The Family Which Plays Together Ch. 01

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It all started when daddy went to jail. Stealing is wrong, we all know that… getting caught stealing, going to jail and leaving your wife and a daughter just out of senior school high and dry – now that’s worse. We lived out in the boondocks; more than a hundred miles from the nearest big city and fifteen from anywhere with more than a post office or general store. There were more farm machinery dealers than clothing stores in the vicinity and nearly everything we wore arrived by delivery from catalogues.

Pappy was the district manager for the national census so his job didn’t really get busy but once a decade; he even managed to mess that one up. He started off charging the government a huge amount to rent an office, supposedly from his sister-in-law, but that wasn’t any more than the shed across the dusty road that ran past our house. He got to spend a budget of something near four million dollars every decade on getting the forms delivered, collected and sorted. Of course, he cut corners and managed to skim a couple of hundred thousand dollars … but he wasn’t smart enough to stop himself from getting greedy. Then he got caught.

Mom was distraught, seemingly inconsolable; they couldn’t find the money Pappy had stolen and had tied up the entire family behind so much red tape that, as my Uncle Clem has said, “She couldn’t afford to park – never mind buy groceries without fifteen forms being filled out and passed through to the FBI in Washington for some faceless bastard to okay.”

At the time there was only me living at home with my folks. I’d decided to take a year out before choosing which university and what subject; I felt like they were decisions that I should think long and hard about. My sister Patience was away doing her last year at university and my brother Marlon lived two hundred miles away. He was nearly thirty and worked in the state attorneys’ office – it took less than a month for him to lose his job once Pappy got caught. A stain that large on your family’s record isn’t going to help in anyone’s search for a new job.

Anyway, two weeks after he was fired, he was back living at home. Marlon pretty soon sent Uncle Clem and Aunt Pamela back to their own place out of state claiming that he’d see that the family got by during these times of trials and tribulation.

Times were hard; I got a little piecework, a pottery sent down truck loads of different small animal figurines and I painted them with the paints that they supplied, then attached two yards of string to them, bagged them individually ready for sale as decorative bathroom light pulls. The pay was enough (if I put in the hours) to cover a big chunk of the grocery and power bills. Marlon borrowed a petrol driven tiller and planted vegetables and a couple of rows of corn across half of the back yard that Mom and Pappy had spent years clearing of scrub. Mom mostly stayed at home and cried whilst seeming to spend her entire life cleaning and dusting the house over and over.

I did my work in the garage, because there was space to paint, dry and pack without cluttering up the house. It didn’t rain but occasionally in January and February, so Mom’s car and Marlon’s pickup stayed in the yard; we couldn’t afford the gasoline to go gallivanting around the county anyway so they didn’t even move that often. I was pretty conscientious about the work and put in eight hours straight, no breaks — I worked five or six days a week. Marlon seemed to spend the same amount of time, weeding and irrigating.

One Friday afternoon, six months after Poppa had started his prison term, I was painting some piglets when I ran out of black. It didn’t take me but two strokes with the brush to realise that the box of paint pots labelled black were in fact a box of clear varnish – every single model needed black on it somewhere. At first I was pissed about the interruption. The pottery said that they’d get another one out that day for delivery on Monday and pay me a bonus because they were in the wrong.

Once I realised that it was someone else’s fault I remember thinking, ‘yahoo! A long weekend…’ My plan was that I was going to get whammied on the bottle of blackberry wine I had been keeping, waiting for such an occasion. I changed out of my overalls and headed up to the house. From the etimesgut escort position of the sun I guessed that it wasn’t much past mid-afternoon and thought of maybe taking a walk down to the pool in the slow side of the river bend for a quick dip and lazy lounge on the banks under the huge cypress tree.

Lazy-m, my brother’s hound, had fallen asleep in the kitchen doorway and was holding both the door and the screen open with his snoring and wheezing body… some guard dog.

“No Marlon… not here… what if your sister comes in?” I heard my momma’s voice inside the house.

“She won’t be in for more than two hours and anyway,” I heard Marlon reply. “If anyone so much as touches the door handle, old Lazy-m will bay louder than a factory whistle. So just you hang fire right as you are… I’m fixing to get some of that sweet pussy that you’re holding – and having you bent over the blanket box like this reminds me that maybe I’ll let you take my spunk up your pretty little pooper. But only if my little slut momma asks nicely.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. The words were coming through the open door to the laundry room at the far end of the kitchen and I had to see. If I try to work out why I didn’t just scream my disgust and leave the two of them to their depraved ways I just get confused, but I was curious; I wanted to watch. I crept up the length of the kitchen barely daring to breathe.

“No panties… you are a naughty little slut, Momma… and wetter than a hurricane. I don’t think that you need any further warming up woman. Take my cock.”

