The Best of Both Worlds

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Jenna stood in front of the airport terminal, her bags stacked beside her, and frowned as she looked up the street. There was no sign of Hal’s limo. He had promised to send it for her. Had there been some kind of mix-up?

Even frowning, Jenna was a spectacularly beautiful woman. She was dressed to the nines since the limo was supposed to take her to Hal’s office, and he always wanted to see her in a skirt, stockings and high heels. Also, old-fashioned panties, if they got to that. However, her clothes were only the frosting on the cake. The real delicious part was Jenna herself:

She was five feet nine with showgirl legs, curvy hips, and full breasts which sat up nicely despite her 35 years. She had gray-green eyes, high cheekbones, and a nose that was straight but not large, all topped by fluffy blonde hair. Males ogled her wherever she went.

Her wireless phone played its little tune, and she quickly answered.

“Darling!” Hal said. “I know you are waiting for the car, but a terrible thing happened. My driver had an accident. Nobody’s hurt, but the car is disabled. So I have asked Derek from the office to pick you up. He should be there at any moment. He’s a good boy. Sorry, cupcake, but I will see you soon, hm?”

“Yes, Hal,” she said with a sigh. “Kisses.”

“Kisses, my darling…everywhere you want them.”

The line clicked dead, and Jenna put the tiny phone back into her purse. Fuck, she thought. So she would have to make conversation with some dolt, and she wasn’t in the mood. She had just spent a difficult few days visiting her family in Iowa. She hadn’t seen them in awhile, and it was something of a shock to return there and find out how far from them she had drifted in her thoughts and lifestyle since she had moved away 16 years ago. She had gotten married and divorced, taken a job in Vegas, and now was snuggled safely in the arms of a rich man in California. It was as if her siblings and parents were living in a different world, which of course they were. It was a world of corn stalks, pigsties, farmyard aromas, and church socials on Sunday. She could no longer relate.

A car pulled over abruptly in front of her, the young man behind the wheel bending forward to look her over, then smiling. Jenna was used to having men look at her and even pull their cars to the curb and try to pick her up on occasion, though she gave such characters short shrift. Now, however, she assumed this was her ride to Hal’s office, and she raised her hand tentatively in recognition. The car stopped, and the young man hopped out. He was tall and wiry, built like a basketball player but in a business suit. He had a shock of black hair and a toothy grin.

Rounding the car, he said, “Miz Reynolds?”


“I’m Derek. Mister Burnham sent me.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I’ll just load your bags in the car.”

He did that quickly, and Jenna marveled at how lithe he was. She fleetingly imagined him doing sex – mounting and thrusting, holding female legs in the air. He would be good at all that, she judged.

She got in the front of the car next to Derek since he had placed her bags on the back seat rather than in the trunk. It was a small car, and the trunk was probably dinky, she assumed.

As soon as they took off and began to wind their way out of LAX, Derek said, “Mister Burnham told me to drive you to your apartment.”


“If that’s all right.”

“Of course.”

Jenna had assumed that Hal would want to take her to lunch, but no matter. He probably had a business meeting. She would be seeing him later today, no doubt.

As she rode along next to Derek, she thought about her relationship with Hal. He was very attentive and generous. The fact that he also was 62 years old and had been told by his doctor that he was not a good candidate for Viagra entered into the equation, as well. All of her orgasms lately had been clitoral, induced by tongue and fingers, except when she used her trusty love-toy, but a toy was a poor substitute. Sometimes a lady needed a real cock – good and hard, of course. Jenna hadn’t received one like that in quite awhile.

However, there were other things in life besides cocks. There was, for example, money. Also, there was her closeness to a really important and intelligent man with whom she loved to converse, who had taught her many things about life, and to whose sympathetic ear she had revealed her innermost thoughts and feelings so that they understood each other as well, she guessed, as any couple anywhere, married or not.

She had no interest in getting married again. She had one child, a handsome son who was 15 years old and in prep school, thanks to Hal. He could look forward to a fine college education fully paid for. She needed no more children, and so Hal filled her needs completely…except for lusty sex. She sighed.

Hal had a wife, of course. Oddly enough, Jenna had met her, having been introduced by Hal as a friend of an associate. But the wife, Eleanor, had looked at her as if she knew the truth. canlı bahis şirketleri Eleanor was not stupid. Sixty years old and comfortably overweight, she had borne Hal three fine children and had fulfilled all of her obligations as the wife of one of the country’s leading CEO’s – all obligations, that is, except holding his interest in the bedroom, and that was where Jenna came in.

