The Horse Keeper Ch. 02

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It was now Wednesday, and I had had the best night in years. I couldn’t stop thinking all night about my sexual encounter in the barn that evening. I must have jacked off at least five times. I had to wash my sheets when I woke up. Still, as many times as I had ejaculated that evening and night, I woke up ready for more.

The day had gone by fast, and before I knew it, it was already three in the afternoon. I was at my desk going through the guest schedules when my cell phone rang. Only my parents and friends called that, so I knew it wouldn’t be a last minute horse-riding lesson to ruin my evening plans. I hoped it was her, though. I didn’t say it before, but before I entered the barn the previous evening, I placed a small note with my cell number under her windshield wiper blade.

I checked the caller ID and sure enough, it was her. It hadn’t been a one-night fling. She was interested in me, at least for sex, which was good enough for me. When I answered, I expected a sarcastic, seductive voice, but I was surprised to hear a sweet, soft voice of hers. She asked if it was okay if she could swim in my swimming pool after she fed the horses.

Now, even if she was just a normal friend, I’d say yes because I’m nice, but of course I’m never going to turn down an offer in a pool with the woman who gave me my first and best sexual experience. So, after we hung up, she was on her way. I knew this would probably be another amazing evening in store for me. Little did I know that there would be an added factor to this one.

Before long, it was time for my last walkabout. All the hands had gone home early because the chef went home for an emergency, so I even had the house to myself. The ranch was dead; nothing stirred except maybe the occasional sound of a horse. I was outside now, and walking around was lonely. Not a soul in site. There were even a couple of times I thought about just jacking off where I was because no one would see it, and I seemed to have had an outdoor fetish. I decided just before reaching for my zipper to save it for the real thing and not waste it on my hand.

It took what seemed an eternity to check over everything as I gradually got closer to the barn. Finally, I arrived to find the same truck in the same place. I went through the barn doors and noticed a light on in the tack room, but then I saw her in front of me, petting a horse. She was fully clothed this time. “Hey,” I said as I walked over to her. She smiled at me then replied, “hey.” “So did you bring your swim suit?” I asked stupidly.

Then, as if someone had flipped her switch from sweet to sexy, she looked at me and seductively said, “I don’t need one since no one is here today.” I received an immediate bulge in the pants again and my cheeks turned red. I was flustered at the thought even though I’d had her the night before. All I could say was, “No, you don’t. I guess I don’t either.” She laughed at my response and said, “Okay, then it’s settled. I’ll meet you out there when I finish up in here.”

Still hard and flustered, I came up with the lame response of, “Groovy. I’ll just go finish up, too.” I knew what I said was stupid, and then I saw her roll her eyes. Afterwards, it was just too funny and we both burst out into laughter.

After a good laugh, I made an about face and started back for the house. As I went passed the tack room, I could swear I heard a footstep, but thought it was just a mouse.

As soon as the door to the barn closed behind me, I took off in a mad dash to the house, closed up a few things and ran to the pool gate with a towel. Our pool is the only true private part of the ranch. It is fenced off with privacy fencing all around it. We owners (and the maintenance man) are the only people allowed in the pool area with no restrictions. Anyone else who wants a swim has to seek permission from one of us or swim on an “Assistants Swim Day.” We’re nice with our workers, and usually won’t turn them down if they ask.

I opened the gate and took a seat on a white chair. I thought about stripping but decided to wait. I sat under the sun, baking while I thought of what was going to happen. Then, I heard footsteps rustling istanbul escort through the grass approaching. But, I also heard giggling from two different female voices.

I began to panic. Who could she be with? Would this be good in that she brought another sexual partner in the mix, or could it be bad in that she might have brought a relative which would prevent us from having blissful, wet, sunshine sex. Now I knew that I really did hear footsteps in the tack room earlier.

I started thinking through, trying to remember anything I had read about her family. Suddenly I remembered that she had a sister about a year younger than her. I could only hope this would just add to the pleasure, and not subtract from it.

The giggling footsteps arrived at the gate and it slowly began to open. My heart was beating like it does when I have an orgasm. This was it, my hopes and dreams were either going to be raised higher or smashed into a pancake.

“There he is,” I heard my sex partner say as the gate closed behind the two girls. Next to my golden colored blonde stood almost an exact replica, except a little shorter and different colored eyes. My cock was thinking “double the fun,” but I was thinking “might be too young.” I was a nervous wreck at this point.

I must have froze for a second due to the blood rush both in my brain and in my penis, because the next thing I knew my girl was snapping her fingers in my face, laughing, saying, “snap out of it man! You act like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” Finally, I was able to respond and said, “Oh, sorry. I’m okay.” “Good,” she continued, “Because I want you to meet my sister.”

