The Family Mansion Pt. 03

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Tuesday, September 3

5:59 a.m.

Liz woke up first promptly at 6 a.m. Her internal clock usually woke her up around then for her morning routine. She got up and crossed the room to turn on the lights by the door leading into the master bedroom. These lights were softer than the ones that turned on over on the wall next to where Lexi now slept, and she didn’t want to wake anyone else while she got ready for jogging.

She jogged every morning, usually just around their backyard, her husband had an asphalt path that circled the backyard he put in just for her, but sometimes she would drive up to the local park to jog there and do her morning yoga. She liked to then come back in the house and take a bath, but remembered that the new rule was everyone had to bathe together now, so she figured she might as well wake everyone up and make them jog with her. It was important to stay fit and stay healthy, after all.

She approached Nathan first, noticing right away that he had a huge erection, or “morning wood,” as she’d heard it called before. She groaned in frustration just looking at it under the thin sheet. Nate slept naked, something she didn’t realize the night before as he didn’t take his shorts off until after the lights were off and he was already lying on the bed. The most sexually frustrated part of Liz wanted to just rip that sheet off and start sucking his throbbing erection with all her might. She knew she couldn’t do that, so instead she just shook Nathan awake.

“Nate, time to wake up,” she said to him.

He slowly opened his eyes, “Ugh, what time is it Mom?” He said when he saw her.

“About 6, but if we’re all going to be sleeping together, I think we should all go through my morning routine together. Now help me get your sisters up.”

Nathan noticed his morning boner, and tried to will it away but to no avail. He groaned as he rolled over to Lexi and shook her awake.

“Ugh, what?” Lexi said as she slowly woke, as she did her hand fell down from her side, and rested right on her brother’s erection. She was still half-asleep as she slowly stroked it, “Mmm, that feels nice,” she mumbled before becoming totally awake as she realized what she was doing. She looked at her brother angrily, “You should have stopped me.”

“Sorry,” Nathan shook his head, not sure any of that was his fault, but he’d rather not have Lexi mad at him, “I won’t do it again.” He joked.

“Better not,” she sat up and stuck her tongue out at him, he chuckled and went to wake up Erika and Brooke.

While Nathan was shaking his sisters awake, Liz laid down next to Bri and put and arm around her, she didn’t care that her children could easily see what she was doing. But something about this, holding Bri close while she was sleeping, was very comforting to her. She took a deep breath as she buried her face in Bri’s back, inhaling her smell, it was the smell of her friends body without perfume or anything else added to it. Just the smell specific to Bri, something that Liz had never truly smelled before but doing it now she found she loved it, and she hoped she could find reasons to smell it more. She noticed that her other kids were up and now staring at her. Liz pretended she was just waking up as she shook her best friend awake.

“Bri, the kids are up and waiting for their mother,” she told her best friend.

Bri slowly woke up, “Oh, is that me now?”

“Do you want it to be?” Liz almost asked, instead she said, “Well, I don’t want to do it.” Laughing as she did.

Bri sighed, “Fine you’re majesty, I’ll get Erika ready for school.”

“It’s too early for school,” Erika said, yawning.

Bri looked up, there was a dial clock on the wall saying it was only about 6. She sighed, as she sat up groggily on the bed, “Okay, so why are we up now?”

“Mom made us do it,” Nathan said, feeling rather groggy himself.

“Oh?” Bri said turning to Liz, “And I thought you had just woken up?” Bri said with a smirk.

“No,” Lexi said, bitter about the whole situation, “She just pretended that so she could cuddle with you,” she then thought to add, “like a creep.”

“Lexi!” Bri said, commanding, “Don’t call your mother names!”

Lexi shut her mouth, she hated getting in trouble, especially from Brianna.

Bri then looked back to Liz, lovingly. But she looked away, not wanting to get her hopes up.

“Well,” Liz said after another moment, “I thought that since we’re all sleeping and showering together, we should probably start jogging together too. Also, I bathe every morning after my exercise so I think it’s probably better if we all exercise together and then we can bathe together after, and then we can start the day. Also, I was hoping to look at Brooke’s website to see how we were doing.”

Brooke smiled at this, “Sure, we can do that right now if you want.”

