The Cinema Ch. 03

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All participants are over 18.


Colin retraced his steps in his mind, back to the beginning of this adventure.

Today, he had planned to make aggressive advances on his friend and crush, Quentin, by giving him a blowjob in a dark and nearly empty cinema. After a quick trip to the bathroom, Colin had returned to the wrong theatre, sat down beside a man he thought was Quentin and proceeded to blow him. In fact, he swallowed the cum of a completely different man, Nelson, who just happened to sit in the same range of seats in his theatre as Quentin did in his. Colin panicked and ran out of the cinema; Nelson could not follow with his pants around his ankles to get answers to his question: why had a total stranger given him a blowjob?

When the lights came up in the theatre, Nelson found a wallet where his oral benefactor had been kneeling before him. It told him who Colin was and where he lived. He was honest enough to return the wallet without thought of reward. Since he had his dad’s car for the day, Nelson drove to Colin’s residence and returned the wallet, only asking why he had been singled out for an anonymous blowjob. Colin refused to talk about it in the doorway of his parents’ house and agreed to get into Nelson’s car to discuss the matter. Nelson reassured Colin that he would neither out him nor blackmail him and Colin was greatly relieved. Nelson also promised that Colin wouldn’t have to blow him again. As they talked, they discovered they were both bisexual and inexperienced. The talk of sex aroused them both and this time it was Nelson who made advances.

He kissed Colin first, and Colin’s resistance quickly melted in the heat of their passionate embrace. After several minutes of sucking face, both men were horny. Nelson convinced Colin to lay back and receive a blowjob. In the act, Nelson blew Colin’s mind. As they lay back recovering from their efforts, Colin noticed that Nelson had an erection beneath his clothes and a look of pure lust in his eyes as he stared at Colin’s ass.

“Oh, noooo…”

“Oh, yes, I think,” Nelson said as he began to reposition himself for easy entry and unzipping himself.

“But you said you were emptied out after I blew you…”

“I was, but that was before I had a fucking cock come in my mouth. I’m horny as hell now.”

The truth was that Colin was still horny too, even after shooting his wad. He braced himself against the car door and waited for Nelson to mount him…

Colin wasn’t as closed to the idea of anal sex as Nelson expected.

“Have you ever been fucked by a man?”


“Here’s how I see it. You have a crush on Quentin, but you’re afraid to express it to him verbally. You want to say it with sex and try to win him over with a perfect first time.”

Colin nodded. That was all true.

“You practiced giving blowjobs on a dildo and feeding yourself your own cum to get used to the taste, and now you’ve kissed a man. Don’t you want to know your way around an ass-fuck? Don’t you want everything to be perfect when you let Quentin fuck you?”


“There, you see? Can you afford to leave this to chance?”

Nelson saw Colin deep-thinking the question.

“This will be useful practice; the only difference is you won’t be using a dildo this time.”

Colin bit his lip. His arousal was rising again.

“Have you been working on widening your asshole with a dildo?”

Colin admitted that he had. Nelson had been doing the same himself for quite some time.

“Good,” Nelson said. “Then this won’t hurt.”

They kept kissing as Nelson began to paw at what remained of Colin’s clothes. He broke the kiss only long enough to pull Colin’s t-shirt off over his head. Colin kicked his shoes off before lifting his ass off the seat, allowing Nelson to pull his pants off. Nelson plucked off both of his socks. Colin anadolu yakası escort put up no resistance.

Nelson admired the naked form of his lover. Colin was long and lean, with a farmer’s tan; Nelson wasn’t much of a beach person either, so fair enough. Colin’s pink nipples were hard. A sparse trail of soft, downy, black hairs ran from his chest to his groin. His purple prick stood up, wobbling like a drunk. Nelson thought Colin had a pretty good dick, as big as his own. He didn’t stop to admire it too long; he’d already inspected that organ closely. He was in need of a hole to fuck.

Colin, still leaning back on the seat, cramped up with discomfort.

“Okay, you can fuck me, but not here.”

Colin sat up, opened the car door and jumped out, apparently no longer worried that observers might intrude upon their privacy. He walked bare-ass-naked toward a convenient fallen tree. He fell to his knees in a bed of fallen leaves and folded his body over the log. Nelson got out of the car to find Colin face-down, ass-up. He was wide open and ripe to be taken.

Don’t mind if I do, thought Nelson, pleased to have such a willing partner.

Nelson discarded his own clothing without shame. Naked, Nelson was a little huskier than Colin. His slight belly and his ass jiggled a little when he moved. His chest and belly were a carpet of coarse, curling hairs, each as red as the hairs on his head. His pubic bush was full and fiery.

