The Long Drive

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Driving down the road, you reach over putting your hand on my thigh and as I look over to show my approval I see your coy smile as you are biting your finger. I focus back on the road. A few seconds later I feel you dig into my thigh with your fingers. As I turn my head to give you the infamous not now look, you just smile and wrap your lips around your finger, sliding it slowly in and out of your mouth.

“We will be there shortly. Control yourself.”

But as you push your finger all the way in your eyes tell me this could be a long few minutes. Turning my attention back to driving we continue down the road and as I make a curve your hand seems follow the same path finding its way to my crotch. Squeezing and rolling me between your fingers your face lights up as you and I both begin to feel the pressure growing against my pants.

“We are almost there.”

Zippppp. You work down the zipper on my pants.

“If you need to do something with your hands how about you put them on the shifter and I’ll let you shift for me.”

Leaning over slightly you put one hand on the shifter but the other remains firmly seated in my lap.

“Ok, when I tell you, then shift it down to the next gear.”

I should know something is up from your devious smile.

“Shift now.”

As both of hands readily pull on the sticks they are attached and as one hand completes its task the other is just beginning. You grab my dick now erect and hard and pull it out.

“Should I shift it like this?” you say so innocently bahis firmaları as you push and pull it and then stroke it up and down.

“Please.” I beg. “We will be there soon and then we can do whatever.” Both hands firmly grasping the wheel as I try and focus on the road.

You lean over. Blowing lightly on my ear. Then whisper sternly “I want to fuck you now or I will fuck myself. Your choice.”

As the last word leaves your lips you nibble my ear and then slide your head down in my lap. Stroking up and to make sure it is as firm as can be before you kiss the head. Licking up the edges with your tongue and then slide it into your mouth.

“I will. Once we get home I will fuck you…silly.” The last word barely escapes as you give my cock a good hard suck.

“Not good enough.”

You sit back up in your seat. Lifting your butt up off the seat so there is no way for me to miss what you will be doing next, you slide your panties off from under your dress.

“Mmmm, they are so wet.” You softly whisper as you roll down the window. Then after running them down my cheek and across my lips you toss them out.

“No more panties.” you giggle.

You slide down in your seat you put your feet up on the dash.

“No looking!” you command. “You didn’t want me and now you can’t watch.”

Looking from the road back to you I watch as you stick two fingers in your mouth. You give them a good suck, getting them all wet before sending them underneath your dress and disappearing from sight.

“Ohhhhh. kaçak iddaa Mmmmmm. Yeah that’s the spot.” you moan. Your hand working its way to your favorite spot, your eyes are closed and your hips are rocking back and forth. With each movement another occasional moan slips out.

Quickly scouring the road ahead, I see an empty parking lot and speed off the road to a secluded spot. Stopping the car quickly, I reach over to grab you. You push me back into my seat.

“Wait.” You sit back up in your seat, reaching across with your fingers no drenched in your juices. “Is this what you want?” as you run your fingers across my lips before pressing them into my mouth.

After sucking you fingers clean, I attempt to pull you over into my lap again. Once again you push me back. “You didn’t answer me.” As I try to say yes you press your fingers against my lips. “I still can’t hear you.”

With your finger firmly pressed on my lips you start to move across the car to me. With one leg straddling each side of the console you stop.

“Now what were you saying I should do with the stick shift.” Not allowing me to answer you lower yourself down slowly. “Mmmm. Oh god yes!” As you slide your wet pussy over the gear shift knob. “You are so right” you moan.

Your work your way up and down slowly time and time again. Your hand slides from my lips to my cock. You begin stroke it up a down matching your own movement. “Awwww.” The with a deep breath and a sigh. You ask one more time. “Now … you want to kaçak bahis fuuucck…oh god…me?”

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” I exclaim

You pull yourself up and off the gear shift leaving it drenched in your juices. Sliding the rest of the way over, getting on your knees, you straddle my lap. Then as you had done on the previous stick you slide down.

“Mmmmmm.” We say in unison.

You are so wet as you slide down the shaft. Two slow movements up and down to make sure I am deep inside. Opening you blouse you expose your nipples.

“No licking or kissing. I just want you to pinch them.” you command.

Reaching up I grab each nipple lightly pinching and rolling it in my fingers.

“No! Like you mean it.”

Pinching harder you let out a loud moan. “Fuck yes.”

Like turning on a car, pinching your nipples set your hips ablaze and you begin bouncing up and down. In and out. Picking up speed the more I pinch.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me please. Oh god.”

One hand on my shoulder the other disappearing again under your skirt.

“Oh you feel so good.”

Up and down my cock throbbing inside you. Pinching and pulling on your nipples speeds you up and slows you down as you match my pressure.

Your hand rubbing at your clit as you continue to bob up and down on my rock hard cock. Your body begins to tremble. Rubbing and rocking your hips faster and faster.

I give your nipples one last pinch. The throbbing inside you turns to spasms as I begin to explode. Pushing backwards still sliding up and down, you dig into my shoulders.

“Oohhhhh goddddddddd!”

And as the last of me fills you up, you push back in a final orgasmic moment against the wheel…moaning loudly as your body erupts with ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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