The Meeting

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I decided I was going to go get something to eat at this nice restaurant that I heard had opened up recently! So I went in and they seated me in a room with a table which I was told by the hostess was the way all the tables were set up plus they room was sound proof and no one could hear a conversation at all. It was strictly private! I thought WOW! You could probably bring a date in here and have a fuck session and no one would get wise to it.

Then all of a sudden this most handsomest man walked in behind the hostess again and she said do you mind if this gentleman joins you cause we like to put 2 people in a room so we have more room in the other rooms for other customers. I told her yes he can sit here with me. The hostess left and in came the waiter and brought us some water and a menu. He left.

“Hi! My name is Robin and it was so nice of you to let me sit here with you. I come here often and have met some nice women that they have put me in a room with!”

“Hi Robin, my name is Sherye and it is very nice to meet you! So you come here often, huh?”

“Yes Sherye, I do! Almost every night but you are by far the most beautiful woman I have seen here.”

“Why thank you Robin! That is so sweet! You are very handsome yourself!”

The waiter came back in and took our order and left us instructions that after our meal was ready that they would not bother us again unless we rang the bell that is above the door. So when they brought our meal they handed us a key and told us to not unlock it unless we rang for them and we could stay as long as we wanted since they were opened 24 hours.

So we ate our meal and decided to just talk about things we liked but the conversation got a little heated when I noticed Robin was looking at my big tits and I asked him why he was looking at them.

“Sherye, I apologize, but you are wearing a very low cut blouse and any normal man would have a very difficult time not to admire what you are revealing to him. I am no different and please accept this as a compliment that your breasts are lovely! But please understand, I did not mean to offend you.”

I then said, “Robin, I accept your apology and I am not offended. But I do have to say, that so many men are looking for just one thing from a woman, so I am a little bit defensive, but I too apologize for being so abrupt with you when your eyes wondered down from looking into my eyes!”

“Sherye, Robin asked, if you are that sensitive, why do you wear a blouse that is so revealing? By the way, I was not kidding when I said you were the most beautiful woman that I have met here at this restaurant.”

Sherye responded by saying, “Robin, I wear clothes that I feel good in and yes, I guess I do have to admit that it is quite flattered to know that men look at me.”

“So Sherye, are we okay now,” Robin asked.

“Yes Robin, we are okay and thank you for the compliment,” I said.

Robin said, “Sherye, I noticed that the waiter has brought us some wine. Would you like to have a glass of wine with me?”

“Yes Robin, I said, that would be nice.” He stood up to pour 2 glasses and set the 1st glass down in front of me and then sat down next to me with his glass.

At that time, he raised his glass and offered a toast to say, “Let’s share this wine in hopes that we can become friends and share many dinners together.” Robin said. We then both took a sip of wine from our glasses. After that 1st sip, he asked if I minded if he could move over to sit next to me.

I replied by saying, “Robin, I have to be honest by saying I was hoping you would sit next to me as we continued to talk, but I did not want to appear to be too forward by asking you to sit next to me. So, I am happy that you took the initiative.”

A couple of hours have past and we have been talking with ease about anything and everything. By this time, we had finished the bottle of wine, so he asked me if we should ask for another. I agreed, so I took the key to unlock the door and rang the bell.

The waiter came in and we ordered another bottle of wine. In just a few minutes he came back in to deliver the wine and said, “If you need anything else, just ring the bell.”

We thanked him and locked the door once again. Robin poured the wine for both of us and sat back down next to me. We continued to talk, but I had decided to slid over closer to Robin. He did not let it show, but inside, I could tell he was smiling because I was sitting closer to him this time. We continued to talk and laugh about various things. Then I decided to put my hand on his thigh just gently rubbing back and forth.

Once again, he raised his glass to say, “This has turned out to be a wonderful evening with good company and hopefully will be the beginning of a good friendship.” We linked our arms together as we sipped our wine. I set my glass down as we continued to enjoy each others company. Then I continued to gently rub my hand on his thigh back and forth güvenilir bahis as we continued our conversation and yes even laugh about various things. Then all of a sudden, I got this startled look on my face. It was a surprised look.

