The Truth Game

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This is a true story with only the location and names of the participants changed to spare their blushes.

This story was originally posted on a different web site but at a reunion a couple of years later, the lady identified here as Roanne whispered in my ear that she had seen it and “Please will you withdraw it until it had been rewritten with all the names changed. I don’t like being identified on the public interweb as a slut!” That is what I have done Nobody can identify you now.


Forty years ago, just after I graduated from university aged twenty one, my first job was working as a technician in a women’s teacher training college in Hertfordshire where there were four hundred nubile female students between the ages of eighteen and twenty one and only half a dozen single male staff with the rest of the staff being either married or women. I had made friends with many of the girls who were not much younger than me. The girls always referred to me as ‘Uncle Hans’ Their usual source of boyfriends was a men’s engineering college over twelve miles away.

The second year students had a netball team – netball is a women’s game similar to basketball which is played by teams of seven girls or women who are usually tall, slender and very fit. In the summer six months after I had started there, the student netball team were taking part in a competition at a similar college on the other side or London. The seven nineteen year old girls in the team asked me to drive the college minibus to the competition as only staff were allowed to drive it.

The team won the competition and we stopped to buy a dozen bottles of cheap wine on the way home and took them back to one of the girl’s rooms to celebrate – they all lived in the same boarding house. As the evening went on, we drank through most of the wine and started playing games.

After a couple of card games, we eventually ended up playing “The Truth Game”.

Questions became more personal as the wine bottles emptied and eventually I was asked “Have you ever slept with any of the girls in this college?”

“Yes, I have.” I’m glad that they had to ask that as I’m proud of my discretion.

On the next round my question was “Have you ever had sex with anyone in this room?”

As I had experienced the delights of two of them, I replied “Yes.”

On the next round I my question was “Who?” I never boast about any of my conquests, as I was very discreet in order to keep my perfect job and didn’t want to embarrass either of ladies involved so I refused to answer. This being “The Truth Game” and me having answered, I would have to pay a forfeit. I was sent out of the room while the girls decided on a suitable forfeit for me to do. Eventually, they decided on something suitable and I was summoned back to be told the decision. The team captain, Jennifer told me that they had unanimously decided that my forfeit was to have to sexually satisfy every one of them before breakfast next morning.

What a result! I was expecting to have to do something embarrassing like go outside and run round the garden naked, but instead I had to do something I liked the idea of doing, although I would have preferred it if it was not under such pressure and in only a few hours. I agreed to attempt the dare provided that nobody ever mentioned it to anyone else as I would lose my job if the old spinsters who controlled the college ever found out.

A list was made of the order I should attend them in and I noted that the two girls who I knew to be of the saphistic sisterhood, room mates Jennifer and Penny were next to each other towards the top of the list, Evelyn and Louisa, who we all believed were still virgins, were probably going to be my most difficult challenges, whereas Rachel and Sharon, both of whom I had already been to bed with several times were towards the end of the list and Roanne, who was the youngest and a real sex-pot and who I suspect came up with the idea, was first on the list.

We all agreed to meet for breakfast to ensure that I had completed my dare and probably to compare notes on my performance.

Roanne took me by the hand and lead me to her room for the first bonk of the night. Roanne and her room mate, Jane, were both completely sex-mad and used to have private competitions. There was a men’s college nearby and Jane challenged Roanne to bed the entire football team before she could manage it herself. A few days later, Jane said “I’ve managed it” whereupon Roanne told her that not only had she screwed the entire first football team, but she’d had the entire second team as well in a series of glorious gang-bangs which explained why she had had difficulty walking for most of that week.

Sometimes one was ‘entertaining’ a bloke in the room and the other would come in the room uninvited, undress and join them in a threesome. The manner that shoes were left outside told the other whether or not she was welcome.

Within minutes of me getting to her room Roanne had performed a very sexy striptease for me, slowly taking off her blouse displaying her pert little titties with proud pink nipples as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then she removed her jeans and small lace panties revealing her gebze escort Brazilian écu (matching the colour of her short light brown hair) above her neat little coochie. Roanne’s house mates frequently joked that the only reason she ever wore panties was to keep her ankles warm. She helped me pull off my jeans and as soon we were both naked she starting with one of her famed blow jobs to get me in the mood while I sat on the side of the bed.

