The House Of Robles Ch. 19

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(Continued from Ch. 18)

Junior put the car in motion, while beside him, Sheila began to fumble with the radio stations.

Diamond crept closer to Frankie. “You know how wet you made me, by sending me a picture of your cock?”

Think like a stud, Frankie told himself. “I’m about to find out.”

In one of the more audacious moments of his life, Frankie reached out and put his hand on Diamond’s thigh. He rubbed on her flesh vigorously. Since her skirt only reached to a few inches before the knee, he was soon feeling up her upper thigh. His cousin pulled her skirt higher up, both to show him that she wore no panties, and to prod him into exploring her further. She began to mewl as she’d done over the phone. This pleasing squeal intensified as Frankie’s hand crawled between her legs and began to rub on her bare mound. Frankie poked into her with a finger, and found that she was indeed moist and receptive.

“Here.” Diamond held out her lollipop. “Put this in my pussy.”

The moment he had the piece of candy in his hand, Diamond leaned back and lifted her legs up on the seat. She pressed her thighs close to her chest and left her sex on full public display.

Frankie brought the lollipop down close to her wet opening, using a finger to find the spot he’d just explored. He slipped the piece of candy into her a moment later.

Diamond started moaning, as he began to swirl the lollipop within her.

“That’s going to be your dick, in about three minutes.” She mewled.

More like in thirty seconds, Frankie thought.

“Take the lollipop out.” Diamond ordered. “And stick it in your mouth.”

Frankie soon had her semi-sweet moisture within his lips.

“I can’t believe you really did it.” Diamond lowered her legs and leaned toward him. “I want to know what I taste like.” His cousin said, as she brought her mouth up close to his. “With your tongue.”

Frankie removed the lollipop and stretched his tongue into the open, as Diamond lashed out with hers. She positioned herself on her knees. It took Frankie a moment to realize that her frenzied wiggles were the effects of her jilling herself off. She squealed, as Frankie’s hand reached between her thighs and past her hands. Two of his fingers penetrated her again. Diamond held him by the wrist and began fucking his fingers, even as she struggled to keep her lips close to his. He felt his cousin start to cum, judging by her rising voice and her hasty movements. Frankie quickened the pace of his fingers until her cries rang out in the cramped space of the car.

Unexpectedly, Diamond pulled away, leaving his hand sticky and hot. She lay back on the seat with both her legs ending up on Frankie’s lap. Frankie made to lift her legs and press up against her, so he could impale her with his cock. His cousin soon figured out what he was up to.

“Not yet!” She said, firmly.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not going to wait a fucking half hour for you to get it up again.” Diamond returned. “I could be waiting all night if you’re anything like Junior!”

“Oh, yeah?” Frankie was not about to shrink back from anything, not when he wanted to cut loose and get some much needed revenge on his cheating wife.

He did shove Diamond’s legs up and away from him, but instead of slamming into her with his cock, he shoved his face between her legs. Forget about being comfortable, for the innards of the car were awkward enough to begin with. Still, he managed to get into a spot where he could ravage her with his mouth, as long as he kept her ass aloft and her legs nearly up to her head. His actions had an immediate effect, as Diamond kept caterwauling until the car came to a halt.

“We’re at the park, you horny fucks!” Junior announced.

A second later, both of the front doors opened up. Junior and Sheila exited and made a run for it. Having left the doors open meant that the interior lights had flooded the car with their glare. The occupants of the back seat quickly righted themselves.

Diamond glanced at her cousin. “You have my cum all over your face.”

“I’ll wipe it off.” Frankie said, as he started to open his door.

“Wait, I’ll lick it off.” Diamond jerked him back.

Soon enough, she was lathering the lower half of his face with her tongue.

Junior had said that their cousin was wild, but that small word did not begin to cover her actions. Diamond was a rampage of blatant sexuality and ferocity. She was an out of control car on a rollercoaster, where a rider had no choice but to weather through all the twists and turns that came at him frequently and unexpectedly. When she’d had enough of covering his face with saliva, she pushed open her door and hopped out. Diamond headed in the same direction the others had gone.

“Don’t you dare keep me waiting!” She called out behind her.

As quickly as he could manage, Frankie shut all the open doors and locked up his car. He too ran off into the night. He could just imagine what he looked like, chasing after what looked like ataşehir escort bayan a little girl in pigtails, who wore a skimpy outfit that was way too small for her. But you know what, Frankie thought. I don’t care!