He said, “Sherye, is there something wrong?”

I replied back by saying, “No, Robin, there is nothing wrong, nothing at all. I am just happy to have such good company to share this evening with.”

But for some reason I knew that he knew why I had gotten such a startled look on my face. As I was gently rubbing his thigh, I discovered that he had become somewhat aroused and was not wearing any underwear. I knew this cause his cock was laying along side of his inner thigh. So when I was rubbing his thigh, my fingers brushed up against it. We continued to talk and I continued to rub his thigh as before, would brush up against his cock more and more often.

He never said anything or indicated that he even knew I was doing this. After we finished the 2nd bottle of wine, I stated that I had to go and I thanked him for being such a wonderful dinner companion. We both got up, he unlocked the door and he walked me out to my car. I thanked him for a delightful evening and stated that I hope we can have dinner together again sometime soon. We said good night to each other (No kisses involved), and I drove off!

I started to drive off and then I thought, “OH NO I FORGOT TO GIVE HIM MY NUMBER!” I turned around and seen he was standing there with a worried look on his face! I got out of the car and ran over to him and said “I almost forgot to give you my number, Robin.”

“Oh ok Sherye, I was wondering why you turned around! I thought something was terribly wrong!”

“No, nothing is wrong except me being forgetful, Robin! Here is my number and you can call me anytime of the day and night!”

“Why thank you, Sherye, I will definitely call you!” So I turned away and started walking to my car when Robin called out to me! “Sherye, would you like to go get a glass of tea with me! I am not ready to go home yet and I really enjoy your company”

“Sure I will! I enjoy your company too and I am not ready to go home either and it is still early in the night anyway!”

“Ok, Sherye, I only live around the corner from here and I walked but if you want to we can drive to this out of the way place and spend some time with one another.”

“Robin, I would be pleased to go to this place with you and spend some time with you!” So we both get in my car and drive to this nice out of the way place that was on the outskirts of town! We got out and walked in and they put us at a secluded booth that even the employees could not see us! I was amazed at how beautiful the place was!

“WOW, Robin, this place is beautiful! I have never seen such a beautiful place before!”

“Well, Sherye, I found this place one night when I was driving around and came upon it and thought it was beautiful too!” The waiter brought our tea with a pitcher of tea so they would not bother us and we sat and talked for awhile and I could feel Robins heat from him sitting next to me in the booth! So I looked down to where I had been rubbing earlier on his leg in the restaurant and noticed he still had a hard on! So I just gradually started rubbing his leg casually. He sucked in his breath all of a sudden!

“Robin, are you ok!”

“Why yes I am Sherye!”

“Are you sure cause you are breathing a little faster than you were a little while ago,” I said.

“Yes Sherye I am but what you are doing to my leg near my private part is making it difficult to think straight!”

I said, “Robin, I can stop rubbing your leg if you want me to! But I am really am attracted to you and hope you don’t mind what I am doing!”

Robin then stated, “I don’t mind that but can you stop for just a bit until I can catch my breath!”

“Yes, Robin, I can!”

So we talked for about 10 more minutes and he reached over and started rubbing the top of my thigh and I gasped and grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs! He started rubbing my pussy until I was so wet that the booth felt wet under me! I started moaning and he leaned over and kissed me and I thought I was going to faint from being so excited! He stopped kissing me and since I was wearing a dress he pulled it up and started rubbing me through my panties! I spread my legs to let him get more access to my pussy. He had me so wet and excited that I came right then and he had to lean over and kiss me to quiet me down!

When I finally was breathing better, I looked up at him and said “WOW that was amazing! You are very good with your fingers! But don’t you think since we finished all of our tea that we should leave!”

“Yes, Sherye I do and I would like for you to come to my home if you would like!”

So we drove away from the secluded place! As we left the tea house, he asked me when we got to his home, if we could slow down just a little.

He told me, türkçe bahis “It has been a long time since I had been with a woman, especially someone as beautiful as you. so can we just sit and cuddle up to each other while we talked and listened to some soft music. Would that be alright, Sherye?”