It looked as if Mom had been ironing sheets and had just put them away in the moth -proof blanket box when Marlon had come up behind her. I stood to one side of the door and leaned over to look into the laundry room. Turned at forty –five degrees opposite where I stood, Marlon was naked and standing in front of a pile of his clothes; mom’s housecoat and top were to one side of them – she was naked too.

As I watched he pulled back from her; the skin on the muscles of his thighs and arse rippling, his hands were pulling her butt cheeks apart and as I watched he slowly pushed his dick back into her cunt. I should have been turning away but ic ouldn’t take my eyes from my brothers man-meat, it was long and fat, really fat. Mom was flat on her face along the length of the cushion on top of the blanket box, her face turned away from me. She had hold of her tits, fingernails digging in and releasing as she clutched herself to the same rhythm as his slow thrusts.

“I love your big dick my baby… talk dirty to your slut mommy… then make me beg you to come up my dirty hole,” she was moaning. “Fill my arse with your jism… oh god… you are so much bigger than your uncle! You’re even bigger than your nasty old aunt’s black strap-on… oh god yes… I love it. I love being your slut mommy… push it all the way in, I want to feel your balls slapping against my clit… ooh my god it’s so big!” I guess Marlon couldn’t help but aim to please because he sure started to put extra effort into the way he was slamming it to our mom, all the way in, harder and faster. ” Yeah, yeah, fuck me with your horse cock baby… make my cunt yours… oh god… oh god yeah you’re making your dirty slut mommy come… yeah oh yeah… come with me baby… ram your big cock into my tight little arsehole… fill my dirt box with your spunk.”

In an instant Marlon pulled out of her, his cock jerking back upwards to slap against his stomach – its head was higher than his belly button. He reached into her gaping pussy with three fingers making a circular movement, scooping out some of her juice. He then used the three fingers to lube up her back door with her own cum. He forced them beyond the crinkled entrance, once… twice …then out to be replaced by the huge head of his uncircumcised cock. His hands gripped her butt cheeks, pulling her back onto his magnificent manhood, slowly but unstopping until his balls were slapping against and into the gaping cunt he had just vacated. She threw her head back and I could see the passing of exquisite pain over her features that were replaced thrust by thrust with ones of ecstasy.

“Take this you dirty slut – take your son’s incestuous spunk up your etimesgut escort bayan poop chute. Oh god … oh my god Momma! You are one dynamite fuck. I’m gonna come in your arse…”

He let go of her butt cheeks and grabbed her hair, pulling her backwards; she opened her eyes – and saw me. Before she could think about what she’d glimpsed the feeling of his cock spurting inside the dirty place that my brother had put it, made her come again… she shook her head and screamed as he grunted time after time.


As he pulled out of her I was on my knees at his side. His look of shock dissipated to wonder as I pulled him round to take the huge end of his dick in my mouth. I swear that I could taste my mum’s pussy and arse amongst the spunk that covered his wonderful cock. Once the head was beyond my teeth I let go of his manhood and I tried unsuccessfully to get my clothes off.

Mom looked back and then turned so that she was almost on her back; her cunt muscles had pulled themselves back into shape only to be replaced by her gaping arsehole. Marlon’s dick never had a chance to soften after his orgasm, and he started to fuck my face, banging against my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. Once he was fully hard I pulled away from him.

“Put that in my pussy… I want to suck your come from our dirty slut mommy’s well fucked arse.” Turning away from him I pulled off my t-shirt and let my firm B-cups loose before dipping my head down towards that font.

He lifted me off the ground as he tore off my combat pants and the panties that I wore underneath them… my feet literally didn’t touch the ground before I was naked and being forced backwards onto that magnificent cock. Then, as he invaded me with his hugeness, his momentum pushed me forward again so that my nose was between her cunt lips and my tongue pushing past the slowly shrinking ring of her butt.

His spunk had the rich flavour of pistachios… lightly salted pistachios; Mum’s hands were at the back of my head pulling me into her, lifting her feet to make sure that I was as close as I could be. My brother just kept on moving further and further into my tight pussy, stretching it in every direction in a fabulous way. He seemed to be constantly dragging against my clit with every slow push and pull. As he pulled out of my pussy after his sixth stroke I must have sucked extra hard because a stream of his spunk flew across the vacuum my action on her arse was causing and into my mouth. I had to swallow because it wouldn’t all fit in, more and more arrived as I sucked and sucked then swallowed time and time again… he must have pumped a cupful into her arse…. but I got most of it back out.