Nelson went to the front of the car and opened the glove compartment. There was a jar of lube and a pack of condoms there. He didn’t ask his dad, a happily-married man, why he kept these in the car, but they were convenient to have here today. As he snatched one of the packets, he hoped his dad didn’t keep count of his condom inventory. Nelson snapped a rubber over his throbbing erection. He walked around the car toward his new lover, lubricating the condom with the jelly in the jar. When he got to Colin and his upended ass, he reached down and packed Colin’s arse with lube, letting one finger penetrate the hairy hole; Nelson smiled to hear Colin gasp.

Tossing the jar aside, Nelson went to his knees behind Colin. He put his hands on both of Colin’s ass-cheeks, widening the opening between them. Then he leaned in with his penis. The organ passed the fleshy buttocks and Colin inhaled, bracing for either pain or pleasure as the organ touched his hole.

Upon penetration, Colin cried out and Nelson grinned to himself. That had definitely been a cry of pleasure, Nelson thought. The man’s dick continued to sink into the hole, past the sphincter and into the bowel. Eventually, his hairy balls tickled Colin’s crack.

“Oh, God!” Colin said.

“Does it hurt?” Nelson asked with genuine concern.

“N-no… fuck, no… please fuck me, Nelson.”

“Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” This time Nelson asked more playfully.

“It doesn’t hurt, Nelson. Please fuck me.”

“How do you want it?”

“Fuck me hard.”

Nelson could have made him keep grovelling like that, begging, with his ass impaled and his face down in the damp humus, but this was Nelson’s first ass-fuck. He could hardly wait to get started.

He began to saw slowly in and out of Colin’s backside. They both moaned in unison, Colin at being filled, and Nelson at the tightness of the squeeze on his cock. Colin’s position gave him no leverage to shove back at Nelson’s thrusts, but Nelson needed no urging. He slowly increased the pace of his cock-prodding.

Colin was soon panting.

“God, Nelson, you’re fucking great in my ass.”

“Who needs Quentin?”

Colin didn’t respond to that comment. He only told Nelson to fuck him harder through laboured breath.

Nelson, too, was winded by his exertions, but he complied with Colin’s demand, pounding the younger man’s ataşehir escort ass faster and penetrating as deep as he could. His cock was stimulated by the tightness of Colin’s asshole and Nelson knew he was going to come soon. Nelson’s performance pressure and desire to last longer was somewhat relieved by the sounds of grunts and groans below him.

Could he have actually given his partner an orgasm by fucking his ass?

Colin confirmed it. His erection had been bouncing and lightly scraping against the bark surface of the log beneath him; with Nelson stimulating his ass and his cock rubbing on the log, Colin could not hold back.

“Jesus… Fuck, I’m coming again, Nelson!” He was surprised with himself; he had, after all, been blown only a few minutes before.

As the pleasure rippled through Colin, his anal sphincter tightened on the dick grinding his ass. Nelson too gave a great groan to the sky as pulse after pulse of his semen filled the condom deep inside Colin’s chute.

The lovers lay side-by-side in the leaf-mould in the late summer evening. They were hot, sweaty, dirty and exhausted.

“Thank you,” Colin said.

“Thank you,” Nelson said. “And don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. If you ever want a fuck-buddy, or if things don’t work out with Quentin, pencil me in.”‘

“I might just be able to fit you in.”

The lovers dressed as the sun set behind the trees. As they got into the car, each of them was thinking of Quentin and the shadow he cast between them. As Nelson drove Colin home, he hoped he would hear from him again soon. He knew that was unlikely, even though Nelson had added his number to Colin’s contacts; the younger man was hung up on his crush. Nelson turned his mind to the Quentin problem. There might be a way to wriggle farther into Colin’s confidence. He had already established intimacy; now he needed trust.

“Say, next time you can shove your cock up my ass.”

Colin turned to look at him and Nelson knew he was interested in the idea, but wary.

“Next time?” Colin asked.

“If you want there to be a next time, of course. I don’t mind telling you that this is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Colin blushed. He hadn’t wanted to think it of himself, but he’d had the greatest sexual adventure of his life with a virtual stranger… not Quentin.

