The Long Weekend Ch. 06

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The Picnic

“Mom, there’s a deli over there. Let’s get some hor d’ouvres for tonight and snacks for the week-end. Maybe we can also get a rotisserie chicken for a picnic today. Why don’t you get what you think best and I’ll walk to the wine store and get something for you. Jake and his dad will have beer for the weekend, but I know you like wine. Let’s put our purchases in the truck and we can meet back up in 20 minutes or so.” suggested Jr.

“Good idea, but I need to do something first. Can you unlock the truck for me.” she asked. Grabbing her travel case off the floor of the cab, she searched through it pulled out a tube of lip gloss. This is all there is, but it will have to do. Facing the truck, she hiked up the front of her skirt and applied it like lipstick to the ravaged lips of her vagina. “Oh that’s better, much better. Maggie certainly was rough on me down there.” sighed Annie with relief.

“Thanks Jr. I’m it feels better now and I’m starved. Would you please get both red and white wine? Two or three bottles for tonight and the same for tomorrow lunch should be enough.’ requested Annie. “Do you really like this outfit?’ asked his mother as she stood demurely with her hands behind her back. Jr. slowly looked at her up and down. Not hidden by a loose sun dress, her curves were succulently accentuated. Without a bra the true size and full weight of her breasts could be seen by the stretch of the material and with no panty lines the contours of her ass and shapely legs were stunning.

“Absolutely fabulous, mom! That is a great outfit. Dad is going to love it. You are going to drive men wild and make women jealous.’ he quipped, but she felt he was right. It made her feel so good. She beamed with delight at the compliments.

Pulling the door of the truck toward them as a shield, Jr. turned his mother around to face the inside. Slipping his hands from her shoulders down to the front, he pried away the tight elastic material and with his large hands gripped her hanging breasts. After an initial squeeze and fondle, he pulled up the back of her skirt as he pushed her toward the truck. “Step up” was all he had to say. She placed her hands on the floorboards and her feet on the running board to keep her balance. He looked at the contours of her ass as he exposed himself. He dipped his knees, seized her by the hips and impaled himself in her wet sore cunt. She rocked back and forth as he buried himself in her. He nibbled at the flesh between her shoulder blades and licked down the center of her back as he ruthlessly stabbed the inflamed opening.

“Don’t cum in me, you know only Sr. can do that!” Annie pleaded, tightening the pressure on his cock.

“Mom, mom, mom.” was all he could manage as he pulled out his hot semen jetted between the cleft of her ass. Collapsing on her back, he held her in place while the excessive amount of cum welled out of her. It left little trails to her knees and puddles on the ground as she felt his relief and her own satisfaction at taking care of her on.

“Don’t clean up until later.” he directed as she pulled down her skirt and covered her breasts with the stretch top. “I told you that was a sexy outfit” he panted as he patted her on the ass. He watched her turn, the shoulders first then her breasts following a millisecond later, it was a moving sight. The cheeks of her ass seemed to wave good-bye as they disappeared in the mirages of the hot sun drenched parking lot.

Reaching the deli, the cold AC caught her off guard. Her bare shoulders and naked arms broke out in goose bumps. As she bent over to pick up an empty basket she felt the cool air redirected off the tile floor straight up her skirt. She clenched her cum covered highs together as she shivered, everyone noticed. Going around the aisles she seemed to have attracted a following of older men, whose wives had sent them shopping. Picking up fresh organic fruit, tins of smoked oysters, a slab of smoked salmon, two boxes of biscuits, she was like a yacht leaving a wake behind her. Over to the refrigerated areas she selected four different cheeses, prosciutto and pate, as her nipples began to react to the even cooler temperature. As she moved to the prepared foods area she looked down to see her large nipples not being held in check at all by the thin stretchy fabric. Leaning forward at the counter for her number, the jersey material let her breasts move like the water in a plastic bag. The man beside her quickly reached across to take his number so he could sneak a longer look. “Number 34, Number 34” came the call. They all looked at her.

“Actually I’m a 36” she stated. Yes you most definitely are, seemed to be the consensus.

A few minutes later, it was Annie’s turn. ‘Two lemon chickens to go please. Can you also put in napkins, knives, forks, salt and pepper?’ Reaching up to take the purchase, her breasts rose and when they settled they had trapped some the material under their weight. It dragged the top down so more of her was on display and the material, being escort bostancı tucked under, gave more support. The resulting look was two grade A organic melons partially trapped inside a water balloon. Needing two hands to carry her basket, there was little she could do.