Thanks to Carmela, he’d been keeping himself caught up in this idea that he was ultra-conservative, fashionable, and upwardly mobile. That was all a showy and ritzy farce, and Frankie had enough of it. From now on, he would be taking charge of his own fucking life, and nobody was going to tell him what to do!

He paused to take a look around. The car was parked on the eastern edge of the Balboa Park Golf Course, where a long, narrow sliver of the course had been sectioned off and made into a public park. Low wattage streetlamps had been spaced out along the sidewalk, every thirty feet or so, to keep late-night joggers on a steady path.

Unfortunately, the stiff yellow lights only illuminated a fragment of the grounds. He had the barest inkling of which direction the others had gone. Frankie started down the sidewalk because he figured that was his best bet for finding them.

The young man walked about a dozen yards, when he saw a silhouette sitting alone on a bench. For the first few seconds, he wondered who that was. The question was answered when the person on the bench called out to him.

“Hey, stranger.” Sheila’s sweet voice floated over. “I think I’m lost. I’m all by myself out here, and I’m worried that somebody might do something bad to me.”

Frankie shifted directions. He soon joined the teenage girl, in the deep shadows that the glow from the streetlights couldn’t reach.

“What do you think somebody might do to you?” He wondered out loud.

“Oh, I think somebody might make me suck his dick.”

Behind the coarse material of his jeans, Frankie’s cock demanded to be released. He was still thinking like a stud, he told himself, as he opened up his pants and exposed his cock to the cool night air.

“Well, guess what I’m going to make you do?” Frankie lustily replied.

Sheila was sitting on the top of the bench. Now she slid off and took a spot on its wide, concrete seat. As Frankie stepped in front of her, the young woman was already reaching out toward him. The busty blonde ran her hands down the sides of his jeans. She shuddered when her hands went to his crotch, when she found his cock already rigid and waiting for her.

“You’re a bad man.” She whispered, as she tugged at his cock, and brought Frankie closer to her. “You’re taking advantage of me, because I’m lost and all alone.”

Frankie didn’t even get a chance to reply, because as soon as Sheila had him near enough, she opened her mouth and allowed her steamy breaths to warm up his hard member. It was a game of teasing and anticipation, he discovered. Sheila had him close enough to engulf him, yet she didn’t do it. Instead, she kept her mouth wide open and hovering around his cock. Every so often, her lips would graze it accidentally. Sheila moved away slightly, as if to prevent that same contact from taking place again.

He wasn’t sure what the girl’s motives were, but he didn’t care. With his wife, it was all about her receiving pleasure. Nearly every time they’d finished having sex, Carmela would immediately start talking about some stupid shoe sale. Or about how they had to pay some bills, or else she would go off to work on some new contract for her job. Very rarely had Carmela taken the time to pleasure him in the way that Frankie pleasured her. So this time, Frankie was more than willing to simply stand there and savor the moment, for as long as Sheila wanted to give him attention.

“You’re just like your brother, you know that?” Sheila told him. “He likes to take his time too, instead of just jumping into the sack and jumping right back off when he’s done.”

The words reminded him that he was messing around with his brother’s girlfriend. Frankie always had it stuck in his mind that once a man and a woman got together; they were supposed to be exclusive to one another. This was one of the biggest problems he had with Carmela messing around behind his back, the treason of it. But here was Junior, and Sheila also, apparently, forcing him to rethink all of that. They had no such old fashioned prohibitions twisting up their relationship.

Finally, Sheila sucked him in. Although he was generally quiet when amorous, this time Frankie groaned at the feeling of being teased by her hot breaths, and then getting rewarded so abruptly for his patience.

Sheila’s lips were loose and casual, as they slipped back and forth across his length. She was in no hurry either, Frankie decided. Her drool flooded around him like a tiny, warm sea. She pinned his cock to the inside of her mouth with her tongue, before she began rotating her head around in a small circle, and taking his cock along for the slow and sensuous ride. Around and around it went, like an erotic carousel. Sheila’s mouth tightened slightly and loosened up right after, at regular, escort kadıköy spaced intervals.

“That’s enough, bitches!” Diamond’s sharp voice halted their foreplay. “You make him squirt, and you’re really gonna get it later, Sheila.”

Sheila released her sexy hold on Frankie. Gently, the blonde moved him back until she had enough space to stand up before him.

