The Professor Ch. 02

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Recap: Jason was an Associate Professor in Art at the University who confined his sex to masturbation on the internet. After having wonderful, cyber sex with Katy for the past few months, they finally decide to meet and, after bedding her, he finds out that she’s a student at his University and knows who he is. Against his better judgment, he continues having sex with Katy, with some interesting others joining in, mainly because she’s not only good looking with a great body but she enjoys sex just the way he does and is bisexual like him. Their first weekend together has concluded and now they head back to the campus with JP wondering how he can get Katy into his apartment without the whole world knowing.

The drive back went quickly as his mind was occupied with visual images of the wonderful sex he had just experienced the last couple of days and how he was going to handle his new relationship with Katy especially since she was a student. If word got out that he was sleeping with a student, he could kiss his ambitions goodbye. But thoughts of Katy and her wonderful talents overcame any fears of the consequences. It was also lucky for him that he lived in a private house off campus and had his own private entrance in the back so, if she was careful, no one would ever see her going in to his apartment. All the thoughts of the wonderful weekend of sex with Katy, Bill, Michiko and Carmen had him horny again so as soon as he got home, out of force of habit, he undressed, grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down to see if he had any e-mails.

There was one from Bob Wilson and as soon as he saw it waiting in the box, he started to get hard. Bob had a thick 7″ beauty with a gorgeous cockhead and always sent him the sexiest e-mails in the world along with photos of his penis hard, soft, erupting and leaking precum. JP’s cock was fully hard and he stroked it softly between sentences as he typed an answer to Bob’s sensational sex session during which he had drained JP’s balls of every drop of cum. JP returned the compliment by first sucking his cock, balls and asshole and then feeding his thick penis into Bob’s receptive ass. He took a quick photo of his magnificent erection with a big drop of precum sitting at the tip and sent it for Bob to drool over as he read his fantasy and then he poured some lube on his cock and stroked as he looked at Bob’s beautiful erection on full screen.

As he stroked himself to heaven, he thought not only about having Bob’s cock in his mouth or ass but thoughts of Katy and her sexy body kept forcing their way in to his fantasies and before he knew it, he created a fantasy threesome with Katy and Bob and took himself to Nirvana as he shot his load on his chest and stomach.

On his way to his first class in the morning, he kept an eye out for Katy but didn’t spot her and went directly to the classroom to prepare for his discussion of Salvador Dali and his influence on the Surrealist Movement. As he finished up his preparations, the students started filing in and when everybody was settled, he began the lesson. As he talked, he noticed that the pretty student who had been looking at his hardon the other day, was sitting in the first row looking at him like she knew his innermost secrets. Then he looked around the room and was startled to see Katy sitting in the back corner with a mischievous grin on her face.

He wanted to rush up to her and bury his face between her legs and suck her delicious juices from her vagina but he maintained some semblance of dignity and continued with the Dali discussion although his penis did get hard as soon as he saw her and he sat down on his desk to mask it although Miss Sharpeyes in the first row had already noticed and was smiling that knowing smile again. She happened to be very attractive and had a great body and he wouldn’t have minded feeding her his cock to suck but he put it out of his mind immediately and finished up the lesson. A number of students came up to his desk after class to ask questions about the discussion and he answered them one by one until he saw that the last one was Katy.

She told him she couldn’t wait to see him again and sat in on his class just for that purpose. They wanted to hold each other and kiss but, instead, since all the students had left the room, she asked him when she was going to be able to suck his delicious cock again. He told her to write down his address and told her about the back entrance and to make sure no one sees her walk up the driveway to the back of the house. He asked if she could be there about 6 pm as he would order something in for dinner later on while they were having fun. She smiled at him and promised to feed him plenty of good food tonight as she left to go to her next class.

