” I said while resisting the urge to whistle. “You look amazing!”

“You’re no lump of coal yourself,” She said as she took my arm. “Who’d of thought that our young guest would clean up to be a handsome stud?”

I am sure I was still blushing when we reached the great room where everyone had gathered.

Adam was standing just to the right of the doorway. I guessed there to be at least fifty people in room all in formal wear. While the majority were men there were a fair number of women. It was perhaps a 35 – 15 split. They had cocktails and uniform waiters were passing through the room with trays of hors d’oeuvres. When Shelia touched his arm Adam called for the room’s attention. Almost immediately the guests fell silent.

“My friends, I am happy that you were able to join me on the island this evening. tuzla escort It is a very happy occasion for me. I have recently become acquainted with a young man who I believe has great potential. As I was certain he is someone you all would want to meet and get to know I asked him to join us this evening. Though he has not yet finished his studies at my alma mater, I am already hoping to persuade him to join my organization when he graduates. Please welcome my new friend, John Campanelli.”

I was so surprised I froze in place. Shelia had to push me through the doorway. I felt dizzy as I tried to wrap my mind around the idea that Adam wanted me to join his organization. Additionally, I wondered in what capacity he panned to employee my talents since the only talent he could be aware of was my cock sucking and ass fucking abilities. Surely he did not need to heap such accolades upon young men to convince them to come to the island and fuck him? My nervousness was somewhat quelled by his smile and his arm around my shoulder. The smattering of applause from the gathering however did not help relax me.

“Welcome, John. Please get yourself a drink and join the party. We will let introductions take care of themselves,” He said softly as he looked over the group.

Fortunately, Shelia stayed by my side and offered little insights into each person as they introduced themselves to me. When we had a moment alone, she explained that Adam had asked her to serve as my date for the evening. That idea pleased me and she confided later that she would have been happy to have been my date even if her boss hadn’t asked. Adam seemed to be quite busy conducting business as Shelia and I mingled amongst his wealthy important quests. I recognized some of the names and all of the companies Shelia told me that they owned or ran. A large percentage of the world’s wealth was in that room.

As I met people and made small talk I realized that Adam was far wealthier and powerful than I had imagined even from seeing his island. To have gotten such a group to attend a gathering at his remotely located home clearly required enormous pull. I also wondered how much those people knew of the real Adam. Could they even conceive that the boy genius he was introducing that evening had forcefully fucked Adam that morning after having slept with him on the beach the previous night? I thought it extremely unlikely. That was until I met Sir Reginald Symington, the president and majority shareholder of a huge British conglomerate with worldwide financial interests. We met at the bar, out of earshot of anyone else.

“Greetings, brother John,” He said extending his hand as he waited for his gin and tonic.

I instantly took his hand but was unable to return a proper greeting as I did not yet know his name.

“Greetings, Sir, I am sorry I do not know your name. Are you AOK?” I asked which I understood was the proper why to ask if you weren’t sure the person you were addressing was in the brotherhood.

“Yes, I am of the brotherhood. I came up with Adam. Reginald Symington is my given name, but I am generally known as Reggie in the brotherhood.”

I smiled and added a proper greeting, “Greetings brother Reggie. I am very pleased to meet you. Perhaps you will get a chance to tell me some war stories about Adam’s days on campus.”

Just as I finished the sentence, Adam came up from behind and clasped my shoulder while declaring happily, “Ah John I see you have met my dear friend Reggie. He can indeed tell you tales but there is some possibility of exaggeration.’

“Adam, you know I would not embellish our adventures at university. I certainly know where enough skeletons are buried to entertain the lad without having to resort to using my imagination,” He said and the two laughed.

“Now Reggie, don’t forget that I too know where skeletons are buried,” Adam admonished his friend playfully. “John I am sorry that business has kept me from doing the introductions. How are you getting along?”

“All is well, Adam. Your friends are very nice and Shelia has been wonderful. I fear though that I am meeting too many this evening to remember everyone’s name.”

“Well do your best. It is far more important that they remember yours anyway. Unfortunately, I am going to have to take Shelia from you until dinner. Some unavoidable business has come up. Reggie, would you mind escorting John through the maze of sharks he has yet to meet?” Adam replied.

“Of course not. It will be my pleasure to spend time with such a handsome sexy young man,” Reggie answered and winked at me.

Since I was still hoping to end up in bed with Shelia at the end of the night, I hoped Reggie’s comment was good natured innocent flirting and not an indication of his desire to take me to bed.

