The Aunts Ch. 08

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Aunt Cathy froze when she heard Aunt KK’s voice, my stiff cock still in her mouth.

I was spread eagle on the bed and Aunt Cathy’s head and big ass were blocking my view of the door.

Aunt KK’s view had to be taken up by Aunt Cathy’s humongous ass and I’m sure her gaping pussy was a sight to see.

“Oh my god, Cathy,” Aunt KK said. “I can’t believe you!”

Aunt Cathy released my cock and sat up on the bed in one motion, her huge tits flopping over her belly. She showed no signs of being embarrassed that her sister had caught her sucking her nephew’s cock.

“Oh, lighten up, KK,” Aunt Cathy said.

Aunt KK’s face turned red. “Lighten up? You’re sucking your nephews’ cock and you want me to lighten up. What if his mother comes in? What about the girls? What would they say if they caught you? I can’t believe this.”

Aunt Cathy got up from the bed, still naked and showing no shame, her tits sagging and resting over her belly, her belly hanging down and almost covering her pubic hair.

“You know what?” Aunt Cathy said to Aunt KK as she got close enough to press her fat naked body into her. Aunt KK was still wearing her clothes from the club, a sexy black top and tight dark jeans that hugged her ass. “He’s and adult. And I’m an adult. So, we can do whatever we want.”

Aunt KK didn’t move away from Aunt Cathy but pressed herself back into Aunt Cathy to show she wasn’t intimidated.

“He’s your nephew. This isn’t right.”

Aunt Cathy smirked. “So, is it not right for me to do it or is it not right when you do it, too?”

Aunt KK’s faced turned pale. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yes you do,” Aunt Cathy told her as she pushed her naked tits into Aunt KK’s chest. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. I smelled your sex from the other day after you two left.”

Aunt KK turned even whiter. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Cathy.”

Aunt KK turned to exit the bedroom, but Aunt Cathy used her huge body to block her, pushing her sagging breasts into KK more.

“You do know what I’m talking about,” Aunt Cathy told her as she pushed her tits into to her and pushed her back into the room. “I came in here the other day and I smelled you. I smelled your pussy, KK. Then I asked who had been in here and you said you and he were the only ones. So, I know you’ve fucked him on this cruise. Just like I have.”

Aunt KK looked scared. “I… I…”. She turned a pleasing glance toward me, but my sheepish look gave us both away to Aunt Cathy.

“I don’t blame him,” Aunt Cathy told her. “He’s a young guy. He’ll fuck anything. Just look at me. But I am surprised at you, KK. You’re married for fuck’s sake.”

Aunt KK looked mad now. “Me? What about you. You’re older than his mother. You could be his mother. And you’re married, too.”

Aunt Cathy shrugged. “Yes, and not happily. So, I wanted an orgasm. He provided that. That’s all.”

I was a little disappointed to hear that. I kinda hated Aunt Cathy but fucking her had been fun.

Aunt KK looked like she didn’t know what to say or do.

“So,” Aunt Cathy said still blocking the door, “Since you were a bad little girl and cheated with your own nephew, I think we’ll punish you now.”

Aunt KK jerked her eyes to Aunt Cathy’s face. “Excuse me?”

“No, I don’t think we will,” Aunt Cathy said with a smile. “Now take off your top.”

Aunt KK stared at her incredulously. “No, Cathy. Are you crazy?”

Aunt Cathy started to pull Aunt KK’s black top up from the bottom exposing her waist. “He’s already seen you. And god knows he’s seen me. Now play along, bad girl.”

I was surprised but Aunt KK didn’t resist. She let Aunt Cathy pull her top off exposing a lacey black bra underneath that was working overtime to restrain her massive breasts. The tops looked like they were going to explode out of them. Aunt Cathy threw the shirt aside and gently kissed her sister’s chest, her own breasts pressing between them.

“There’s a good girl,” Cathy told her.

Aunt Cathy gently kissed the tops of Aunt KK’s breasts and kissed up her chest to her neck. She buried her face in Aunt KK’s neck and Aunt KK moaned softly. Aunt Cathy took one of KK’s hands in hers and guided it to her tits. Aunt KK lifted Aunt Cathy’s huge breasts that had been pointing to the floor and began to squeeze them and stroke her nipples.

Aunt Cathy moaned then put her lips to Aunt KK’s and kissed her.

Aunt KK resisted at first but then relaxed and I could I tell the two sisters had their tongues in each other’s mouths.

Aunt Cathy broke the kiss and gently turned Aunt KK around to face the bed. I could tell Aunt Cathy was doing something behind Aunt KK’s back and soon Aunt KK’s bra came off and exposed her tits.

They were the same color as her tan skin with bahis firmaları no tan line and were large. They sagged only slightly under their own weight and looked like two beautiful smooth cantaloupes. Aunt Cathy pressed her huge tits into Aunt KK’s back from behind.

