The Lesson Ch. 01

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Big Dick

Written by Romane Translated by Her Solitary Dreamer

Here is a lesson to be learned: There is nothing more embarrassing than being surprised by your mother while you are fucking your boyfriend. Right? Wrong. My mother certainly surprised me, but she not only surprised me with my boyfriend, she also surprised me with my cousin, Anne. We were both in my bed, amusing ourselves with my boyfriend. She came into my room right after Marc had cum in Anne’s pussy, and as Anne was sucking on my clitoris. She did, however, have the kindness to wait for Marc to finish his business.

“The fun’s over,” she said.

Once Marc had left, running all the way home, she said to us, “We’ll talk about this later! Let’s eat!”

My mother was very beautiful when she only wore a gown. Lunch was superb, and the wine was excellent. Perhaps just a little too excellent, I would say. I thought that she was a little too cool after having found my cousin and me, with my cousin sucking on my pussy. She lectured us, telling us that we were old enough to know how to protect ourselves, even though she knew that Anne was on the pill. She was not enraged, but simply irritated. She sent us to our rooms. Anne found her way to the guest room, and I collapsed on my bed. My mother told us that she would look for a punishment that would serve as a lesson for us.

I was too old to receive a spanking, and the idea of spending summer vacation vacuuming carpets and washing the windows did not sit too well with me at all.

I heard my mother make a few phone calls before she went to work. I heard her type on the computer, and then I heard the printer begin to hum.

She then called us into our living room, where she gave us paper and pens.

“Respond to this questionnaire honestly! I will give you thirty minutes,” she said.

With her voice, she accentuated the word “honestly,” and that seemed curious to me.

She again sent us to our rooms, alone, in order to respond to the questions. It was a sort of sex quiz, and I thought that she wanted to test our knowledge.

The first questions were a little easy:

— Have you had sex? If yes, how many times (approximately)?

— Do you masturbate? If yes, where and when?

I went through, all the way to the end of the questionnaire, and responded honestly. (Yes, more than ten times, yes, two times a week, wherever I want.)

I stopped on the following questions:

— Have you put anything into your ass? What?

— Have you had anal sex? How many times? Did you like it?

— Have you had oral sex? Giving or receiving? Did you like it? Why?

— What is your favorite sexual position? Why?

— What is your favorite sexual fantasy? (Briefly.)

— Have you already made love with another woman? Did you like it?

— Have you had sex with two or more people at the same time?

You get the idea. There were around thirty-five questions, and with only thirty minutes, we were supposed to respond to all of them as honestly as possible. I skipped over the questions that were not interesting, and I lied on the others.

My mother, however, gave us forty minutes. She collected our forms from us, and sent us back to our rooms.

Ten minutes later, she called Anne into her room, and kept her there for at least fifteen minutes.

She called on me in turn. I passed Anne on the way, and she had a contrite look about her.

“My dear,” my mother began, “I am happy that you like sex, but you have something to learn about it. It is not the most important thing in the world, you know?”

I shook my head in agreement. She told me that sex was an amusement, that sex and love were two different things, and that sex WITH love was the best possible thing. I again shook my head in agreement.

She gave me a page from one of the forms, and asked me to read it. I did so, and realized quickly that it was written in Anne’s left-handed script. Anne had responded honestly, to the extent that my memory serves me, saying that she had had sex, that she masturbated almost everyday, that she practiced anal and oral sex, that her favorite position was the “missionary” position, that she had slept with women (me included), and that she had practiced group sex. But what surprised me most was her fantasy. To have her pussy eaten by Julie while three guys pleasured her before a group of spectators. I am Julie! My mother’s eyes gleamed when I looked at her. I recalled what I had written, (my form was now the second given to examination), which was that I wanted to make love to two guys outside, under the warm sun, no matter who would see us.

“Anne shares an interest in common with you,” she said to me. “What do you think of that?”

I liked Anne, and we had discovered a number of things together over the years.

“That pleases me a lot!,” I said to her honestly.

My mother had a smile on her face, and sent me to my room. I realized that she had probably shown my responses to Anne, and felt a little embarrassed for not having been as open and honest as she had been in her responses.

My mother made some more phone calls. Whom could she be calling? Was she possibly telling someone about what took kadıköy escort place? Could she possibly be talking to her sister about the poor manners of her daughter?