When I was getting close to spilling my seed into Roanne’s mouth, she reminded me that it was her who needed to be satisfied and that I needed to preserve myself for the other six girls who I needed to service that night.

We swapped places so I could easily access her minge. As my tongue lapped at her labia, my nose massaged her clit as her breathing became heavier until she laid back on the bed with her legs wide apart and the erect nipples on her tits pointing at the ceiling and said “I’m feeling as horny as fuck and won’t be satisfied until your dick has completely filled my cunt”.

I collapsed on top of her and kissed her deeply with her nipples sticking into my chest while I slid my engorged tool into her slippery pussy and she gasped with pleasure as I screwed her furiously. A stream of dirty language came from her mouth when I took my tongue out “What a huge cock; it’s very thick; Pound it into my cunt right up to your balls; Rub my tits; Ram your dick right into my womb; Bite my nipples if you want me to come; Fuck me, Hans, Harder; Deeper; Faster; I’m cumm…” was replaced by heavy panting and loud gasps letting me know that her orgasm was rippling through her body. I couldn’t control myself and allowed my jism to spurt into her cunt.

Like her room mate Jane, who I had screwed a few weeks previously, I confirmed to myself that Roanne was fun to fuck though both were a bit slack probably due to overuse of their quims.

Roanne gave me a blow job to coax an erection back then kissed me goodnight. “You’ll probably be needing these.” she said when she passed me a packet of condoms to join the single one that I kept in my wallet in case of ’emergencies’. “Not all of us are on the pill. Come back tomorrow night and we’ll be able to continue what we didn’t have time to finish.”

Jane had just come home and came in the room and said “I told you he was a good fuck didn’t I! Can I join in?”

On being told the reason why I was there Jane suggested ” Well come back tomorrow so we can both have enjoy you. It will be fun as being a Sunday, there won’t be a bus to take me to the men’s college and I haven’t had you for about a month!”

After kissing them both goodbye, I moved upstairs to Jennifer’s room where Penny was already getting her in the mood.

Jennifer confessed that she had been a lesbian since being seduced by her games teacher at school and had never had a man’s cock inside her before (so was technically a virgin) so wanted to try the experience while she had the chance and see how different it was from a dildo.

She was already dripping with desire and once Penny and I had played with her boobs and her pudenda she grabbed my stiff cock and guided it into her slit while Penny and I sucked a nipple each. She climaxed quite quickly after I’d only made a few dozen thrusts inside her.

Jenny had probably the tightest cunt I had ever had the enjoyment of fucking though after my experience with Roanne only a few minutes earlier, I wasn’t able to cum inside her yet.

As Jenny was getting her breath back, Penny said “My turn” and rolled me over to her and mounted me with her large tits dangling above my chest while she kissed me until she too surrendered to a loud orgasm after she sat herself upright on my dick while humping me, whereupon all three of us enjoyed the other two until Jennifer had her second orgasm ever with a man, this time in a less urgent manner.

Under the attention of my fingers and tongue, Penny wriggled while her girlfriend kissed her and played with the erect nipples on her large breasts. She writhed in enjoyment as she too reached ecstasy again. By this time, I had recovered from fucking Roanne enough that I spurted into the condom that Penny had rolled onto my dong before I speared her snatch with it.

One of most men’s fantasies is to have a threesome with two hot, gorgeous, young girls and as I was enjoying the fulfillment of this one, I realised that the reality is not as good as the fantasy. It’s hard work keeping up with two randy girls. The concentration required was intense ensuring that they were both kept at boiling point, knowing full well that if the pleasures became too intense and I had cum, I would effectively have been put out of action for about a quarter of an hour, as happened here.

While we were all recovering, Jenny told me that after the amount of wine they had drunk, Roanne hadn’t had much trouble persuading the others to agree to her idea of my dare apart from Evelyn who didn’t want to at first and only agreed once her best friend and fellow virgin, Louisa, had said she was very willing and all the others had said they wanted to take part.

It was assumed that neither the lesbians göztepe escort nor the virgins would want me to fuck them and so I would fail in my forfeit and that I would not be able to fully satisfy all the others having run out of steam – little did they know.

