The Lap Dance Ch. 02

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Copyright (c) 2008 Woody.


We both watched Jenna sway her ass in the skimpy white g-string, so sexy as a contrast to her tanned skin, as she strolled out of the private dance section. Still fondling and kissing each other, Terri and I straightened ourselves up a bit. My cock was still semi-hard after the intense orgasm in Terri’s very wet pussy while we enjoyed the experience of the lap dance. It was glistening and dripping the last drop of semen as I stood up to put it back in my shorts, but Terri stopped my hand.

“You know I can’t let that go to waste,” she said in her low, sultry voice.

With that, she bent to her knees and opened her mouth, leaning toward me. Her full lips covered the head of my cock, as she sucked gently, her hands caressing my sack. Her tongue slid underneath my shaft, licking both her own as well as my slippery juices from it, swallowing and moaning as she did. Her tongue lapped at my shaved balls, covering every part of my cock with her lips and tongue. Within seconds, I was rock hard again.

She stood up, leaving my wet, but clean, hardness standing out from me like a rocket on the launch pad.

“Mmm, baby, not yet. We need to get more comfortable,” she moaned.

With a whimper, I pushed my erection inside my shorts and zipped back up. Standing together, I gazed into Terri’s blue eyes, both of us smiling. Her makeup was still perfect, there was no way to know that she had just had an incredible orgasm while riding my hard cock and fondling the stripper’s naked, firm breasts. After one last lingering kiss between us, and we walked back out into the main part of the club. The crowd was starting to get a little busier, now, with a dancer on each of the main stages now. Most of the patrons were grungy looking men, of course, and they all stared at Terri as she swayed her hips, walking back to our table. I could feel the stares of jealousy from the guys, and I just ate it up.

As we sat down, she put her hand back on my leg, and I pulled our chairs close together, my arm around her waist. She put her head on my shoulder, her long reddish-blonde hair tumbling down on my chest, and we watched the dancers again. A dyed platinum blonde was on one stage, and a curly-haired redhead on the other. We both watched the redhead, commenting on her light-skinned body and emerald green eyes. Her hair was down to her breasts, tight curls cascading on either side of them. She had full red lips, just a faint tuff of close-trimmed light colored pubic hair, and her medium sized upturned breasts had nice pink nipples. Terri knows I have a weakness for redheads, and she licked her lips again, looking up at me.

“Hmm, maybe we should get a lap dance from that one too,” she smiled.

We had another beer, relaxing and commenting on the dancers. Some were beautiful, others just so-so. Then, Terri noticed our private dancer, Jenna, standing next to the bouncer just inside the door. She was staring at us, a slight smile on her face. Terri nodded in her direction, smiling broadly in return. Terri pulled out the slip of paper with Jenna’s phone number the dancer had given her after our private session. Showing it to me, she then held it up for Jenna to see. Terri moved her hand up the back of my neck, her fingers running through my hair, then kissed me hard. When Terri looked back at Jenna, she was smiling even wider.

“I want you now,” Terri whispered in my ear, but her eyes were on Jenna.

Immediately my cock stirred to attention again.

“Then it’s time to go,” I said, standing and helping Terri to her feet. We were both a little wobbly from the alcohol. “Whew, I’m glad we got the room at the hotel down the street, probably shouldn’t be driving.”

As we made our way toward the door, Jenna began walking toward us.

“Leaving so soon?” she said to Terri, a stage frown on her face. Then she smiled, “I wanted to thank you for letting me dance for you.”

My mind went immediately back to the dance and remembering Terri touching Jenna’s breasts as she climaxed all over my hardness.

“Oh, trust me Jenna, it was OUR pleasure,” Terri giggled. Terri then quickly handed a plastic card to Jenna, who took it, looked at it briefly, and then smiled broadly. “We’re going to relax in the hot tub.”

“Awesome, have fun. I only have another hour to my shift. I hope to see you soon!”

“I hope so,” Terri said. Coming out of my fog now, I put my arm around her, and we walked away. I noticed Terri had a little more hip sway to her walk than usual, so I gave her sexy round ass a smack as the bouncer opened the door for us.

