The Greek Masterpiece

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I was back in Frankfurt for two weeks for work. Frankfurt has a way of lulling me into boredom. It’s a nice city — just like you say a person is nice when you can’t find anything else to say about them. Not offensive, but not cool, funny or interesting either. My biggest concern of spending two weeks in Frankfurt was that I would find no one to fuck.

I went out on several occasions with a Brazilian colleague, Carme, who found Frankfurt equally dull. One night, we went to a bar with the theme, “Leaving Frankfurt, Entering Brazil,” with pictures of a hot DJ spinning and some Brazilians shaking their asses on the website. In reality, there was no DJ but intermittent live music and profane stretches of at least half an hour without one single note of music. Instead of ass shaking, there were some Germans drinking beer around picnic tables.

After that night, Carme was fed up with Frankfurt. We found cheap tickets and left the following evening for Greece. Arriving after midnight on Friday in Athens, I had until Monday morning 8 a.m. to find boys to fuck, beaches to tan on and clubs to dance in. That was my explicit agenda.

Carme’s Greek-Brazilian friends picked us up from the airport and we set out for the club, Salon Oriental. The moon and stars formed the roof of the club as cliché as it may sound, and the sea formed three of the four walls. The music was dance, and although the plastic pop Greek music was not my style, I danced my ass off to all of it. Although there were lots of attractive guys, there was no one hot except for the cocky bartender who was used to girls fawning on him.

The night was nearing morning and I had a guy on my left and another on my right checking me out. Both were attractive enough to fuck. I asked Carme who was cuter since I was already drunk, and moved in for the kill with one of them.

“Why aren’t you dancing?” I asked the guy on my left. “I’m tired but I was waiting to dance with you.” The conversation progressed, but the body language didn’t. I did my usual of brushing up against him while dancing, grazing my hand against his side, moving my body seductively. No response. Usually those tiny little gestures have guys’ hands on me within minutes, if not immediately. He told me he was a Scorpio to which I scoffed, “You don’t seem like one at all. Scorpios are not usually so cold.” He told me he was actually very much a Scorpio so I told him to prove it to me. He was supposedly a lawyer, but was at a loss for words. “Is it that hard to think of a way to prove it to me?” I was now propositioning him.

“Well, besides the obvious,” he stammered, “I can’t think…”

“What’s wrong with the obvious?” I interrupted and left for the bathroom to let him mull over my neatly packaged proposition. This was not going to fail.

I came back from the bathroom and let him approach me. We started dancing, and he started small talk. What was wrong with this guy? I had offered him sex and he wanted to revert to small talk? I needed to take charge of the situation.

“Have you come up with a way to prove to me you are a Scorpio yet?”

He then blabbered something about being tired, not wanting to leave his friends and seeing me tomorrow. He was tedious. I took his card and tossed it a few steps away from him. If I proposition you, you damn well better accept.

Carme’s friends mentioned their brother had a house on the beach, and that he was attractive and single. Although night one was a failure on the grounds of sex, things were looking up. After getting some sleep, we arrived at the brother’s beach house, and I met the dog, a bumbling Lab-Rottweiler mix, then the brother, Yannis, also somewhat of a Lab-Rottweiler mix. Strong, dark, masculine and sweet. I walked into the house after introductions and surveyed the bed, thinking I would be fucking on those sheets later. I smiled to myself at how presumptuous and inappropriate I was to assess male beds and imagine myself in them.

That night we went to another club. As I reviewed the men walking into the club that night, I knew something definitively. Half my time in Greece was over and I hadn’t fucked anyone yet. This had to change. As usual, I was dancing and drinking rum and coke non-stop while smoking apple flavored nargila (hooka). Yannis wasn’t dancing and I was busy surveying the room for men to fuck just in case things didn’t pan out with Yannis.

I asked Yannis why he wasn’t dancing. He muttered something about five minutes. I decided to forget about him for the night but he was good to his five-minute word. Once he started dancing, our interaction transitioned from casual friends to flirtatious. However, I didn’t want to limit myself to him, just in case.

My dancing became more outrageous and sexual as my pent up sexual frustration kept pace with my drinking. I was in exhibitionist mode, enjoying the male attention from all sides and Yannis’s hands were all over me. I could already tell he could be great in bed both from how he moved on the dance floor and from how he bahis firmaları teased my body with his hands.