“Okay,” Liz said as she stood up from the bed. Her and her daughter walked from the room. While they were etimesgut escort gone, the rest of the Slope family, and Brianna, all went to their rooms to grab exercise clothes. They came back to Mom’s room to meet before starting yoga, but when they got back, Liz was sitting on her bed, looking dour.

“What’s wrong Mom?” Lexi asked when she came back in.

“Oh, it’s terrible.” Liz said to her kids, “We only managed to make three grand yesterday, we only have about one tenth of what we need.”

Everyone gasped, this was heartbreaking news. If that was all they got sold, then they probably wasn’t any way for them to save their mansion.

Brooke was much more cheerful about this than people expected, “Don’t worry guys, there’s still hope. I mean, if we just assume that 2 videos means we make three thousand dollars, and we still have four days, right, so that means we only have to make…” She started to do the math in her head.

“Ten videos a day,” Brianna said, reaching the conclusion faster, “And Master Nathan would have to be in every single one, that’s what you said yesterday.”

“Well, that’s only if we want to get the most back on what we make.” Brooke said.

“That’s impossible,” Liz said, “Nathan cums almost twice per video, no man can cum that much in one day.” Though truthfully, Liz wasn’t entirely sure about that, she didn’t know nearly enough about sex because her husband only ever pushed her away, but it seemed impossible just thinking about it for one man to be able to have that much sex.

“I’ll do it,” Nathan said, though, like his mother, he really wasn’t sure that he could, “I mean, I have to right? I don’t want us to lose the house.”

“I’ll help out as much as I need to as well,” Lexi said. Though she still wished everything just magically went back to the way it was, she knew they had to do this or they’d lose everything.

“If Mom will call my school and say I’m sick,” Erika added, “I’ll help out today as well.” She was very excited to help out in any way, but she didn’t want that to show.

“I’ll do whatever you need me to, Liz,” Brianna told her best friend.

Liz nodded, “Okay, well, I suggest well all do yoga, and then jog, we’ll try to discuss our course of action today as we do so.”

Brooke just smiled and nodded the whole time. She had figured it out after Lexi yelled at them last night. She waited until she was sure everyone else was asleep before sneaking out of the room to use her computer. Though she could probably have done it through her phone, she was worried the light would wake someone, especially her mom. When she logged onto the computer, she took the money she had, and resupplied her full inventory, and then ordered more supplies to design even more clothes. In the end she bought up almost $70,000 worth of supplies, just to save a screenshot of it saying they only had $5,000 in the account, though at that point she was sure she had sold off even more inventory again. But the screenshot was enough. She already decided that the next day she would say it must have been a fluke and show what the real amount was. Getting ten videos in one day would really let her play with her perversions before her mom called a stop to everything. Just one more day to see how far she could push her family into various taboos.

For now though, everyone stretched in the backyard to Liz’s instructions, each on their own yoga mats. Nathan stretched down to touch his toes like everyone else, on his individual mat in the exercise room. But he took a spot in the back so his sisters were in front of him in a line He bent over with the rest of them, but she wasn’t trying nearly as hard so he could up at his sisters and mother and maid’s perfect asses. Though everyone else was distracted doing yoga, except for Erika, who looked back her as he saw her admire their mom’s ass. She sighed, why was he always paying attention to Mom more than anyone else, she thought bitterly, especially her. She was tired of being off on the sidelines as Nathan seemed to just lust after everyone else. It was time for her to be more aggressive, even moreso than she’d been before.

They stretched their arms into the sky. But when they reached back down again, Erika lowered her yoga pants so that her ass was completely showing, but it still looked like she had her pants up in the front. As she bent over she kept her eyes on Nathan. He glanced over at her and did a double take. And his mouth hung open, his couldn’t just see her well-toned, cheerleader ass but from the way she was bent over at the hip, her perfectly shaved pussy also came into view. He caught his little sister’s eye and she winked at him. Nathan felt himself getting hard, When he stood up his boner pressed out menacingly for all to see. Of course that’s when his mom turned around to prepare for the next position, the downward facing dog and she wanted to make sure everyone knew how to do it exactly. Of course, she etimesgut escort bayan saw her son’s hard cock almost immediately and had to shake off a sudden surge of horniness before continuing, “Okay, um, hmm, I guess for this next position…” she went on but was hardly hearing the words she was saying as she watched her son. Nathan wasn’t paying any attention to Liz though, as he kneeled over and basically had his eyes locked directly on Erika.

