The Penis Sheath Conundrum

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Note to readers: This can be read as a standalone story, but it might be useful if you read the first one in the series – V.Stavers and the White Stuff. It contains incesty stuff, be warned! All characters are over eighteen.


Yaxhá, Guatemala, 200 AD…

They ran down the temple, praying to Chaac, the rain god, to save them from their pursuers.

A slow drizzle made the already narrow steps slippery with water.

The woman stumbled down the last few steps and fell.

The boy shouted, “Come on, Itzel! It is not too far from here, we can make it!”

Itzel sat down, holding her knee. “No Xipil. I cannot run anymore.” Moonlight illuminated the tears flowing down her cheeks. “I will always love you. Save yourself!”

The boy embraced her. “Never! By the grace of Chaac, we live together or we die together!” He touched her stomach. “I will not leave you, or our child!”

Itzel looked at him fondly. Just nineteen, he was more of a man than her husband, or any other warrior in her village.

They stayed like that until Xipil said, “I will carry you. Yaotl would have alerted everyone by now. We need to move!”

Yaotl was the most powerful shaman in the Mayan world. People came from far away, and waited for days on end to be seen by him.

But he was a cruel man.

He was almost four times Itzel’s age when she was married off to him.

As a shaman’s wife, she was supposed to do certain rituals at certain times of the day. In the beginning, she would get them wrong and he would beat her up mercilessly. She still had a couple of scars on her back, from the lashes of the coatimundi tail he wrapped around his neck.

Fifteen years of wedlock had yielded no children. Yaotl had five other wives who had borne him sixteen boys and girls. Yet, sometimes at night, when he had too much pulque to drink, he would come to Itzel and make drunken confessions.

He was fiercely possessive of his wives and it was believed that even looking at them the wrong way would ensure a not-so-quick and violent death.

Xipil lifted Itzel effortlessly in his arms.

He pointed to the object she was clutching in her hands. “I still don’t know why you took that thing with you.”

“I’ll tell you later,” she said.

The full moon lit up the white sacbe as he started running towards the lake.

He ran fast, past the corn fields, hardly straining, even with the added weight of Itzel.

The only thing distracting him were her giant bouncing boobs. He could glimpse them flopping about in her badly torn tunic. Her huipil, though ripped, was bright and had beautiful geometric patterns. It had an image of Buluc Chabtan, the God of Sudden Death, at the back, signifying her as a wife of the village shaman.

“Stop staring young man, you’ll have enough time to play with them later.” Itzel smiled, suddenly feeling the need to live and spend the rest of her life with him.

Xipil blushed.

He had been fascinated with her breasts from the moment he had seen them.

She had been washing clothes in the lake with two friends. Xipil had just returned from a hunt and had gone to clean up in the cool waters. He was to the left of the women, hidden by trees, and they had not noticed each other.

The women with Itzel finished up and left. She promised to join them for picking cacao beans after a quick swim. Just as she removed her clothes and entered the lake, Xipil waded into the water and came across a naked Itzel.

Startled, she tried to cover her breasts, but it was an impossible task. Her mammoth tits could not be blocked by human hands.

Xipil stood transfixed, until Itzel said, “Hey! What are you looking at?”

Her voice was lilting, as if she were singing rather than speaking.

Woken from his reverie, Xipil stood upright on the shallow bank. His sizable penis sprang up, erect like a spear, ready to be thrown upon an unsuspecting prey.

It was now Itzel’s turn to stare.

His pee stick was at least twice as thick and thrice as long as Yaotl’s, the only flesh and blood cock she had seen in real life. It made her husband’s penis seem tiny by comparison.

It was even bigger than those fornicating cocks in the small stone glyphs that she and her friends would look at and giggle.

“Hey! What are you looking at?” Xipil threw her words back at her.

Itzel smiled. “Don’t you know the punishment for looking at me like this?” She pointed to his engorged cock. “They will peel the skin off that thing over there and sacrifice it to Chaac.”

Xipil had seen her quite a few times during ceremonies and festivals, but had never really paid attention, until now.

Itzel had kind, light brown eyes with a beautiful, smiling face. Her skin was smooth and golden brown, like the honey he gathered in the forests.

She was still trying to cover her massive breasts with her hands. Dark brown nipples peeked out naughtily from the gaps between her fingers.

