The Nymphs Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This is the first in a series of stories about the ‘Nymphs’. Clearly it must be a work of fiction from my fertile yet somewhat dirty mind. But I will have to admit to using elements from real life. Of course names and place have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. There will also be additional stories that, although not in the main narrative, are related.

Please note the events depicted occur in Australia hence some of the unusual terminology for ‘overseas readers’. Comments and suggestions are always gratefully received.

Copyright SBarak1 2017.


I had finished a contracting role and had a few weeks off before starting my next assignment. It was time to catch up on some odd jobs around the house and I was keen to pursue my ‘professional’ photography ambitions.

I made a list and at the top was getting the roof guttering cleaned out. Living in a two story town house meant that it was not easy to access the top section of the roof. So rather than trying to do it myself, I jumped on Google and searched for a gutter cleaning businesses in the area. I made a few calls and submitted some on-line enquiries. A bloke dropped around and checked out the place the next day and in the end I got a couple of reasonable quotes. One quote stood out, as the company used a large vehicle mounted industrial vacuum system. They could did the job quickly and it was half the price of the other quotes. I took the plunge and booked them in.

On the day I made sure I was at home and at the appointed time. The temperature was getting hot, about 35C. There was a knock at the front door. I opened the door to find a bright eyed young blond looking at me.

“Hi! I’m Debbie, we’re here to do your gutters,” she proudly announced.

Debbie was about 5’5,” blond, curvy-athletic build with big boobs for her frame. She had a pretty face with full lips.

“Well hello,” I said looking her up and down. “Nice to meet you Debbie, I’m Alan, you’re bang on time,” I responded, expecting to see a guy.

“We aim to please,” continued Debbie in her bubbly voice with a big smile on her face. “Emily is just setting up. It should take us 10 minutes to get ready. Is there anything we need to know before we get started?”

“No, everything should be fairly straight forward. I’ll unlock the side gate to give you access to the back yard,” I replied.

“OK, thanks,” said Debbie. “I reckon the job will take about an hour. Barry, the guy at the office, will email an invoice when we are finished. Better get going then.”

I followed Debbie out the front of the house admiring her nice ass packed into a pair of cut-off denim shorts. I looked over to see Emily unloading the equipment from the truck. She had got the ladder ready and was setting up the vacuum system.

I spoke to Debbie, “If there’s anything you need just knock on the door.”

“Sounds good,” said Debbie. “Hey Em, this is Alan, he’s the guy we’re doing the job for.”

Emily looked up. I could see she was about the same age as Debbie, late 20’s, maybe early 30’s. She was dressed similarly to Debbie in runners, loose fitting tee-shirt and tight shorts. She also had an curvy-athletic build, blond hair, pert boobs and an ass to match. She had a pretty face and was a little shorter and lighter than Debbie.

“Hi Alan,” Emily responded, giving me a friendly wave.

“G’day Emily nice to meet you,” I replied. I paused and looked back at Debbie. “Hey Debbie, you know I’m surprised to see the two of you here doing this job.”

Debbie turned around to me with a curious look.

“Well, I was expecting a bloke, the way Barry was talking,” I went on.

“Oh, that’s OK. That would probably be Kevin. He does most of the work but Barry books us in when we are available. You see we work together in a retail store in the city but we don’t get enough shifts. Through a friend, a couple of years ago, we started giving Barry a hand with this business. With this vacuum it makes the job so much easier. We like the work, it pays well and it keeps us fit,” Debbie explained.

“Fair enough. I will leave you to it,” I said. I watched the women a bit longer while they set up their equipment then went back in-doors.

Well that’s not something you see every day I thought closing the front door. Two blond nymphs cleaning gutters. I went back to the study and continued working at the computer. I could hear the girls talking to each other and dragging the vacuum hose over the roof. Then I heard the engine for the vacuum start up.

I walked outside about 30 minutes later with two large glasses of ice cold water.

“Here you go ladies,” I shouted over the din of the vacuum engine. Debbie looked up, raised her fingers to her mouth and gave a sharp piercing whistle. Emily promptly shut down the vacuum. They both climbed down the ladder and took the offered glasses.

“Hot work,” I said, as they both gulped their glasses of water down. Both girls were sweating and I admired their boobs through their clinging tee-shirts. I could see Emily’s nipples were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri particularly hard and prominent.

“Yep, sure is,” said Emily as she caught my eye checking her out. The girls handed their glasses back to me, said thank you and were quickly back up the ladder and on the roof again.