“Excellent, thank you Reggie. You too can get to know each other but remember discretion my brothers. Perhaps after dinner you will take John out for a walk and share one of your special Cubans. maltepe escort That way you will be free to tell all the tales about me you wish, my friend,” Adam said happily and left me in Reggie’s hands.

I felt a little like a transaction had occurred and I had just been served up to the distinguished and still sexy British billionaire. Given my earlier thoughts about James Bond it seemed somewhat appropriate though I still had my eyes on Adam’s version of Miss Moneypenny. For the rest of the cocktail hour, Reggie was a charming host and complete gentleman. There wasn’t the slightest hint of sexual innuendo as we talked and he introduced me to the rest of the guests. His personal asides about the people I met were even more interesting that Shelia’s had been. The longer we talked the less I minded the idea of ending up in a sexual situation with my British brother. As it turned out there were two other AOK alums in the room. However, we did not have the privacy to exchange a brotherhood greeting when I met them.

Dinner was a rather long affair. There were six courses served in a very formal style. I was happy that I once again had Shelia at my side. Since I had Reggie at my other side the nearly two hours it took to eat dinner passed much quicker than it might have. Though Adam’s associates were all very pleasant and extremely nice to me, I felt uncomfortable amongst the wealthy successful group. I was out of my element and there was no faking my background. However, I quickly became comfortable with Reggie. When dessert was done I had mixed feelings when he asked Shelia if he could borrow her date for a little while.

“Of course Sir Reginald,” She said with a knowing smile. “John, I will see you later.”

She kissed my cheek and touched the small of my back in what I was certain was a signal. I just wasn’t certain exactly what she was signaling.

“Shall we take in our host’s exquisite gardens and the finest cigars rolled?” He asked as if I had a real choice in the matter.

I had only recently learned to smoke cigars and was no expert. However, the large brown tube that the label proudly proclaimed to have been hand rolled in Cuba was smooth and delicious. The tales that Reggie told as we walked were also delicious. Adam like me had not been from a wealthy family. He came to the University on a sports scholarship. He excelled and lettered in four sports. He was also one of the top students in his class. Reggie met him the first day of their freshman year. They were room mates, which continued for their entire time at the school, which was six years since they both stayed to complete master’s degrees.

Though handsome and athletic, Adam was an eighteen year-old virgin when he arrived at college. He had been consumed with his studies and sports pursuits as well as ambivalent about sexual matters. When masturbating he thought about both guys and girls but never acted on his desires with either gender. Reggie was a nineteen year-old bisexual playboy who had already had dozens of partners of both genders. His aristocratic family chose to send him to college in America to give him a chance to focus on studying. They couldn’t have known that their choice of college would just feed into Reggie’s sexual adventurousness.

In less than two weeks the handsome confident Brit had seduced his shy athletic roommate. Within four weeks they were having sex almost daily and Adam had experienced things he had not even imagined. Reggie was very persuasive and in a very short time he took Adam from being a tentative cocksucker to an adventuresome sexual partner. There was no place on each other’s bodies that their mouths had not been. They had fucked each other though Adam was already tending toward being a bottom. About six weeks into their freshman year Adam finally ate and fucked pussy for the first time when Reggie brought two girls back to their room to share.

Throughout the first year of college Adam helped Reggie improve his grades and Reggie helped Adam to broaden his sexual horizons. A steady stream of shared sexual partners paraded through their room. Reggie chose not to return home the summer after freshmen year. They spent two weeks at Adam’s house and then bummed around the country for the rest of the summer. As Reggie told it Adam fully blossomed that summer. Whereas for almost a year it had been Reggie seducing and Adam sharing the situation was almost completely reversed by late July. Even with Reggie having the advantage of a beguiling accent, Adam was picking up more of their sexual dates than the sexy Brit. By the end of the summer they had separately and together fucked uncounted men and women of all ages. It was their personal summer of love.

Back at school Adam’s new found confidence continued to score bed mates of both sexes. The roommates’ lives changed completely when Adam brought home a pair of AOK brothers shortly after the start of the fall semester. Word spread amongst the brothers that the sexy athletic roomies were both bi. Reggie and Adam both suddenly were receiving more propositions then they made from guys; many of whom they barely knew. Reggie told me about some wild sex parties where the two of them were the center of attention, taking on all comers orally and anally. Naturally, they were asked to pledge AOK the following spring.

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