I responded by saying, “Yes Robin actually that would be nice for a change. Most of the men I have met, just want to jump my bones and are not interested in normal conversation by giving us a chance to really get to know one another. so, I find it quite refreshing to find a man like you. Quite refreshing indeed!

We arrived at his apartment. We walked up the stairs and he unlocked the door. When we got inside, he took my coat to hang it up. Then he offered me some wine and I accepted. He poured 2 glasses of wine and we sat down on the sofa, turn on some soft listening music, as we sat back to relax. As we sat there, I started to feeling a little tense.

Robin said, “Sherye, you seem a little tense, can I give you a neck and shoulder massage?”

I replied by saying, “Oh Robin, that would be wonderful if you can do that for me.” He slid over to the end of the sofa and asked me to lay down and rest my head across his lap. As I did, he began to massage the back of my neck and my shoulders. He could tell I was liking this by the sounds of relief I was feeling from his hands by moaning. He began to move his hands down farther and massage the small of my back.

As he did so, I sighed a little and said, “Robin, that feels so good right now. You are very good with your hands. Oh Yes that feels really good.”

As he continued to massage my neck, shoulders and the small of my back, I was beginning to relax from his touch. Then I decided moving the side of my face with a little positioning on top of his crotch and moving my head just like someone would do when they are trying to find that comfortable spot on a pillow. I knew what I was doing which was trying (very subtlety) to feel just how aroused he was getting. At this point, I don’t think he minded and he did not say anything. He continued to massage my neck, shoulders and the small of my back.

But then he gradually moved his hand down lower and began to massage my round ass cheeks. I let out a slight moan when he first touch me there. I think he knew I was enjoying everything he was doing. Then I put my hand on his thigh once more and I was gently rubbing his thigh, but this time it was his inner thigh and I should feel his cock laying along side of his thigh. With my gentle fingers I began to glide up and down the length of his now hard rod and I could tell he was enjoying everything I was doing. I was trying to measure how long it was, because I would start at the beginning of his crotch and slide my fingers down the the tip of his cock head. I did this repeatedly.

He then stretched his hand down further, so he could get a good massage my thighs. He gently slide his hands under my dress and began to massage my inner thigh. The feel of my soft skin with his fingers caused me to become even more excited and I noticed his rod got even harder and I think it even grew even bigger.

I felt him growing bigger and he heard me whisper. “OMG, OMG!” I said this so he would not hear me, but he did and he could not help but smile.

He continued to massage my warm inner thighs and then his hand moved up to my panties. I could feel his hand gliding in circles over my ass cheeks. He then squeezed my ass cheeks, first one and then the other and I whispered again, “OMG, OMG!” He knew he was pleasing me and I also knew I was pleasing him by sliding my soft hands over his now ever so big cock. OMG, it was not just a penis any longer, it turned into a massive hard cock, which I created. As he continued to massage my firm ass cheeks, I then said, “Robin this feels so good what you are doing to me. Is what I am doing to you right now feel good as well?”

Robin replied saying, “Oh Yes Sherye, you have know idea how good that feels to me! It has been so long, so very long since a woman has caused me to feel this way. Would it be alright if we both got more comfortable.”

I said, “You have already made me more comfortable than I have been in a very long time.” I began to laugh and then said, “Robin, I mean we can both get a little more comfortable by removing some of our clothing. It would surely makes things a little easier for both of us don’t you think.”

“Sherye are you asking that we both take off our clothes?”

“Yes Robin”, I said.

He said, “OMG mmmmmmmmmmm!”

I replied, “Robin, I know it has been a very long time since you have been with a woman. So, here is my suggestion, lets get comfortable by removing our clothes, then if you have a blanket, we can cover up and it together under the blanket.”

I said, “Then we can just simply cuddle up close to each other and lean back on your sofa snuggled up to each other warm bodies and just relax together. After güvenilir bahis siteleri all, you may not believe me when I tell you, I am just as nervous about all of this as you are. So if we give ourselves the chance to just snuggle up to each other under your blanket and relax. I would like that very much so Robin, can we do that! Even though I was not really ready for all of this to happen.”

