The Looks

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“I see how you look at her…”

“And I see how she looks at you.”

“What are you saying?”

“You haven’t noticed that your nineteen year old daughter stops and stares every time you move or even shift your body? Especially when you come to breakfast wearing just panties and an old T-shirt? Or after your shower, when you wrap the towel around your hair and scurry across the hall to get dressed? A couple of times I’ve thought I was going to have to wipe up puddles of drool.”

“I don’t believe it. I think you’re deflecting because you don’t want to admit to your wife that you lust after the forbidden fruit of your loins.”

“You’ve never seen her brush the back of her hand across her inner thighs while she watches how your ass moves in your bikini?”

“Well, I do look pretty good for my age,” my wife laughed.

“Who’s deflecting now?”

“I bet you’d love to watch her suck my tits and lick my clit, two or three fingers up stuffing my cunt…”

“And a thumb exploring your ass.”

I knew my wife loved anal penetration, but had no idea whether our daughter felt the shared secret.

“I bet you’d take your cock out and stroke it, and then step over and hope that she sucked it.”

“I would never interrupt her worshipping those tits that she suckled as a baby, but once she was done, I hope she would want to feel my meat filling her mouth, or other holes.”

“At her age, I’m sure she has lots of energy, and the sexual curiosity to want to try everything. I know that’s the way that I was back then. I never fucked my parents, but I did masturbate a lot after I noticed how hard Daddy got when my friends and I trotted around in short shorts or bikinis. Then I graduated to fantasizing about licking my Mom’s clit when I went down on those friends.”

“You haven’t had any girl on girl play in years.”

“Not since the night before the wedding with Amy, my maid of honour.”

I chuckled, recalling that adventure.

“You did love eating my cream pie out of her.”

“It was all I could do to resist inviting her along on the honeymoon.”

“But we digress…”

We both chuckled then, no doubt each fondly recalling those premarital days, which we had abandoned abruptly, focusing on raising a traditional family, having traditional careers, a traditional marriage.

“And you are really good at digressing. Admit that Daddy would like to fuck his baby girl. Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for it. Look how hard just talking about it makes my nipples. And my cunt is wetter than it has been in months.”

“I already said I would love it, but that I think she would prefer you, and I wonder whether that might be to the exclusion of me.”

“Has talking about it made you hard?”

“Just thinking about how tight she must be makes me hard,” I felt the warmth in my cheeks as I blushed. “I even think about fucking her sometimes as I fuck you. That way I stay hard enough to fuck your ass after the first time I come in your mouth or your cunt.”

“Oh, Daddy, you are so naughty…” She seemed not to be angry. Instead, she wriggled in her chair, and suddenly, smoothly, shifted to my lap, grinding her ass against my cock.

“Naughty AND hard, Daddy. You must really want to fuck your little girl.”

“She hasn’t been a little girl for a long time.”

“Fuck me Daddy fuck me like you want to fuck our little girl,” she sighed in a babyish voice. She slid her hand into my pants and said, “Oh, I love what thinking about our little girl does to Daddy!”

At that point, I was beyond control. A shudder ran through my body starting at my toes, racing up to my brain, and exploding back down my spine to my groin from the top of my head to between my legs where it turned to intense heat that spread back through my body. My wife kissed me, while her hand moved up and down my swelling shaft.

“Imagine it is our daughter stroking you, Daddy,” she said as she broke the kiss. “Think about her firm young tits pressing against your chest.”

My hands moved without conscious command to lift her top over her head, revealing a fine pair of mounds tipped with hard little nubbins.

“I still can get away without a bra on weekends, but, Daddy, her boobs are even more firm, so young, so perky.”

My fingers kneaded my wife’s flesh, though I closed my eyes and pictured our daughter as I did so.

“Do you wonder what her nipples taste like?”

I took the queue and lowered my lip to those points, suckling my wife as surrogate for my daughter.

“Salty yet sweet,” I sighed, raiding my face to hers, meeting her lips with a passionate kiss. As our tongues intertwined, I realized that she must be thinking about how our daughter tasted, and that I was offering her that by proxy, if daughter tasted like mother. The image of the two women, so similar though so apart in age, kissing, made my cock throb.

“Someone likes the idea of tasting his daughter,” my wife observed as we broke our kiss.

“Not as much as I like the idea of watching you taste her,” I spoke before I even recognized the truth escort bostancı of those words.