She called us into the living room. She asked us to take our showers, to shave our legs, to put on the clothes that she was going to choose for us, and to do all of this as quickly as possible, since we would be going out around 6:30. That gave us only about forty-five minutes.

Anne and I then went to the bathroom, took off our clothes, and jumped into the shower. With the clock against us, we did not have time to play, (at least not as much as we would have liked).

We dried off with towels, and returned to our rooms. On my bed, my mother had placed a light linen dress. I went to my chest of drawers to find some underwear, when I noticed something under my dress. There was a garter-belt, electric blue in color, and a pair of nylon stockings. Something told me that, whatever my mother had planned, I was certainly going to like it. When I opened the drawer, in order to take out some panties, I found the drawer empty. Inside, there was a note: “You will only wear what is on your bed.”

My mother had also placed a pair of sexy shoes on the bed. I dressed, fussing with the strange clasps of the garter-belt. The linen dress was transparent and light, stopping at my thighs, revealing, from time to time, the top of my stockings. I have nice breasts, and the snug and clingy dress drew them together even more, causing my cleavage to swell and bulge.

Once I was dressed, there were only five minutes left for me to dry my hair. My cousin had long blond hair, which always caught the eyes of young men, while my hair stopped at my shoulders. I was blonde like her. I heard Anne drying her hair. I quickly put on my makeup, and met up with Anne and my mother at the door.

Anne was marvelously dressed in a miniskirt, dark stockings, and a peach-colored bolero top that revealed her bronze skin and her tight, sexy tummy. Her hair was dry, while mine was still wet. One of the benefits of living in the south of France is that your hair will dry quickly, especially in summer.

My mother was wearing a rather sensible dress, and in the Nylon gym bag that she had in hand, I thought that she must have had her gear. That evening was a Thursday, and she always went to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

She had us climb into the car, and began to drive, ignoring the questions of Anne, who wanted to know where we were going.

As we were about to make our way out of town, she stopped the car in the lower side of town.

“I am going to take you girls to a very special place,” she said. “And, now, I want you to obey me completely.”

That seemed a touch melodramatic to me, but we gave her our consent. She gave us a pair of black masks, the type that certain people use in order to sleep during the day. My mother worked at a certain casino every evening, and slept throughout the day while I was at school. I had already seen her use one of these masks.

We put on our masks, and after having arranged them, the car was back on the road.

“This place is very special, but I don’t want you to know where it’s located, at least not right away,” she said. “Otherwise, I would no longer be able to control the two of you.”

I began to ask myself if there was a brothel nearby, or something else of that sort. Or perhaps there was a nudist camp. All sorts of things crossed my mind.

She drove for more than twenty minutes before the car again came to a stop. She told us to keep on our masks before we entered a building only three feet from the car.

The voice of a woman greeted my mother as an old friend, and we were led to another room. My mother removed our masks. We were in a locker room. I wondered to what sort of sauna or spa my mother had taken us, thinking that we were in the locker room of a gym. My mother opened a locker, asked us to put only our outer clothes and shoes in the compartment, and then asked us to replace our masks once that was done. She turned the corner at the end of the row of lockers, and we heard her open another locker and herself undress. Anne and I shrugged our shoulders in incomprehension, and then undressed, placing our clothes and shoes in the locker.

Anne was not wearing a garter-belt and stockings, but stockings with a Swedish cut, the type of stockings that are open in the front and from behind, and that resemble stockings with a waistband, but are closer to a garter-belt and stockings.

She looked at my garter-belt, running a finger along its straps, and slightly rubbing her hand against my pubes. I sweetly nudged her aside, and we waited for the return of my mother, replacing our masks.

My mother told us that we looked very sexy, and took our hands in order to lead us outside of the locker room.

We emerged in another room, one with a soft carpet that was pleasing to our toes. There were other people in the room, and I felt embarrassed and excited at the same time. The voices began to quiet down.

A woman greeted my mother and asked her if we were ready. My mother said yes, and added that we had been very cooperative. kartal escort I sensed a presence in front of me, warm, radiant, and sensual. The voice of this woman was sweet, and a little raucous.

“Welcome!,” she said. “We are going to help you discover pleasures that you never dreamed of. You can choose to leave at any time, and no one will stop you. You need only say the word ‘chorister,’ and you will be able to leave. We will not force you to do anything that you do not want to do, and to indicate that you only need say the word ‘orchid.’ Do you understand?”