I moved off the dance floor before things became too heated and walked to another part of the club. Yannis followed along. I came to a hallway, lined with red Moroccan-style sofas, and turned towards him. He took one step closer and we started kissing. It moved quickly from gentle lip kissing to full tongue and throat interaction. If I were to translate his tongue movement into words, it would have said, this is what my dick will do to you later.

It was still dark at 6 a.m. as we passed around the joint on Carme’s friend’s balcony. We smoked in silence with the sea in the distance, stars overhead and Yannis’ hand on my back. We took off for his place, too small to sleep anyone else, and resumed smoking and kissing.

As our kissing became more heated, Yannis threw the joint on the floor, a detail I liked. No “hang on a second while I get an ashtray,” but uncontrollable passion that led to joints getting flung on the floor. His fingers pushed up the sides of my shirt and grazed my skin. My entire body tingled. He continued moving his fingertips softly over my stomach, breasts, even arms and hands as we kissed wildly. I was writhing underneath him, practically begging for him to lift my skirt and run his fingers up my legs and over my pussy. He had this incredible balance of passionate kissing and soft touching that was the ultimate tease. I didn’t want to give up too much too fast but what he didn’t yet know was he could have taken me like clay in his hands and had his way with me. I would have done anything he asked.

He removed my shirt then bra and kissed my breasts, briefly sucking on my nipples. His spit lingered on the tips, giving me a brief chill. After releasing my nipples from his full lips, he kissed down my stomach and didn’t stop until he reached my thighs. He hadn’t yet touched my pussy with even his hands and I was desperate to feel any part of him there. It was all I could do not to order him to start licking me or pushing myself toward his mouth. I ached to have his tongue on me. While I was now 100% naked, he still had his jeans on. This was all about my pleasure.

He didn’t tease my thighs for long before he moved his tongue so softly over my labia and clit. Just the feel of his hot breath, without even touching me, was already enough to make me crazy. I couldn’t help it—I pushed myself into his mouth and he then closed his mouth around my entire pussy and began to simultaneously suck and lick my clit, while taking breaks every few licks to tongue down my vaginal opening. I couldn’t hold out and came quickly once he started sucking my clit again. My pent up sexual energy began to release. But I still wasn’t satisfied. I needed him inside me.

I pushed my upper body up against him and aggressively turned him over with my leg over his. I was now on top kissing his neck and muscled chest. My wet pussy was soaking through his jeans. I rubbed him subtly up and down, getting his jeans more soaked with my juices while gauging how big his dick was through his pants and underwear. It didn’t feel huge and I thought I was about to be disappointed. When my curiosity overcame me, I ran my hand over his pants, now damp from my pussy. I had misjudged. It was just above average length but felt thick. I slipped my hand under his tight, white underwear, and indeed its girth surprised me. I couldn’t have closed my fingers around it if I tried. I have had the good fortune in life to fuck a lot of big-dicked guys. Yannis was no exception.

I opened the Extra Sensitive Durex and gently rolled the condom down his erect, thick dick. I decided not to tease him with my pussy and chose to straddle him directly, letting him enter me in one easy movement since I was already so wet. Usually I’ll tease in and out for a while before I let them enter all the way inside, but I was overcome with impatience after the first orgasm and just wanted him in.

Fucking him started a bit sensual and slow as I got warmed up to how thick he was. My pussy was stretched in a way I wasn’t quite used to. After a minute, he flipped me over and repositioned my body missionary style as he rose over me with his defined chest, browned by the Greek sun. His muscles gleaned with sweat and showed off a body that definitely lifted weights every day. Strong guys that can lift and move me all over the bed get me ridiculously excited and bring me to that savage place where I want them to squeeze my nipples and pound my pussy with a ferocity that will make me scream. He grabbed one leg off the mattress and put it over his shoulder as he began to move from gentle to ruthless. The thickness of his dick was hitting spots inside my vagina I didn’t even know existed. He moved over me with an impatience I shared, like his small beach hut was burning and we needed to get out of there but couldn’t before we both came.