She obviously also liked the thought, because she pumped my shaft faster, and used her baby finger to tickle my balls in that special way only my wife knew.

“Will you teach her that?” I blurted out.

“Teach her what?”

“How I like my sack tickled while my cock is stroked.”

My wife belly laughed, low and dirty.

“Oh we had THAT chat long ago.”


“When she started dating, I decided that she should know how to please her dates, so I gave her a few pointers. Naturally, she guessed that some of the special tricks I knew worked because of how you enjoy them.”

“And did this involve hands on learning?”

“Noooo – like I said, you still haven’t convinced me that our little girl feels that way about her Mommy. But I bet she feels that way about her Daddy – or at least would love to try out some of these techniques on you. She keeps complaining that her dates all seem to have hair triggers, and once they climax they never seem to want to please her. I told her how you always make my needs top priority.”

“Well, you DO like to be on top.”

“True – I wonder what position she prefers. Do you imagine her in missionary position, or doggy style? Reverse cowgirl? Or down on her knees at your feet, sucking Daddy’s fat cock?”

Before I could respond, my wife slid off my lap, unzipped my pants and fished my aching cock out the gap.

“Oh, Daddy, it’s so much bigger than the guys I date, I don’t know if I can swallow it all.”

“Just start by licking the head, then all around the shaft and don’t forget my balls. When you get back to the tip, relax your thought and ease your mouth down over the helmet. See how much you can take, and then pull back, and the next time, go about an inch deeper, until you find that you can take it all.”

My wife knew this trick, having been told the same thing twenty plus years before. She followed along as I spoke.

“Baby, I’m going to come,” I warned.

“That’s okay Daddy – I taught our daughter that good girls always swallow,” my wife laughed as she caught her breath,.

That was all it took. Before she could lower her mouth to catch my seed, my balls spasmed, the sperm flooding up the shaft and spurting out the tip, catching her in the nose, coating her face, her mouth and her chin. She never released her grasp on my pulsing prick, and rose effortlessly from the floor to my lap.

“I need your cock to fuck me now, Daddy. It’s okay if you want to imagine fucking her tight little cunt.”

My wife’s twat was not teenager tight, but still fit my cock like a glove, courtesy of the years of exercise since giving birth. As she bounced in my lap, it was easy to close my eyes and pretend that I was fucking our daughter.

As we fucked, I licked the dribbles of sperm off her chin, and cleaned where some had dropped to her chest, flowing along the slope of her tits.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I love your tongue, so much more experienced than those guys I date. I can hardly wait for you to eat my sweet young pussy.”

I pictured my wife sitting on her daughter’s mouth as I licked my cream from the gash I had filled. That made me throb fatter and harder even having just climaxed.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard,” my wife screamed, throwing her head back and twisting around my shaft.

I felt her cunt turn to liquid around my cock as she let out a familiar little growl. I took the hint and began to really pump my hips up from my chair, meeting her downward thrusting. Her fluids flooded my thighs as she orgasmed, her muscles milking my cock. My balls tightened again and I deposited a load into her quim as she still was shaking with aftershocks.

“Too bad she’s not here to lick that out of you,” I said as we collapsed in the chair, floating in our afterglow.

“Still don’t think she really looks at me the way you say…”

“Give me a bit of time, I’ll prove it.”

The next day I ordered two nanny cams – one disguised as a teddy bear, the other set in a small statue of a gnome designed to nestle in the shadows of a bookshelf. They arrived by overnight express.

With my wife consenting to my ogling our daughter, I had a fun week, being just discrete enough not to be obvious. Once, when our girl was bent low to get a snack out of the fridge, she turned suddenly, and grinned and blew me a kiss upon seeing that my gaze was locked on her sweet young ass, her skirt having ridden up to reveal that she was wearing a scanty thong that nested totally in the space between two perfect buttocks. Her eyes in turn lingered on my instant bulge before she spun out of the room and pranced up the stairs giggling.

Saturday morning I got up early and retrieved the two cameras. The teddy bear I had planted in the family room. The gnome had sat unremarked against a cookbook on a kitchen shelf. My wife had no idea what I had done, and we had not compared notes but as I watched the recordings, I noticed that she had dressed a bit more proactively, ümraniye escort and had given her girl more than the usual opportunities to notice that her mother’s mature figure was still a wonder to behold. There was no problem finding shots that proved my theory that our girl looked lustily at her Mom. I jerked off as I edited a nice montage of footage.