Though Erika was quite jealous of her mother, it seemed more and more every day, Liz was always very proud of Erika. Partly because she looked like a younger version of herself with her straight black hair, brown eyes, and angelic faces. And though Erika was shorter than everyone else, they had the same bodily proportions and Erika’s tits and ass stuck out of her body the same way that Liz’s did. Though she realized right afterwards that it was a strange reason to be impressed with her daughter, she smiled knowing that Nathan was ogling his little sister.

They finished stretching and started jogging around the yard on the path designed by their father. Erika pulled her pants up, though she thought about ripping a hole in them, but didn’t want to ruin one of her only two pairs of yoga pants, especially if they were going to be doing this every day that week, so she refrained from any more naughtiness, for the moment.

Liz jogged ahead of everyone, lost in thought, so much so she gained a fair distance ahead of everyone else. For one thing, she was feeling exceptionally horny. She thought about what her, Bri, and Nathan had been up to the night before and she was sure she was probably leaving a stain on the crotch of her yoga pants, but hopefully it would just look like it was sweat. She was beginning to embrace these taboo feelings she had for her son, but after being caught by Lexi and her making everyone feel guilty, she was having severe doubts again. She hoped she could talk to Brianna about it before any of that day’s video sessions had to start.

Behind everyone else, Nathan lagged. He knew if he wanted to he could keep up with his mother at the front, but instead just stayed behind and tried not to notice his family’s tight bodies in their hot exercise outfits as the jogged. Though the boner Erika had given him from staring at her beautiful bare ass and pussy had subsided, it was just aching to come back as he watched all his sisters tight asses in their yoga pants as they jogged in front of him.

Brooke saw Nate lagging and slowed down so she could talk to her brother, “Hey Nathan,” she said, “You look a bit glum. Too early for you?”

Nathan was still a bit groggy but the jogging was helping, “That’s not it,” he told his older sister, “I mean, am I really going to have to cum at least 10 times today? I don’t think anyone could do that.” Nathan told her.

Brooke nodded, “We’ll have to think of something. It’s going to be a long day, I’m sorry that this is a lot of pressure being put on you. I’ll see what I can do to, you know, keep you hard.” Brooke smiled at Nathan’s horny expression after that and then jogged on ahead to whisper with her sister Erika at the front, except for their mother who was far ahead of the rest of them.

Nathan jogged up to Lexi, who was now at the back, “Hey twin sis,” He said, worried she might be angry with him.

She was a bit angry still, but something in her was starting to accept that their family dynamic was going to change. “Hey Nathan,” she said, trying not to sound angry at him, it wasn’t his fault everyone else was going to be reliant on him. She didn’t have to be happy about it though.

Unfortunately for Lexi, Nathan could always tell when she was upset about something, “Look,” he said, feeling a bit impatient with her, partly due to her stopping Mom and Brianna on his cock last night and being that they all slept together he hadn’t gotten any alone time to alleviate himself, “I don’t want to be the guy who’s all like ‘grow up, sister,’ but shit, Lex. You’re usually less uptight than this.” Lexi could tell Nathan was a bit grumpy, she guessed the early morning didn’t help.

She stopped on the jogging track and Nathan stopped with her, because they were behind everyone else, no one noticed and kept running ahead of them, “What do you want me to say, Nathan?” she wasn’t trying to hide her frustration anymore, “Go ahead, fuck our family?”

“I didn’t ask to-”

“I know,” Lexi interrupted, “But I also don’t see you complaining any having five gorgeous women slobbering over you.”

Nathan thought about this statement, “Five, so you too?” He joked with his sister.

Though Nathan was joking, that caught her by surprise, “Well,” she said, less angry but much more confused about her feelings, “I guess the cat is out of the bag.” She went back to jogging, running twice as fast so Nathan couldn’t keep up with her.

Nathan tried to anyway, but his shorter sister escort etimesgut seemed to have longer legs somehow, either that or he needed to exercise more than he had been. He guessed he had been a bit lax in that department lately.