“I want you to give me your best kiss.” Sheila said, between deep and ragged breaths. “I mean, the best kiss you’ve ever given anybody, better even than the kisses you give your wife.”

That wouldn’t be too hard, Frankie imagined. He hadn’t been giving Carmela any kisses at all recently. When he had, they had all been quick and obligatory.

Frankie pulled Sheila tight to his chest, feeling the great swells of her breasts mashing up against him. The young man slid his lips over hers with a fervor and passion he hadn’t been allowed to exhibit in some time. His kisses he aimed for what he imagined the beefcakes in romance movies would give to their heroines: feverish and bold, hot and eternal.

“Why do you and Junior always have to get so mushy?” Diamond’s sharp voice ended up breaking their sensual union. “You both kiss like girls!”

Frankie heard his brother laughing behind him. As he withdrew from Sheila’s pleasant embrace, he quickly shoved his cock back into his pants and secured it.

“Tell the truth now,” Junior said next. “Who kisses better? Me or my brother?”

“You do.” Sheila admitted. “But he’s close. He got me wet, I’ll tell you that!”

Frankie turned toward Junior and Diamond, who were standing a few feet to his side. “What were you guys up to?”

“We were trying to find a gate into the golf course, because it would have been a lot more private in there than out here.” Junior revealed.

“Somebody locked them all up, though.” Diamond finished off. “Come over here, Frankie. Lean against the bench, so I can dance for you.”

Once Frankie stood at the right spot, Diamond strolled over in front of him. He could barely see her in the darkness, as she began to wiggle back and forth. The parts of her he could make out the most were Diamond’s pigtails. He couldn’t begin to explain why, but the mere sight of them bouncing about was driving him wild with lust. Diamond gave him her back, scooting close enough to him that her tight and shapely ass rubbed on the front of his pants. This agitated him even further.

Then, Diamond lifted the skirt of her little sailor suit and wiggled her bare butt on him. He found this action even more sensual than Sheila’s slow and lazy blowjob.

Frankie grunted with want for his little cousin.

“How bad do you want me, Frankie?” Diamond pressed her ass hard on his crotch.

Frankie slid his hands over the tight, twin expanses of flesh, and groaned.

“So, don’t answer me, you dick.” Diamond chastised him, as she suddenly pulled away. “How about you, Junior? How bad do you want me right now?”

“You don’t even know!” Junior admitted. “I’ll take either you or Sheila in a hot second!”

“Sheila isn’t getting anything until I get mine first.” Diamond determined. “Both of you dicks come with me!”

Their little cousin imperiously stepped further away from the sidewalk and deeper into the darkness.

Before he turned to follow, Junior said, “Hey, Frankie. I dare you to give Sheila your phone, so she can take pictures of us.”

Fuck it, Frankie thought. He held the phone out to Sheila. Once she’d taken it, he started off in his brother’s wake.

Diamond led them near the fence bordering the golf course, where the lawn was well maintained and springy beneath their soles. She paused at the chain-link barrier and set her arms wide, and her back against it. Sheila took a shot of her.

“All right, bitches.” Diamond said, as she pushed off the fence and took a few steps over the soft grass. “Strip naked!”

Frankie thought he hadn’t heard right. When the auto-flash on his phone went off, he saw that his younger sibling was indeed removing his clothes.

“You’re taking too long, Frankie.” Diamond’s voice drifted over. “That means Junior’s getting me first, and you’re getting sloppy seconds. If you keep me waiting any longer, you’re not getting me at all!”

The words prodded Frankie into action, although his brain was still trying to fathom what was taking place before him. It was all so surreal, he thought, as he shucked off his shoes, shirt and pants. Hesitatingly, his boxers were pulled off. Frankie stood fully nude in the middle of a public, grassy lawn, in the dead of night, and feeling completely weird about it.

Sheila mused out loud. “How about I get a picture of Junior and Frankie naked, and holding each other?”

“That ain’t gonna happen, girl.” Junior refused.

“I’ll do whatever you want if you pose for me like that.” Sheila said, her voice lilting like a sweet lullaby.

“Fuck.” Junior said. “What do you think, bro?”

“Hell no!” Frankie protested.

“I’ll bostancı escort let both of you jerk off on my tits.” Sheila enticed them. “I’ll give you blowjobs at the same time.”

“Bro?” Junior asked.

“All right!” Frankie caved in. “But all we’re doing is standing next to each other. No kissing or hugging or nothing gay like that.”