I could feel my pussy pulling me to that magical place of release. I flipped him over kaçak iddaa and as I straddled him, I sensually worked his dick in smooth circles with a little in and out. My body moved freely, arching and rolling to keep his thick dick hitting the spot that was bringing me closer to release. I orgasmed and collapsed onto his chest, both our bodies soaked with sweat. He followed soon after. I lay on top of him for minutes after as he stroked my hair and back. When I got up to get the condom off, it was bone dry inside. “Didn’t you cum?” I asked in Spanish.

“Yeah, why?” in Portuguese.

“Cause look, there is no cum in the condom.”

He looked. We blew air into it, but there was no hole. He didn’t seem too concerned. I was mildly freaking out. Pregnancy, AIDS, it was clear he didn’t use condoms much since he didn’t even have any. As my worrying increased he started caressing me and told me to forget about it, it’s not the time for that. I guess it was a buzz kill after orgasm to analyze how the cum left the condom.

He continued cuddling me intensely, massaging my shoulders, running his fingers through my hair. He was so affectionate and passionate the whole weekend I felt like I was with the male version of myself.

We smoked more and I suggested we go to the beach and swim naked. It was eight o’clock Sunday morning. Although he forewarned me, the beach and water were inundated with tons of people, all above the age of 70. There was something so clean and peaceful about it, I felt a little dirty swimming topless in my rainbow American Apparel undies.

We went back to his place to get some sleep but the heat woke us up. I was showering when he came up behind me and pushed me up against the bathroom wall. He began kissing me aggressively and I could feel the tingle between my legs already. Stepping between my legs, he parted me to fuck again. I didn’t feel like bathroom sex, maybe because the ceiling was low in his bathroom or because standing up sex never usually made me cum.

I led him into the bedroom, still wet from my unfinished shower. His dried water droplets from my body with his tongue, starting from my stomach and working his way up around my tits and then down again. He was hungry between my legs, drying the water from my thighs with his mouth and licking my pussy in an upward motion. He circled between my thighs and pussy a bunch of times, leaving me practically screaming for him to just bury his head in my pussy and lick up, down and all around. But I restrained myself from guiding his head or giving commands. It wasn’t long before my thighs were soaked by my own pussy juice, replacing the wetness from his mouth and shower.

I was crazy turned on, but I was not very close to orgasm this time, after all it had only been a few hours since we last had sex. After some minutes of licking my pussy, he leaned back, kneeling, and eyed my body. “Beautiful,” he smiled in Portuguese. I surveyed his olive skin and thick, slightly wavy hair. The way his dark hair framed the deep sparkle in his walnut-colored eyes made me want to lift my pussy to his mouth. But I always dislike when guys shove their dick in my mouth so I resisted my urge.

“Fuck me,” I murmured in Spanish.

He grabbed each of my legs and slid my whole body with a sudden jolt down the bed and up toward his dick. The show of strength got my excited. I shifted my pelvis upward so he could push his dick inside of my already moist folds. He started off tenderly, making sure he was firmly inside, and then began pounding me like a hammer to a nail, driving it further into the wall. He rose off his knees to have greater mobility to nail me harder.

He was still kneeling but now his legs were at a 90 degree angle to his knees. He lifted my pelvis higher to accommodate, while holding my legs in his arms. Being pounded in this position where my pelvis was elevated and upper back and shoulders on the bed made me feel slightly vulnerable. I couldn’t really move beyond just pelvis tilting and I was used to commanding in bed. I wanted to flip him around and ride him, but the way he was pounding me with his thick dick felt too good to change. I watched how his stomach muscles grew more defined each time he shoved his dick in me. He licked his lips slightly and moaned sexily the more he pounded inside me.

I enjoyed him having his way with me. I let him take the lead and position my body without my usual aggressions, a first for me during a one-night stand. Maybe my trust level was higher with him since he was the brother of a friend and we’d already spent the last 24 hours together

He pulled his dick out and dropped my legs but before I could flip him over and ride him, he put his hands on my hips and flipped me in one turn. The heat of his body came up over my back and he whispered, “Do you like it like this?” in Portuguese as he brushed my hair from my body and kissed the back of my neck and shoulders. He let his hot breath linger over me and the anticipation of his mouth drove me wild. My body kaçak bahis bucked and undulated and my moaning grew from soft to guttural as his lips touched me.