So Jenna had a cushy life, punctuated by a little excitement now and again when Hal could safely take her to Vegas, Mexico, or some sophisticated spot abroad where it didn’t matter if a man’s companion was his mistress rather than his wife. The Japanese didn’t care, nor certainly did the French.

Jenna had gotten tired of oral sex. Not tired of giving it because Hal needed that and it was the least she could do. She was tired of getting it in place of the real thing. As good as a tongue and loving lips could feel clamped around her clitoris, they didn’t satisfy her deep-down need for a good old-fashioned fucking.

She glanced at the young man who drove the car in silence. What strong, chiseled features he had! What a clean look! And he was so slim and muscular. Also, he had to be in his very early twenties, probably a college student getting some hands-on experience in Hal’s financial conglomerate.

“So…have you worked for Mister Burnham long?” Jenna found herself asking, having decided she would be the one to break the ice.

“Just two weeks,” Derek said. “I go back to USC at the end of the month.”

“You’re going to be a banker?”

“Hope to.” He smiled, and Jenna liked his white, even teeth. He had good lips also, and his dark eyes sparkled warmly. Somehow he didn’t seem the banker type, but then neither was Hal. The really top men never fitted into any mold.

“Do you, uh, have a girlfriend?” Jenna found herself asking.

“A lady friend,” Derek said.

“Hmm. Interesting distinction. I take it then that she’s not a college girl.”

Derek chuckled. “I probably shouldn’t say this, but she’s a professor’s wife.”

“Shit!” Jenna exclaimed, laughing.

The young man laughed also, his eyes flashing. “It’s okay. The professor knows.”

“My God. What kind of grades does he give you?”

“I’m not in any of his classes, but I figure he’d grade me pretty well. His marriage is a lot happier now. The guy is in his sixties, and his wife is thirty-something.”

That struck too close to home, and Jenna blinked in response. “You’re giving me a line, aren’t you?”

“Maybe. Hey, this is your apartment house, right?” He stopped his car in the street, idling the engine.

They looked in each other’s eyes. Jenna was agitated. What she needed was right within her reach, but she didn’t dare, did she? He was talking to her in a strange way, though. Was he really driving at something?

She had always been a what-the-hell girl in the sense that she grabbed for what she wanted, and that policy had served her well. Her cool but sexy eyes narrowed. “Want to come up?”

“Hell, yes.”

Jenna’s excitement raged. “Park it in the garage there.” She reached into her purse and handed him a plastic card. “Shove this in the slot.”

In moments they were parked. Derek circled the back of the car, and Jenna was standing up, waiting for him.

“Leave the fucking bags in the car,” she said breathlessly. “We can get them later.”

They were alone in the big garage, and she wrapped her arms around him. He held her tight. Their mouths merged, open and breathless. Tongues touched, stroked, and circled. Jenna’s boobs pressed Derek sensuously. His hands found her bottom, and he squeezed and rolled her lush buns in her snug skirt and flimsy underpants.

Jenna was on fire. The trip, her alienation from Iowa, her frustration with Hal, and Derek’s quietly confident sexuality all merged in her mind to propel her on a course that she knew wasn’t right but was powerless to resist.

Derek rushed her upstairs in the elevator, smooching her some more, then followed her quick steps to her apartment door which she unlocked with trembling hands. She streaked through the entry hall and he followed, kicking the door closed behind him. They tumbled together onto the wide leather couch.

“Ooh God!” Jenna exclaimed. “We can’t. Oh Jesus!”

“We can!” Derek insisted, lying atop her and mashing his lips against her open mouth. His tongue sank into her sweetness and churned with her tongue. His right hand reached to yank her skirt waist-high.

He backed up, dropping to his knees on the carpet, and he raised Jenna’s legs in the air at either side of him. Her skirt was wound around her middle, and her thighs were gorgeous in snug brown nylons, their tops tugged by white garter straps. Her pants were white silk with an applique of pink flowers at one side. Derek pressed his eager face against the strip of panty that passed between her thighs.

“Ooooh!” Jenna exclaimed.

The young man sucked her panty crotch, then transferred his open mouth to the inside of her right thigh, above canlı kaçak iddaa her stocking. He sucked and licked her there. He turned his head and licked the other thigh in the same manner. He returned to her panties, this time hooking the crotch aside.