As we entered the hotel room, I quickly went to the heart-shaped Jacuzzi and started filling it with warm water. Then I went over to the overnight bag and started rummaging through it, looking for those special items I brought with us. I sat back on the overstuffed chair in the corner, which faced the hot tub, and turned to watch Terri standing by the tub in her flowered sundress. She was üsküdar escort smiling at me, her hands on her hips, moving them up and down the fabric of the dress, her blue eyes gazing into mine. I crossed my arms and watched as she began to dance slowly, swaying her body back and forth, her hands now roaming over her stomach, breasts, and then back down her sides. The dress bunched up around her waist as she danced, showing even more of her gorgeous legs.

I finally found the mini-DV video camera in the bag and pulled it out. I also took the 8 inch dildo and waterproof vibrator out of the bag and put them on the night stand. I then turned on the camera as I sat in the chair, and focused it on Terri, watching her through the LCD screen. I zoomed into her face, her reddish-blonde hair cascading over her left eye, seeing a naughty smile cross her lips

With a quick motion, she lifted the dress over her head, tossing it to the side. She quickly unsnapped her bra, and her ample breasts were released. Without panties, she was now totally naked in front of me. Her body was amazing, small pink nipples stiff, flat stomach, curvy hips, and totally bare pussy. She licked her red lips and continued to sway, all the while caressing her breasts, pushing them together and rubbing her hard pink nipples while I enjoyed the sight. Of course, my cock was again rock hard, my desire for her so great that it was all I could do to not jump to my feet and attack her. I let my eyes and the camera roam over her body.

Setting the camera aside for the moment, I lifted my own shirt over my head, and quickly peeled out of my shorts. I picked the camera back up, focusing on her body. I began to stroke my cock while I sat in the chair, watching her caress her own curves. She put her hands on either side of her breasts, squeezing them together and leaning toward me. I started stroking my dick faster, trying to keep the camera focused with the other hand, cock growing stiffer. She really knew how to excite me.

As I continued the videotaping, she stepped into the warm water, again turning to face me. Her hands continued to roam over her body. She took one hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger of one hand, and moved her other hand down over her belly, fingers pointed down as her palm now covered her mound. Slowly, she curled her fingers toward her, caressing her pussy lips. One finger slid up and down her moist slit, sometimes stopping to run little circles around her clit. I could see how wet she was, the light reflecting off of her soaked pussy lips and fingers as I zoomed in for a close up. As I raised the camera to see her face, I saw she was staring at me stroking my hard cock. She rubbed her pussy with even more intensity.

“Stroke that hard cock for me, baby,” she moaned.

That’s all I could stand. I stood up, my cock still in my one hand, and moved to quickly setup the tripod, and attached the camera, pointing it at the hot tub. I moved toward Terri, stepping into the warm water with her. I put my arms around her waist, pressing my hardness into her belly as I pulled her to me, and we kissed. My tongue pushed into her open mouth, both of our tongues mingling together.

I broke the kiss, and then continued to kiss her cheek, letting my tongue dance around her ear just a bit. I could hear her breathing hard.

“I want to taste you,” I whispered.

“Ohhh yes,” she moaned.

I pushed Terri back to a sitting position on the edge of the tub, her legs in the warm water. I knelt down in the water, pushing my body against hers, my chest to her hard nipples. I kissed her neck all around, pushing her hair back off of her shoulders as I kissed. Slowly, I worked my lips down to her breasts, kissing between the globes and caressing them with my hands. I worked my mouth underneath of her tits, tongue leaving wet trails across them. Then, I quickly covered one breast with my mouth, letting my tongue circle around her hard nipple. I took it between my teeth and bit gently, hearing her moan from the pressure. I was squeezing and pinching her other nipple at the same time. Then I switched, and sucked her other breast hard, covering it with my mouth and saliva, biting and nibbling it as well.

I trailed my kisses back down underneath her breasts, then down across her belly button, stopping to lick inside it with my tongue. She opened her legs wider, anticipating my need to go lower. I kissed down, licking her bare pubic mound. Because she waxed, there was no stubble, just smooth skin. Her sweet pussy felt so good under my tongue and lips. My tongue trailed down even lower, landing inside her left thigh, then crossing over the top to lick inside her right. My hands caressed her thighs and pushed her legs apart wider as I licked my way back up to her wetness.

“Ohhh, fuck baby. I want you now!” she moaned loudly.

“Patience, darling,” I said, muffled by her puffy pussy lips.

With that, I let my tongue trail down around her clit, circling it gently. I then pushed it between anadolu yakası escort her wet lips into her pussy as far as I could. Sometimes I wish I had a longer tongue, but she moaned in appreciation. Terri definitely has the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had, and I enjoy every lick. I pushed my middle finger inside her at the same time, my tongue lapping up her sweetness, pressing into her hard little clit.