“Pussy!” Diamond teased.

“Say that to my face.” Frankie threatened her.

“What are you going to do to me?” Diamond asked. “When I say it to your face?”

“Come and find out.”

His cousin made a soft, little sexual whimper, before she addressed her best friend. “Your picture’s gonna have to wait, Sheila. Frankie, lay down on the ground for me.”

Wondering if he was going to have any bugs crawling up his ass, Frankie soon found himself on his back. The grass was cool and pliant, except in a few spots where it proved to be a little prickly against his skin.

“Spread your legs wide.” Diamond instructed further, as she went down on her knees.

His cousin ended up on all fours, with her arms stretched out beside Frankie’s waist, and her head looming over Frankie’s chest.

Diamond looked behind her. “Junior, I’ve assumed the position. What are you going to do about that?”

Junior got down on his knees and scooted up behind their cousin. Diamond shuddered into Frankie’s chest, as Junior’s cock impaled her from the back. She mewled, her voice trembling softly, sexily, in a way Frankie had never heard from a woman before.

“You know how I like it, Junior.” Diamond reminded him. “Fuck me as fast as you can!”

A moment later, Diamond’s lithe form was being jostled over Frankie, as Junior began slamming into her non-stop. This sudden frenzy caused Frankie’s cock to harden even more, as Diamond’s breaths were cascading down on his chest like little gasps of fire. More than anything, Frankie wanted to be the cause of her erotic tumult.

Diamond’s head dropped down onto Frankie’s chest. First her forehead, and second her cheek rubbed ferociously at his skin, from the commotion going on behind her. Her pigtails dragged across his chest also, and her lips quivered as they slid across his flesh. Then her tongue came out and slithered at him haphazardly, lifting and lowering each time Junior shoved his hard piece of meat into her pussy, or yanked it back out.

The phone flashed bright as Sheila got a shot of the action.

Diamond’s head rose up, her arms stiffened and locked straight. His brother’s fierce rocking was lifting the petite woman into the beginning of her climax. Each time Junior forced himself into her, a new cry divorced itself from her lips. Squeal after loud squeal erupted from Diamond, drenching Frankie with great a hunger for her loins. He just barely refrained from shoving his cousin and brother aside, so he could reposition Diamond and take her for himself.

Frankie’s hands went up to sweep over Diamond’s hair, slipping past the pigtails and back, until his cousin turned her head and sought out his fingers. Diamond found a thumb. She began sucking it into her mouth as if in a panic, drenching it with the heat and moisture she had there. Her squeals persisted throughout all of this, scurrying past his wet thumb on their way out into the open air.

Diamond abandoned his thumb. Her mouth cried out with every thrust Junior gave her. It became clear that she was deep in the throes of orgasm. She was shoving her own body back to meet Junior’s, harshly enough that the slaps of flesh were almost as loud as the mewling from Diamond’s mouth.

Unexpectedly, Junior moved aside, causing Diamond to begin clambering onto Frankie’s waist. Her moist and expanded insides smoothly greeted him. Right away, she began bouncing up and down while continuing her sexual assault on the second of the two brothers. Frankie reached up, cupping her small breasts through the fabric of her blouse. This caused Diamond to erupt into a deep moan and increase her motion over him.

There was a sharp smack of flesh on flesh heard, causing Diamond’s moans to mature into full howls. The petite girl responded by moving her hands over Frankie’s chest and squeezing her fingers into his skin. A second ruthless slap made Diamond dig her nails into Frankie, proving painful enough that Frankie gripped her wrists and tore her hands away.

Diamond’s entire lower half trembled over him. These trembles spread upward until his cousin was bucking at him like a wild bronco, while she maintained her firm seat on his cock. Diamond dropped her head and arms onto Frankie’s chest and stomach, still crying out. Only when this exhilaration began to abate did the wild girl abruptly roll off and stretch out on the grass.

“I need some air!” Diamond gasped. “Oh, shit, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, with two guys at the same time.” She sat up and cried out. “Junior! You slapped my ass, you fucker! That shit hurt!”

“You know you liked it.” Junior could be heard giggling.

“I’m going to kick your ass!” Diamond resolved. She scurried up to her feet and began to chase Frankie’s brother away. “Come back here, you fucker!”

Frankie chuckled as he imagined what the pursuit might look like: a naked guy being chased by a little girl in a Sailor Moon outfit.

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