The Assistant Pt. 02 – Masquerade

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It’s an abnormally warm Halloween day. Keysha decides to take the day off because she wants to take her son trick and treating. She wants to go in the early afternoon, so she can drop him off at his father’s house. He’s going to a child’s party that evening. While father and son spends quality time together, she’ll be at a party herself. A masquerade party. A small gathering of people from a website she joined a year ago. They hold special events and parties. This will be her first party since joining. She’s excited as she already knows what she’s going to wear for this event. She goes to the closet. Inside, is a trunk. She pulls it out and opens it. She searches through piles of neatly folded clothes until she finds it. She pulls out a Victorian style Gothic dress. She lays it across her bed and stares at it. Her fingers lightly running over the satin material. She had this dress for three years. She wonders if she could still fit it. She starts putting it on. As she pulls the dress down over her huge breasts, her phone rings.

“Crap!” she calls out as she searches for her phone.

By the third ring, she’s able to answer her phone.

“Hello,” she answers breathlessly.

“Keysha, are you alright?” Scott asks.

Panic in his voice.

“Hey Scott! I’m fine. I was in the middle of doing something. What’s up?”

“I was checking to see how you’re doing,” he says.

“I’m doing alright. Just getting myself ready to take my son out. Is everything alright? You need anything?”

“No, no everything is fine. I just want to say hello. I miss you,” he confesses.

She smiles.

“I miss you too. I’ll see you at work,” she tells him.

There’s silence. He wants to go to her place or she comes to his, but says nothing as he clears his throat.

“Alright, I’ll let you go get ready. I would like to see pictures,” he says.

“I’ll text them to you. Enjoy your day,” she says as she ends the conversation.

Scott stares at his phone wishing he’s with her right now. He places it down and continues with his work. Seconds later, an alert goes off on his phone. He grabs it. He receives a reminder about tonight’s event. The masquerade party. He smiles as he remembers his Devil’s costume.

“I can’t wait!” he whispers to himself.

It’ll be his way to get Keysha off his mind. Maybe, he’ll meet a sexy thick girl there. He sends himself a reminder to buy condoms.


Scott enters the lobby of the building. His half devil’s mask on his face. The top half of his face down to his nose is cover. He reaches the front desk. Two women greets him with a smile. The tall and slim woman wearing a half lioness mask smiles brightly. The other woman is short and very curvy wearing a half tiger mask. Both are wearing short and tight tube dresses.

“Welcome to the Masquerade Party sponsor by,” the lioness greets.

“I’m your host. Please enjoy yourself,” she adds.

Scott smiles at them, but he focuses on the tigress. He wants her. She reminds him of Keysha. He walks further into the hall to double doors. A doorman holds one of the doors open for him. As soon as it opens, music is playing. He heads in and walks straight to the bar. He orders a tall glass of rum and coke. He gives the bartender, a man with a Phantom of the Opera mask on, the money.

“Keep the change,” he tells him.

The man smiles and thanks him. Scott sits in the corner and takes sips of his drink while watching people mingle. There’s a long narrow hallway towards the back. Doors on the left and right of it. He wonders if he will use one of the many rooms back there. While he thinks about that, Keysha walks in as she gets to the front desk. The two women smile and greet her like every patron before her. The only difference, the women gets a bracelet. This bracelet is for unlimited free drinks. Keysha stares at it and smiles. The doorman holds the door open for her as walks through it. She goes to the bar first.

“Have fun beautiful,” the doorman says.

“Thank you. Hopefully, I will,” she replies.

Scott hears a voice that sounds familiar to him. He leans pendik escort over the table to see who’s coming in. A thick woman walks in wearing a blue satin dress. It hugs her body perfectly.

“Damn, she’s sexy as Hell!”

He tilts his head to the side as her walk looks familiar to him. She walks just like Keysha, he thinks. He shakes his head at the thought. It can’t be! He wants to deny it so much, but he feels a connection with this woman. Then the scent of her perfume invades the room.

“Wait a minute! The voice, the walk and the perfume,” he says as he puts it together.

“Oh, my God!” he says surprise.

His cock gets happy as it grows long and hard. Of all places to be, she’s here. He knew she was a freak, but damn this catches him by surprise. He finishes the rest of his drink and gets up from his seat. He re adjusts his pants as the imprint of his cock is obvious. This what happens when he doesn’t wear underwear. He quietly walks up to the bar.

“May I get a shot of tequila?” she asks.

While waiting, she feels a pair of hands sliding across her waist to the front of her body pulling her into a hug. She flinches as she tries to move from the stranger, but he has a firm grip on her.

“What are you doing? Get off me,” she said louder than she wanted.