Though ataşehir escort she was slim, her hips had a bit of flesh on them. He imagined how it would feel like, holding on to them, while he thrust into her from behind. The area between her thighs was covered with a triangular thatch of curly black hair. Her ass jutted out proudly. Xipil had the strong urge to spank it just to see if it would create ripples, like flat stones thrown into the lake.

“You are Xipil aren’t you? Tlayolotl’s child?” she asked.

“I’m not a child!” he replied indignantly.

“I can see that,” she smiled, looking at his big cock.

“You are beautiful,” he said.

She dropped her hands, finally giving him an eyeful of her gigantic breasts. They were slightly paler than the rest of her body. Stiff, dark brown tips centered her globes, encompassed by light brown skin, the size of pebbles in the lake.

His cock stretched so hard that it almost ached.

“I’m going home. You be careful with that thing. The fishes might think it is a worm and bite it off!”

Itzel came very close to where he was standing. With a mischievous jerk, she pressed her hip on his erect cock, such that it bent sideways. She moved forward and it snapped back into position. She giggled.

He watched her ass in awe, as she climbed onto the shore and turned around. She put on her huipil and skirt slowly, giving him a show and walked away.

Xipil stood there for a few minutes, dumbfounded and then went home.

After that incident, he made it a point to seek out Itzel every chance he got. He lived at the edge of the village, away from her hut which was close to the temple.

Whenever she was with her friends, she would be cheerful and smile shyly at him. She would say something to her companions and they would all laugh, looking pointedly at his crotch. He would smile back at her, taking the ribbing sportingly.

On occasions when she was with her husband, she would not even look in his direction. Xipil would get annoyed at not being able to talk to her or be near her.

Itzel seemed to realize his frustration.

One day, two of her friends approached him when he was working on his maize field.

“Itzel wants you to meet her at the lake when the evening star rules the sky,” one of them said.

“Oh, and she wants you to bring your spear!” They guffawed.

Xipil threw an ear of corn at them.

He waited for nightfall and rushed to the lake where they had first met. She was sitting beneath a dogwood tree. The white-lilac flowers formed a beautiful umbrella as she stood up.

“Hi!” he said.

“Hi!” she said.

After a pause, she asked, “So why are you following me everywhere?”

“I am not! You just happen to be wherever I go.”

“I asked you to come here, to tell you not to follow me anymore. It is too dangerous.”

Xipil remained silent.

“Why do you want to risk your life, silly child?” she persisted.

“I love you,” he said. “And don’t call me a child.”

Xipil came closer to her. She smelled like wildflowers.

“I think you like me too. You are just afraid to admit it.”

Itzel felt his hot breath on her face. “I’m not afraid for me, I am worried about you. You don’t know what Yaotl is like.”

“I’m not afraid of Yaotl.”

She said, “But I’m fifteen years older than you. What do you want to do with an old woman like me?”

In reply, Xipil took her hand and placed it under his loincloth, on his cock. It was rock hard. “This is what you do to me.”

Itzel stroked his cock. “What do you want me to do with it?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Whatever you want to,” he said, taking her in his arms and kissing her on the lips.

His cock pressed up against her abdomen. “It is so big, Xipil. Is it all for me?”

“It is all for you,” he said, kissing her urgently. “Can I see your breasts again? They have been troubling my dreams every night since I saw them.”

Itzel laughed and removed her huipil and skirt. “They are too big. I don’t like them,” she said, holding her tits in her hands.

Xipil stared at her like she was mad. “Are you crazy? They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life!”

Her breasts shone in the bright moonlight. He lifted them, each one weighing more than the pumpkins growing in his field.

He pinched her erect nipples. “Does it hurt if I do that?”

Itzel sighed. “Yes, but in a good way. It’s been a while since they felt anyone’s touch.”

She moaned when he put a finger inside the thick hair between her thighs. He was surprised to find that it was soaking wet.

“Did you pee in your skirt, Itzel?” he asked.

She roared with laughter. “No, you silly boy!”

She tried to compose herself. “When a woman is aroused, the juices flow naturally down there. It makes it easy for her to take a man’s thing inside.”

“Oh!” he said. “Does that mean I can put my cock in there now?”

“Ok. But be kadıköy escort bayan gentle.”