A few seconds later and I think that I screamed as he made me come for the first time; Mum’s arsehole was closing around my mouth as I sucked it dry, so I lifted my head enough to start on the pussy that had given birth to me. She tasted like fresh lavender, with just a hint of an autumn peach. My thumbs pulled her swollen lips apart and I stiffened my tongue and tried to push it as far inside my slut mommy’s pussy as I could go. My nose, already covered in her nectar rubbed the shield covering her clitoris aside to reveal the longest, proudest, hardest love button I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it started to stand out from the top of her vulva… and it just kept on coming out and coming out.

Now I’m very fond and rather proud of my clit, with just a little dedicated persuasion mine will lose its shy and retiring manner and come out entirely beyond its little shield… nearly half an inch long and dangerously prone, when messed with in almost any way, to uncontrollable mind-fucking orgasms. Mom’s was more than twice as large, and getting bigger by the moment.

My fingers left her labia and my thumbs squeezed either side of this fantastic organ while I sucked her pussy walls into my mouth and fucked her with my tongue. I rubbed her clit from side to side with my nose and kept squeezing with my thumbs to the same rhythm as my stabbing tongue. Suddenly her thighs clamped hard against my ears and she started to shake; I don’t know if she made any noise as she came because my ears were covered where I was held so hard between them… escort etimesgut but Jesus fucking Christ did she squirt off some. I was already sucking so it started filling my mouth and running down my throat in an instant – none of the bitter taste that had been there when I tried a taste of my pee for a dare from my best friend when we’d got drunk a few weeks before dad had been sent away to do his time. Her spunk was sharp and sweet, and at the same time salty, too. Five times she squirted, and five times I swallowed it all. Her clit was jerking and shaking like a dick does when it spurts jizz as a guy comes. I sucked it into my mouth, nipping and nibbling at it and she went wild. It felt as if she’d fling me into the next county as she bucked around, but I was quite safe – her thighs remained clamped around my head. She definitely didn’t want me to stop.

All the while, Marlon was gradually working his huge fat salami of a cock into the untouched depths of my pussy. He lifted my body by the waist and eased a little more into me on each slow inward thrust, at the same time pulling my legs up to wrap them the around his waist so that I could support myself on him as he pulled away. One of his hands at a time let go; the first one reached around to my clit and rubbed it… once, twice and then slapped it, then rubbed it then slapped it. I started to shake as another orgasm tore through me, making me suck harder on my mommy’s clit.

Then his other hand started to rub my butt cheeks, one then the other, harder, raising warmth through friction. Just as it started to burn he stopped… It was just a moment’s respite before delivering two rapid stinging slaps, one to each cheek. Then a gentle rub over the sensitive areas before another short break to distract me from the slow build up of pace that was happening as he fucked me really good… oh god so good…

I felt so full, so fucking full. Then as my mind swam through vast portals into the realms of fantasy and the spaces beyond normal sex, he distracted me and brought me back to the laundry room by slowly pushing his thumb into my tight little arsehole. He must have wet it in his mouth because there was no pain or burning sensation, just the feeling of being filled deliciously in one hole as the other was being emptied; he worked that thick digit in and out as a counter rhythm to the thrusting of his cock.

As another huge wave of orgasm enveloped me, threatening to drown me with sensations… I bit down harder on my slut momma’s clit, who shook and came again, hammering her heels against the middle of my back.

Suddenly, Marlon suddenly withdrew his magnificent dick from my body and turned me around. “On your knees! Both of you! I want to come on your faces.”

His hand was a blur as he wrapped one fist tightly around his glistening cock and started to jerk off. His face twisted through something strained and ugly as his orgasm approached, to beatific peace as he came. Rope after rope strung out from the slit in the mushroom end of his cock to splatter across each of our faces, back and forth… more and more… across my closed eyes, some on each cheek…over my lips and nose, dripping from my chin and onto my tits. It landed up my forehead and into my hair, so thick that I swear I could hear it splatter against each of us in turn. Again and again he grunted; each time spurting more of his viscous fluid onto our attentive visages.

We could tell that he’d finished because he grabbed the top of each of our heads so that we were facing each other before pulling us together on either side of his still-throbbing dick.

“Lick me clean, my two sluts, and then clean my mess off each other the same way.”

It felt so hot, tongue duelling with my dirty slut mommy for the privilege of swallowing the last of his cum. I glanced up at him to see an imperious look on his face so sexy that my pussy started to twitch and dribble again. After producing two cupfuls of cum in quick succession, his balls had started to hang heavily down and his magnificent cock started to shrivel and shrink to thirty percent of the monster that had just re-bored my young pussy and hammered at the entrance to my womb. She cleaned me a little, then I cleaned her, the thick pistachio savoury custard flavoured spunk, cooling and starting to set as we finished…it was like a dream. But I knew that my life … especially my sex life would never be the same again.


… to be continued…

Without the aid of the world’s best editor, Hotti, my attempts at writing erotica would be a shambles… all praise Hotti

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