After lunch, only my wife and I were home – our girl had gone to volleyball practice, which took hours.

“I have the evidence.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you that I would prove how our daughter looks at you… well, I can.”

“How?” Her voice was already an octave deeper.

I explained about the cameras, watching my wife’s nipples press through her Saturday housework t-shirt as I spoke. She did not say a word as I led her to my den, and pressed play on my laptop.

“I bet you really got off watching this,” she finally said, but I noticed that her fingers were caressing her lower belly.

“Don’t worry, watching it never gets old for me.”

I eased her shirt up, and her shorts down. Her eyes never left the video as I bent her forward and fingered her sodden twat, dragging moisture back to her asshole. She loved ass fucking, and her rosebud expanded invitingly as I teased it with two fingers and then thrust my thumb in to open the passage. She grunted as I impaled her with my hard cock, but still never stopped watching the screen, where she was cooking dinner wearing only a sheer kimono, our daughter seated at the breakfast counter, eyes feasting on her mother’s thighs and ass as the silk shift. When my wife turned to speak to our daughter, her tits flashed, and our girl almost choked on her juice.

“That was only Monday,” I observed, “now known as Mom day.”

The next section featured a scene in the family room. My wife and I were snuggled on a couch, our daughter off in a chair, all watching a movie together. In the video, my fingers danced across my wife’s flesh as she writhed against my hard cock, but the focal point was over in the chair, where our little girl was trying to discretely finger her teen twat. Suddenly, she dashed out of camera range.

“Tuesday,” I commented, “she ran off to the bathroom. Later I found a very wet pair of thong panties. I figure she jilled off.”

“Sure, but that was because of you, not me… she must have been thinking about you touching her instead of me, or your bulge pressing against her ass, not mine.”

“Just watch,” I replied, my fingers tugging her nipples away from her dangling tits, making her bite her lip. I knew that she loved pain, and found myself wondering if she had schooled our daughter in that pleasure too. This made my cock throb harder, deep in my wife’s bowels. I felt my balls tighten, glad that I had already blown a load earlier, because I wanted to last until after the next bit of video.

Wednesday had been a sunny day, so I had converted the gnome into a garden feature. On the screen, inches in front of my drooling spouse, our daughter came out and lay down on a lounger, clad only in a barely there bikini. That made my shaft fatten again as we watched. The next bit was the key though. In the video, my wife appeared, dressed in a two piece suit a bit less revealing than our daughter’s suit, but the sizable tits still strained the fabric, and those mature hips filled out the bottoms nicely. The camera caught the look on our daughter’s face perfectly as she swivelled to discretely watch her Mom settle in the sun.

“I bet she would have loved to put lotion all over you,” I suggested as the camera showed our daughter massaging a tit with one hand while caressing her own quim with the other.

“|I…I wish she had offered… I would have take off the top, had her make sure my nipples did not get a burn.”

“And the bottoms?”

“Yes, those too… oh Daddy, fuck me harder, fuck my ass like you want to fuck our girl.”

“Two more days to watch,” I replied, but I did start thrusting harder, and noticed that her muscles were clenching around my shaft.

“But I already believe you – you win – she really does watch her Mommy.”

“And now you need to watch her.”

Thursday I had moved the teddy bear into our girl’s bedroom. First, in the edit, I had included the footage from the gnome, returned to the kitchen. It seemed innocent, my wife baking cookies, until you saw our daughter enter the room just when her mother brushed loose flour off a breast barely contained in a low-cut blouse. Standing behind the baking surface, my wife had not seen her daughter stick one hand inside her track pants, fingering away while watching her mother moving. Then the video cut to the other camera, where our girl had run upstairs to change. She stripped naked. We both gasped at the beauty of her nudity. Though the nanny cam provided no sound, it was easy to see her lips form the word “Mom” as she lay on her bed bringing herself off.

My wife came as she watched her daughter say the word. Her muscles tightened even more around my cock in her ass.

“Still one more bit,” I reminded kartal escort bayan her.

“Finger my cunt, please,” she begged, and I complied, noticing that she was wetter than she had been in years.