“Ooh…good…God!” Jenna breathed hotly, loving the young man’s mouth on her pussy. He was so much more aggressive than Hal, who treated her like a delicate object of art. Derek sucked hard, his open mouth fastened onto her vulva. He slathered his tongue up and down the folds of her snatch, slurping noisily.

“Yes… yes…yes…” Jenna panted, clawing at his tousled head to hold him exactly in place. But he gave no indication of wanting to go anywhere for awhile.

He sucked her pussy sensuously, having been taught well by his numerous conquests, old and young. His tongue tip sought out Jenna’s clit, circling and diddling the little jigger, after which he clamped his lips around the exposed tip and sucked hard.

“AAAH!” she exclaimed and almost came, he was so eager.

Finally he raised his head, reared back, and pulled her pants off. Now he spread her steepled thighs very wide apart and gazed at the hairless beauty of her cunt with just a small patch of brown tendrils above it. He nuzzled the little patch and inhaled, liking the sexy scent, then resumed licking her cuntal folds, tasting her tang. He used his fingers to open her up so that his tongue could enter deeply, giving him an even richer taste. This was good poon! Billionaire’s poon.

Jenna was grooving. What a hot young man! She could hardly wait to feel the thrust of his prick. It was wrong, but she was going to let him fuck her. Let him? She would be all over him if he didn’t mount her first.

Derek stood up and studied her pretty face as he removed his suit jacket, then his tie. There was a sizable hump in the front of his trousers. Jenna sat on her bare ass on the leather, just watching him. She was tingly and moist in her lower region, her pussy lips flaring. Derek threw off his shirt and let his trousers down. He wore boxers which were quite out of shape now. The front of them was agape..

“C’mere,” Jenna said, crooking a finger, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

He moved close, and she snaked a hand into the open front of his shorts. She brought out his pole. God, yes! It was long and hard, sticking right up, and the shank felt like steel covered by thin velvet. His cockhead was large and well-formed, the slit at its tip flaring, and a glistening bead of clear fluid clung there. He took another step, right up to her, offering his rampant pecker to her sweet pink lips.

As excitement thrummed within her, Jenna licked the bald tasty knob of his cock. She caught his pre-cum on her tongue, took it back, and swallowed it. She clamped her mouth around the head of his nine-inch organ. This was a COCK!

Jenna began to suck the young stranger’s dick, pumping her blonde head a little, then more, taking more and more of Derek’s iron-hard lovemaker into her mouth and throat. She brought out his balls which were large and still loose. They swung against her cute chin as she vigorously cocksucked him, taking him deep.

Derek ruffled her golden hair. What a doll! Old Burnham was one lucky son of a bitch.

The college boy backed off, removing his cock from Jenna’s mouth, and he urged her to her feet. The top of her dress came off, followed by her well-filled bra. Her tits sagged hardly at all. They were full and quite erect, despite her age. She obviously kept in shape. Well, a rich man’s mistress would have to, wouldn’t she?

Derek squeezed her titties and licked her brownish-pink nipples, making the stem-like protrusions stick out farther. Jenna tilted her head back, enjoying herself big time. She hadn’t had an eager young stud go at her this way in a long while, and it felt fucking good!

“I want to fuck you, may I?” Derek asked.

“Yesss,” she breathed.

“Get on your knees on that chair and lie over the arm of it,” he directed.

She was glad to let him give the orders. Doggy was fine. Still wearing her garter belt and stockings, she knelt on the seat of the leather chair and fell forward across the upholstered arm, presenting her bottom to him.

The young man stroked her shapely buns, making them shiver. He smacked them smartly with his hand and Jenna gasped. Not taking that for a protest, he spanked her harder, and she moaned. Jenna felt she deserved that. She was being bad and required punishment.

Derek dropped to his knees and kissed her tempting backside. He licked her buttocks all over, then impudently pinched them apart. She had a cute, dainty asshole, and he kissed that. The feeling of his moist lips, and the tip of his tongue tickling the forbidden place, made her gasp again.

Jenna’s pussy was obviously anxious to be fucked, its outer lips parted as honey dribbled along the pink inner folds. Damn, what a sight! Though he was young, Derek had seen quite a few pussies, but he had never been with a woman canlı kaçak bahis just like Jenna, eager and as beautiful as any of the young ones, but old enough to have experience and sophistication. She offered him the best of both worlds.

Placing one knee on the chair seat between her sprawled legs and propping his other leg at an angle so that he was at exactly the right height, he worked the head of his pecker into Jenna’s wet, velvety split. He pressed, sinking half the length of his cock inside her.