At the checkout stand, the older female cashier gave her a bold look and asked, “You’ve been shopping at my younger sister’s store, haven’t you? Annie could see the sister had on a jersey skirt that stopped about mid thigh. When the clerk stepped away from the register to find the box that Annie requested, it slid up a few more inches. “I’m too old to wear the top in here, even though the boss likes it. He does let me wear the skirt though.” she said sotto voce. Between putting the items the box that Annie requested, the cashier folded down the top of the skirt then hiked it up to expose three inches more of her legs. “This is really how the boss likes it, but I have to be sensitive to the female customers.” she confided. “Can I get him to help you with your box?” she asked with a coy smile.

That would be great” Annie agreed as she absently mindedly ran her red finger nails up and down her cleavage.

‘Cash one to Manager, carry out please.” rang out over the PA. It brought, a pink faced middle aged man to the front.

‘I’m here, mom. Is this it?’ he declared pointing at the box on the belt.

“Yes it is Darrell, the cashier said to her mature son, ‘She needs help with her box.” she adding nodding toward Annie.

Darrell looked at Annie, gulped and asked, ‘Where to?’ “Should I follow up or do you want to follow me?’ asked Annie.

Thinking quicker than his looks belied, he told her, “I’ll follow you.”

The cashier watched them head to the parking lot and with a wry smile, noticed the hem of sage green skirt getting higher on the woman walking in front. With both arms needed to carry the box, Darrell could not adjust his lengthening cock that was getting hung up in his underwear. Like his mother, Darrell saw Annie adjust her skirt upward, very nearly to the micro mini level. As they approached the truck, she folded the top of the skirt down so that it barely rested on her hips. Annie reached up to open the tailgate and in doing so the hem of the tube skirt raised to the middle of her butt. The cheeks of her naked ass were very much on display.

Just then Jr. walked up with the half case of wine. He slid the wine into the bed of the truck, took the one from Darrell and secured both packages. Jr. saw Darrell looking embarrassed, “Mom, let him help you into the truck while I go around and get the AC fired up?’ instructed Jr. protectively, as he slammed the tailgate shut. With no resistance, Annie moved to the passenger door and waited.

Moving to the side of the truck, Darrell reached up to unlock and open the door. “I find it easier, if you hold the door open then I slide up and in by holding onto your arm.’ Annie stated. Darrell watched in silence as she mounted the running board. Her almost naked ass partially hiding what he could see was a red swollen pussy and he could smell it had been recently used. Turning around, Annie sat on the edge of seat and swung her left leg into the cab. Darrell was in awe as he saw her juicy shaved pussy only inches away, being presented to him.

‘Mom, give him this for tip, so we can get going.’ Jr. urged while handing her a dollar. Taking the dollar from Jr., Annie offered it to Darrell by putting it on the seat between her legs. Her quivering swollen labia, shimmering with sparkles from the lip gloss, beckoned him, while the dried trails of cum showed him the way. Stunned, Darrell smiled and very very slowly took the dollar. Annie closed her legs and he closed the door. Rolling down her window, she called out “Say hello to your Aunt Maggie for us.’ as Darrell looked at the sparkles on his fingers.

Aiming for a destination of a roadside park about 30 minutes from the shopping center, the traffic was as light as the conversation. The time went by very quickly. Although the parking lot was half empty, many of the tables were taken. They spied one not too far from the parking space, on the main path. It was in the midst of small group of seniors traveling together. Looking around they did not see anything better open or coming available, so while Annie waited, Jr. went to the truck to get lunch. Although, Annie had asked Jr. if she could lengthen her skirt down, he had said no. She felt very much on display standing there in her recently shortened new outfit, but had no choice. Back with the chicken, Jr. led the way to the table. With his mom walking behind him, Jr. noticed the heads of the other picnickers, turning to see her jiggling jugs and swaying hips. Trying to sit modestly on the wooden bench, meant sitting sideways. “Mom, you can’t eat like that you’ll make a mess. Why not swing you legs over and sit properly.’ suggested Jr. knowing that to do so she would have to show herself.