He releases her and he turns her around so they can be face to face. Well, more like mask to mask. She stares at the gentleman wearing half devil’s mask. He dresses in a black suit while the vest is crimson red and a black cape with red inseam. He has on black gloves. His red eyes stares into her blue ones.

“I’m extremely sorry, my lady. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m a shy gentleman. I really don’t know how to approach a woman correctly. Please forgive me. I would be an honor if you would like to dance with me?” he asks as he holds out his hand to her.

His voice is thick with a Canadian accent. A disguise as he doesn’t want her to know it’s him, yet. She stares at his hand not sure if she wants to accept it or not. This man just came up behind and hugged her like he knows her or something. But for some strange reason, she does feel at ease. Like she knows him, but she doesn’t know any Canadians. She pushes the thought out of her mind as she picks up the shot of tequila and gulps it down.

“Sure,” she answers smiling.

He leads her to the dance floor to join the others. He places one hand on her lower back and holds her right hand while her free hand is on his shoulder. As the music plays, he glides her across the floor as he tightens his grip to keep her close. He feels familiar, she thinks. He releases her and spins her around. Then he pulls her back and holds her tight. The muscles in his arms flexes as he holds her.

“You’re an amazing dancer,” she tells him.

“I’m only amazing because you’re in my arms,” he states.

She starts blushing. She rests her face on his chest and listens to his heartbeat. There’s warmth and comfort in his embrace. She looks up at him. He feels her eyes boring into him. He stares down at her and smiles. He wants to kiss her, but he wants her to make the first move. She does as she reaches up and kisses his lips. He squeezes her as he slips his tongue inside her mouth. Damn, he kisses like Scott, she thinks. Without thinking, she places her hand on his crotch. A soft breathy moan escapes him as he grows harder.

“You got me hard for you, baby. I wish I could take you here right now,” he tells her.

“I would suck your cock right now if you let me,” she says.

His eyes become wide.

“You think you’re bold enough?” he questions.

“If given the opportunity,” she answers.

He pulls the zipper of his pants down, slips his hand inside and pulls out his cock. It’s already leaking precum.

“Here it is my dear. Your opportunity awaits,” he tells her.

She stares at his cock and then at him. Her heart is racing. Would she be bold enough to drop to her knees and suck this man’s cock in front of a crowd? She shouldn’t be scared. She’s wearing a mask. No one would know who she is unless she takes it off. She swallows maltepe escort the nervous lump in her throat as she kneels in front of him. She licks the precum from the tip and the taste of it is familiar. She stares up at him her eyes wide in shock. Her mouth goes in a “O” shape as she gasps.

“Scott?” she whispers.

He smiles as he holds the base of his cock and slides it in her mouth. His eyes roll back as her warm wet mouth sucks him fully while relaxing her throat. She stares up at him as her lipstick smears all over his cock. A few patrons notice the action. A circle starts forming around them as more people gather round watching the performance. She grips the side of his hips and pulls him closer as the head of his cock nears her throat.

“Damn,” he moans as he runs his fingers through her curls.

His head falls back as a deep groan escapes his lips. The lioness squeezes herself through the crowd to see the commotion. She smiles at the display. She walks up behind Scott and removes his cape. She stares at Keysha and kneels next to her. She begins unbuttoning his pants freeing him. Once the button is undone, she moves behind him and pulls them down to his feet. To the lioness surprise, she sees he’s not wearing underwear. She runs her tongue up and down his right ass cheek first and then the left. Chills spread throughout his body as goosebumps rise on his skin. Two woman pleasing him? He never thought it was possible.

“God,” he whispers.

The lioness stops and stands up. She raises her hand and snaps her fingers. Suddenly, the music stops and people begin removing their clothes. Keysha stops sucking Scott’s cock as she watches in awe. The lioness walks behind Keysha, holds the back of her head and pushes her until his cock is back in her mouth. She sucks him long and hard. He places his hands on the top of her head. The lioness pulls his hands off Keysha’s head and places them at his side.

“Let her please you the way she wants to,” she tells him as she nibbles on his neck.

He closes his eyes and gives in to the sensation of mouths on him. The lioness runs her nails up to his chest as Keysha deep throat him. He grips her head again. The lioness stares at his hands and grab his wrist.

“No, Scott,” she says more demanding.

He sighs heavily in both pleasure and frustration. The lioness removes his tie and unbutton his shirt and leaves it open. She moves to the side of him and kisses him deeply sliding her tongue inside tasting the rum and coke on his tongue. He moans as he places his hands on Keysha’s head one more time thinking he could get away with it. The lioness pulls away and sees his hands. She stares at him and roll her eyes.

“Such a naughty man,” she murmurs.