All day, during classes and through his office work, thoughts of Katy entered his mind and his cock got hard as he visualized what she was going to look like spread out on his bed later. About three, he got a visit from a young student who was on the wrestling varsity and who had been trying to make him for the last couple of ataşehir escort months. JP would have loved to take this gorgeous hunk of man to bed but he couldn’t afford to take the chance and parried his every thrust as he had been doing all along. Brad didn’t give up easily and he almost gave in to having a beer with him after classes, but restrained himself with thoughts of what he and Katy were going to do to each other tonight. Brad left disappointed but told him he wasn’t going to stop trying. Then he glanced at his watch and it was time to start heading home so he packed his case and headed out the door. When he arrived at his place, he undressed, slipped on a robe and checked his e-mails.

He smiled when he saw a message from Katy and grinned as he read what she was going to do to him tonight which caused his penis to awaken and stick its head up to look around and see what was going on. There was also a message from one of his male cyberlovers and, by the time he finished reading this one, he was leaking precum which he was licking up as it welled out of his slit. Then there was a timid knock on the door and he opened it as Katy slipped inside saying that no one had spotted her. She opened his robe and grasped his hard organ in her hand as she melted in his arms and kissed him deeply. He had some James Brown music on and she started to undress in rhythm to the beat and he marveled at her beauty as she exposed more and more of her sexy body to his rapt gaze.

As she lifted her leg to remove her panties, he was captivated by the curve of her gorgeous ass and the sexiness of her thighs. She unsnapped her bra and faced him as she freed her magnificent breasts from their confines. They didn’t drop a millimeter and stood proudly on her chest capped by her large nipples which were already fully erect. She grasped his erection and led him to the bed where she asked him to please lay back and relax because she was very thirsty and had to have a drink before they do anything else.

As he lay back with his penis cleaving the air above him, she made herself comfortable between his thighs and took his cockhead in her mouth and began to nurse on it. She was starting to get plenty of his precum and moaned in delight as she tasted his juices and squeezed his organ from the base up to get more. After a while, he wanted to taste her delicious juices also and asked her to swing around. She kept sucking firmly on his organ as she swung around and lowered her sexy crotch to his face. He couldn’t resist taking her swollen cunt lips in his mouth as she lowered her crotch to his face and sucking on them as he ran his tongue between them and into her wet vagina so he could taste her juices as they flowed down her passage.

They rolled around on their sides and again on their backs as they lost themselves in sucking each other and it wasn’t long before her muffled cries were heard as she went into orgasm and wet his face with her orgasmic fluids which he lapped up as she fed him. Then he groaned as her talented mouth brought forth his juices also and his penis started filling her hungry mouth with his hot cum in rope after rope as each spasm struck. They kept their mouths fastened to each other’s organs for quite some time after their orgasms subsided and finally they arose and Katy lay back alongside him as he put his arm around her and they relaxed.

Katy remarked about how great the weekend had been and how turned on she was from watching him have sex with Bill and Michiko. She told him that watching him sucking cock or pussy while being sucked was the biggest turn on in the world for her and she was getting horny just thinking about it. He told her about the student Brad, who had been trying to bed him for quite some time and her interest perked because she knew of him because of his wrestling championships as a freshman and his campus reputation as a nice guy. She filed it away in her mind to follow up on another occasion and then mentioned that he would really like her roommate as she’s built beautifully and is very good looking. She told him that she had been having sex with Darlene for the past few months and that she was one hot ticket.

She also mentioned that Darlene was in one of his classes and had mentioned to her how much she would like to suck his cock someday. Katy had told her about the sex weekend, of course, leaving out the fact that it was Professor Watkins who had captivated her so completely. Darlene was so hot after Katy described the events of the weekend that she felt she had to go down on her to make her happy. She mentioned to JP that it would be great to have a threesome with Darlene as she would make a great sex partner for them. His only concern was the safety factor as he didn’t want word to get out about his sexual exploits with the students. Katy told him she knew Darlene quite well and felt she could be trusted once she promised to keep a secret so he told her he would think about it as he would love to have a threesome with them and watch Katy make love to her roommate and then join them. bagdat caddesi escort

