The New Rituals of Thelema Ch. 02

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Evadne Porter stretched luxuriantly in her well-used breeding bed as morning bought an end to another night of successful seed harvesting. Her orifices ached magnificently, a stored memory of every object that had pummeled and stretched her in the previous few hours. Time was she could remember the faces of all the participants in these celebratory trains of penetration but now with the passing of time she simply concentrated on the recollection of the invasions, the sweet sticky perfection of each and every drop she was blessed to receive. Evadne was the willing depository for any volume of human ejaculate large or small, an ever grateful recipient of any donation however crudely or ponderously given. Each droplet, each smallest dribble she would collect in her welcoming holes, valuing the thickening and ever more rancid discharge beyond any other substance.

No great looker by everyday standards, Evadne never the less managed a successful seduction rate equal to any other siren, hardly ever did an available delicious pair of testes go undrained. The physical properties she cultivated to empower her obsessive desire for semen were many, base flattery, voluminous amounts of intoxicants, even monetary gifts on occasion, but physical beauty was not one. Her fifty-six years and somewhat heavy figure might have been seen as an impediment by many, but she found that simply trolling a sufficiently large hunting ground bought more than sufficient prey to thrust into her ever welcoming apertures. A large number of the contributors to her jizz addiction never saw who received their deposit let alone really cared. The gloryhole that Evadne had found at the rear of an adult video store and gladly serviced three nights a week was perfect for her fix, with a seeming endless numbers of male organs pushed erect through the opening to be drained anonymously by mouth, cunt or ass. The receiving orifice simply needed to be moist and receptive and Evadne was always ready to play.

During her weekdays Miss Porter was the well-respected assistant director within the research library at Boksburg University. She could be found, dressed quite predictably in spinster like tweed twin sets rummaging through the generally ignored shelves of the restricted book repository where she referenced the more obtuse volumes. Her only nod to her more exotic dalliances was the occasional lunchtime spent crouched behind an open gap on the de Sade shelf performing fellatio on any cock that happened to present itself for the tasting. Such eccentric behavior was neither considered perverse or unacceptable in the heady world of the intellectual institution, carnality was an accepted quirk in an atmosphere were bestiality was looked upon with the same jaundiced eye as organized religion.

Derwent Dashwood met Evadne at a small cocktail gathering to celebrate a translation of the superb 18th century copy of the ‘Lemegeton’ he had so generously loaned to the library in perpetuity. The Dean was almost apologetic at Evadne’s attendance but Derwent with his usual nose for the stink of the useful immediately took her under his protective wing. So impressed was Dashwood with Miss Porters talents he arranged a special grant to ensure her continued unquestioned employment. Evadne’s gratitude was overwhelming, bordering upon the psychotic and only abated after Derwent gifted her one long lick along the shaft of his resplendent member.

“I have a small service I need you to perform for me Evadne dear.”

Evadne Porter would never need asking twice. Derwent was to her the earthly incarnation of a satyr, beyond question or refusal. The invitation to this private gathering at his club was to her an immeasurable compliment and her present position strapped securely over an antique mounting horse a dream come true.

“I believe the library has a copy of the ‘Nodum Vitae’ in its vaults.”

Unable to reply directly because of the ball gag firmly affixed over her mouth Evadne simply bowed her head to indicate agreement.

“I need to borrow it for a few days. Do you think you can arrange to bring it to my estate?”

Again Evadne responded with a positive and abjectly genuflecting gesture.

“Wonderful. Now the little reward I promised you.”

Derwent waved to his manservant Michel who with his customary efficiency had everything arranged. Within moments a dozen strapping lads encircled Evadne’s prone body ready to ravage her to distraction. Derwent removed the gag from her mouth in canlı bahis order to better facilitate the triple drilling.

“Thank you Master.”

The woman was turning out to be exactly the assistance he had envisaged, totally decadent and utterly without scruples, a loyal follower without question or qualm.

“Enjoy your suffering my dear.”

The scrum descended on her like vultures on a rotting carcass, piercing her body fully in every conceivable way. Evadne simply moaned in pleasure like the unrepentant whore she was, a sound equivalent to a fine string recital to Derwent’s ears. He rejoined Eleanor and Elizabeth on the balcony overlooking the circular area were the bacchanal was taking place.

“Do you wish that was you Eleanor?”

“If it would please you Sir.”

“One day perhaps my dear, but I don’t want to overstretch your nice tight little holes quite yet. Your anus still grips like a vice.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Eleanor had soon adapted to the rituals of servitude, giving the response that best suited the particular moment. This particular occasion called for devout submission, a willingness to obey her Masters wishes totally, but she was quite capable of an outright subversive attitude when she judged Derwent wished an opportunity to express displeasure. Eleanor so adored when her Master disciplined her for a flagrant act of disrespect. The thought that possibly she might be permitted to arouse such a response later in the evening already had her thighs trembling and cunt lips glistening with anticipation.