I began to fuck her with my finger, my lips now wrapped around her nub. She was so wet I easily pushed a second finger inside as well. She was moaning loudly now as I sucked her clit even harder. Her hips were pressing into my face, and her thighs tightened around my head. Her hands grabbed the back of my head, pulling me closer to her pussy, and I pressed the thick part of my tongue into her clit greedily.

We both heard a card key in the lock, and turned to look at the door. The door opened and there stood Jenna, our dancer, dressed in a very tight, low cut, black mini dress and black fishnet stockings. She looked incredibly hot, her legs in a wide stance, standing in her 4 inch heels.

“Oh my god, I should have knocked,” she said, but she was smiling.

I started to stand up, but she motioned to me. “Don’t stop on my account. I can just make myself at home.”

Jenna closed the door and walked over to the bed, tossing her purse into the chair. She noticed the dildo, a flesh-colored realistic looking cock, on the bedstand. “Ohh, I like this one,” she said, as she picked it up and fondled its length. She looked over at the tripod and camera. “I have one just like this. Can I be the cinematographer?”

Terri was still sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi, her legs wide open. We were both watching Jenna move around the room, our eyes on her curves, her skin barely hidden by her dress. Jenna took the camera off the tripod, and moved toward us, standing at the edge of the hot tub.

“I liked what you were doing, Woody,” Jenna said. “Keep doing it. You have no idea how sexy it looks from here. Lick that wet pussy now.”

I didn’t need further encouragement, so holding Terri’s hips in my hands, I went right back to licking her sweet pussy. I glanced up at Terri’s face from between her legs, and saw her eyes were focused beyond me, on Jenna. Terri’s hips again pushed her pussy up toward me, and I could feel her breathing getting heavier. I felt a hand on the back of my head, pushing me into her wetness. I assumed it was Terri’s, but when I looked up, I saw Terri had both hands on her breasts, caressing them and pinching her own nipples.

Jenna pushed me into Terri again. “Suck her clit. She wants you to fuck her with your tongue and suck her clit, Woody.”

I took Terri’s pussy lips between my teeth, and pulled on them lightly. I continued to circle my tongue around her clit, putting more pressure on it slowly. I could feel her clit enlarge and stiffen under the pressure. Terri was moaning louder now.

“Oh, Woody, fuck me now!” she screamed. She pushed my head away from her pussy and pulled me up to her with amazing strength. We kissed hard, and then I pulled her into the water, turning her around on her knees to face Jenna. I moved behind her, the shaft of my hard cock on her ass, then moving the head against her wet pussy lips.

Jenna was still running the camera, now bending down to be right at Terri’s face. She stood up and moved to the side of the tub, zooming in to see where my cock was about to enter Terri’s waiting pussy. I glanced over in her direction as she licked her lips, her gaze focused on Terri’s sexy ass and my cock about to push into her pussy. I saw her other hand held the big realistic dildo. I moved the head of my dick back and forth a bit, but didn’t want to wait any longer. I pushed inside of her, feeling her wetness envelop my hardness once again. I gave Terri’s ass a good slap as I pushed inside deep, before pulling half way out again.

Now glancing up at Jenna, I noticed she had put the camera down. She was standing about a foot away from Terri, and had pulled her own short skirt up to her waist in front. She wore no panties, and her fingers were working in her pussy as she watched us together. She stopped momentarily, and then quickly peeled it down her body, and stepped out of the mini dress. She had only the thigh-high fishnets on; otherwise she was now totally naked. Her body was so sexy, tight abs, tanned breasts, and a bare pussy she was rubbing. Her tanned body was in contrast to Terri’s paler skin, she was about the same height with slightly larger breasts. Her other hand held the flesh-colored dildo, which she was running over her nipples, which were larger and darker than Terri’s.

Jenna dropped to her knees, moving toward Terri, who was now pushing back into my cock. Their faces were only inches apart, and Jenna began to kiss her. Terri’s mouth opened and their tongues began to mingle, both of them moaning. I began to pump my hardness into Terri faster, pushing her closer to Jenna with each thrust. ataşehir escort Their kisses grew longer and deeper with each thrust. My cock was so slippery now, her pussy coating it with extra juices. I could tell she was so turned on that she was close to orgasm.

