The Chair Ch. 11

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When he told her what he had in store for this afternoon, she could hardly wait. The redhead hurried over to the apartment. As she entered, he greeted her at the door with a big wet French kiss. As they separated, he lead her to the computer where she would be seated this time.

He walked her through the steps she would need to follow to record his physiological data this time. When he was certain that she knew what to do at the computer, he escorted her to The Chair where he had the various sensors laid out on a table.

He explained what each sensor was and how she would need to attach it to him. Some of the sensors were the same as he had previously used on each of the girls, but one was different. Those which were the same included the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor, the Blood Volume / Pulse sensor, the Respiration Sensor, and the Electromyogram (EMG) Sensor to measure the electrical activity produced by a muscle when it is being contracted. The sensor which differed from those used on the girls was the penile pneumoplethysmograph (PPG), which is a machine for measuring changes in the circumference of the penis.

The redhead then started the video camera and began helping him undress. She first unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as she undid each button. Once his shirt was unbuttoned, she slid it off of his arms and threw it onto the floor. She then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Slowly she slid his pants down and off his legs, making sure not to remove his underwear at the same time. She then resumed with the slow removal of his underwear, uncovering his dick, which was already hard just from her sensuous act of undressing him. As he lay on The Chair, she began fastening the cuffs at his ankles and thighs. After securing his chest and arms, she began attaching the medical sensors. As she wrapped the strap for the respiration sensor around his chest, she bit one of his nipples, causing his dick to jump in response. As she attached the PPG around his dick, she had to use self-control to keep from stroking it. After all, this was supposed to be a record of his response to The Chair. Lastly, she attached the nipple cups to his nipples.

With casino şirketleri all the sensors attached, she returned to the computer and started the program. The Chair performed what was now its typical starting motion, stretching his arms to the side and spreading his legs wide apart. When the nipple cups increased to the next intensity level, his readings jumped correspondingly. Another intensity level increase caused another jump in his readings. When the nipple cups went to their maximum sucking intensity, his readings went up even further. Each time the intensity had increased, more blood had surged into his dick causing it to throb while also increasing in firmness and width.

As he heard the secondary thrusting unit moving into position, his readings noticeably increased. The medium sized dildo began spraying his asshole with lubricant as it aligned itself for penetration. When the head first began to push its way into his tight asshole, his readings spiked. As the unit pushed deeper into his ass, his readings continued to rise. After completely sinking itself into his ass, the dildo began a slow thrusting in and out. With his nipples continuing to be sucked, it wasn’t long before he came, his readings being captured on the computer.

She then withdrew the thrusting unit from his ass and she let the computer continue to run, collecting data as his readings returned to normal. After he had been given a chance to collect himself, the redhead approached him and prepared to record his reactions to human stimuli. She first removed the nipplecups. She bent down and licked each of his now very tender nipples. She then unfastened the cuffs that had bound his legs to The Chair. As she was now standing between his outstretched legs, she would have started sucking his dick, but with the PPG around it, she opted to suck his balls instead. She first sucked one into her mouth and then the other. After switching back and forth several times, she took both of his balls into her mouth at the same time. She used her tongue to roll them around in her mouth as she stuck her index finger into his ass. She then added a second finger alongside the first and began thrusting them casino firmaları both in and out of his ass as she continued to suck his balls. He couldn’t take much of this treatment before he came, shooting his cum out the end of the PPG and onto his stomach.

The redhead then climbed on top of him facing his cock, straddling his neck with her legs. She inched her way back up his chest until her pussy met his lips. As he set his tongue to work on her warm, wet pussy, she bent down and took short quick licks at the tip of his cock sticking out the end of the PPF. She reached down with one hand and grabbed his balls. When she felt that he was near cumming, she squeezed his balls tightly. This triggered his orgasm and he shot another load of cum out the end of the PPG. This time it landed squarely across the redhead’s face. This triggered her climax and she came, flooding his mouth and face with her juice. After lying on top of him for several minutes without moving, she climbed down and began detaching the sensors. Finally she removed the last of his cuffs, allowing him to now stand.

He went to shower as she stopped the computer program. He was just starting to wash his cum off his stomach as she joined him in the shower. She took the soap from his hand and told him that she wanted to do that. As she washed his chest and stomach she was standing pressed against him. She bent his head down and kissed his mouth, tasting her cum on his face. She then brought the soap down between them and lathered up his dick, which was now getting hard again. She then pressed her body up against him, sliding her soapy pubic hair back and forth against his slippery cock. As she continued to rub back and forth against him, she reached behind him and began soaping his back. As her hands reached his ass, he reached his hands behind her and grabbed her ass, pulling her even more tightly against his cock.

He lifted her by her ass and held her up against the shower wall. As the water cascaded over her breasts with droplets of water dripping from her nipples, he stepped forward and impaled her with his hard wet cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He thrust into her as he held her tightly güvenilir casino against the wall, she bit his earlobe as she came. Her pussy contracting around his dick. It was then his turn, as he came, shooting his cum inside her.

They stood there for several minutes without moving. The only sound was their heavy breathing and the water running over their bodies. She finally removed her legs from around his waist as he lowered her feet to the shower floor.

As they stepped from the shower, he took a towel from the warming rack and began gently drying her body from head to toe. When she was dry, she took a towel and began sensuously drying his body. When they were both dry, they adjourned to the bedroom where they laid together on the bed as he opened a bottle and poured them each a glass of wine. As they sipped the wine, she laid back against his chest with his arms around her. He used the remote control and rewound the videotape of his session in The Chair so that they could watch themselves.

As they watched themselves on videotape, they both could tell that the other was getting excited by the sound of their breathing. They were both too tired to fuck again, so they decided to mutually masturbate each other. With the video still playing on the large screen TV, they each began to touch the other. She reached over and placed her hand around his hard cock. She began slowly stroking it up and down. He reached over and began rubbing her outer lips, lightly tracing their shape with his fingertips. As they went on, he began to diddle her clit with his thumb while probing her pussy with two fingers. For a change of pace, she occasionally stopped stroking his dick and would alternate between fondling his balls and stroking the sensitive area between his dick and his asshole.

From the wetness of her pussy he could tell that she was nearing her climax so he began thrusting his fingers in and out of her faster and with more force. She in turn stroked his dick faster and faster. As he came, he shot a stream of cum all the way up his stomach and onto his chest. As she saw this, her orgasm overtook her and she screamed as her pussy clamped down on his fingers. After the last spasms of her orgasm subsided, she licked his cum off his chest, stomach, and finally his cock. Once she had cleaned up every last drop, she curled up beside him with her head on his chest and they both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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