They were getting hungry so he called and had a pizza delivered and they devoured it along with a couple of bottles of Bud as they talked about their backgrounds and love lives. As they talked, they found out that they had a lot in common, besides sex, as she loved jazz also and they seemed to like the same things generally. He told her about his bisexual lifestyle and, how this University job was interfering with his sexual preferences and she commiserated with him and pat him on the shoulder as she sympathized with his predicament. She told him that she had refrained from having too much sex on campus as most guys couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths shut and she didn’t want the whole campus to know about her sexual preferences. When she found out that her roommate was bi also that solved a lot of her problems since they took care of each other’s needs and she could be very selective about whom she was going to fuck when the urge for a cock was overwhelming.

He looked at the sexy woman before him and couldn’t believe his luck at the way things turned out between them. He found her perfect for him in every way and every time he looked at her, he got turned on. As he admired her body, his penis started to come alive and Katy spotted it right away. She told him not to move and came over and straddled him as she put her arms around his neck and found his rigid crown with her pussy and sat down on it as she leaned forward and fed him her nipple to suck while she fucked him. Her cunt was alive and massaged his penis and milked it as she moved her hips in a seductive dance. She told him how much she loved having his thick cock buried deep inside her as she lowered herself until he filled her completely and they looked into each other’s eyes and saw the passion reflected there.

She told him that she was in love with his cock and wanted it somewhere inside her at all times and then proceeded to begin milking his shaft with her contractions as he met her movements with thrusts of his own. He was in never-never land since he was on a sexual high with her and was nowhere near cumming so he lost himself in the pleasures that she was giving him while he sucked her erect nipples. Suddenly she cried out as she bore down on his shaft and wet his organ with her juices as she came. Her vagina contracted around his erection in a series of spasms that sent him up another level and concentrated all his feelings in his cock.

After she came back down to earth after her orgasm, she asked him to please fuck her in the ass as she wanted his thick tool filling her other hole also and got down on the bed on all fours and presented her gorgeous ass to him. His penis was hard and throbbing and he put his swollen cockhead to her anal opening and rubbed his precum all over her puckered hole before feeding the crown inside. As his large head popped inside her anus, she moaned and wiggled her ass around to try and capture more of his meat. He fed it in slowly and listened to her whimpers and mews of passion as more and more of his thickness invaded her ass. Then he started a series of long thrusts which had his organ buried deep in her at one moment and then, on the outstroke, only his large crown was in her as he fucked her sexy ass.

He grasped her around the hips and pulled her into him as he fed her his throbbing erection and she kept moaning and begging him to flood her insides with his cum. Soon he began to feel his orgasm approaching and picked up the pace of his strokes into her as she pushed back to meet his every thrust and both of them started moaning and lost themselves in the pleasures they were giving one another. Then he felt the rush as his orgasm struck and his penis began erupting his hot cum into her ass in one spasm after another. Katy cried out as the first splash of cum hit her cervix and caused another orgasm immediately. The two of them were locked tight as they visited Shangri La together and when his organ finally quieted down and began to soften, he withdrew it from her anus and watched his cum drip out of her asshole as they lay back and rested.

They showered and got back in bed as Katy was asking JP if it would be ok to invite Darlene over some night providing she promised not to say a word to anyone. He looked into her eyes and told her that, if she honestly thought that her roommate could keep their secret, it would be all right and Katy smiled at him and told him he was going to be in for a very exciting session when the two of them worked on him. It was getting late and Katy had an early class next morning which she had to prepare for so she dressed and slipped out the door after they decided that she would talk to Darlene and, if it looked safe, invite her over tomorrow night.

His classes went smoothly all day and he was teaching his last class of the day, which happened to have that sexy student with the knowing smile sitting in the first row in front of him. She was looking at him intently bostancı escort as he spoke and seemed to be measuring him for something from the look on her face. Whenever he got up to put something on the blackboard, she glanced down at his cock to see if it was hard again. When the class was over, she picked up her books to leave and gave him a wink as she left the room. He looked after her wondering what that was all about and then shrugged it off and left to go back home. Katy had told him she would be over with Darlene about 6 pm and that he should be wearing his robe and nothing else when they arrived so he showered and slipped on his robe and, since it was only 5:30, went to the computer to check his e-mails.