I spanked Terri’s ass again, seeing the redness on her ass as she started to heat up. I then pushed hard into her. Jenna knelt in front of her, raising herself higher, her breasts now at Terri’s face. Jenna held one of her tits to Terri’s lips, and Terri eagerly sucked and licked at her hard nipples. Now, both the women were moaning, but Terri was beginning to thrash hard with my cock inside her. She stiffened, then screamed, muffled by Jenna’s big breast still in her mouth. She continued to push back into me, and I continued to pump my cock in and out while Terri sucked on Jenna’s tits.

I didn’t want to cum inside her just yet, so I pulled myself out. Terri was exhausted, and collapsed back into the warm Jacuzzi, sitting back in the water. I stood up and took Jenna by the hand as she kicked off her heels and climbed over the edge of the tub to sit beside Terri. Jenna put the dildo on the edge of the tub. Terri smiled at her, and Jenna gave her a kiss as she positioned herself next to Terri, reaching across in front of her to push the button to turn on the jets. As she did, her breasts brushed across Terri’s, and Jenna paused on her way back to enjoy the feeling of them touching together.

Terri turned to Jenna as she sat back down and pressed her lips to hers. Terri’s hand began to rub Jenna’s hard nipples as well. I was still rock hard, standing at their feet, the water up to my calves in the hot tub. I began to stroke myself again, the sight of Terri playing with the Jenna’s beautiful tits turning me on to the point where precum oozed from the tip of my dick.

The girls were playing with each other’s tits now, and watching me stroke. Terri had Jenna’s hard left nipple between her fingers, and Jenna was squeezing Terri’s left breast, her soft hands covering Terri’s nipple. I know how much Terri loves her breasts rubbed, so I knew this was turning her on even more.

“Mmm Woody, you should bring that over here,” Terri winked at me.

I walked toward her, the jets swirling the waters all around us, as Terri leaned toward me. She took my cock in one hand and started to lick all around the head. She stroked it at the same time, licking the underside of the shaft with her warm tongue. Jenna continued to play with Terri’s tits as she watched Terri give me head. Terri turned to Jenna.

“Would you like to help me with this?” she winked.

“Mmm, thank you for sharing.”

Jenna leaned in closer, closing her hand around Terri’s hand , which was around my cock. She watched closely as Terri pulled my hardness back inside her mouth, her tongue licking the underside of my cock as she sucked the head in. As she pulled it back out, Jenna’s tongue came out and licked the head of my cock as well. Jenna ran her lips down the one side of my cock while Terri did the same on the other side, as they stared into each other’s eyes. The feeling of pressure on my cock between them was amazing, and my dick grew even harder in their lips. They continued to lick and suck it between them, sliding it back and forth across their lips and tongues, stopping when they slid up to the head to kiss and lick each other’s tongues as well.

Jenna’s hand came off of my shaft and began to caress Terri’s breasts again, squeezing and pinching her nipples, wet from the frothy water of the tub. They both sucked and licked me as my precum flowed even faster. Terri was moaning, licking and sucking the head of my cock and enjoying Jenna’s probing hands. I watched as Jenna’s hand lowered slowly down Terri’s chest and stomach, disappearing under the water between Terri’s open legs. Terri caught her breath quickly, her mouth open, as Jenna’s expert fingers worked between her legs. Jenna leaned over to Terri, kissing her mouth as her tongue circled around her lips. I could tell her fingers were inside of Terri, as her hand began to move back and forth under the water quickly.

My cock was inches from their faces, but they were concentrating on each other now. Jenna’s mouth worked down Terri’s neck, and covered her breast. I pulled back slightly, taking my hard cock in my own hand, giving it quick strokes. I was so ready.

“Baby, I’m going to cum now!” I moaned loudly.

With my hand working my shaft back and forth quickly, my cock began to release a load onto Terri’s pretty face, a spurt of cum landing on her cheek, mouth, and then another one on her chest between her tits. One last release dripped over her hard nipple. Jenna eagerly licked it off it, quickly sucking Terri’s entire breast into her mouth. Jenna’s hand continued to work under the water, Terri’s head leaning back against the edge of the tub, enjoying the sensations that covered her body.

I sat back on the edge of the tub at the feet of the two sexy women. Jenna rolled to her knees, her body on top of Terri, kissing and licking her breasts with increasing fervor. Jenna’s wet ass was directly in front of me, swaying back and forth. I gave it a swat, thinking that if I could have only kept my hard-on going that I would have loved to take her from behind. I was exhausted, though, but enjoying the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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