They also assumed that the guilty team player I was protecting by not saying who I had bedded was Roanne which was why she had insisted on being the first on my list. “Not so,” I replied “though I have fucked her now, and will do in future! After tonight, my answer will be ‘All of you'”

With three of my seven ladies declaring themselves satisfied and still several hours left to go, I moved upstairs to Evelyn who was assumed to still be a virgin.

She was lying on her bed wearing only a pair of satin pyjamas with teddy bears printed on them. We kissed gently and then snogged while I went through the usual gentle ‘first-time with this girl’ routine. Within ten minutes I had unbuttoned and removed both Eva’s pyjama top and my T-shirt as my mouth nibbled its way from her mouth to her neck continuing slowly down past her throat to her large firm boobs and her nipples and down past her navel to where the elastic of her pyjama bottoms were stopping me from going further.

She took her hands off my hair where she had been massaging my head and transferred them to her waistband as she pushed it down below her écu allowing me to continue the journey with my tongue and lips until I reached the inside of her thigh and started on the way back up. “This is extremely pleasurable,” she told me “but I don’t want you to make love to me. That’s got to wait for the man I eventually marry.”

“I promise not to stick my willie in you but I’ll get you to climax if you lie back and relax. If you need to, stop me at any time.” I told her before I tickled her clit with my tongue for several minutes and lapped around her cunt lips until she screamed with delight as an orgasm took her over.

“OK, I’m satisfied. You had better stop there before I get carried away and ask you to do what I don’t want. You had better go on to Rachel” she said as she passionately kissed me goodnight.

Rachel’s room was next door and she knew that I was on my way when Evelyn’s shouts of passion subsided. It was midnight by now and I was more than half way through my dare, could still manage a decent hard on and so far had only needed to cum twice, once each inside Roanne and Penny.

By past experience with my girlfriend, I knew I would probably be able to spurt another two or three times by dawn if they were not too soon together so successfully completing my forfeit.

Rachel was lying naked in the bed waiting for me, I had been lucky enough to screw her a couple of times before and knew what turned her on. “I’ve come to make love to you” I said when I saw her.

“I don’t want you to make love to me -I want a good fucking!” I got in bed with her and immediately started paying attention to her favourite erogynous zones, kissing her eyelids and lips, the base of her neck and her armpit down to her nipples, her tummy and down to her lightly thatched beaver with my fingers inside tickling her G-spot. She shook as an orgasm took hold of her body. I kissed her and told her that I was going to Louisa next. “You can’t go yet. You have to satisfy us all and I’m not completely satisfied. I’ll need to cum several times more before I’m completely satisfied yet. Lie on your back, I need to ride you.”

Rachel clambered on top of me facing my feet so I could finger her pussy while my dick went in and out of her bringing her to what sounded like another climax or two. She then turned around so I could see her lovely face and perfect breasts as they stood proudly in front of me. I played with her nipples as she rode me to another climax. “Get up” she said as she knelt on the floor with her boobs slumped over the bed with her ass in the air. When she was in position, I knelt behind her with her beaver in front and fucked her doggy fashion while my hands enjoyed the soft texture of her breasts with groans of pleasure coming from her throat every time the end of my knob collided with her cervix. We both climaxed and then laid on the bed and cuddled until we both fell asleep.

An hour later, Rachel woke me up as she screwed me again giving herself another O and reminded me that I needed to go downstairs to Louise’s room.

When I got there, Louise was asleep, lying on top of her bed wearing an almost transparent thin white cotton nightie with her nipples and dark triangle of her unshaven écu clearly showing through. I laid next to her and kissed her gently until she woke. Her nightie was rucked up over her knees. Our kisses got a lot more intense and she became more excited as I stroked her body through her nightdress. I could see her small pert breasts and nipples get harder through the thin material as she enjoyed my attentions more. I stroked her knees and her thighs as I moved the hemline up until I could see her pudenda glistening with enjoyment. “I know that I would lose my cherry one day and it may as well be now with you who I really quite fancy while I’m still rather drunk on all that wine halkalı escort rather than later when probably utterly pissed at some party with a bloke from the men’s college I don’t truly care about. You can be my first bloke – you are a nice guy and I’ve always fancied you with that wonderful bum, but have never had the confidence to tell you so. I promised my friends I would join in, and I keep my word.