I felt his dick lightly graze over my ass cheeks as he continued kissing the back of my ears and neck. I was hoping he had no backdoor agenda as that would be a no go for me, but I was relieved to find he did not after a few minutes more of kissing my neck and back.

His body fit over mine like a fleece blanket on a cold day. Each way I moved, he moved with me, never losing the closeness of his skin against mine. His thighs began pressing my legs open and I edged my pelvis up to give him a good entry angle. With one of his hands, he caressed down one of my arms and held his hand over mine. With the other, he guided his dick into the dark wetness of my pussy, skillfully maneuvering inside.

We gyrated together, moving to the slow beat of a rocking chair, as his body stayed blanketed against my back. Our sweat fused together and created a silky layer subtly between our skin, like bodies against silk sheets in a bed. At one point his dick slipped out, “Put it back in!” I commanded almost screaming, desperate, begging for our rhythm to remain unbroken. It wasn’t so much about the orgasm anymore, as it was the movement, the harmony with which we moved—an unbroken line of energy between us that was silky and wet. We didn’t need to move feverishly. We were just enjoying the ride without that fever to get to the end; we knew we’d get there eventually.

With his dick back in, we continued this slow, rhythmic rocking. As my pelvis shifted up and his dick moved further out of me, it was just that point, as his dick moved from deep to shallow, that caused that tingle in my pussy. I squeezed my pussy around his dick as my body begged for that same rhythm again after he went deep and began the flow to shallow.

He slid one hand under my stomach and nudged the area of my stomach just above my pelvis bone to indicate I should turn over. I surveyed his body again as I turned, that thick hair and defined chest and arms, and opened my legs to take him into me. He descended on me in the same way he had on my back, kissing my neck, the small of my arms, lightly tonguing my breasts as he cupped them in his hand as he entered me. I was like butter at this point, there was no need for a hand to guide him in. He could have put me in this most intricate, pretzel-like positions and he would have glided in like my pussy was magnetically engineered for his dick.

We continued our rhythmic symphony, gliding up and down to notes of our own slow musical masterpiece, my head turning from left to right and my chest arching and rounding as I felt closer to orgasm. We got to that point, the point of no return, when it’s clear orgasm is so close and there is nothing that will stand in the way of that. I moved my body faster and more forcefully to meet his, begging for him to bring me to orgasm with every thrust upward, moaning for more. He kissed my lips and drove himself deeper into me making me gasp for air. As I exhaled and he drew back, I could feel I was one or two thrusts away from being sent over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

“Come,” I moaned. “Fuck me, hard,” and he gave me two more deep thrusts until I lost all control of my body and mind. As the orgasm slipped out of my body, the world shifted to black with bursts of purple and I lost all ability to control the volume of my screams, the words that escaped me, or the movement of my body. He came at the same time. I couldn’t tell you what face he made when he came or how he moved his body, I was so caught up in my own pleasure.

He shifted off me after, and snuggled up tight to my left side, kissing my cheek and neck. He threw the condom on the floor after knotting it, and his dick felt sticky, wedged between his body and the side of my leg. He stroked my hair and traced his hands softly over my stomach and arms. After a few minutes, the heat was growing unbearable in his small beachside hut, so we decided to shower and go back to the beach.

We picked up his siblings on the way to the beach. We pulled off the road towards an abandoned house and parked. A thin, rocky path penciled down a cliff that led to those beaches you see in tourist guides: a small rocky alcove, with crystal clear water, and only two other topless couples on the beach. Once down, I ripped off my bikini top to take full advantage of browning my tits, although I figured they would pinken since they have rarely been exposed to the sun and my skin always turns pink before brown. Yannis was affectionate and playful all day. I finally had a guy, sex and beach all rolled into one fabulous Greek weekend.


About the author

Nina Cole often gets mistaken at bars for a girl without a brain, which is always amusing to her. Nina has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and has spent the last four years working around the world as an economist in international development . Nina can never get enough of learning languages, traveling to new countries, current affairs, latte machiattos, tall boots, and Dutch bicycles. And she doesn’t understand why you can’t be a girl who is super sexual and smart at the same time.

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