Gee they don’t slow down, I thought, as I went back inside and put the glasses in the sink. I then went into the garage to do some test shots in my makeshift photographic studio. I must have been there for about 40 minutes changing lighting positions and experimenting with camera settings when I heard a knock.

Emily was at the front door. “We’ve finished Alan,” she said. “And we are just cleaning up. Deb’s covered in mud and dirt from the gutters and wants to know if we could use the hose in the back yard to wash up?”

“Sure,” I responded, looking down at Emily. She was streaked in dirt and mud as well. “I’ll go out the back, get the hose ready and will see you there.”

I headed through the house and out into the backyard, grabbed the house, fitted the trigger spray and ran it out to the small area of the lawn as the two women arrived. I had brought out some soap and a towel. I handed Emily the hose and Debbie walked out into the middle of the lawn and proceeded to take off her runners and socks. She threw them aside and to my surprise Emily turned the full force of the spray onto her. Debbie squealed as the cold water hit her and proceeded to turn around slowly while Emily hosed her down thoroughly. I was enjoying the show. Debbie’s tee-shirt clung to her body showing off her impressive boobs.

“That should do me. Your turn Em,” said Debbie.

Emily released the trigger spray and handed it to Debbie as they swapped places.

“Have you got anything dry to change into?” I asked.

“No need,” said Debbie, “Do this all the time. While the weather is hot we can just drip dry and get going,” she continued.

With that Emily slipped off her runners and socks and Debbie commenced to hose her down. I continued to enjoy the show as Emily turned around a few times. Emily was by now soaking wet and without realizing it I was starting to get a bit of a bulge in the front of my shorts. This did not escape Emily as she turned her back to us and Debbie sprayed her ass. Emily was giggling by now as she leant forward and placed the palms of her hands on the ground and spread her feet about 18″ apart.

“Nice view Em,” said Deb with a big smile on her face. Emily’s upside down face appeared between her legs. “Why thank you, I try my best. I think Alan likes the view too,” Emily responded.

Debbie looked at me and down at my tented shorts. “Hmmmm, he certainly does,” said Debbie. “Let’s see what else he likes shall we?”

With that Debbie put down the hose, walked out onto the lawn and, with some difficulty, removed Emily’s wet tee-shirt exposing her sports bra. She then peeled off the bra exposing Emily’s pert breasts. Emily had an even tan and her perfectly formed breasts had rather hard, long nipples pointed straight at me. I guessed her cup size to be a generous C maybe a D.

“What do you think Alan?” Debbie asked as she cupped Emily’s left breast and looked me in the eye.

“I think they are beautiful,” I replied somewhat hesitantly, standing there rooted to the spot.

Debbie bent down and gently licked Emily’s hard nipple.

“Maybe he likes a larger cup size,” said Emily. And with that she grabbed the hem of Debbie’s tee-shirt and commenced to peel it off. After a bit of wrestling with the wet tee-shirt she finally removed it along with Debbie’s somewhat old and battered bra.

Debbie’s breasts swung free. Although she had a small frame her boobs were big for her size. I guessed she had to be a DD or an E cup at least. Her hard nipples were surrounded by a dark puckered areolae.

“Careful Deb, you might take someone’s eye out with one of those,” said Emily giggling, as both girls looked over at me.

“There you go Alan, now what do you think? Whose tits do you like the best? Mine or Deb’s,” asked Emily.

It was an almost surreal experience. I was standing in my back yard on a sunny day. Which in itself was very normal. However I was being confronted by two semi-naked wet nymphs who were comparing their naked breasts and asking me for an opinion. I lifted my left arm up and pinched my forearm so the girls could see.

They looked at each other and then Debbie spoke up. “What did you do that for?”

“I thought I better check I wasn’t dreaming,” I replied with a grin.

Both girls giggled and looked back at me.

“Well I like both of your breasts. They both have admirable qualities,” I continued.

The women were clearly enjoying themselves from the looks on their faces. Without realizing it my cock was certainly enjoying the show as it continued to harden and tent the front of my shorts. A fact that had not escaped either woman. The tease continued…

“Hmmmm,” said Debbie. “I think he needs the whole picture,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri continued, giving Emily a wink.

