The Toy Shoppe

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We pull into the parking lot of the adult toy shop, and I take a deep breath, nervous, as I have never been in one of these stores before. You just laugh at me and tell me to relax.

“I’m trying,” I say, and glance at you with fear in my eyes. You laugh again, and take my hand as you lead me into the store.

We have come for the vibrator for my ass that you promised me, but we spend plenty of time looking around at all the different items available. We come to the section with the vibrators, and I have no idea which one to pick out.

Finally we decide on a bright blue one, and continue looking through the store. We come to the shelves with all sorts of whips and floggers and paddles. You pick up one of the paddles, and lightly swat my ass with it.

“Think you’d like this?” you ask me. I just shrug at you in response, and you sigh at my lack of decisiveness. I notice, however, that you do not put it back on the shelf.

We look at the clothing section, and decide to pick up a pair of crotchless panties while we are there, settling on a nice black pair. Taking all three of our selections in hand, we walk up to the counter, and I think we are simply going to check out.

However, what happens next surprises me. “Excuse me,” you say to the girl running the counter, “I know this isn’t normally done, but I have a favor to ask of you. There are two employees here, and the store is almost empty, and my girlfriend is having trouble deciding if she would like these purchases. I was wondering if you could help me demonstrate them to her, maybe in a back room?”

I notice you bakırköy escort wink at the girl, and I suddenly flush with embarrassment and look to you to see if you are serious. You are, very much, and the girl agrees fairly quickly. She leads us both into a room in the back, and locks the door behind her. I notice that sometime you have grabbed a bottle of lube also.

The girl turns to you and, seeking confirmation of your desires, says, “So you actually want me to try these things out on her?”

“Yup,” you say, shooting me a big grin. I am red from blushing by now, as the girl comes over to me, also grinning.

“Take off your pants and panties, and bend over. Oh, and spread your legs too,” she tells me. Reluctant and embarrassed, but also turned on at the prospect, I slowly comply, folding my pants and placing them on the ground. It is then that the girl, and you, realize that I hadn’t worn any panties that day.

“Oooh, even better!” she exclaims as I bend over as directed, spreading my legs. “A bit wider please, and hold open your ass cheeks for me, would you?” I comply with her demands, as you look on in pure enjoyment.

I feel coolness on my tight asshole as she applies a gracious amount of lubricant, then am startled slightly as her finger probes my rear entrance. She lubricates me thoroughly, making sure to coat my asshole well.

I then feel the vibe we picked out press at, not my asshole, but my pussy. She shoves it inside my wet pussy, making sure to cover it well in my juices. “I find that a woman’s own juices are much başakşehir escort more fun to use than lube,” she says, winking at you.

Suddenly the object is removed from my longing pussy and pushed slowly into my ass. I moan in pleasure, very much enjoying the sensation. She begins to fuck my ass with the toy, then turns it on, low at first, then increasing in speed as she increases the speed of her thrusts into me. I cannot control my moans now, and you are looking on greedily.

All too soon, she has stopped, and leaves the vibrator inside of me, still buzzing happily. I whimper in desire, only to scream out in surprise as I feel the paddle come down on my left ass cheek.

I had completely forgotten about the paddle, but am reminded now vividly, as she takes another swat, this time on my right cheek. “Enjoying?” she asks me teasingly. I just moan in response.

She begins to land blow after blow on my ass, sometimes on either cheek, sometimes right in the middle, pushing the vibrator into me and making me scream in painful pleasure. It hurts like hell, but it feels so good too.

You cannot control yourself any longer, and I notice that you rise from your chair. I see a bulge in your pants as you walk towards me. You come and crawl beneath me, and before I know it, I feel your tongue on my hot, wet, pussy. While she is paddling me mercilessly, you begin to eat me out.

Your tongue grazes every inch of my wetness, eventually landing on my clit and making me spurt out endless unintelligible syllables. You thrust two fingers beşiktaş escort roughly inside of my unfilled hole, and I do not know how much more sensation I can handle.

I have your tongue on my clit, your fingers in my pussy, a vibrator on high in my ass, and a strange woman spanking me. Before I realize it, I feel your free hand groping my dangling breasts as you fondle them roughly.

You twist my nipples, causing me to cry out in even more pain, the pain which I am so thoroughly enjoying. You smack each breast a few times, just as the paddle comes down on my ass, a painful unison. I am in heaven.

You realize that I cannot take much more, and with a final thrust of your fingers, a final sucking of my clit, and a final twisting of my nipples, you crawl out from under me, and hold your hand up for the store girl to stop.

You grab my shoulders gently, and I stand up. “You make me so fucking hard,” you whisper to me, as you grab my hand and lead it to the bulge in your pants for just a second.

The girl slowly removes the vibrator from my ass, smiling at both of us. “Yes,” you say, “yes I believe we will take both of these items.” You wink at me, then swat my ass with your hand, causing it to sting even more.

I reach for my clothes and you throw the pair of crotchless panties at me. “Put these on too,” you tell me, “I think we could have fun with these later.” I wonder just what is in store for me when we get home, and am excited thinking about it.

You thank the store clerk, as she has returned from washing off the vibrator, and head out to the register to pay. She rings up the total, and you pay her, a little more than the bill is for the extra trouble, you tell her.

“No problem, I enjoyed it myself,” she tells you, then winks at me knowingly. I blush as we walk out of the store, hand in hand, excited and anxious to get back to your apartment and find out what you plan to do next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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