“Now get down there and let me see you suck him,” Aunt Cathy told her.

Aunt KK reluctantly crawled onto the bed and hovered over my rock-hard aching cock. Watching them had me ready to explode.

“Suck him I said,” Aunt Cathy told her gently. “Do what I tell you or you’ll be punished.”

Aunt KK didn’t look at me, just took my cock into her wet smooth mouth.

I gasped as she sucked me deep. Her mouth was soft and wet, and my cock wanted to shoot right then.

“Don’t you dare cum,” Aunt Cathy told me as Aunt Kk sucked me deep. “She’s just getting started.”

As Aunt KK licked up and down my shaft, her hair brushing against my balls and legs, Aunt Cathy undid her tight jeans and dragged them over Aunt KK’s large hips, exposing a black thong. Her soft skin looked smooth compared to Aunt Cathy’s fat body.

Aunt Cathy smacked Aunt KK’s ass cheek and she gave out a startled cry every time. Aunt KK took her mouth off of my dick to get some air.

“I didn’t say you could stop,” Aunt Cathy said and pushed Aunt KK’s face back on my cock.

“Grab her hair,” Aunt Cathy told me. “Don’t let her come off of it again.”

I did what I was told and grabbed Aunt KK’s hair and pushed lightly down on her head with each thrust of her mouth.

Aunt Cathy worked Aunt KK’s thongs off her hips and stood behind her, then pushed her face down into Aunt KK’s pussy from behind.

Aunt KK moaned into my cock while she was sucking it.

My dick was harder than it had ever been, and I was about to explode.

“Going to cum,” I panted.

Aunt Cathy stopped licking Aunt KK and got up. “No, you’re not. Not yet. Take a break.”

Aunt Cathy pulled Aunt KK to her feet and they shuffled off the bed. I laid there trying to catch my breath.

“Get up, dumbass,” Aunt Cathy told me impatiently. “You’re taking a break. But we’re not.”

I got to me feet and made sure my cock rubbed against them as I got out of the way.

“Cathy, listen-“Aunt KK said as Aunt Cathy laid down on the bed and pulled her legs up, exposing her dark stained pussy and ass, her tits hanging off to each side.

“Lick me, slut,” Aunt Cathy demanded.


“Damn it I said lick me, bitch,” Aunt Cathy told her again.

Aunt KK dutifully got down on her knees at the edge of the bed and gingerly flicked out her tongue and tasted her older sister.

Aunt Cathy grabbed her head and pulled it into her wet pussy that I had cum in already.

Aunt Cathy let out a load moan. “Oh yes, baby girl. You know what you’re doing. Lick it slut.”

Aunt KK licked frantically at Aunt Cathy’s pussy and I hoped she was tasting my cum.

Aunt Cathy moaned and thrashed and panted while she licked and I watched as Aunt KK’s juicy ass jiggled, her tight asshole and little pink pussy teasing me was I watched.

“Oh god, yes, make me cum, bitch,” Aunt Cathy moaned.

Aunt Cathy fumbled around and found the purple dildo she had been using when I first walked and thrust it toward Aunt KK. “Use this. Use this,” she panted at Aunt KK.

Aunt KK took the dildo and slipped it into Aunt Cathy’s gaping, hairy pussy and began to thrust it in and out while she licked Aunt Cathy’s clit.

“Oh fuck,” Aunt Cathy screamed, and I stroked my cock faster as I watched her legs began to shake causing her massive tits to jiggle.

Aunt Cathy took notice of me stroking my cock and said, “Get it in her while she’s on her knees.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Aunt KK’s pussy and ass had been teasing me the whole time. I was dying to feel her tight little pussy again.

I dropped to my knees behind her as she licked Aunt Cathy on the edge of the bed. I put my knees inside of hers and pushed her legs open and felt her big soft ass press up against me. I wanted to shoot my load over Aunt KK’s soft ass but wanted her pussy more.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down and felt Aunt KK’s wetness all over me. The inside of her thighs was slick with her juice as well. I grabbed her soft hips and in one motion thrust my cock inside of her smooth velvety pussy.

Aunt KK moaned into Aunt Cathy’s pussy as she licked and sucked it and fucked it with the dildo.

“Yes! Fuck her baby boy. Fuck her tight little cunt,” Aunt Cathy gasped.

Aunt KK tried to pull her head away to get some air, but Aunt Cathy pulled her face down into her pussy and wouldn’t let her up.

“You like his big teenage dick don’t you, you little slut?” Aunt Cathy said. “I like it, too.”

I rammed in and kaçak iddaa out of Aunt KK’s juicy pussy harder, her soft ass smacking into my stomach with each thrust.