“Oh!” Jenna exclaimed.

Derek withdrew, wiggled his cock around in the vestibule of her cunt, then pressed into her again, this time sinking deeper. She was tight, and she really grabbed him. It felt fucking good. He pulled and thrust, pulled and thrust, going deeper with every stroke until finally she was taking his entire nine inches.

He growled with pleasure, setting up a rhythm. His balls swung forward and back, forward and back, as he pumped his prick in and out of his boss’s beautiful mistress, enjoying every long, slippery stroke of his happy pecker in her tight hole.

Jenna gasped and cooed. She moaned. The big cock charged like a stallion inside her, stretching her pussy but gliding smoothly because she was so wet with excitement. Her clinging, slippery cunt rippled across the horny ridge of his cock as the young man fucked her.

He held her by the hips and powered his thick prick in and out, in and out. Her pink pussy-flesh pulled outward as he withdrew, then folded back in. He slapped her right buttock with his right hand, then slapped her left buttock with his left. Her asscheeks quivered.

“Ooh, FUCK!” Jenna cried, her head hanging down, her body sprawled across the chair arm, her ass in the air as she got it banged good.

Derek’s prick pumped rapidly in her pussy and his flat belly slammed the satin pillows of her ass as he fucked the beautiful babe with gusto. Slap-slap-slap, and her butt-cheeks jiggled. She oo-ed and aah-ed, slamming backward against the college boy’s impaling thrusts. She loved every inch of his very rigid woman-pleaser. It was soooo much better than Hal’s half-hard which could barely get the job done for him, but for her no way. She was rising toward a dandy climax with Derek if he would just keep pumping.

“Don’t stop!” she exhorted. “Oh shit, don’t stop!”

He kept fucking her, doing it hard and fast, pounding her, banging her, shaking her from heels to shoulders. Her tension increased until her brain was giddy. She nearly blacked out, and then suddenly she had it – POW! Wonderful warmth radiated through her, bringing total gratification. She hadn’t felt so good in ages!

Derek pulled his still-hard dick from her blissfully sated pussy, making a sucking pop. Her wet, rosy hole closed slowly. He grasped her by a leg, twisted her onto her ass on the leather chair-seat, planted his knee, and shoved his boner back into her vagina. He sank himself to the hilt, looking her right in the eyes, and began to ball her some more, socking his front into her saddle as his dick tickled her tonsils. She squealed with renewed delight.

He seemed insatiable. Oh God, what a stud! Jenna worked with him, driving her pussy up and forward to absorb every full-length thrust of his cunt-pleasing cock.

“Fuck!” she cried. “Shit! You goddamned mother fucker, don’t fucking stop!”

Derek didn’t. He just kept fucking her like a machine run amuck, thrusting and stroking, stuffing her with his wrist-thick rod which throbbed with lust as he worked it in and out, in and out. His eyes rolled back in their sockets. He fucked her faster and harder.

She was reaching for another climax. Could she make it? Her legs clamped over his back, and her nails bit into his shoulders. She socked her pussy against him. Their organs made a sensuous sloppy sound as he pumped his prick in and out of her tight wet snatch. He panted as he tensed up.

“Yes…yesss…YESSSSSSSS!” she hissed…and HAD it. A second flare radiated all through her body, and this time everything gave way. She showered the young man’s shaft with her love juice, and he pulled out.

“Aaaaahhhhrrgh!” he rasped, holding his dick in his fist as he shot spurt after spurt of rich, thick fuck-cream all over her tits and tummy.

Later, in bed, Jenna suffered with guilt. She didn’t talk with Derek about Hal but just chattered, anything to keep him from getting up and leaving right away. After while, her hand fluttered to him. It glided over his firm chest and down to his belly. She plucked at his pubic hairs. Her fingers curled around his slack penis.

“Hey…” he said with a little chuckle.

“What’s the matter?” Her sexy eyes sparkled.

“You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know. I just feel as if I haven’t had enough…yet.”

Derek rose and leaned over her to kiss her on the mouth. Their tongues played. He raised his head and smiled.

“You’re damned hot,” he said.

“I know it.”

He kissed her some more, then glided to her titties, wrapping his fingers around first one luscious mound and then the other as he directed their tips toward his mouth. His lips tugged at her nipples, and his tongue circled round and round the stiffened, elongated stems. He sucked her titties sensuously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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