With that both of them turned and slowly eased off their shorts then briefs, with a lot of ass wiggling, then turned and looked straight at me. I took my time to look them both up and down with an appreciative eye. Both were true blonds, unshaved but trimmed. By now my cock was trying it’s best to escape from my shorts. They both looked at my crotch. I saw Debbie lick her lips. My discomfort was apparent.

“He certainly likes what he sees, Em,” said Debbie. “Maybe he needs more ‘stimulation’.”

Debbie embraced Emily and planted a big sloppy wet kiss, with lots of tongue, on her. Emily responded and cupped Debbie’s right breast and started playing with her nipple. Debbie’s hand went to Emily’s breast then slowly snaked its way down her torso finally cupping her crotch. As they continued to kiss I could see Debbie slide a finger into Emily’s pussy. These women were hot! They continued to kiss and explore each other’s body as I watched on in dumb amazement. After a few minutes they disengaged and looked back at me again.

I hadn’t moved an inch. I think my mouth was hanging open and my arms were limp by my sides.

“I think he has had enough ‘stimulation’ Deb,” said Emily. “Now I really want to see what sort of heat he’s packing in those shorts.”

“Yeah, it looks impressive,” responded Debbie, “I reckon he’s big by the size of that bulge. I wonder how thick? My cunt is starting to itch just thinking about it,” she went on.

“Yeah,” responded Emily, “I wouldn’t mind getting my lips around whatever is in there. But there is a problem,” she continued.

“What that Em?” asked Debbie.

“We haven’t hosed him down yet,” Emily responded.

With that both girls rushed at me. Debbie grabbed me and Emily turned the hose on me. Considering what was about to happen, and with whom, I resigned myself to my fate. Resistance was futile I thought. Both women took great delight in getting me thoroughly wet. After I had been completely soaked Emily squatted down and took my runners off and Debbie peeled off my sopping tee-shirt. Both women then squatted down in front of me. Their heads at groin level.

“Even with that cold water he still looks as hard as ever Em,” said Debbie.

My cock was still straining at the front of my wet shorts and was still rock hard as these two naked nymphs stared at my groin.

“Yeah, not bad for an older bloke. How old do you think he is?” responded Emily.

“I dunno. I reckon he’s definitely got a few years on us,” said Debbie.

“Who cares,” said Emily, as both girls giggled. “My cunt is leaking and I’m so horny I could just about fuck anything with a pulse right now,” she continued.

With that Emily reached forward and tried to pull my shorts down. The waist band got caught on my cock so Debbie reached up and over and pulled my cock free. The relief was immediate, my cock enjoyed its new found freedom as I stepped out of my shorts. I looked down. Both women had their eyes locked on my cock as it continued to grow to its full 9.” By now veins were standing out and the head was a light shade of purple. Even by my standards I was very hard.

Debbie finally spoke up. “I guess he really likes our tits then,” she said.

Emily looked up at me with a big grin. “I think he likes the ‘whole picture’ Deb,” she replied.

“Great cock Alan,” said Debbie, looking up at me. “Em and I really want to find out how well you fuck!”

Both girls were nodding their heads as I squatted down to their eye level.

I looked at both of them. I was up for a bit of fun and thought I could play them at their own game.

“I really liked the show,” I said with a big grin. “You are two very hot little cock teasers, as you can see by the results. You have made me rock hard, soaking wet and naked in my own back yard. But the time has come!”

They both looked at each. “Whadayamean?” asked Emily.

“It’s time for some fun of my own,” I replied in a menacing growl with a big grin. With that I pushed forward, catching each woman off guard and off balance, with an arm around their waists.

Debbie and Emily both hit the grass with a splat, their legs flying into the air. I rounded on Emily first, pinning her to the ground. I sought out her left nipple with my mouth and reached down between her legs with a hand and pushed her legs wide.

“Hmmm, tasty,” I said as I paused while sucking hard on her distended nipple.

Emily let me search out her wet slit which I then slipped one then two fingers into in quick succession. While doing this I could feel a hand wrap around my cock. Debbie was kneeling behind me pushing her groin into my ass and was tugging on my cock.

“God he’s fat and hard Em,” Debbie giggled.

“Don’t interrupt him Deb. He’s doing a good job on my tits and cunt,” Emily breathed.

“More?” I asked Emily.

“Hmmmm,” was the response.

I quickly ran my tongue over her right nipple güvenilir bahis şirketleri then headed south to her sopping snatch. Her lips were swollen and her juices were gushing onto my soaked hand. I gently slipped in a third finger then targeted her g-spot as I sought out her clit with my tongue. I hit pay-dirt within seconds as she squealed and thrust her hips into my face. I lifted my head and straightened up.