He arrived at the other end, where the concrete area around the pool was, where everyone was waiting for him. Liz laughed at her son, “I thought you were more in shape than this.” she joked.

“Me too.” Nathan gasped as he collapsed in the grass past the edge of the concrete.

Brooke came over and kneeled next to him. She handed him a bottle of Gatorade, “Here, this should help, now come on, I think we’re going to take a bath in the jacuzzi, so that should be fun!” She was super excited about the coming day. But the way she said all this made Nathan feel kind of okay. At least he knew that no matter what happened, he had one family member who would still love him no matter what.

6:35 a.m.

They came in but Brianna stopped them before they entered into the jacuzzi room. “While you all were out running around, I made breakfast for everyone,” she said, “and I think we should all eat and discuss the day before we all start getting naked around each other.” Brianna told them, and they followed her to the dining room where plates of bacon and eggs were placed for each of them, even Brianna.

Nathan sat at the head of the table again, though this used to be where his mom sat, or his father the few times throughout the year he was there to eat with them and not just running out the door for work. But everyone unconsciously seemed to agree that Nathan now belonged at the head of the table. To his left, Liz sat, followed by Brianna. On his right, Erika sat next to him quickly before anyone else could, then Brooke and finally Lexi, who would keep catching herself staring at her brother throughout the meal.

After they’d eaten for a bit, Liz cleared her throat, “considering the nature of how much work we need to do, I’ve already called the high school and told them Erika was sick so she can help more today, but only today, tomorrow you’ll be going back to school normally.” Erika nodded, she seemed quite pleased with this plan, even though she only got extra time that day, she was going to make the most of it. Liz seemed embarrassed about saying the next part, she blushed and said, “Um, Brooke, I think you should probably say the other thing we discussed…”

“Okay, well,” Brooke said, “the thing is, with so many sessions needed to be done today, and every day after this,” she added, though she had already decided to show that they’ve made the money they needed back tomorrow, no need to let anyone get suspicious about anything, “Because of this, I figure after we shower, we should first set up two shots. Each with Nathan and two other girls,” this thought made Lexi go bug eyed, “I figure Mom and Brianna can set up in our doctor’s office in some sexy nurses outfits I have picked out,” Mom and Bri both nodded, each thinking having some alone time with the other could let them talk about a few things, “While Erika and Lexi take care of Nathan in the classroom, since that’s already cleaned out. I know the rules say Brianna should be there for every session, because we’re going to need as much as we can today, I think we’ll need to do it without a referee this time.”

Brianna nodded without any complaint, she just didn’t want to pass up a chance to have Liz to herself for a moment.

7:23 a.m.

In the jacuzzi bath, which was a little snug with all six people in it, Brianna explained that since they couldn’t trust each other to keep their hands to themselves, they might as well help each other wash. They turned and washed each others backs in a circle around the edge of the large tub. Nathan washed Lexi’s back, he was going to be passive, trying not to disappoint her any further, but as soon as he touched her she leaned back into him so he couldn’t help but feel the silkiness of her skin and knead her and feel her hot body. He went down her back, and when he got to her ass he felt bold enough to run his hand around the sides of her butt before grabbing both globes of her beautiful ass fully. Lexi sighed with pleasure as Nathan kneaded the skin of her butt. Erika, who was washing Nate’s back, saw that he now had a huge erection and she reached around and grabbed it and started to jerk it. Brianna immediately saw this and said, “I guess that’s enough washing our backs. I assume we can wash our own fronts.” They did so, all the women noticed and failed to not stare at Nathan’s hard as steel cock staring back at all of them.

After the bath, they set up in the classroom while Brianna and Liz cleaned up the doctor’s office and put on their sexy nurses outfits. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Nathan was wearing a suit with a tie, as Brooke told him he should be the teacher while Erika and Lexi were two sexy school girls who seduce him.

Erika needed no convincing to wear the incredibly short school girl skirt, so short that it didn’t even fully cover her vagina, and it showed her shaved pussy off for all to see. Lexi needed some convincing though to even wear a normal sized skirt without her panties on. But she grumbled as she took them off. About ten minutes later, they were all set and ready to go.

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