He told me, “Yes, I would like that very much. But still Sherye, I don’t think I am ready to have sex. I realize this is not what any other man would say to you, but, I still want us to enjoy each other first. I guess what I am trying so hard to tell you, is let us just enjoy the foreplay for tonight. Can we just do that for now Sherye?”

“Yes Robin, we can do that. I have to tell you, that you are such a delight to me and so respectful and yes even shy. but I love you for being that way.”

At that time, we both got up and he went into his bedroom to get the blanket that I suggested we use. When he came back to the living room, I was sitting on the sofa and I had no clothes on at all.

He exclaimed, “OMG! You are so beautiful sitting there! WOW!”

He handed me the blanket and then he began to undress, first his shirt, then his slacks, socks, and finally his shorts. As he removed all, he looked at me as cause I was sitting there with a wonderful smile on my face. He sat down beside me and we covered up with the blanket and snuggled up close to each other. Then we both reclined back with my head resting on his shoulder.

I noticed Robins cock seemed to swell even bigger And I started licking my lips! Come here Robin and sit down beside me.”

He came over and sat down beside me and I helped him throw the blanket over him that he handed me earlier. I said, “Robin, thank you for the compliment and you are a very handsome and sexy man.”

We started talking about his beautiful home and how he fixed it up for awhile. In that time I was snuggled up to him and rubbing his thigh near his cock which was so hard that it felt like it was going to explode. I looked up at him and he leaned over and started kissing me and I felt almost faint with pleasure at how great a kisser he was!

He was using his tongue in my mouth like he would his cock in my pussy if he was fucking me but he would do battle with my tongue as well! I was in heaven! I started moaning and he was rubbing my back in sensual motions and I snuggled even closer to him rubbing my 38DDD tits on his chest. When he stopped kissing me, he was looking me straight in the eyes with a lust stronger than I have ever seen in a mans eyes and I was hooked.

I kept thinking, I want this man to touch me but I knew he still was not ready to have sex. So I just started kissing him on his neck and then is ear lobes which was his undoing and he started doing me the same way! I wanted him to slow down so I raised up and reached over and got a couch pillow off the sofa and laid my head down on it! “Robin, let us go slower and enjoy each other and we will savor this time with each other more. Ok”, I said.

He leaned back with my head resting on the pillow. We are both snuggled up close to each other under the blanket. My hand is still rubbing gently along the inside of his thigh, making sure my fingers are sliding along his now hard rod! I slightly turn into him, just enough for my huge tits to be pressed into the side of his chest. They feel so warm and wonderful up against his skin.

He reaches up to gently touch them and even though he knew he should not, he just could not help himself and began massaging my nipple between his fingers. I let out a sigh, almost as if I was saying Thank You Robin, even though I never said a word. As he tweaked my nipple, he could feel it come alive and like his cock, my nipple began to grow bigger.

Then I said, “Robin, this is so nice to just be here and relax with you.” He leaned over to kiss me once again and he felt my fingers surround his shaft and I began to gently squeeze. As I did this to him, he let out a moan of ecstasy. He then lowered his head to my breasts and began to suck on my nipple. With having my large pointy nipple in his mouth, he swirled his tongue around and around it. I was getting even more aroused by this because my grasp on his shaft grew stronger.

He continued to suckle on my nipple and massaged my other tit with his hand. Then I leaned over to him (forcing my nipple out of his mouth) and I began to suckle and tickle his nipple with my tongue. I knew he was loving that by the moans. I looked up at him and said, “See Robin, your nipples get hard too when I suck on them for you. Do you like me doing this to you?”

“Oh yes Sherye, no one has ever done that to me before, but please don’t stop!”, he said.

As I continued, my hand was actually stroking his hard cock. I was doing this softly, but stroking it and was doing from the bottom of his shaft near his balls up to his penis hole. I then began to circle my finger around his penis hole. Then all of a sudden, I raised my hand up to him and said “Look Robin. Look at the end of my finger, it is wet. OMG Robin, you have precum on my finger tip. Wow Robin, I just love that!”

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