“Can’t I just sit at the end.” she pleaded. ümraniye escort Feeling lenient, Jr. acquiesced and Annie moved to the end while Jr. sat across from her. Annie felt a little relief as she placed a napkin on her lap but when she went to tuck one into her top, Jr. shook his head no. Getting up and going around to his mother’s side, Jr. offered to help.

“If I fold your top over like this, you won’t be as likely to stain it.” Jr. described as he folded the hem under a couple of inches, allowing him to stroke her nipples at the same time. Sitting back down, they ate their meal while being aware that Annie was under scrutiny. The men liked what they saw, the woman, pointed subtly and whispered amongst themselves about the couple in their midst.

Eating the chicken with their fingers, Jr. began playing footsie with his mother. He started by getting her to uncross her ankles, then ran his foot higher to get her calves and then knees apart. Annie offered little resistance but could not meet his gaze. Taking her napkin to wipe her chin revealed to the people at the other table a deep glittering shadow under her skirt. The lip balm had run from the heat and carried the sparkles down her upper thighs. She was replacing her napkin, when Jr. stopped her hand, indicating she leave it on the table. Her arm stiffened but she knew she had to. They ate, continued their conversation and talked about Sr. being away. When Annie did look up she saw one much older man, privately rubbing his crotch under the table, while his companion a woman about her own age, sought to make eye contact. The woman picked up a big tomato from her lunch plate, cut a V out of it and brought it to her mouth. Never losing eye contact, she began licking the juice and seeds seductively out of the tomato. Her long tongue worked its magic and soon her chin was covered with juice which was then dripping onto her plate. Jr. looked over his shoulder to see what his mother was looking so intently at. What he saw was more than a cliché. He saw two people staring at his mom. Annie and Jr. both saw the woman’s hand reach under the table and pull aside her shorts. Although it was dark under the table, they thought she saw a hairy bush being fingered. The woman, licked the tomato vigorously while Jr. slid his plate across the table and moved to sit beside his mother. Giving the couple a better view of Annie, Jr. leaned over and whispered. ‘Mother, let them see what they want then take me out.’

With both couples looking at each other, Annie pulled the center hem of her skirt up under her napkin and into the waist band, fully disclosing her previously veiled secret. At the same time trying to disguise her movements, she slipped her right hand under the table to find that Jr. had already unbuttoned his jeans. Drawing his huge heavy tool out of his pants, Annie watched the faces of the other couple as they stared in shock at the display. The other man responded by reaching over directing his companions hand to his crotch. He looked around, unzipped himself and took out a very small penis. The woman began the very short strokes it took to service him. With a nudge from Jr.’s elbow, Annie peeled the right side of her top down to reveal her large areola and upright nipple. Cupping it with her hand she stroked it in time to the other woman stroking her man. They were both staring at Annie, the man at her wet open pussy and the woman at her rampant nipple. Annie averted her eyes to try and reduce the pressure she was feeling from their stares. She did not stop her stroking of either her nipple or Jr.’s firm cock. Jr. wasn’t yet fully hard so as she stroked it, it continue to grow to the wonder of the other couple. The woman, put down her tomato, and lowered her hand to her shorts. Pulling the aside the leg of her shorts even more, she appeared to bury her fingers in her dark bush and begin thrusting. She changed the focus of her stare to Annie’s beet red cunt lips and licked her lips demonstrating to Annie what she would do with them. The older man shuddered as her stroking delivered a weak orgasm. She immediately, with two hands, doubled up the efforts on her own building need. Annie simply sat with her legs open, her exposed nipple erect, her hand working the length of Jr.’s cock. She loved it when he came for her, came in her or came on her. She loved it anyway. Licking the palm of her hand, she renewed her efforts and was rewarded with a blast of cum that left a trail on the grass under the table. She continued to stroke as the seminal fluid kept coming. As it lessened, she gathered the last drops in her palm, painted her pussy with it and then licked her hand clean. The woman across the way convulsed and slumped to the table. Her companion paternally gripped her shoulder and held her tight.

‘I think we’re finished here and we should get going.” Jr. suggested as he buttoned up his jeans. Annie slipped her top back up, untucked her skirt from the waistband and grabbed a closed her legs. Grabbing a last bite of chicken, she and kartal escort bayan Jr. began packing up. Leaning over the table one last time to capture an errant napkin, she felt the older man continuing to stare at her.

