The Beach Ch. 02

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THE BEACH (Continued) the day after (Dreamweaver’s story)

I woke up nude and wrapped in the arms of a woman I didn’t know. I wondered, for a moment, just where I was and what had happened. Then, it all started to come back, a stroll down a secluded beach, a beautiful woman sunbathing nude on the sand, incredible sex, one wonderful night, a dream come true. Was there really such a thing as love at first sight? Was this beauty lying here, wrapped in my arms, just a siren song? Was she real or was I still in the midst of a dream?

“Jennifer,” I thought, lovely name for a beautiful and very sexy woman, a fiend in bed, or on the sand. I didn’t even know her last name, and, right at the moment, I didn’t much care. There was a tent in the sheet covering us, the ‘old soldier’ was ready and willing to start round three, or was it round fifteen? I couldn’t remember, the night before was kind of a blur. We had sucked and fucked, it seemed, the entire night. What kind of woman could bring this response from my libido? I hadn’t had such wonderful sex since Teresa had left, two years ago. I had girlfriends, sure, but none that compared even slightly to this sexy woman lying here beside me in this soft bed.

My hands, it seemed, had a mind of their own. They started roaming the soft curves of her nubile body, tenderly caressing, exploring each inch, every anomaly in her smooth skin. The small appendectomy scar, the dimple of her navel, the smooth shaven mound of her sex. Light, tender caresses, not trying to wake her, just wanting the feel of her, trying, it seemed, to remember each and every curve and dimple in this lovely sexy beauty that was in my pendik escort arms.

Slowly, sensuously, she moved, she turned and her lips pursed, as for a kiss. I kissed her ruby lips softly, tenderly, savoring her flavor, the lingering taste or our love- making, just hours before. Yet, even after the hours of sleep, I could still taste my cum on her lips and tongue as if it were fresh. We hadn’t showered after our love-making and I could feel the dried cum on her pert breasts where she had pleaded with me to cum on her breast instead of inside her tight pussy.

Even after all the, admittedly, great sex the night before, my cock was up and ready to go again, a bar of steel inside a fleshy sheath. I wanted to have that steel bar inside her sheath, I wanted to make her cum again and again as I had the night before. I wanted to feel the total ecstasy as she took my cock into her mouth and pussy again. I wanted to feel the sweet friction as our bare skin touched, as her nipples rubbed against my chest. I wanted to taste her again, savoring her flavor, the tang of her juices on my tongue. I wanted this woman as I have never wanted any woman before in my life.

Once again, she moved, extending an arm to go around my body, slowly and softly squeezing me, pulling me closer into her. With a whispered, “Good morning,” she rose up on an elbow to kiss me softly, then harder. A long, passionate kiss that almost took my breath. She moved under the sheet, laying her shapely leg across mine and easing her thigh up, up toward my cock. Her lips moved from mine and down to my chest, where she took my small nipple between her sharp teeth and bit gently, maltepe escort then she went further down, across my belly, searching for my cock with her luscious mouth. She first kissed at the base and slowly licked, with a circular motion, up my hard cock to the tip, where she used her tongue on the slit, sending me into sensory overload and then she slowly, slowly took me into her warm, wet mouth, sliding her ruby lips down, taking my manhood deep into her throat, starting a slow bobbing motion with her head, twisting it from side to side as she moved her mouth up and down again and again. She moved her body, twisting around until her legs were beside my head, raising one leg and straddling my face, her wet pussy descending onto my mouth.

The scent and the taste of her sex was overpowering. I could not imagine anything ever tasting sweeter or tangier or, in any way, better than this. I feasted on her sweet and now dripping pussy, licking her nether lips and jabbing my tongue as deeply as I could into her vaginal opening, sucking the juices out of her, savoring her flavor. Wishing it would never stop, that she would never pull away. My arms went around her waist, pulling her down harder mashing her sweet pussy into my face, making my tongue go even deeper into her as I continued to suck at her.

She was moaning by now, soft moans, escalating up the scale as she started to cumm. Her thighs were tight against the sides of my head, her pussy moving back and forth on my sucking mouth. Trying, it seemed, to mash that sweet pussy into me, silently begging, with her pussy, for me go deeper with my hard tongue. As deep as I was already, kartal escort I tried to go still deeper. I wanted to touch every part of the inside of her sweet pussy that I could. As I had my breakfast (who needs coffee when you got sweet pussy to eat), she had my cock deep in her throat and the vibrations from her moans was making me want to cumm right then, but I held back as best I could, I didn’t want to cumm just yet.

Finally, I tore my mouth away from her wet pussy, that took some doing as I had set up a vacuum like a Shop Vac, and told her to please stop baby, cause I wanted to be inside her. She slowly, sloooowly raised her mouth from my throbbing cock, giving the tip a last quick lick and a kiss, then she turned and straddled me, taking me deep inside her with one movement and, suddenly, my cock was enveloped in, not the vibrating wetness of her warm mouth, but, it seemed a wet, tight, Velvet vise. From the moment she took my cock inside her pussy, the urge to cumm became almost uncontrollable, but control it, I did, I don’t know how, but I did. I knew she wasn’t ready just yet and I wanted to make her feel as good as she was making me feel. She bounced up and down, coming down harder with each stroke, a look of pure rapture on her beautiful face. Her moans had escalated into mewls of pleasure and cries of heat. Her pussy started to milk my cock and I knew she was cumming, I could hold back no longer and I cried out as I was cumming deep inside her, shooting jet after jet of my seed into her.

Finally, her orgasm over, she lay down on my chest, her head in the crook of my neck. My cock still locked inside her, my arms around her and hers under my shoulders. I don’t know just how long we lay in that position, but I was in Heaven the whole time. I wanted to stay there forever, locked in her loving arms, buried inside her. I knew we couldn’t stay like this, but I wanted to so bad.

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