Then the lioness raises her hand and snaps her fingers. This time the tigress brings a chair and places it behind Scott. The lioness forces him sit. As soon as his ass hits the chair, the tigress kisses him softly and walks away. The lioness moves behind him, she grabs his left arm and places it behind him. She begins to wrap his tie around his wrist and the chair keeping him secure. Then she grabs his right arm joining it with the other. After tying his tie, she moves until her lips is at the nape of his neck. She kisses and then runs her tongue up to his ear before biting it. She rechecks the tie one more time.

“There,” the lioness whispers as she stands straight.

The lioness walks over to Keysha. Her nails lightly grazing her shoulders right before gripping them. She makes Keysha stand once she moves behind her. The lioness reaches up and starts pulling the zipper of Keysha’s dress down. With the pull of the straps down pass her hands, the dress falls to the floor. She steps away from the fallen dress. Even with the mask on, Keysha can see Scott’s eyes wide with excitement as he stares at her. She’s wearing a leather strapless corset, lace crotchless panties and garter belt connecting to thigh high fishnet stockings. Her black stiletto heels make her legs look sexier. The lioness moves her face towards Keysha’s ear and whispers.

“You see how hard kartal escort he is for you. Take him. Give him what he wants. To fill your pussy with his hot semen.”

Keysha shudders as she nods. Keysha starts walking to Scott, but the lioness stops her. The lioness turns Keysha around and kisses her. A long tongue slithers inside her mouth as a moan is exchange between them. Keysha sucks on her tongue for a few seconds before they part ways. The lioness smacks Keysha’s plump ass as she makes her way to Scott. Watching the erotic exchange between the two women has his cock so hard, the veins pulsate faster. She straddles him as she slowly slides him inside her.

“Fuck!” he calls out as his cock is envelopes by her hot, wet and tight pussy.

She hugs him tight as she starts riding him slow. Her chest pressing against his. He thrusts his hips up towards her as he wants to be deeper inside her. Damn, how he wishes he can grip her ass and go faster. The tigress moves behind Scott and pulls his head back until he’s staring up at her. While Keysha releases her arms from his neck and move them behind her to grip his knees. She leans back and the tigress stares down at her dark pussy gripping his white cock with each thrust.

“Damn, her pussy is tight and wet. You like how she’s riding you?”

The tigress whispers the question in his ear before sliding her tongue inside. His body bucks causing Keysha to jerk as the head of his cock hits her cervix.

“Yes, I love it,” he calls out.

The lioness moves between Keysha and Scott as she starts licking his nipple. His eyes roll back as the pleasure heightens. Three women doing different things to him is both confusing and arousing as hell. Never had he had more than one woman at a time. He loves it! The tigress kneels down and start crawling to the front of him. He stares at her fat ass she crawls. She moves under the chair between Scott’s legs. There she begins caressing his balls.

“Shit, I’m about to cum,” he says.

He stares at Keysha who’s in her own world with her eyes close as she starts bouncing on his cock. Her moans are so erotic, his cock throbs. The crowd moves in closer. Some are just watching while other are masturbating. He watches as women rubs their pussy and the men stroke their cock.

They all chanting, “Cum” repeatedly.

His eyes roll back as his head falls back when the tigress licks his balls. Keysha’s pussy is so wet and throbbing like crazy. She’s about to cum and he’s want them to cum together.

“Please baby, let us cum together. I don’t think I can hold back any longer,” he pleads.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cries out.

Keysha bounces harder and faster as her lips swells along with the head of Scott’s cock. As they both reach their climax at the same time, he releases his load inside her as she squirts on his lap. The crowd starts applauding and cheering. The lioness kisses his sweaty forehead and stare at him.

“We should have you two come to our events more often. Would you like that? Unlimited drinks and dinner,” the lioness says as she waits for their response.

Still catching his breath, he stares at Keysha. She leans in and kisses him as she squeezes his cock as it slips out. Afterwards, they stare at the lioness.

“Sounds like a plan,” Scott says and Keysha nods in agreement.

The lioness kisses them both.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to see another performance from you two,” she smacks Keysha’s ass and walks away.

They smile as Keysha gets off his lap and remove his tie from his wrist. He stands up rubbing his aching wrist as he notices mostly everyone has left. He’s ready to leave himself and take Keysha back to his house.

“Do you have to pick up your son?”

She stares at him as she picks up her dress.

“No, his father keeping him for a couple of days,” she answers smirking.

“Would you stay the night at my place?”

“I thought you would never ask. Besides, I want you to fuck me doggy, missionary and any other position we can think of,” she tells him smiling.

He bites his bottom lip as his cock grows. He quickly gets dress and waits for her as she does the same. They leave the building holding hands as Scott mind runs with all the position he wants her to be in. For the rest of the evening, it will consists of fucking, licking and sucking. This will be a night to remember!

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