She lay down on a patch of grass beneath the tree, and lifted her legs. He knelt in front of her thighs and waited.

“I don’t know what to do!” he said helplessly.

“I’ll help you.” A giggling Itzel reached down and guided his cock towards the opening of her pussy.

“Now push it in, but slowly,” she said.

Xipil braced his hands on the grass and moved his hips forward. His penis entered her sodden vagina.

Itzel sighed and closed her eyes. “Your cock is so large Xipil. It fills me completely.”

He pulled out. Her pussy walls came together, trying to confine his cock inside.

The friction was too much for him and he came on her pubis. Shuddering and shaking, he collapsed on top of her, on the verge of tears. “I’m sorry!” he managed to say.

“Shhh. It is ok, it is ok.” Itzel pressed his head on her giant tits.

They lay like that for a while, comforted by the heat of their bodies in the chilly night.

His mouth found a dark nipple and latched on. He sucked on it and watched the other breast wobbling around. He was astonished at how soft and succulent they were. He pressed and kneaded them this way and that way, as she watched in amusement.

“You are like a little boy, you know?” she said.

“Do not call me a boy!” he said, rising up, his cock erect once again.

“Oooh, it is awake again!” she said, stroking the big rod. “Want to have one more go?”

She once again helped maneuver his cock inside her cunt. Lubricated by her pussy juices, it found easy passage into her tight canal. He pushed forth, hesitant at first, but then with increasingly confident strokes, until he had her whimpering and gasping for air. She put her hands on his firm butt and lifted her hips to meet him, thrust for thrust.

This time, it was her turn to shudder and cry out, as she came on his cock.

“Should I stop?”, he paused, afraid that he had hurt her.

“I swear to Chaac, if you stop now, I will drown you in the lake myself,” she said, pulling him inside her again.

The sounds of wet fucking, along with his groans and her moans filled the air.

He finally came inside her, and they both collapsed, worn out by their efforts.

After that night, they tried to meet as much as possible. She would make excuses to Yaotl and run to secret hideouts to meet Xipil.

The times when Yaotl would go looking for plants in far off forests were the best. That meant that he would be gone for days on end and Xipil could spend a lot of time with Itzel.

They grew incredibly close.

She told him how she didn’t like where she lived. “I hate it there. All the elite and privileged, living as if they own everybody and everything. I feel at home here, where people share their joys and sorrows freely, without inhibitions.”

She revealed to him her interest in medicinal plants and herbs. “I want to grow an entire forest of only healing plants. I want to help all sick people regardless of their status in the village.”

“Look!” she said one night by the lake, showing him a brown paste wrapped in a leaf.

“What’s that?”

She wet her hands with water and coated them with a little bit of the paste. “It is something I made by mixing marigold flowers, the berries outside my house, the secretions of the red nosed beetle and other things from the forest.”

She applied the concoction on his perennially hard cock.

Lazily squeezing her tits, he asked, “Why are you putting beetle spit on my dick, woman?”

“You’ll see!” She giggled and crouched on all fours.

Xipil needed no second invitation. He pushed his cock into her cunt from behind. To his amazement, when he pulled out, his dick glowed a bright yellow, just the fireflies in summer nights.

“Wow!” he said. “This looks amazing!”

“I made it especially for you, Xipil, for your little cock. So you can see where my pussy is and don’t have to fumble around!” She laughed.

He responded by pounding her with his shining cock and that shut her up.

He was constantly amazed at how adventurous she was, especially when it came to sex. She would insist on trying different positions and always matched him in energy. She would never say no to fucking. In fact, she was the one to initiate it most of the time.

She would take his cock milk and mix it up with other herbs. She would apply that on her face. “It keeps me looking like a young girl!”

Other times, when he was close to release, she would ask him to pull his cock out of her cunt and put it in her mouth. Itzel would swallow his milk, saying that it helped her stay slim.

Their idyllic life continued until one day, Xipil found her standing by the dogwood tree. She looked worried. He gave her a long, deep kiss and asked, “What’s the matter my love?”

She said, “I’m with child, Xipil. It is yours. I have not lain down with Yaotl since we have been together.” She escort maltepe started crying. “I don’t know what to do.”

Xipil let out a loud whoop. He ran around the tree shouting at the birds, “I’m going to be a father!” Itzel laughed through her tears.