Peer pressure is a powerful thing, Did you satisfy Eva?” I nodded. “and did you fuck her?”

“No, I just used my tongue and fingers. She’s probably still a virgin.”

“And so she will probably stay until the day she dies. Eva is very pretty, but little Miss Evelyn has absolutely no interest in sex” she said as my hand reached up to her pink bits. “don’t worry, My maidenhead burst years ago while playing sports, so it won’t be messy or painful, but please be gentle. Do you like what you see? I’ve chosen my sexiest nightie for you, though you’d probably prefer me without it”. I nodded and Louise sat up and pulled her nightie over her head revealing her wonderful, tall slim, taught, virgin body. She reached over an helped me take off my T-shirt, trousers and briefs before embracing me and giving me a deep kiss with her tongue wrapped around mine and tickling the roof of my mouth.

I reciprocated and soon our hands were roaming over every part of the others body. I reached over for my jeans and took a condom from the fast emptying packet in my pocket.

I nibbled Louise’s neck just above where it met her shoulder while I massaged the tactile firm mound of her right breast until she gave a soft moan while my left hand moved down to her mons and gently rubbed until her vulva became moist enough for my middle finger to enter. She gasped and laid back on the bed.

“I’m ready” she told me as I laid myself above her and she parted her knees giving me access to her innermost delights. I rolled the condom on and gently inserted the head of my member until my helmet was inside her inner lips. She surprised me by suddenly pushing her hips up to take all of me inside, while moaning with pleasure and her tight vagina felt better than any I had been in before – even better than Jenny’s.

She laid back as I went in and out of her until her screams of delight told me that she was cumming. Her nails dug into into my back as the passion overtook her and took me with her as the contractions in her pussy made me spurt into the latex protection.

While we both came down from our passionate highs, I kissed Louise and hugged her as I thanked her for a lovely time and for the honour of allowing me to remove her virginity. “It was a pleasure. Please cum again one day” She told me as I left the room on my way to my last stop.

Sharon was sitting in a chair reading a book while listening to a record on her headphones. “I thought you’d never get here,” she said “its nearly four o’clock. I’ve already had a shower while I was waiting for you and I’m getting chilly, tired and need relaxing – give me a back rub.”

Sharon had once told me that if a bloke gave her a great back rub, it got her into the mood for sex, something I had taken advantage of a couple of times before. She took off her dressing gown and pyjama top and laid face down on the bedspread as I opened a jar of coconut butter from her nightstand and put some on my hands as I sat beside her and started giving her a good massage.

I rubbed it into her shoulders before kneading it down her back taking care not to get it into her long blond hair as she give a low growl of enjoyment. I pulled down her pyjama bottoms and continued massaging down until I was rubbing it into the muscles of her bum then proceeded to rub it into the backs of her thighs, the inside of her thighs and up into her cunt lips before gently rubbing her clit whereupon she suddenly rolled over, I rubbed more coconut butter into my hands and transferred it into her very firm medium sized teenage breasts and abs before concentrating my actions on her muff.

I rolled down so that we could both pleasure the other with our mouths. I licked her coconut flavoured clit with my tongue until her nub popped up from under the hood before continuing to stimulate it with my nose while lapping inside her quim with my tongue before inserting first one then two fingers and tickling her G spot. “Spike me” she demanded, so I put my spike into her waiting moist orifice helped by her juices and we worked hard on giving one another as intense enjoyment as we could.

“I need to cum urgently.” Sharon gasped into my ear as my erection repeatedly burrowed its way into her soft accommodating crevice after i had rolled over so she was mounting me in the Cowgirl position. So did I, but having used it all up on five of her team-mates, I doubted that I able to, so I continued to pound away in her minge until she was able to release herself with my increasingly sore tool. The pleasure of feeling her clean, long, silky hair falling onto my shoulders spurred my balls to produce enough spunk that I knew then that I would manage it a sixth time that night. The sensation of being inside a woman when the muscles inside her pussy are having strong contractions as a result of having a violent orgasm took me over the edge and I finally spurted my cum into her twat. We fell to sleep in one another’s arms for the rest of the night. I woke a couple of hours later to the touch of Sharon playing with my prick so we settled down for another good long shag until it was time for breakfast.

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