The Bluebird and the Sparrow Ch. 02

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To my readers: An unfortunate accident prevented me from posting this chapter before now. Things are better once again, so I appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy this new one.


“We musta walked a thousand miles,” Angie grumbled as they returned to their room in the Visitors Dorm at State U. “How big is this campus anyway?”

“Too damn big,” Ronnie replied. Throwing their knapsacks on the small table in the middle of the room, they collapsed on one of the two single beds. “We are definitely getting bikes before we start classes,” she continued. “With our luck, they’ll be scattered all over this damn campus.”

“I heard that,” Angie said. “At least we got our registration finished and lined up some scholarships. I don’t want our Mom’s paying for anything if we can help it.”

“I wonder how they’re doing.” Ronnie said. “We better call em’ tomorrow and tell em’ what’s going on. Right now, all I want to do is take a shower and get some sleep.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Angie replied. “The food wasn’t bad in the Dining Hall either. It’s not up to our Mom’s cooking, but hey, it was edible and there was lots of it.”

“Let’s get our soap and stuff and go take a shower,” Ronnie said, beginning to undress. She had just removed her t-shirt and shorts as Angie did the same when a cheerful female voice said “Hi, are you guys new here too?”

They both turned to see a beautiful girl with smooth milky white skin liberally dusted with freckles and long, cinnamon colored hair standing in the doorway of their room smiling at them. She was tall, with a generous figure, eyes a deep green, turned up nose, rosy cheeks, dimples, full lips and white teeth. Her breasts rode high and proud on her torso, barely concealed in a crop top. Her denim Daisy Duke shorts fit her like a second skin and she wore snakeskin cowboy boots on her feet.

Angie and Ronnie stared openmouthed at this goddess that had suddenly appeared among them, then Angie found her voice and said “Uh … Hi, yeah, we’re new here. We’re starting classes in the fall. I’m Angie and this is Ronnie. What’s your name?”

“Katy,” the girl said. “Actually, it’s Katrina, but my friends call me Katy. I was named after my great-grandma. So where you guys from?”

“Upstate, near the river,” Ronnie said. “How ’bout you?”

“Down state, farm country. My folks have a farm there. We have cattle, hogs, chickens and seasonal crops.”

“A farm girl, huh?” Angie said. “Must be hard work livin’ on a farm like that.”

“Nah, it ain’t that hard. I’ve been doin’ chores since I could walk. Heck, I been drivin’ tractors and combines since I was thirteen. Farm work’s all done by machinery now.”

“What are you going to be studying?” Ronnie asked.

“Animal Husbandry. I wanna be a veterinarian and specialize in big animals like horses and cows and whatnot. All the vets nowadays wanna take care of pets, that’s where the big money is. Farmers need vets too, so I wanna be one. What about you two?”

“I’m into Computer Science and Programming,” Angie said.

“Phys Ed and Sports Medicine,” Ronnie said. “I wanna coach in high school, maybe college one day.”

“Well, it was sure nice meetin’ ya,” Katy said. “I got stuff to do, so I’m gonna run. Maybe I’ll see ya later on.”

“Sure,” Ronnie replied. “We’ll be here ’till the weekend.”

“Me too,” Katy replied. “Bye now,” and she was gone.

“Oh my God, what a cutie!” Angie exclaimed. “If she’s an example of the students here, I think we’re really gonna like college.”

“I know,” Ronnie sighed. “I could eat that little cinnamon roll right up.”

“I wonder if she likes girls.” Angie said.

“God, I hope so,” Ronnie replied. “The three of us could have some rockin’ good times together.”

“You know it,” Angie said. “Wanna take a shower?”

“And fool around?” Ronnie said with a grin.

“You read my mind. Let’s go.”


“That no good, low life, scum sucking pig!” Sharon raved as she burst through Anne Marie’s kitchen door, eyes blazing. “That cheating son of a bitch! That two timing asshole …” she paused to catch her breath and Anne Marie said “Good morning to you too. Who pissed in your Cheerios?”

“My fuckin’ husband, that’s who,” Sharon said, plopping down in a kitchen chair. “You know what that prick has done now?”

“I give up.” Anne Marie replied setting down her fork, her bacon and egg and toast breakfast already cooling on its plate.

“He’s filed for divorce already,” Sharon said, disgustedly. “I was served this morning. She pulled a sheaf of papers from her purse, waving them at her lover “He’s claiming I’m guilty of adultery and being unfaithful. He’s got a lotta nerve.”