“Yes, fuck her little pussy,” Aunt Cathy said. “I bet she’s tight.”

I was so close to cumming in Aunt KK.

“Is she tight baby?” Aunt Cathy asked me.

I nodded furiously.

“Is she tighter than me?” Aunt Cathy gasped, pulling Aunt KK deeper into her cunt.

I nodded faster. I couldn’t speak. Aunt KK’s ass looked so soft as it jiggled every time I thrusted into her, her pussy began to clinch me hard.

“Oh, she is?” Aunt Cathy asked. She pulled Aunt KK’s head up and slapped her face. “You hear that you little bitch? He said your pussy was tighter than mine.” Aunt Cathy pushed Aunt KK’s head back into her dripping cunt.

“Well, he can only fuck you when I say, got that?”

I don’t think Aunt KK was listening. She was focused on licking and fucking Aunt Cathy and trying to make her cum.

Aunt Cathy pulled her hair with one hand and pushed her face into her pussy with the other. “You got it, bitch?” Aunt Cathy yelled at her.

Aunt KK got it and nodded while her face was pressed into her sister’s pussy.

“Good. I better not hear of you fucking him without asking me first. He’s mine. He’s my little bitch boy. Got that, KK?”

Aunt Kk nodded as best she could.

“Say it bitch!” Aunt Cathy told her. “He’s my bitch and you’re my bitch.”

Aunt KK couldn’t move her head so with a muffled voice I heard her say, “Hm umm itch and M umm itch.”

I pounded into Aunt KK harder. I didn’t think I would be Aunt Cathy’s bitch. She was in for a rude awakening.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl,” Aunt Cathy said. “Be his little bitch but you better ask me if you can. You need my permission to be his bitch. You have to have my permission to fuck him. You hear me bitch?”

Aunt KK continued to slick Aunt Cathy and fuck her with the dildo, her muffled voice coming from Aunt Cathy’s pussy.

“Mmmmmm” Aunt KK said.

“What was that? Do you understand me, bitch?” Aunt Cathy grabbed Aunt KK’s hair and pulled her face from her wet cunt.

“Yes, I understand.”

“You understand what?” Aunt Cathy sneered at Aunt KK.

“I understand I can only fuck him with your permission,” Aunt KK said, her mascara running around her eyes making her look like some kind of desperate whore.

“That’s right bitch,” Aunt Cathy said and pushed her face back down to her pussy. “That’s my boy toy and I’ll only share if you ask nicely. Now ask me nicely.”

Aunt Cathy pulled Aunt KK from her pussy again so she could speak.


“Please what, bitch?”

“Please can I fuck him?” Aunt KK said.

Aunt Cathy grabbed KK under the chin. “You’re already fucking him? Don’t you feel his cock?”

“Yes,” Aunt KK said.

Aunt Cathy looked at me. “She must not. Make her fucking feel it!”

I pounded into Aunt KK harder, her ass jiggling and bouncing against me. I grabbed her hips and dug my fingers into the soft flesh as I pulled her into me over and over.

“Oh. God. Oh. God,” Aunt KK moaned with each thrust of my cock.

“Can you feel him now, bitch?” Aunt Cathy said.

“Yes. Yes.”

“Yes what?” Aunt Cathy slapped Aunt KK lightly in the face. “Yes, what, you little bitch?”

“Yes, I can feel him.”

Aunt Cathy slapped Aunt KK a little harder this time. “Yes, mistress! You little bitch. Say it.”

Aunt KK’s tight pussy got even tighter around my cock. “Yes, mistress I can feel him now.”

I pounded harder into Aunt KK and her pussy felt like it was exploding around me. I wanted to shoot my cum deep inside of her.

“Oh yes, cum you little bitch,” Aunt Cathy said. “Cum on his teenage cock.”

Aunt KK was moaning and started pushing her ass up against me. I could feel the inside of our legs dripping with her juice.

“Oh, she fucking likes it!” Aunt Cathy said. “You like it don’t you, you little slut. I never knew my little sister was such a slut.”

I was trying to hold out. I didn’t want this to end. I kept looking at Aunt KK’s tight little asshole and wondering how much tighter it was than her pussy.

“God you’re a little slut, KK,” Aunt Cathy said, she pushed Aunt KK back down to her pussy. “I bet you let him come inside you when you fucked him, didn’t you?”

Aunt KK nodded as best she could with her face buried in her sister’s vagina.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Aunt Cathy moaned. “Do it again. Let him fill you up. Let him come inside you.”

I started to feel like I would cum any second. I needed to hold on.

“I bet he gets you pregnant too. Do you want that you little slut? For your nephew to get you pregnant?”

Aunt KK moaned into Aunt Cathy’s cunt. I took that kaçak bahis as an affirmative.

I slapped Aunt KK’s ass and watched it jiggle.

