The Teaser

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The story begins about thirty five years ago. Yeh! I know what you are thinking but it is relevant to my story. I was married fairly young to a much more mature woman, who despite being only a month older than me was much more mature in a lot of ways. Well I learnt a lot from her! we had a couple of kids and then went our own ways.

As a result of being single at least in position if not the paper bit, then I met through a mutual friend a young lady who had two kids and was single in the same manner as myself. It took a while, but we eventually clicked and despite a lot of rough roads and problems are still together today.

She was and still is possibly the one I should have held out for in the first place, because you see we would have met eventually anyway due to the mutual friends we had. Ah Well too late she cried. But to begin. My lady had a couple of brothers who got on really well with me and she also had a sister who seemed a bit offish, you know, nose in the air type.

Anyway she was also a big teaser, always flashing her tits from low cut tops, no bra, and sliding her hands up her thighs exposing lots of flesh for all to see, including her brothers. Well after several years my lady and I moved further away from the family and lost track of then except at Christmas. One weekend we went to the old family area on holidays and called in on several of the brothers and their families. The old friendliness was still there and we and our son enjoyed ourselves.

On return home we found a message from my lady’s sister that she had missed us and would call in later in the week. She did, still teasing and this time aiming at our twenty year old son. Well he thought it magic that a mature woman, his aunt could show off to him and as a result tagged her at the beach several days later.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t jealous in fact I thought good luck to him. His aunt spent several days in his company and then as usual took off. I had to go to a nearby town a couple of days later and on wandering down the street after my meeting to get some lunch here was my teaser, looking like the cat that had just had all the cream.

I felt that she had somehow known of my trip and waited, she showed off her legs and the flash of her white lace undies was quick but spectacular. We talked and I saw more and then we adjoined to nearby motel, pendik escort where all my thirty five years of dirty thoughts fantasies and flashers were revealed. My sister in law stripped quickly, the time scale had been pretty kind to her, her legs not overly long were trim and lightly tanned. Her stomach was flat and her breasts were naturally a little saggy but all in all were really standoutish. Her bush was neatly trimmed and not overly thick and could see the protruding lips beneath the blondish though tinged with brown hair.

She waited till I also stripped and advanced to me, taking my cock in her hand, she gently tugged on it as it grew leaning forward she kissed me gently on the lips and led me to the bed. Holding my cock she kissed her way down my chest and stomach, giggled as my coarse hair tickled her nose and then took my cock to the full depth of her throat.

My fantasies, longing, and dirty thoughts meant that I could not hold back the rush of cum from my cock. She smiled at me as she felt the surge from my balls and took the full load down her throat. Wiping her lips she crawled up my body and lowered herself down straddling my chest.

She never spoke a word, just turned around and leaning over took my cock into her hand and mouth working it towards a full erection again. Her pussy and buttocks were on close display to me and I leant forward and licked the full length I could reach. She stiffened as I ran the tip of my tongue over the exposed clitoris and slit of her cunt, wriggled a little as I licked her small brown puckering hole and slid back towards her cunt hole.

As she sucked my length and hand jobbed it, I slide my tongue the full depth I could reach inside her cunt. I could feel the reactions that my probings were causing on her body as her body itself reacted to the touches I was able to make on her clitoris, now standing out from the hidden recesses and feeling the starting of her flows as she approached an organism.

As she moaned and sucked I began to thrust my hips upwards as she continued to grip my shaft. Suddenly she stood up, moving her cunt away from my probing tongue and swivelled around. Standing a stride me she looked like a goddess, but she quickly slid down and her dripping pussy slide down my vertical shaft. She made a small sound as the cock head slide full stroke inside her. And maltepe escort I waited as she settled herself down on my cock.

My I’m not big just average, 7 inches and about an inch and a half around, but due to an accident when I was much younger the head of my cock has a larger than normal ‘rim’ It has been told to me that it feels like a tickler when it is deep inside and I have learnt to use that to my benefit over the years.

After she settled I began to thrust gently at first and she began to raise and lower herself in time with my thrusts gradually we built up to the fucking without thought situation, my cock buried deep inside a cunt that I had lusted, masturbated and dreamt about for years.

Then she groaned deep inside her chest, her motions were raising and lowering her breasts in time to our motions. I leaned forward and gripped the underside of them holding and gripping pulling her down more as she came down from the top of my cock. She groaned again and sank down the full length of the shaft the head felt like it was fitted into a groove, the entrance to her womb and then the surge started down in my feet, surging as a hot flush, surging upward through my balls blasting its way out the head of my cock jammed as it was against the entrance to her inner body, then as she moved to accept the surge, I felt the head pop into the womb, The helmet was holding me there and the surge flooded the walls of her womb.

I can honestly say that I have only ever felt that sort of grip and holding when deep fucking my lady. Sisters are so alike. She sank deeper down, pushing my balls deep into the crevice between my legs her motions were rubbing her clitoris against my pubic bone and the sensations and feelings that I could feel were beyond description.

My sister in law screamed and collapsed downward on top of me. Her body was still convulsing and moving to the intensity of the orgasm she was experiencing and gripping a tit and the other hand holding her thigh I proceeded to fuck her hard raising her gradually limper body several feet into the air with each thrust.

As my cock slowly shrank from the release of my absolutely biggest blast in a long time I felt the head rasp against the womb opening and slip free. She groaned a little still mainly limp buit the motions of her lower body continued to carry out the kartal escort motions of fucking the cock still, embedded deep inside her cunt.

My cock gradually shrank further and plopped free from her body, I felt a splash of cum and her juices against my legs and the coolness of the room against my cock now fully outside her. I rolled her over on her back and looked at the cunt now exposed before my eyes. The lips were puffy and red, her clitoris had shrunk back and there was still a small trickle of juices and cum from the cunt hole where I had been just seconds before.

I glanced at the face and she was still out of it, I padded to the bathroom and had a quick piss. Returning to the room and slide into the bed alongside her. I slept holding a swelling breast and allowing my cock to lie against her leg. I awoke several hours later to find her sleeping and holding a now re stiffened cock. Rolling over I straddled her body and slide down, inserting my cock slowly into her cunt, feeling cum and her juices assisting me to enter the tight hole.

Sliding slowly at first I gradually build up my motions and gripping her shoulders was able to fuck her deeply, She opened her eyes and watched my face as she trembled and shuddered to my thrusts, I felt her legs encircle my back as she began to fuck me back. With the two previous surges depleting me somewhat this one took a lot longer to rise through my cock. When it did she was deep in her third orgasm also and the surge of hot cum deep into her cunt and with the head against her womb again she shuddered her was through the orgasm as I shuddered and filled her.

I rolled off and without thought slept again. I awoke several hours later as she was dressing alongside the bed. She kissed me gently and thanked me for filling all her needs and fantasies’. I struggled to understand, and she explained that one of the mutual friends we had from before my lady and I got together had explained about my cock head and its way of jamming into the cervix as if filled the womb up with cum.

She now knew that the story was true and wished that she had met me before I met my lady. She said that my lady was lucky, but that we could never do it again. Another quick kiss and she left. As a result of some gentle inquiries at a family reunion some months later my lady and I learnt that her sister had left the country and had not left and addresses. Alas some three weeks later she was killed in a plane crash of a tourist airliner in China. But I never forgot our only time together, and I know my son really enjoyed the three days he spent totally fucking his aunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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