I had calmed down, then started for her sister. I reached for the young lady’s extended hand and shook it as a friendly greeting. “Pleasure to meet you,” I told her. Then, with the same attitude of her older sister, she gave me a sexy look then responded, “The pleasure’s all mine.”

Due to the fact that I didn’t know this one’s age, I didn’t know how to approach this come on from her. I was thinking she might be too young, and of course that little voice inside said, “Who cares? No one’s going to know anyways.”

Then, as if seeking an answer, I looked back at her sister who had already pulled her shirt and jeans off. She was now in her bra and thong similar to what I had seen the night before. I look at her as if I needed to say something to her, because I did. She gets the hint and I wander over to her and motion to whisper something to her. She leans into my mouth and I ask her as nicely as possible, “I just need to know, are you planning to fuck around with me today or not?”

She begins giggling and leans another way to whisper in my ear, “Why? Do you think my sister is too young or something?” I begin nodding before she finished her response.

Then, she looks over to her sister and says, “See? I told you he’d think you’re too young.” At this point, their laughing at me and I feel as red as a beet. After they finish laughing, she pulls her bra off, exposing those beautiful golden mounds to me once again, and says to me, “Don’t worry, man. She’s 18.” I felt my muscles loosen so much inside. I look back over at her sister who to my surprise has already stripped every article of clothing off of her body while this whole conversation was taking place.

My mouth dropped in awe at the thought of having these two beauties all to myself. As I drooled, I checked every inch of her body. She had honey blonde hair, and a cute freckled face, followed by that golden glowing body her sister had, and her breasts were like clones from her sister. This one had a nice freckled stomach area, though. Then it was down to her hips, where I found a small rectangle patch of black hair just above her pink, juicy clit. As I said, she was an exact replica of her sister, and I was hard.

When I got control of my mouth back, I said, “Turn around and let me see that back side.” She did so without hesitation, and lightly colored freckles ran all down her golden back down to the crack of her cute, round ass.

As I stared, I got startled from behind as the older one grabbed kadıköy escort my shoulders and pressed her warm body up against my back and said, “We’re naked. Now it’s your turn.” Then she looked over at the young one and told her to tell me why she’s here.

As I began stripping out of my clothes, the young one approached me flirtatiously, and ran her index finger from my shoulder to the start of my crotch, just above my hairs. I was now fully nude, and my cock stuck out like it was proud. Then, the young one spoke up.

“My sister came home last night and told me all about what y’all did yesterday. I just had to have some of it,” she said, then pressed her naked body against mine. I was now sandwiched between the two girls. “Really?” I asked, “What else do you two talk about in your bedroom?”

“Well, there’s not really much talking,” said the older one in a kinky tone. My cock must have doubled its blood flow at that point, and I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I see,” I continued, “So what exactly is there?”

“Since our parents don’t allow boys in our rooms, we can get really horny some nights, and there’s nothing to relieve our craving except our hands,” said the young one, “so we made a sisterly pact that once a month if neither of us have had sex that month, we’ll pleasure each other.”

My mind was blown, and I almost came without any pumping. Then, the young sister in front of me looked down at my cock, looked me in the eyes again, and said, “And last night was our night, but she came home fucked rotten. I wasn’t going to get my share this month, so I had to have something,” as she slowly began rubbing my cock in her hand.

The sisters then began kissing erotically over my shoulder. The older one reached for the younger one’s tits and began rubbing them like the younger one was rubbing my cock. At this point, I was so blown away that I couldn’t control myself, and I shot my cream all over the young one’s fur patch. I turned her golden crotch skin into a white, sticky mess.

Then she stopped rubbing my cock and backed away from my body a little after I finished. She looked up at me as if to be offended and said, “That wasn’t very nice!” Then she grabbed me away from the clutches of the older sister and brought me to a sunning chair. She laid back in it while forcing me to lay on top of her with my mouth at her pussy. From somewhere under my ball sack I heard, “Now, lick it all off.”

I knew that this was going to be good, so I began licking with pride. I smothered every inch of her crotch in my saliva and cum, then I walked my tongue down to her pink clit where her juices awaited tasting. I began with an up and down motion over the folds of her pussy. She had a taste just like her sister’s. Then, I began licking with a faster motion, more pleasurable.

It wasn’t long before I could hear moans from under my sack. Then, I felt my cock become encircled in a moist hole, a mouth. She began sucking it hard and fast. The older sister had made her way to the chair next to us, sunning herself and watching.