“Sweetie,” Anne Marie replied, “We’ve been committing adultery for months now and I love you for it. I’m happier now than I have ever been. You’re just mad because he struck first. Don’t worry, I know some great divorce lawyers. We’ll fix his ass.”

“He’s çankaya escort not getting the house,” Sharon muttered. “I love that house. It’s mine. He can’t have it.” Her mood suddenly brightened at the sight of her lover’s breakfast, “Those eggs look good, is there any coffee?”

“That’s my girl,” Anne Marie said. “I’ll fix you some.”


“Ronnie, wake up.”

“Arrh, wha … what is it?”

“Somebody’s knocking on the door.”

“Go answer it then.”

“You’re closer.”

“Okay, okay, I’m going. What the fuck, it’s two in the morning, this place better be on fire.”

She climbed out of bed and stumbled to the door, flung it open and said “Who the fuck …” and stopped. Katy stood there wearing a flimsy chiffon peignoir, her body outlined in shadow by the light in the hall ceiling. She looked as if she’d been crying.

“Katy! What’s wrong, hon?”

“Am … am I interrupting something?” she began when she saw that Ronnie was naked.

“Nope, c’mon in, what’s goin’ on?”

“Hi Katy,” Angie said, getting out of bed. “Something wrong?”

“I couldn’t sleep and then I started thinking about home and then I felt so lonely and it made me cry and …” Then she saw Angie was naked as well. “You sure I’m not interrupting you guys?”

“Nope,” Ronnie said, “We always sleep like this. C’mon in and have a seat. Feelin’ homesick, huh?”

“Yeah,” Katy said, sniffling. “I’ve never been away from home much except for away games and state fairs and then my family or my team mates were with me. Just being alone in that room made me sad.”

“You can stay here if you want,” Angie said. “We’re only using one bed.”

“Aw, thanks, I’d like that,” Katy replied, then realized she was sitting on the edge of the bed where the girls had been sleeping and suddenly felt embarrassed. Having them sitting gloriously naked on either side of her didn’t help either. She felt her body grow hot and she blushed profusely, feeling shy and vulnerable.

“Awww, lookit, she’s blushing,” Angie said. “It’s okay, sweetie, we’re all girls here. You don’t need to feel embarrassed.”

“I know,” Katy said with a sigh. “It’s not like I haven’t been naked with other girls before, it’s just … you two are so pretty and it’s just us here and …” She trailed off and continued blushing.

“Tell you what,” Ronnie said, scooting behind Katy on the bed, “Let me rub your neck and shoulders and relax you a little. You’re so tense. Then we can all get some sleep.”

“After all the walking you musta done today, we figured you’d be out like a light,” Angie said, soothingly. “How does that feel?”

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Katy sighed as Ronnie massaged her. “I guess I was tenser than I thought.” She seemed not to notice when Angie took a pillow from the bed and knelt on it, gently easing Katy’s legs apart and moving between them.

Ronnie’s hands began to roam, first up and down Katy’s arms, then her shoulders, then over her full breasts feeling the nipples harden under her fingertips. Katy sighed and leaned back against Ronnie wanting more.

Angie began stroking the girl’s creamy thighs under the thin garment she wore, outside, then inside, soft as a butterfly’s wing, moving ever closer to her crimson furred target already glistening with moisture.

Katy was in heaven. She had never experienced a woman, other than her mother and sister, touching her so intimately. Now these two girls were doing it and it felt so good. Her body tingled and her breath became shallower. She allowed the girls to remove her nightgown, then gasped in surprise as Angie’s fingers brushed her swollen labial lips and hard clit.

Ronnie sat down from her kneeling position, spread her legs and eased the girl’s warm body between them, her damp pussy rubbing against Katy’s ass cheeks. Katy moaned as she felt Ronnie’s body against hers and opened her legs wider for Angie’s ministrations. Ronnie began caressing Katy’s full breasts, tugging lightly on the stiff nipples, kissing her neck and shoulders, feeling the girl tremble as her arousal increased.

Angie pulled Katy’s hips to the edge of the bed, bent her head and gently licked Katy’s wet pussy, up and down each swollen labial lip, over the stiff clit and into the pink crevice between.

“AHHHHH,” Katy cried at the touch of Angie’s slippery tongue. Ronnie began licking and sucking at the point where Katy’s shoulder merged into her neck, all the while kneading the girl’s firm breasts, tugging on her thick nipples, driving her wild.

Angie began to lick and suck Katy’s gooey slit in earnest, driving her wiggling tongue deep inside the pink tunnel as far as it would go, drinking from the fountain of her pre cum juices, loving the taste. Katy’s moans were continual now as the girls made sweet love to her. She had never felt anything quite like this in her young life and she was loving every second of it.