The sexy voice, ever sweet, seemed to caress my ear. I shook my head in agreement, even though I thought that saying those words was stupid. Anne and I both repeated the words, and explained their meanings. After that, we were asked another question.

“You have both already made love together, isn’t that right?”

We responded in the affirmative.

“Well, would you kiss each other for us?,” she asked us.

Anne and I, still masked, approached each other and kissed. Our kiss was terribly erotic, since we stood almost completely naked in front of people whom we could not see, our breasts touching, kissing each other tenderly. I knew that, from somewhere in the room, my mother was watching us.

“Good,” said the woman.

Another woman came near us, and asked Anne to follow her.

“This way, Anne!,” said the other woman.

Her voice was high-pitched, and very pretty. I wondered if she was as pretty as her voice. I thought about the woman with the raucous voice who was next to me: My height, with a beautiful figure, dark, long hair, and a large, sensual mouth.

She led me across the room, and at that moment I began to feel a little nervous without Anne at my side. I was alone in a room packed with people. She led me by the hand up to a place where there was a table, a chair, and a sofa. Then, we kissed a little, and she asked me to spread my legs. Nervously, I did it, stopping myself when she was satisfied.

“Keep your hands on your legs,” she advised me.

I felt a hand tenderly caress my breasts, outlining their contours, and then sliding above to where they were most sensitive. Some hands slid around my lower hips, and I felt lips tenderly close around my right nipple. I was certain that it was a woman on account of the gentleness of the touch, probably Miss Sexy Voice herself. I was wrong. I heard her tell me from another place that I was to receive pleasure, and that I would not be able to give pleasure, unless, of course, I was uncomfortable doing so. The lips around my nipple changed breasts, and began their work again. Of course, I wanted to GIVE as well as receive!

I really wanted to kiss the woman who was sucking on my nipple, before nibbling on her pussy. Her lips left my breast, and someone told me to kneel on the ground, as though there were someone waiting to lick my kitty from below, between my thighs. I knelt, feeling someone guide my lower hips, and then I felt a face between my thighs, licking me slowly, then gradually more passionately. It felt so good, and I savored the sensations. Things began to move at a faster pace, and someone on my left began to knead my breast.

I touched an arm, feeling the arm of a man, strong, and a little hairy. I explored him with my hand, and found his phallus swollen with lust. It was not big, but it was beautiful. He caressed his cock while he played with my breast. Another hand came upon my right breast, and my hand quickly found another penis. I liked the idea of having two guys give me pleasure at the same time, slowly and calmly. I was able to hear other voices, moans of sexual pleasure all around the room. The man on my right pressed his penis against my mouth, and I let him enter, tasting his rubbery phallus, and sniffing its musky perfume.

He slid in and out of my mouth slowly, allowing me in that way to lick the head and the shaft of his cock. My sex was dripping with pussy juice, and the person who was nibbling on me liked my wetness so much that she made sure to get me really hot.

The men who were around me switched places in their relay, and I had another phallus on which to suck. This cock was quite nice, not too big, not too small. It filled my mouth as much as was necessary, without giving me the sensation of my lips being stretched wide open. Each man in turn took possession of my mouth, and I became horny as I thought that they would both be able to cum with me.

The woman who was grazing on my pussy, (and I was certain that it was a woman), raised her hands and pinched my breasts and nipples. Her hands caressed me so sensually that I moaned noisily. I was able to hear Anne, who was also moaning, her sweet voice saying that she did not want anyone to stop, even though they were ready to make her submit.

I heard the voice of a man, next to me, asking, “Are the guys ready?,” which made me wonder what that actually meant.

As soon as he said that, the woman between my thighs began to suck on my clitoris heavily, sliding her fingers into my dripping pussy. I felt as though I was about to cum, until she abandoned me, drawing her tongue away just at the moment that I kurtköy escort was about to cum. I thrust my hips forward, trying to make her understand that I wanted to cum, but she knew how to hold me right on the edge of orgasmic pleasure without allowing me to take the plunge. The cocks were taken from my mouth, which was good, since their withdrawal permitted me to breath heavily and concentrate on my own orgasm.