The heaving mass of flesh below seemed but a surreal caricature of reality, utterly devoid from anything Eleanor had even imagined experiencing thus far in her carnal development. She had learned so much about her sexuality in the last few weeks, her previously narrow concepts of pleasure forced open exponentially, yet she still found the prospect of ever attaining the extraordinary freedom of mind needed to allow such utter unrestrained public debauchery beyond easy acceptance. Happily, her Master felt the slight trepidation in her heart and dispelled it with a well warranted slap to her left cheek.

The probably pleasures of double penetration had occurred to her whilst Derwent ravished her vaginal canal whilst her anal passage was stretched wide by a plug. That treasured memory was an experience she desired to be repeated with regularity and the thought of the plug magically transforming into another rod of flesh and sinew seemed very appealing. However, the constant thrusting use of orifices by a never tiring array of huge rigid phallus that Evadne so obviously relished was still a little frightening in its rapaciousness. Eleanor’s orifices still had a tenderness which so deliciously responded to the slightest stimulation but which undoubtedly required a degree of toughening before being quite so rigorously abused.

Elizabeth had become surprisingly fond of Eleanor, treating her much more the sister than another mere slave. Admittedly Elizabeth’s idea of normal sibling relationships was somewhat freer than the norm but even so the bond had helped the younger woman adapt very easily into the hierarchy of Derwent’s household. Derwent had been unnecessarily considerate in assuring Elizabeth that he still held her in high regard and had even taken the time and trouble to thrash her unmercilessly on several occasions just for her selfish masochistic enjoyment. Elizabeth felt no jealousy, after all her Master could have the pick of any woman he chose, the mere fact that he kept her close to his person always paid her an honor to which she was more unbreakably bound than to any hardened steel collar and chain.

“My dear Elizabeth, I have some business to attend too. Please keep Eleanor’s attention fully on the spectacle below, it will enlighten her to see such wanton lechery.”

Elizabeth had heard not a sound as Derwent approached her, the first intimation of his close proximity was the soft exaltation of his breath against her ear. As ever her heart leaped because of his closeness, whether in love or anger his slightest attention was her only true source of happiness.

“yes Master, I will obey as always.”

Derwent’s right hand reached around her and firmly gripped one of the nipples left strategically exposed by her costume. Elizabeth bit her lip hard to repress any sound, the tweak had been pleasantly hard, a six on a one to ten scale, enough to make her stomach churn and her cunt to flood bahis siteleri instantly. Her ability to keep silent through the most rigorous of sessions was something of which she was particularly proud and a talent her Master happily accepted as a challenge. As Derwent’s fingers slowly released their pressure on her abuse elongated bud Elizabeth allowed whispered single sigh to escape her lips before her response.

“Thank you Master.”

Derwent Dashwood had needed a very special kind of bait. He had successfully narrowed the opposition to his takeover of the satanic temple to just a few individuals, those too careful to be snared by the usual kind of trap he ensured was eternally set and ready for springing. Business would be so much more easily accomplished if all his prey had the same foibles, but if humanity had one pervasive quality it was the unending variability of its debauched tastes. Michel had performed his task admirably, the anteroom contained an array of the finest sweet flesh from which to choose. Tall, slim, beautiful of face, the young gentleman standing so proudly in their nakedness quite took Derwent’s breath away; Derwent was a true bon viveur, he understood that an individual should taste every fruit offered by the garden to appreciate the best. A cursory look allowed the field to be narrowed from twenty-two to thirteen, Derwent’s favorite number, any fault however mild conscripted the owner too expulsion. The remaining stunning reincarnations of Michelangelo’s David were lined up for a more considered and lingering inspection.

Michel graded the remaining thirteen young men by height, lining them up in pairs with the most delicious and feminine singular last of all. Derwent had moved to a small but well-furnished area slightly aside from the main space and the first two were sent forwards for vetting. The approached Derwent with a certain hesitation but he was pleased to notice that both swayed their hips quite delightfully. Lord Dashwood’s hands moved over their bodies expertly and with great knowledge, checking musculature, bone structure and checking each one’s teeth. The two were instructed to pirouette so he was able to get an all-around view and then were instructed to space their legs some two feet and clasp their ankles. Standing behind them he gently patted their asses to check their reactions, happily neither one moved a muscle. Derwent patted a little harder, more of a spank this time and again neither moved or murmured.

Reaching forward, one hand between each of their splayed legs Dashwood gently squeezed their hanging ball sac to check their testes; all seemed quite adequately formed. Moving his hands forward slightly Derwent was able to grasp their shafts firmly and pulled them down in movement not dissimilar to tolling a bell, both cocks hardened immediately and when he released sprang up to hit their stomachs with a rewarding slap. Derwent reached into his pocket and produced a tube of lube and squirted a good quantity onto each one of the waiting sphincters. The two twinks reacted to the sudden application of the gel with a shudder of expectation.