Slowly, slowly, Angie and Ronnie brought Katy ever closer to a spine shattering escort çankaya orgasm, wanting the girl to never forget this moment and always remember who had done this to her. Katy began to tremble as her orgasm ballooned inside her, feeling the heat rising from the depths of her being, feeling as if she had to pee, never wanting this feeling to stop until …

“EEEYEEEEE!” Katy howled as her orgasm crested and crashed inside her, making her body jerk and she felt as if her bones were dissolving. Angie fastened her mouth on Katy’s erupting pussy and was rewarded with a flood of clear ejaculate down her throat. Coughing and spluttering, she continued to suck and nibble the girl’s clit until she came again, unleashing another flood of warm cum that Angie drank greedily. Ronnie and Katy exchanged openmouthed passionate kisses, tongues swirling, lips grinding together until the storm passed and all was quiet.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Katy breathed. “That was wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like that before. You girls are amazing.”

“I’m so glad you liked it, sweetie,” Angie said, kissing her. “You came so hard I thought you might pass out.”

“There’s lots more things we can do if you’re interested,” Ronnie purred, resting her chin on Katy’s shoulder.

“Can I taste you guys now?” Katy said, licking her lips. “After what you did for me, I wanna make you feel good too.”

“Me first,” Ronnie said, sliding forward on the mattress as Katy stood up, turned around and went to her knees between Ronnie’s silken thighs. Angie cuddled against Katy’s back, softly massaging the girl’s taut breasts.

Katy had never been this close to a strange woman’s pussy before and she was both thrilled and fascinated at the sight. Plump labial lips framed in a thatch of blonde pubic hair with a pink slit glistening with moisture and a stiff clit standing out like a tiny pink thumb completed the picture.

The scent of an aroused woman was intoxicating and a tentative lick along the length of the gooey pussy yielded a slightly salty, delicious taste on her tongue. She wanted more and went for it.

Ronnie gasped and moaned with pleasure as Katy licked and sucked her aching pussy with surprising eagerness. She had expected a more tentative approach at first, yet this girl was eating her out like an experienced lover. Ronnie lifted her ass from the mattress, pushing forward to get more of the girl’s slithering tongue deeper in her pussy, moaning and whimpering with pleasure.

“Stick two fingers in her and suck on her clit,” Angie whispered in Katy’s ear. “She’ll go nuts. She loves it.”

Katy did and was rewarded with a spurt of pre cum in her mouth and a squeal of joy from her new lover. She twisted her fingers deep inside Ronnie’s hot snatch and sucked on the stiff clit like a straw in a milkshake. “That’s it, that’s it,” Angie chanted in Katy’s ear. “Make her cum, drive her wild.”

Ronnie felt lightheaded and shivered uncontrollably as Katy mercilessly pleasured her, feeling a tremendous orgasm, building and building deep inside her until she felt she would explode, then she did.

“AHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHH,” she howled, jerking and shivering as Katy continued to eat her until she came a second time, spraying more salty cum into Katy’s open mouth. She fell back on the mattress, gasping for breath as Angie licked cum from Katy’s freckled and smiling face.

“Man, you really got her off,” Angie said admiringly. “Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“That’s my little secret,” Katy said and giggled. “Let’s just say I’m a fast learner.”

“Show me what’cha got, fast learner,” Angie said, changing places with Ronnie who then knelt behind Katy, kissing her neck and cupping her breasts. Angie was roaring hot from first eating Katy and watching Ronnie get off, so when the redhead’s talented mouth went to work on her gooey pussy, she squealed in delight and lifted her hips to give the girl better access to her pleasure center.

Even as she ate Angie out, a part of Katy’s mind was comparing one girl’s pussy to the other and how they tasted. Angie’s juices were more salty than Ronnie’s, Ronnie’s pussy lips were thicker and Angie’s clit was more prominent. Katy decided that all girl’s pussies were like snowflakes; no two the same and all of them were delicious.

Ronnie was getting excited once again as she molded herself to Katy’s back and kneaded the girl’s firm breasts. Angie’s squeals blended into guttural moans as Katy’s tongue scoured her twitching pussy sending tremors through her body. She didn’t want to cum too soon so she could fully enjoy her new lover’s lovemaking techniques, yet knew she was ready to explode at any moment.