I decided to indulge myself and pleasure my own clitoris, but some feminine hands restrained me and drew my arms behind me. “Let me cum!,” I groaned, but I only heard Miss Sexy Voice respond, telling me that I would be able to cum later.

I tried to make the woman between my thighs suck my clit, wiggling my hips above her face, but I was unable to attain the contact that I so desperately sought. I heard deep moaning and groaning from one of the men around me, and then semen shot in a splash all over my breasts. I felt its warmth running down my breasts and dripping from my nipple. I moaned, desiring to cum myself, when another stream of cum, this one from the right, fell on my jaw. I felt the semen of the other man drip all the way down to my neck before he approached, splashing his cream all over my face and lips. I tasted it greedily, and remembered that I was being watched, not only by strangers, but by my own mother!

A man in front of me came next, his cock gushing and spurting semen as though it were a garden hose. I opened my mouth, and felt it spray all over my tongue, my chin, and my neck. It was delicious, burning, wet, salty, and simply brilliant. I swallowed what was on my tongue, savoring its slightly musky taste. Suddenly, my clitoris was again being sucked. What terrible timing! I pressed myself into the face of the woman, as the sperm that was now running down below my breasts made me quite hot. I moaned loudly, moving and thrusting my pelvis at the arrival of the first surges of orgasmic pleasure. And then, then, THEN SHE STOPPED!

“Make me cum, for the love of God!,” I said in a loud groan, before some hands suddenly lifted me up to my feet.

Miss Sexy Voice spoke to me in sweet and sexy tones.

“Your turn will come, but you will have the entire night to think about it.”

Shit, she had already told me that.

She took me by the hand, and we walked across the room as the fruits of pleasure, sticky semen, dripped down my breasts, across my stomach, and even between my thighs.

We stopped, and Miss Sexy Voice told me to kneel and keep my hands on the ground. It was then that I felt a penis slide into my vulva. O God, was it big! Another cock pressed against my lips, and I sucked it with greed. The two men worked in unison, one withdrawing from my sex, while the other stuffed me. He who was in my pussy was quite large, and his size pulled and tugged on my pussy lips, which made me shiver as I drew closer to orgasm. I felt a greedy mouth on my right breast, licking the semen from my nipple. The other man continued to thrust into my mouth quite well until, without warning, the other man ejaculated in my pussy, flooding me with his warm semen. I wanted to stretch out on my back and gather as much of his cum for myself. I moaned, and tried to keep his juicy member in my pussy, hoping that he would leave it there long enough for me to cum, but he withdrew his cock from my pussy. As soon as I began to feel his creamy cum drip out of my pussy, my mouth was brutally assaulted by loads of semen from the other guy. I quickly swallowed, hoping to keep his cock hard as long as possible. He withdrew, and then the mouth of a woman pressed against mine, kissing me, licking my tongue, my lips, and even my face. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the semen from her face, and that made me even hornier.

I heard Anne, nearer to me now, moaning as if she were about to cum, and that made me moan as well.

Miss Sexy Voice returned, and made me sit on something that resembled a heavy bench. It was straight and padded. She told me to stretch out on my back, and to spread my legs on either side of the bench.

I felt lips press against my neck, then a tongue began to lick me, while another tongue slid across my left nipple. I felt hands that wandered all across my stomach and my breasts, spreading semen all over my skin. There were two, perhaps three women, touching me. Then, feminine hands slid between my thighs, and fingers spread my pussy lips, rubbing my wet mound, and spreading pussy juice and semen all across my thighs. I was still not satisfied with that treatment, moaning and hoping to receive caresses where I wanted to receive them. I was floating on a cloud, and the women made me so hot that I thought that I was going to go crazy. I reached out with my hands and, from each of them, found a breast, warm, full, and soft. I began to play with them, loving their soft skin. I felt a phallus against my pussy, and I then realized that it was a third woman sliding a dildo into me. I raised my hips as much as possible, allowing her to penetrate me with her enormous dildo as her hair caressed my thighs. I felt so good, so sensual, very much on fire! I did not care about anyone. I was floating, and loving that sensation. The dildo was long and thick, and the woman worked it slowly at first, gradually pumping faster and faster with each of her attacks, until she finally reached the speed and force of a train piston. I was really appreciating her efforts when I felt another dildo press against my ass, and then I became nervous.

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