“Friday…” I narrated as the video cut to a new scene. “She went out as you may recall…”

With no one home, my wife had put on a soft core movie and we had snuggled on the couch, much like on Tuesday, but this time, we soon shed enough clothing that her nipples were in my fingers and my cock was between her thighs. This was recorded on the teddycam I had returned to the family room. The gnome in the kitchen captured the sight of our daughter silently entering the house, and surreptitiously peeking at our lovemaking. Soon, her teen outfit was as shifted as her mother’s, and I had cut the video to document their simultaneous orgasms, closing with our daughter silently once again mouthing the word “Mom”, removing any doubt what really turned her on.

Our Saturday afternoon orgasms also synchronized with the camera footage, as I pumped great gobs of goo up my wife’s poop chute while her cunt drenched my fist with fluids.

“You…you’re right…” my wife gasped as she sucked air back into her lungs. “She really does get off watching me. I wish that she was here right now so that she could see what we just did.”

“Guess what, guys, practice finished early,” our daughter spoke from behind us, “so I’ve been enjoying the show.”

I swivelled my head, my cock flopping free from my wife’s anus. Our daughter had been dressed in gym clothes, but the pants were puddled on the floor, and the shirt was around her neck. Her thong was drenched, her bra was pushed above her tits, her nipples stood out like twin thumbs. Her fingers were deep in her shaved teen cunt.

“Yes, I can see you loved it, so I guess the question is whether you care to join in.”

“Well, since I see that I’m already a video star…” Then she stopped talking because she had dropped to her knees at my feet and licked my cock clean. She did not spend long on that task though, because she swiftly swivelled to position her head in a perfect position to capture the flow of spunk starting to seep out of her mom’s backside.

“Mother, may I?” she asked in a girlish tone, just like when she was a preteen seeking permission.

“Yes, please, my dear,” my wife replied. Her baby girl wasted no time licking her mother’s thighs clean, slowly working upward, circling around that gaping rosebud, the source of the cream, still red from my fucking.

As my daughter teased her Mom’s anus with the tip of her nineteen year old tongue, I noticed that she was wriggling her ass and thrusting it up in the air. The ruined thong was tugged aside, revealing that my little girl’s asshole was winking at me.

After just a few seconds watching this show, my aching ancient cock was surging back to readiness, and it knew where it wanted to enter.

I stepped up right behind my baby as she started fucking her Mom’s anus with her tongue, using two fingers to stretch the opening wide so that more of my spunk coated her lips, and was starting to flow down her chin.

“Mother, may I?” I said in my best imitation of our daughter’s falsetto.

My wife turned to look back over her shoulder, seeing my hands lightly grasping her daughter’s youthful hips.

“The little vixen needs a good ass fucking, daddy.” my wife laughed, before moaning and grunting, thrashing into another chain of orgasms.

I flexed my knees and directed my hard spear low, allowing it to slide along my daughter’s wet gash, bumping her swollen clit just a bit. After a couple of strokes, still without truly fucking my baby’s cunt, I was well lubricated, I leaned back, straightened up, and thrust my hardness deep up inside my daughter’s ass, without further tenderness. She grunted once, reminding me of her mother’s sexual sounds, but never missed a beat in licking out the fluids leaking from deep in my wife’s bowels.

“Don’t forget Mommy’s clit, darling, it needs loving too, even if it doesn’t yet have Daddy’s spunk for your tasting,” my wife moaned.

I saw my daughter eagerly slide a couple of fingers along her mother’s slit. And then, though I could not see, I guessed that she was twirling her mother’s pearl expertly. Certainly my wife’s ecstatic screaming gave proof that our daughter was not just a gifted newcomer to the art of pleasing a woman.

Having come once, I lasted a good long time fucking my daughter’s ass. She finished cleaning her Mom’s bowels and then shifted her face forward a bit and snaked her tongue past my wife’s taint and started tongue-fucking her mother’s gash. I shuffled along, never removing my pulsing member from her rear, but grabbing two handfuls of dangling tit to better maintain leverage. Once I re-established my pace, I began tugging rhythmically upon her already hard nipples, making her moan as she continued to suck her mother’s essence, the tip of her tongue darting out to touch my wife’s clit, triggering yet another round of aftershocks which I saw quake through my wife’s shoulders, back and hips, but also felt transmitted through the medium of our daughter’s tight young body. I switched to pinching my daughter’s nubbins, discovering that each time I did so she let out a little bark, and her muscles contracted extra tightly around my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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