The Future?

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Ok this is my first attempt at writing and would gladly appreciate any feedback. The characters are all over 18..


A figure in shadow standing above me with a sad look in their eye.

The scent of flowers and strawberries was the first thing I ever noticed of her. The woman I LOVE, Zoey. She was gorgeous 5 foot 6 inches tall reddish blonde hair eyes that look at you and you would melt into them, an athletic body with 34 b sized breast and the tightest little arse that you would ever kiss. We walked on a sandy beach by the lake holding hands, I feeling totally contented and glad to finally find her. We stop and I hold here in my arms kissing her forehead, her nose her eyes and holding above her luscious lips and whisper I love you.

Rain is falling on the figure and I start to see another figure beside it.

As I hold our embrace I look into her eyes and see happiness and a hint of sadness in the background, I see the sadness disappear as I kiss her, we gently glide ourselves down kneeling into the sand, caressing the smooth skin of her neck and down her shoulder she shivers for anticipation. We recline back further onto the sand and glide my hand on her back and slowly bring a strap down off her shoulder on her dress. Her hand gently touches my check and she smiles and I see a tear roll down her check. canlı bahis A wave crashes.

The shadow slow starts to clear for the lower half of the figures.

I start kissing the nape of her neck and glide the other strap down of her dress. Savoring the scent of her kissing ever inch I can get too. Gliding the fine silk of her dress down her body comparing her skin to the dress and thinking if the dress evened her. Feeling her hand slowly start to tug at my shirt untuck it from m slacks. The dress is just below her sensual breasts encased in a white ivory silk demi bra. I work my kisses lower to her right breast circling and purposefully avoiding her delicate rosy nipple, which are starting to become hard as pink pearls. Finally licking and blowing cool breath on them and take it into my mouth, a gasp escapes her lips. She has bunched my shirt under my arms awaiting a time to pull it over my heads and shoulders. Caressing the left breast I fell her skin start to shiver again. As I switch to give the left breast the same treatment my shirt comes over my head. And I feel her push me onto my back.

The shadow now reveals the lower half of a dress and a set of gray slacks.

Feeling her lips on my earlobe and neck is like tiny sparks traveling all over my body, she is doing the same as I did to her, working her way down to bahis siteleri my nipples am caressing her skin longing to put my lips back onto it. She flicks my nipple and this get y muscle to start putting more blood to it. I caress her back and reach the clasp that hold her bra closed I undo the clasp and reach forward and message those lovely caring breasts. I lean back up and take them back into my mouth and lower the dress even further. Gliding my hand down to her arse, firmly grab it and hear a squeal of delight. Working further down to her naval. I kiss and swirl my tongue in and out of it, a mewing sound is heard as hands reach for my belt buckle. Continuing the progression of kisses and lowering of her dress and feeling her hands going for the buttons of my slacks. Pop the button goes flying.

The shadow revealing more of the dress and a jacket.

Her dress at the apex of her back and arse I grab it again messaging it as the zipper lowers on my slacks. I slide the dress past her arse and feeling her sensuous skin get goose bumps there. My pants are being tugged over my hips and down my legs her hands send shivers down my spine, wanting further contact with her. I raise her up and gaze into her eyes the sparkle just making me happier as the dress cascades down her toned legs to her dainty ankles. I see the hint of bahis şirketleri a tear again as she helps me up to lower my slacks down and off me.

The faces still covered in shadow.

As I guide her down onto the sand I caress her bum and legs easing them open as her scent surrounds me and lifts me to euphoria. Kissing down her abdomen and pressing my cheek on her thigh. As I stop and gaze at her smooth kitty I see creation of the universe for a brief second. Not wanting to wait any longer I kiss her around her lips seeing them open as a butterfly would her wings, the taste of her flowing juices remind me of a sweet wine that swirl and savor the taste. Flicking her clitoris with my tongue and a primal groan is release from her lips, and a shudder is felt.

A ray of pure light start to shine down.

Feeling her hands on my chest and a slight weight on my stomach as shiver run down my spine to my muscle, which is standing proud. Her smooth moist walls surround me. We pause our movement. Our lips find each other and pressure builds tongues entwine and pleasure increases. Movements mimic the waves as they crash. They roll in faster and faster, finally ending in a large wave covering both of us as we reach our climaxes.

The light reveals Zoey and a young man, my perspective shift and I see my name written in stone with a date underneath and LOVE & Father above.

I gasp as I sit up covered in sweat, feeling remorse for a mistake in the past for losing her to my own ignorant mind.

Future work may come depending on feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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