Having completed a cursory physical examination of six pairs of applicants Derwent at last came face to face with the exceptionally attractive number thirteen. A boy of perhaps nineteen years of age with an almost perfect facial bone structure he possessed a quality of feminine shyness Derwent found utterly refreshing after the despoiled attitudes of the previous twelve. He approached Derwent with his chin high but eyes cast downwards respectfully, his waist circumference ridiculously tiny in comparison to the general athleticism of his physique. His ass was perfectly formed, two sweet muscular globes, pert and tempting, divided by the delicious swoop of a valley that descended to the entrance of utter temptation. The penis was thin, aesthetic, the ball sac long and flattened from long periods of being carefully folded and taped between the boy’s legs.

“What’s your name?”

“Georgie sir.”

The voice was soft, guttural, with the hint of a southern drawl. Derwent raised the boys chin with his hand and leaning forward kissed him gently on the mouth. The lips were full and welcoming, but demurely remained fixed in a tight rose bud.

“Would you like to work for me Georgie?”

“I would sir, if my employment was pleasing to you.”


The servant approached quickly to Derwent’s summons.

“Georgy will be joining us as a bahis şirketleri member of my personal staff. Please arrange matters to ensure his easy absorption into the retinue.”

“Certainly Sir!”

“Thank you Michel. The other twelve will be quite acceptable as trainees. You may commence their basic training immediately. Ideally I want six tops and six bottoms, I leave you to make the decisions.”

Michel nodded with his usual calm demeanor but inside his heart raced. Six tops to train and six bottoms to break, his day was getting better by the minute.

Evadne’s senses had reached that indescribable height of awareness where pain and pleasure become merged in one seemingly endless scream. Her body begged for a merciful end to the constant friction but her soul prayed for just one moment more of all consuming bliss. The scrum around her moved so cohesively that any withdrawal was followed instantaneously by a new piercing thrust. Mouth, ass and cunt were already swathed in a deluge of spent semen but the men servicing her seemed ever able to add to that rancid flood.

Evadne had begun to recognize certain appendages by length and girth. Her careful use of kugel balls had kept both her vaginal muscles and anal sphincter resiliently tight but the particularly monster sized cocks owned by at least three of her penetrators were quite easy to distinguish by their ability to stretch her almost to tearing. At one particularly memorable moment she had been obliged to accept all three at once and was proud that only her mouth had been found the slightest bit wanting. Gamely she had stretched her jaws till they all but dislocated but could still only manage the mushroom head so obligingly offered. Evadne had just enough sense left in her mind to reach up and back to grasp the magnificent shaft in her hands to assist manually in her that next oral infusion.

Eleanor found the visual effect of Evadne’s revolving ravishment quite riveting. Her recent experiences had opened both her eyes and orifices to many possibilities but to see so many of her darkest fantasy’s painted on living canvas was almost too overwhelming. She found herself leaning hard over the balustrade that ringed the viewing balcony, her knuckles white with the intensity of grip required to keep her from shaking visibly. Even with immense effort her self-control couldn’t disguise from Elizabeth the unevenness of her breath and the audible sighs of intoxication escaping her pursed lips who watched the rising need fill Eleanor body and soul with unadulterated hunger in her eyes.

Eleanor felt a soft caress of Elizabeth’s fingers on her inner thigh, gentle strokes that slowly extended their length till the back of the hand pressed hard enough between her thighs at every passing that she was obliged to spread her legs and arch her back. Elizabeth took this as a reasonable moment to raise the game and with her other hand gripped Eleanor’s hair hard at the nape of the neck. Without hesitation Eleanor spread her feet even further causing the short tight skirt she was wearing to ride up to her hips exposing the thin strip of lace thong that stretched from waistband down across her anus before precariously covering the entrance to her very moist vaginal opening. Pulling the offending material aside Elizabeth slid two fingers deep into the sodden hole and began a punishingly deep rhythmical finger fuck.

Elizabeth’s eyes wanted desperately to close to fully experience the piecing thrusts invading deep into her womanhood but the frantic scene of Evadne’s continued impaling was more than she could bear to miss. Eleanor slowed her penetration momentarily to adopt a position where should could somehow managing to insert even more of her digits into the sloppy hole at her mercy. Three fingers sipped in easily, then with a twist and pressure four were accomplished. Eleanor’s thighs were shaking constantly as her uterus started to churn and ripple towards violent orgasm and with one final twisting thrust Elizabeth’s whole hand passed into the impossibly stretched orifice.

Eleanor screamed and with almost unprecedented force her body tried desperately to empty through her over filled vaginal canal. Elizabeth felt the pressure against her hand but continued pumping with stoic resilience. Finally, Eleanor’s orifice spasm-ed with such might that even the most ardent effort from Elizabeth was unable to keep the cork in the frothing bottle. Elizabeth watched breathlessly as fluids deluged from the pulsating hole, the built up pressure splattering thighs, floor and her own arms and body. Bending forward Elizabeth pressed her tongue into the seeping mess and drank as one parched from an age in the most arid of habitats.

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