He came to her and planted a hundred kisses on her face. “I love you so so much, Itzel!”

She hugged him tightly. “I love you more. But what are we going to do?”

Xipil said. “Simple. Let’s run away and leave this village. We’ll cross the lake in my canoe and go south, where the land meets the sea. No one will find us there.”

Itzel was afraid, but she agreed. “I cannot live without you anymore.”

They made plans to escape.

Yaotl though, had already started suspecting his wife. She had been avoiding him for a while now and seemed happier than usual. One full moon night, he told her that he was going to look for plants and that he would return in a few days. Yaotl pretended to leave, but doubled back to his house to see Xipil and Itzel leave her hut together.

He shouted at them, but Xipil hit him with a rock and Yaotl fell to the floor groaning.

The lovers ran.

They came close to the lake, but were forced to take a detour when they heard the sound of men shouting behind them.

They ran up a high cliff adjoining the lake and came to the edge. It had stopped raining. The moonlight glimmered on the quiet lake, making it look like a shining desert.

The sounds of barking dogs drew near. A couple of arrows swooshed past them and fell into the water.

They held hands and looked at each other. Itzel said, “I love you.”

They jumped.


Ashton County, California, Present Day

“Jason! Jason! What the fuck is taking you so long?”

Jason heard his mom calling him from downstairs. He looked at the clock, which blinked seven a.m.

“Jesus, mom! It’s Sunday morning, for crying out loud! What do I have to do to get some sleep around here?” Jason put a pillow on his head.

“Jason! Wake up! I’ve been calling you for almost half an hour!” Vanessa burst into his room.

“MOM!” He yelled. He had been dreaming about fucking his aunt, but the images dissipated quickly.

Sitting up on the bed, he said, “If you continue like this, I’m going to have to rethink this arrangement of ours.”

“Oh, stop it! Don’t be such a baby! Come on, get up and get changed. We might have a new case!” Vanessa seemed excited.

Jason groaned. “Can’t it wait till the morning actually starts? Like after noon?”

“No, get up!” His mom pulled the sheets on top of him. He was wearing shorts, but his cock was still at half-mast.

“MOM!” he yelled again. “I’m getting up, I’m getting up!”

Vanessa slapped his ass as he walked towards the bathroom. “Be quick!”

His mom had always been touchy feely and he’d never thought anything of it. Until now…

He recollected how everything had changed in six months.

His mom had quit the police department after an undercover drug bust went awry and started her own detective agency. Her first assignment was a missing persons case. It turned out that it was connected to the drug case. The mastermind was his long-lost father, who had tried to kill him, but was now safely behind bars.

Oh! And there was the small fact that he was now having sex with his gorgeous, big tittied aunt, Josephine.

As part of the Narcotics Rewards Program, they had received five million dollars for the capture of his father. His mom had formally asked Jason and his aunt to join her agency. She suggested buying a bigger place where they could all live together.

Jason agreed immediately. His aunt acquiesced soon after. He was overjoyed at the thought of being able to fuck his aunt every night. She was finishing up the last few details of her messy divorce and had gone out of town.

Jason brushed his teeth in the balcony, watching the waves clash on their private beach. His shirt fluttered in the gentle breeze as he saw some sea gulls fighting over a piece of fish. His cock grew hard day dreaming about titty fucking his busty aunt.

He took a quick shower and went down to the library that Vanessa had converted into an office.

She was already sitting at the small conference table by the huge French doors. “Good morning honey!”

He grabbed a piece of toast and coffee from the table. He sat down next to her heavily. “What’s the hurry mom?”

“Marissa has a new case for us. Apparently, it’s an emergency. That’s all she said.”

“Marissa? What’s the deal with her?”

Marissa was his mom’s first client. The case that set everything into motion. Her husband had owned a trucking business. He had been the logistics guy for Jason’s father, using his trucks to move high grade cocaine throughout the country. Believing her son to be kidnapped, she had come to Vanessa, but as it turned out, he too had been involved in the sordid saga, distributing drugs in schools in LA. All of them were now in prison and would remain there for a long time.

“She is really lonely after her husband and son were put away. She came to me the other day, asking if she could work with us. She has a lot of connections and I think she will help us grow our agency.”

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