He called out “The group of us are on a mini bus tour of the lake area for the week-end. Have a great week-end you two and thanks.”

‘Don’t worry mom, we’ll don’t know anybody around here and we’ll never see them again.” Jr. reassured her. ‘You look fabulous, no wonder they were both attracted to you. I know you secretly like it when people look at you but, we will have to be careful when Jake’s dad is around. I hear he is a bit old school and conservative.’ advised Jr. as they walked the truck. ‘I gotta make a pee before we hit the road, how about you?’ said Jr. with a bit of urgency in his voice.

“Good idea, then can we get going. I feel a bit anxious out here with people looking at me the way they are.” Annie confessed.

Taking her hand they walked together to the toilet areas. “Wait here Jr. while if see if it’s OK.” Annie requested. She heard him agree as she stepped inside. Checking to be sure all the stalls were empty, she called out “Its OK, I’ll see you at the truck.” After relieving herself she went to the sink to wash her hands. Pushing down on the only tap, a gush of cool water ran out. Coating her hands with soap she washed them thoroughly and dabbed her forehead. Leaning forward to look at herself in the mirror, she saw the woman from the table across theirs come in. She walked straight to Annie and came up behind her. She put one hand on Annie’s back, ran it down under the waist band of her skirt, caressed her ass then continued sliding it around to grope her bald aching labia. “You saw that my dad likes mine bushy, but I love eating shaved pussy.” she whispered in Annie’s ear as her fingers pulled her labia apart. Putting her foot inside Annie’s foot, she forced her to spread her leg out. Annie gripped the sink with both hands to keep her balance. “This is the hand I used.’ the woman said as she slid it under Annie’s nose. It had a distinct aroma of musk, special to a woman who had just cum. Running it over Annie’s lips, she traced a line to her chin, down her neck, over her shoulder to the too of her skirt at the back. She lingered for a moment but did not stop, the finger continued down under the waist band, through the crevasse of her ass, anointed her rose bud and slid further down until she plunged it into Annie yielding cunt. Forcing herself closer to Annie, the woman ground her pelvic region into Annie’s hip as she rubbed her clit and finger-fucked her. Annie eyes were closed tight as she enjoyed what was happening. So different from a man, she thought.

‘Mom, Mom where are you? Are you OK? We gotta go.” came Jr.’s voice echoing through the concrete room.

“I know you are almost there. Let me finish you. I want to.” the woman urged as she worked her fingers into Annie.

“Want to stay. Want to finish. Can’t stay. Can’t finish. Got to go.” Annie gasped as she made for the door.

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The Last Few Miles

Settling into the truck, Annie was undecided whether or not to tell Jr. about what happened. He already knew her secrets, but she felt she needed a few very private ones. He knew that she felt vulnerable and craved protection. He knew that she was normally conservative until pushed to the tipping point. He knew that once she reached that point she really loved being kept in heightened state of arousal. He knew that she was a closet exhibitionist and the he loved showing her off. He knew she loved his cock. He didn’t know she enjoyed Maggie’s tongue so much or that some strange woman’s fingers had reawakened a forgotten feeling in her. Annie let it be.

Looking at the hand drawn map, Annie found they had about 40 miles before they exited the highway. She pulled out her travel case and touched up her make-up. “Mom, I want to reiterate about Jake’s dad.’ He said to get her attention. Continuing, he went on, ‘I loved it back there when you let that couple see you giving me a hand job. I know that Jake will try to be all over you, but we have to be careful of his dad. I’ve only met him a couple of times and he can be intimidating and I don’t want him to know about us. His mother is also big in the church. I would like you to be a little conservative at the beginning. His dad is quite a successful contractor who is a self made man. His name is Brice, Brice Lumley. But every body calls him BULL. He’s Welsh, with real coal miner look. Short, big chest, big arms, built like a fire-plug. I think he got the nick name from his playing rugby at school. Anyway, since Jake’s mom is involved with the church, we will have to start slow and play it by ear. It’s OK for him to look if it is just the two of you, but when we are all together no shenanigans.

‘Of course, that’s what I want to. I’ll do what’s best for all of us at the time.’ Annie confirmed, then continued, ‘You know you’re a lot like your dad. You already he likes looking at me but did you know he likes other people to look as well. He hides if from you, just like you hide it from him. When you were in your room, did you know he made me play with myself while he decided about the weekend?”

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