“Wet two fingers in her pussy and stick them up her asshole,” Ronnie whispered in Katy’s ear. “Wiggle ’em around and she’ll go off like a skyrocket.” Katy did and Angie did, screaming with joy as her orgasm set her to shivering like a leaf in the breeze, cumming and cumming as Katy continued çankaya escort bayan to eat and finger her and swallow the bursts of salty juices shooting into her mouth. Angie came twice more, then collapsed on the mattress, panting and gasping for breath.

Ronnie tenderly licked cum from Katy’s smiling face and they exchanged open mouthed kisses with lots of tongue. Tired and satiated the girls pulled the mattresses, sheets and blankets from the beds, pushed the mattresses together on the floor, snuggled together on them and went to sleep under the blankets. When they finally awakened, they barely had time for dinner at the dining hall and returned to their room to fuck, cuddle and sleep again. It had been so much fun.


“Here we go,” Anne Marie said, looking at the office buildings directory, “Fourteenth floor, Suite 230.”

Sharon was curious about the law firms name; ‘Aphrodite, Artemis, Freyja, Kali, Minerva and Associates’. Some of those names sounded familiar to her, but she couldn’t remember where. Annie had said they were the best when it came to divorce settlements, so she might as well go with it. That bastard Ted wasn’t getting her house.

One express elevator ride later, they were standing in the reception area of the firm waiting for the receptionist to get off the phone. She was a pretty girl with olive skin, green eyes, shiny black hair done up in an elaborate bun on her head, full figured and wearing an odd robe like garment made of what appeared to be some form of cotton and edged with gold leaf.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting,” she said, smiling as she hung up. “How can I help you?”

“My name is Sharon Warren. I have an appointment to speak with an attorney.”

“Oh yes, Ms. Warren. You’re expected. I see you’ve brought a friend. Welcome, Ms …”

“Patterson, Anne Marie Patterson. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Go right down that hallway to the first open door on your right. Your attorney will be with you momentarily.”

“She was pretty,” Sharon said as they walked down the hallway.

“She was,” Anne Marie replied. “That was an interesting dress she was wearing. Quite an unusual hairdo too.”

“It reminded me of a robe or a toga,” Sharon said. “Ah, here we are.”

The room they entered was tastefully decorated with a small table in the center around which several upholstered chairs were placed. The lighting was soft and indirect, the walls were a soft green, and the thick carpet underfoot a light brown. Potted plants were everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling; the overall effect was like walking into a woodland glade.

Sharon and Anne Marie sat at the table and waited, admiring the greenery about them. Then a door opened in a seemingly solid wall and a woman walked into the room. She was tall, easily six feet or more, olive skinned, her dark hair arranged in an elaborate coif on her head.

She carried herself in a regal manner, back straight, steps quick and graceful, her presence was intimidating, yet her smile was friendly and her brown eyes twinkled as if enjoying some inner merriment. She was dressed in a robe like garment, the shiny cloth a dark purple with gold trimming. Gold sandals on her feet completed the picture.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” she said, warmly. My name is Persephone and I will be your attorney for this case.” She produced a tablet from the folds of her robe, glanced at it and continued “You must be Mrs. Warren, the defendant and you must be Mrs. Patterson, her friend. A pleasure to meet you both.” She took a seat at the table and continued “I see here your husband is petitioning the court for a divorce from you, Mrs. Warren. He claims you committed adultery. Do you have the papers you were served with?”

Sharon took them from her purse and handed them to the woman, who glanced over them, then said “Everything seems in order. Now about this accusation of adultery, is this true?”

“Ummm … yes and no,” Sharon said sheepishly. “The ironic thing about it is that the woman he caught me sleeping with wasn’t the one that I’ve … Maybe I better start from the beginning.”

Persephone listened attentively as Sharon told how she and Anne Marie’s daughters were in the same class at school, how they had become friends, then lovers, as she discovered much to her chagrin. How she had met with Anne Marie to discuss the situation, how they were immediately attracted to each other and subsequently became lovers as well. How their daughters had discovered them making love, had joined in and now the four of them enjoyed each other at every opportunity.

Persephone showed no reaction to these revelations, continuing to make notes on her tablet. Sharon continued her tale about how the coach at school had seen the girls making love in the gym shower room, decided to blackmail them into having sex with her, how she and Anne Marie foiled her plans and how the coach had come to Sharon’s house to apologize and how they wound up having sex together.

“He came home and found Maureen and I asleep on the couch, packed a bag, left a note and went to live with his girlfriend. Next thing I know, I’m being served and that’s why I’m here.”

“Ah,” Persephone said, “He has a girlfriend? How long have they been together?”

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