“Do it, baby boy!” Aunt Cathy bellowed. “Get her pretty little slutty pussy pregnant. Send her home with a fucking baby.”

I really wanted to do that. But later. I started to moan and act like I was cumming.

“Yes, mistress!” I said.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Aunt Cathy screamed and pulled Aunt KK’s head harder into her pussy.

Aunt Cathy shimmied and shook and pulled Aunt KK into her more while she licked her while she came. Aunt Cathy’s legs went straight and shook and her whole body jiggled like jello. She let out a deep moan and clinched her hands in Aunt KK’s hair.

I thrusted into Aunt KK and was close to cumming. It would have been awesome to cum inside of Aunt KK’s tight little pussy while feeling that big ass jiggling but I had other plans. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy with a pop and she gave a little gasp.

The two women laid there for a few minutes and let their bodies recover. I stroked my cock faster and faster thinking about what I wanted.

Finally, I gently lifted Aunt KK to her feet and kissed her softly. I nudged her and she sat down on the bed next to Aunt Cathy who was laying with her eyes closed.

I climbed on top of Aunt Cathy and her eyes popped open. I pushed my cock inside of her sloppy wet cunt before she could protest.

Aunt Cathy’s mouth flew open, but no words came out. Her belly was preventing me from getting deep, so I grabbed her legs and pushed them back and sunk to my balls in her hot cunt.

It was wet and sloppy and felt nothing like Aunt KK’s tightness.

Aunt KK watched us and moved her face close to mine and we kissed as I pumped inside of Aunt Cathy.

I grabbed her tits in my hands, so big I couldn’t my hands around them and rocked deep into her.

Aunt KK grabbed Aunt Cathy’s arms and pulled them above her head.

I rocked hard and fast and Aunt Cathy’s face began to contort and I could feel her pussy tighten on my cock.

“Now who’s the bitch? Huh Aunt Cathy. I think it’s you. You’re my bitch now.” I pumped faster into her.

“Get the dildo, Aunt KK,” I said.

Aunt KK grabbed the dildo she had been using on Aunt Cathy and put it in Aunt Cathy’s mouth.

“Yes, suck it bitch,” I said.

I rocked faster into Aunt Cathy.

“Hold her down and make her take me, Aunt KK.”

I pushed Aunt Cathy’s legs back farther, not caring if it was too far for someone of her size. I got on my knees and held her legs up and rammed my cock in as hard as I could.

“You’re our bitch now, Aunt Cathy. I’m not your bitch. I’m gonna fuck Aunt KK’s pussy anytime I want. And I’m gonna make you watch. Her pussy is so much better than yours. So much tighter.”

Aunt Cathy moaned and Aunt KK made her keep sucking the dildo.

“Yes, suck that cock you bitch. You whore. Tell your little sister what a fat whore you are. Go ahead. Tell her. Tell her I’m gonna get your old pussy pregnant.”

I rammed into Aunt Cathy and started slapping at her large saggy breasts, knocking them around.

“I can’t wait till this belly is really fat and pregnant. I’m gonna make you give me that pregnant pussy whenever I want it. You’re gonna be the bitch, Aunt Cathy.”

Aunt Cathy started to cum again, her pussy grabbed me, and it clinched down so hard I thought it was going to crush my cock.

“Tell your little sister what a whore you are, bitch. Tell her what I just fucked. Tell her I was fucking your ass before she walked in. Do it!”

Aunt KK took the dildo out of her mouth for a moment and Aunt Cathy barely managed to get the words out.

“He was fucking my ass!”

Aunt KK rammed the dildo deeper into her mouth this time.

“You’re the bitch, Aunt Cathy. You’re my bitch. And now I’m gonna get you pregnant. Tell your sister to watch you get pregnant you fucking bitch.”

Aunt KK removed the dildo from Aunt Cathy’s throat, and she choked out the words.

“Oh god, baby, I’m your bitch. Get your bitch pregnant, baby.”

Aunt Cathy’s pussy felt as hot as fire and I could feel a burst of liquid soak my cock.

I got as deep inside of her as I could and looked right into Aunt KK’s green eyes. She said, “Cum in her, baby.”

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as my balls exploded. “Get pregnant, bitch,” I whispered into Aunt Cathy’s ear.

I pumped into Aunt Cathy as I came and then laid on top of her fat belly as she panted underneath me. I could feel our liquids all over my cock.

I kept my cock in Aunt Cathy until it went limp inside her, Aunt KK rubbing and kissing us the whole time.

I looked down and Aunt Cathy looked like she had no energy left. I pressed my lips next to hers and pushed my tongue into her hot wet mouth. Her tongue felt slick and big when it rubbed mine.

I kissed her like that for a while then pulled my cock from her slick cunt.

“That fat pussy is mine now, Aunt Cathy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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