There was a very sexy one from Phil Adams and his cock was rock hard after reading the first paragraph. Phil had a gorgeous penis and loved sending JP photos of it hard, soft, shooting cum and being stroked and there were a few attached to his message that had JP drooling. He was just about to answer Phil when there was a knock on the door and he went over to open it. He stood behind the door and let Katy and Darlene in quickly so they wouldn’t be seen, and as soon as she walked in the door, his mouth dropped open in surprise as Darlene turned out to be the sexy student with the knowing smile in the first row of his afternoon class.

Katy made the introductions and then walked over and opened his robe to show Darlene his equipment. To her surprise, his cock was already fully erect from Phil’s e-mail and looked magnificent in its hardness and thickness. Darlene didn’t hesitate for a second and walked over in front of him and dropped to her knees as she lovingly held his erection in her hand and kissed his swollen crown telling him that she just had to worship the tool that made her roommate so happy and then looked up at him with that smile on her face again. While she was kidding around, Katy was undressing and suggested that Darlene get out of hers also as they had some unfinished business to take care of so she rose and proceeded to remove her clothing also.

JP watched her undress and his cock began to throb as she exposed more and more of her body. He had removed his robe and was lying on the bed watching the two of them when Katy came over and grasped his erection in her hand and asked him if he liked what he was looking at. Darlene was gorgeous. She had much larger breasts than Katy and had a very sexy body, which although slightly heavy, was perfect for sex. Katy held his organ in her hand and told Darlene to go down and taste it as she was going to love it. Darlene’s eyes were glazed as she approached the bed and gravitated towards the beautiful erection being offered to her. She flicked out her tongue and captured a drop of precum just oozing out and then, as Katy held it for her, she licked the entire crown before taking it in her mouth and nursing on it.

After a few minutes, she lifted her head and told Katy that she had been right about his cock tasting delicious, and then went back to nursing it again as she cradled his balls in her hands. Katy turned his penis over to her and got up on the bed and stood over his head with her feet on either side of it and gave him a worm’s eye view of her crotch as she squat down and presented her delicious slit to his rapt gaze. Darlene knew how to suck cock and had him in pleasure heaven as he gazed at the gorgeous crotch coming closer and closer to his waiting mouth. Katy’s labia were swollen and parted and her pink opening was glistening with her juices as she rubbed her slit all over his face before presenting her clit for sucking.

He saw the little button peeking out of its hood as he closed his lips around it and began to suck it like it was a little penis drawing whimpers and gasps from Katy’s mouth. Then Darlene withdrew her mouth from his cock and the next thing he felt was her hand guiding his organ to her wet vagina and then her incredible warmth as she sank down on his throbbing erection. He was sucking Katy’s fantastic pussy as Darlene moved her hips back and forth in a beautiful fucking rhythm as her cunt grasped his organ tight and milked it as she moved. After some time, during which the three of them were lost in pleasure, Darlene cried out that she was cumming and he felt her vagina tighten around his thick shaft as her warm juices covered his organ. Then Katy groaned as her orgasm hit and she ground her cunt into his face and he tasted her juices flowing onto his tongue.

When they both calmed down, Katy told Darlene to switch positions with her as she wanted his cock inside her now and Darlene reluctantly lifted herself off his cock and took Katy’s place. He watched with eager anticipation as she lowered her crotch to his mouth and saw that her clit was huge! It was sticking way out of her hood and had to be at least an inch long and was shaped just like a miniature penis. Katy was lowering herself down on his cock and asked him if he liked what he was looking at. His eyes were transfixed to the beautiful organ in front of his eyes and he told her that he couldn’t answer her now as he had something very important to do as he lifted his head and flicked out his tongue and licked the sweet little cock. As his tongue touched her organ, she gasped and fed him more until his lips were around it and he was sucking it like he would a cock.

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