“Where are you?” I said twisting, reaching around, and grabbing Debbie around the waist. She let go of my cock and moved around to my side as I sought out her big breasts and more particularly her nipples with my mouth while I continued to finger fuck Emily. I grabbed Debbie’s left breast and squeezed hard as my tongue ran over her hard nipple. I heard her take a deep breath.

“How wet are you?” I asked Debbie, transferring my soaked hand from Emily’s swollen pussy to run my fingers over Debbie’s pussy lips. I could feel she was swollen and dripping as I slid in a finger, then another. As Debbie and I knelt together with my fingers deep inside her I felt another hand wrap around my cock followed by an exploring tongue. Emily had sat up and was delicately running the tip of her tongue around the engorged head of my cock.

“Your right Deb. He’s fucking hard,” I heard Emily say before she engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth.

With Emily sucking hard on my cock I continued to finger fuck Debbie’s sodden pussy. Debbie moaned as I lifted my head to look at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was back clearly enjoying the experience. I ran my tongue from her ear along her jaw to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue snaked out. I kissed her deeply, our tongues exploring one another.

“Your turn,” I said to Debbie as I gently pushed her and eased her onto her back allowing her to spread her legs. While continuing to finger fuck her I moved around. Emily released her lips from my cock as I moved my head between Debbie’s thighs and sought out her clit. I could see it was already swollen as I breathed her musky aroma. As my tongue touched her clit she let out a yelp. Emily repositioned herself to continue stroking my cock as I nibbled Debbie’s clit to the sound of gasps and the odd exclamation.

I pushed my tongue deep into Debbie’s drenched pussy exploring, tasting. She continued to squirm. By now she had both hands on the back of my head pushing me into her thighs. With Emily now sucking my cock I lifted my head and moved up to Debbie’s hard left nipple and sucked hard. She let out a whimper and shook. If I didn’t know better I thought she had just cum.

I eventually raised my head.

“So who’s gunna be first?” I asked.

Both girls sprang into action. They immediately took up positions in front of me, beside each other, on all fours, facing away with their asses wiggling at me.

“Would I be correct in assuming this is both your favourite position?” I asked in a mock quizzical tone.

“Sure is,” they giggled together.

I looked down. My hard cock was wobbling in front of me just inches from Emily’s ass. I was rock hard. I reached around and fingered Emily’s still sopping pussy and felt her engorged clit. She was more than ready. I rubbed my now wet hand on the head of my cock and found Emily’s swollen pussy lips.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Pleeeeasssse,” Emily let out in a long hiss.

With one thrust I was buried deep in her hot slippery hole. She felt amazing as her velvet pussy wrapped itself around my invading rock hard cock. I grabbed her hips and slowly started to pump.

While this was happening Debbie had moved around behind me and was kneeling and pushing against me. She was matching my thrusts with her hips behind mine as her left hand held the base of my cock. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and as we thrusted in and out of Emily. I now had my rhythm as I could feel Emily’s internal muscles start to respond, pulsing around my cock. I placed my hands back on Emily’s hips and gripped her tight. She let out a moan. She felt ready. I increased speed and as I did felt her start to shudder.

“FFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK,” she groaned in orgasm as I felt her slump.

I gently withdrew my still very hard cock. Debbie, still behind me, started to stroke my slick cock.

“You like my cock Debbie?” I asked.

“Oh yes!” she whispered in my ear.

“What do you think I should do with it?” I asked.

“Fuck me,” she whispered back

“Assume the position,” I ordered.

Debbie immediately moved back to her previous position on all fours and I moved in behind her. I saw Emily slide to the ground and her left hand gently rubbing her battered pussy. I reached around to feel Debbie’s inviting weeping slit and slide two fingers in. She was sopping wet. I ran my hands up and down the insides of her thighs. They were slick with her juices. I guided my cock to her waiting pussy lips. Before I could thrust in she pushed back on me and swallowed half of my cock. Impatient little wench I thought. Time for you to be really fucked.

I grabbed Debbie firmly by the hips and built up speed. Although she was wetter then Emily her pussy didn’t seem quite as accommodating so I could feel my cock head just hitting her cervix on each thrust. Each time this happened she let out a little grunt. I pounded her into her and continued to build up speed.

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