“I know you’re working your way up to springing your interest on Quentin in a very demonstrative way; you blew me by surprise thinking I was him. But maybe that’s not the best idea; maybe it would be better to build on your friendship and only slowly cross the sexual lines. You may be left wondering longer, but you’re likelier to receive a thought-out response. A typical heterosexual guy might have gotten up and beaten you within an inch of your life right there on the spot the second you put your hand on his leg; is that a chance you want to take with Quentin? And in public? For that matter, think of the possible consequences of having blown a stranger like me. If I was of a different mind, I could have used your accidental blowjob as leverage for blackmail.”

Colin stared at Nelson, suddenly worried. It was written all over his face.

“Don’t worry,” Nelson said. “I promised to keep your secret and I will.”

Colin visibly relaxed, but not completely.

“I’ll even help you to win Quentin over,” Nelson said.

“What? How?”

“I don’t know yet, but I make a good wing-man. Together, we can do our best to bring him over to our side.”

Colin looked hopeful. He looked forward to sharing his plans for Quentin with Nelson. They had their low-profile bisexuality in common, so Colin trusted Nelson. Sex had forged a bond between them.

It was dark by the time Nelson parked in front of Colin’s parents’ house. Before Colin could leave the car, Nelson bostancı escort planted a wet kiss on the younger man’s lips, slipping in a little tongue. It was too dark for Nelson to be sure, but when he broke the kiss, he thought he saw a bulge in Colin’s pants. He certainly felt the pressure rising in his own jeans.

“Oh, fuck,” Nelson said. “I can’t let you go in like that.”

He cupped his hand over Colin’s denim-clad cock and balls. Colin groaned.

“You want me to suck you off? One for the road?”

Colin didn’t complain now about the worry of exposure; it was dark out and Nelson had reassured him that even if his parents in the house looked out at the vehicle, the car windows were tinted too dark to reveal their secret session.

Nelson was already unbuttoning Colin’s pants when the younger man said “yes, please” in a thick voice. Within seconds, Nelson had freed Colin’s genitals from his pants and underwear. The twitching cock stood at its full height once more. Nelson stroked it gently with his right hand while he tried to reposition himself to give Colin a blowjob. It was awkward with the steering wheel and the armrest and cup-holders, but Nelson managed to shape himself into the space. His watering mouth fell on Colin’s needy cock. Colin put his hands up on the roof of the car and pressed with all his strength as the nerves in his cock were inflamed with powerful sensations.

Colin told himself he had already come twice today; there was little chance he would come again and, even if he did, it would take ages. But how could he say no to these sensations?

Nelson was thinking along similar lines, so he upped his game, tongue-massaging his new friend’s cock, while he sucked in his cheeks so that the lining of his mouth would imitate a tight pussy or an asshole. He bobbed his head over Colin’s groin, managing to get most of the six-inch organ into his mouth. The remainder he jacked lightly with his hand.

After five minutes in an awkward position, Nelson was nearly ready to give up. His back and neck weren’t thanking him for his angle of attack against Colin’s cock, and his jaw was aching again. His tongue did not betray him though, and even as he stopped bobbing to save himself severe pain in the neck, Nelson swirled his tongue around the swollen member with ever-increasing intensity.

Colin was surprised to find himself on the edge of orgasm after only five minutes. He couldn’t hold back and breathlessly announced his ejaculation was imminent.

With the end in sight, Nelson redoubled his efforts, certain Colin couldn’t hold back the tide. Sure enough, only seconds later, he heard his lover cry out and groan all at once. Nelson gurgled as jizz coated the back of his mouth and slid down his throat. He felt powerful for having given his new friend such another orgasm. He didn’t stop until an overstimulated Colin had to pull his head off him.

“Oh, shit,” Colin said in a tired, lazy voice. “You’re one fucking good lay, Nelson.”

Nelson knew he had a slight froth of cum and saliva on his lips. He thought of wiping it off, but he thought it might look slutty to Colin’s eyes, even in the pale dashboard light.

They traded phone numbers and made a date to meet again in a few days. Nelson called it a “strategy session” about Quentin, but Colin knew as well as Nelson that they would just get it on again.

As Colin exited the car, Nelson observed him adjusting himself so his flagging erection was less obvious. He stood awkwardly on the sidewalk and waved a shy goodbye to Nelson before turning and walking up to the house. Nelson watched the first ass he’d ever fucked walk out of his evening.

He’d had a taste, and now he wanted the whole plate to himself. Nelson began to think on ways he might disrupt Colin’s unrequited love for Quentin and make the younger man his. If it was as simple as wanting him just for sex, Nelson might not have been above the blackmail that Colin had feared, but he wanted to win Colin away from Quentin and make him forget all about his affection for the other man.

As Nelson started his father’s car and drove away, even he had no way of guessing what would happen next…

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