A few minutes later, I felt myself fill her mouth with cum, then I felt her mouth pull off and heard a gulp. Only thirty seconds later, she was screaming from my job and orgasmed all over my chin. As soon as she finished screaming, the older sister said to me, “Now get off of her. It’s my turn.”

I was already very exhausted and my cock was still limp, but I got off of her sister who was dazed, and climbed onto the older sister. While I rested my cock up, I began kissing her on the lips, then moved down and began sucking on her nipples. She was already moaning, and I hadn’t even gotten to the good part.

Finally, after her nipples were well lubricated, I moved down to her pussy and began tongue massages, which caused extreme moans from her mouth. All of the moaning finally made my cock get half up. After another few minutes, she was screaming my name and fingering herself in sync with my tongue motions. The next thing I knew, my chin was full of female juices again.

Not long after, she was dazed out and I heard a splash behind me. The younger kağıthane escort sister had gone for a swim, and since I had dazed the older one, I jumped in the pool as well. The two of us played around for a while, making attempts at my cock, her tits, her ass, etc. Then the older sister jumped in.

We all played around for a while and made silly attempts at sexual grabs and tastes, some successful, some not. After a good time, we climbed out onto the edge of the pool. All of a sudden, I saw the older one wink at the young one and the older one laid down flat on her back with her clit pointed towards me. Then, before I knew it, the young one climbed on top of her in the same position. “Well,” said the older girl, “are you going to fuck us or not?”

My cock was hard instantly and I stood up, looking down at the pile of girls trying to figure out how to approach them. Then, I just thought fuck it and got back down on my knees. I aimed my pointer at the lower level pussy and stuck it in. I lifted her legs over mine so I could get a better thrust. I began pumping, first slowly then gradually faster. She began to moan wildly as she reached down and started rubbing her sister’s clit.

Both of them were moaning before long, but I knew much more pumping in just one pussy would result in one girl not having any. So, after a good round of moans, I pulled out of her and stuck my cock in the younger sister, the top girl. She had already been moaning, but the cock getting shoved in made it more. Eventually, my dick tightened up so much that she knew I was about to burst, so in-between moans she yelled to her sister, “he’s going to cream.” She pulled my cock out and kept stroking it as she climbed off her sister and onto her knees. I stood up. The older sister also got on her knees. As the young one kept stroking me fast and hard, the older one started sucking me in sync with her sister’s pumping.

They both felt me ready to cream, so the older one stopped sucking and lined her chest up with my cock. The younger one positioned herself to do the same as she kept pumping. Now she sped up, and I creamed all over their golden mounds. The pumping stopped, I sat down due to loss of blood in the legs, and the girls rubbed the cum into their chests, laid back, and sunned themselves.

As the sun began to set, the older sister sat up and said, “You’ve been a great fuck. Now, I want you to do something you haven’t done yet. My sister doesn’t like it, but I do, so do it to me. Fuck me in the ass.”

My cock was now sore, red, and a bit raw, but it still got hard when I heard those words. The younger sister laid flat on the ground, the older sister climbed on top of her in the 69 position and they began licking each other. I walked over to where the older one’s ass stuck up, got on my knees, reached down into the pool and put some water on my cock, and slowly wedged it in her ass hole.

It was the tightest thing I’d ever felt, and it was taking a toll on my already sore cock, but I slowly began thrusting, gradually harder. Both of them were moaning. After a few moments, the older sister was screaming like I’ve never heard before in a mix of pleasure and pain. Then, I saw her cum all over her sister’s face as she screamed to a volume I didn’t know could be reached by the human voice. I pulled my cock out and began licking her ass hole and her clit to cool her off. Her parts had an even harder day than mine.

Afterwards, we were all so dazed and worn, we just all three lie there, collapsed, as if we were on some sort of drug. When it became completely dark, they got up and started putting their clothes on. I eventually did the same. Still worn, we walked and talked without any enthusiasm. I managed to say, “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” The younger sister had never experienced a pounding so heavy at all, so she was so dazed that she returned to the truck without a word.

The older sister stuck around with me for a while longer. “You know,” she said, “you’re a great pounder, but I think you’d be a pretty descent boyfriend, too. You think we should give dating a try?” Without any thought, I blurted out, “Tomorrow night after you feed the horses, bring some nice clothes with you or something and we’ll go dancing and eating. Then maybe some more pounding.”

She smiled at me, returned to sweet mode and kissed me romantically on the lips, open mouth. “Okay,” she said, “Goodnight.” She walked off to the truck and they took off for their home.

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