The Anniversary

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February fourteenth, nineteen hundred and eighty three. That day marks the wedding day of my wife Jill and I. It also marks the wedding day of my best friend Marks wedding to Mary. My name is Jeff. Twenty five years ago last Valentine’s Day four people that grew up together, were always best friends, held a joint wedding ceremony in a small town in the upper Midwest. As the years went by we went our separate ways, Jill and I to the west coast, Mark and Mary to the east coast. Over the years we always managed to stay in touch with each other but had never got together again. That changed on our twenty fifth wedding anniversary and it will forever be a day to remember!

Before I tell you the details, let me tell you about the four of us. I am a forty nine year old six foot tall male that still feels like I’m the same twenty three I was that day we got married. Jill is my age and is still the striking five foot ten inch raven haired beauty that she was all those years ago. Our sex life over all these years of marriage has been nothing short of fantastic. We’ve never been afraid to share our wants, our needs and our fantasies. Living in southern California has helped us achieve many of those fantasies and has kept our lives together exciting to say the least. From talking to Mark over the years, he hasn’t fared as well as I have in that department, but he still tells me that he and Mary have had a good sex life together. Not great, just good. Mary is a bit of a prude when it comes to sex, Mark tells me. All those years ago Mark was a big six foot two monster of a man. He tells me that not much has changed and promises that when we do get together I’ll know it’s him! Mary was quite the opposite. Maybe five foot two at best, she was a tiny little thing but still a gorgeous woman. Bright red hair topped of a face that would make the heart melt of any sane man. And those breasts! They would give any sane man an instant hard-on! Mark tells me she’s still the same old Mary.

Mark and Mary live in Maine and have always found the north country to their liking but have longed to come and visit us in California. For the past five years we’ve planned for them to come out here so the four of us could celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary together just as we’d talked about on the day we all got married. The day has finally come.

Jill has been planning for this day for over a year. No stone has been left unturned. Red roses are to be delivered on Valentine’s day along with a five pound sack of red rose petals that she insists must be spread around in the hot tub. A caterer has been hired to come in that evening to do a lavish barbeque for the four of us. The champagne is already on ice. A large twenty fifth anniversary cake is ready to go at the local bakery. She has forgot nothing! It’s been twenty five years since we’ve last been with our best friends and Jill wants this to be perfect.

Mark and Mary are due in the day before and I am to pick them up at the airport while Jill puts the finishing touches on the party. As I wait for them in the lobby of LAX the anticipation grows. It’s been so long and we were all such good friends it’s hard to imagine why it’s taken us twenty five years to finally get together again. At last I seen them heading my way! Mark was right. He’s still the big bull of a man that he was those so many years before, with barely a touch of gray on his head. And Mary, if anything is more gorgeous than she was all those years ago! The red hair still bright, that gorgeous face to die for! Don’t forget the breasts! They were her best feature then and they still are today! I try to think of the Lakers so I don’t get a raging hard-on in the middle of the airport! I always wondered what it would be like to see her naked, to see those breasts in all their glory. Nothing has changed in that respect!

We say our hellos as only long lost friends would and head to our place. The conversation is constant with the three of us trying to catch up on old times. By the time we reach home it’s as though we’ve been together instead of apart all these years. As we pull in to the driveway, Jill comes running out the door. Mary bolts out of the car and the two of them embrace and instantly burst in to tears. Mark and I give them a minute and then go over to them. Jill reaches out for Mark and gives him a big old hug before we all head to the door.

After we’re all settled in, Jill and Mary prepare dinner for us. It is the middle of February but it’s still a balmy 75 degrees out so we have our supper out on the patio. Both Mark and Mary comment on the hot tub and Jill tells them that it’s off limits tonight but that we’d all enjoy it tomorrow night. A glass of wine with supper leads to another after we’ve finished eating and the conversation turns to old times and all the fun we used to have together. Soon, the conversation brings us to the present and of course, more wine. By this time we’re all feeling quite tipsy and when Jill gets this way she loves to talk about sex! Now, I love my wife dearly, but sometimes she can get carried away with this subject. It’s one thing for her to pendik escort do it with our “swinging” friends but this is Mark and Mary! I try to drop subtle hints to her to keep it a bit tamer and not let them know all our secrets but she just laughs at me and continues to tell the two of them stories about some of the good times we’ve had in the hot tub. I try to beak it up by saying ” I suppose the two of you are beat from the trip.” “Maybe you’d like to retire for the night?”

Mary’s first with an answer. “Mark, maybe we should go in and at least get in to our night clothes.” So off they go.

“Jill, maybe you ought to tone it a down a bit”, I tell her when our guests leave the patio. Jill always gets horny when she’s full of alcohol and I have to admit that I’m pretty much in the same boat myself right now. All that racy talk has me horny and I know that Jill and I will make love tonight. We always do when she’s like this.

“Jeff, don’t be such a pinhead!” “I just want to find out how their sex life has been over the years and feel like bragging about ours a bit,” she laughs. “Besides, I know how much you’ve always wanted to make love to Mary and I just thought I’d help you out a bit.” “And, I wouldn’t mind finding out if Mark is as good as he looks!”

We both laugh about it but know that deep down that’s been part of our plan all along. I tell Jill that maybe we’d better head to be, too, when out walks Mark and Mary. Mary is dressed in a flannel pair of pajamas and Mark in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Both Jill and I give them grief for dressing like that in sunny Southern California. Then we tell them to pour themselves another glass of wine and we’d go get into our nightclothes, too. A few minutes later we’re back out to join them, Jill in a slinky night dress and me in a pair of shorts.

We pour ourselves another glass of wine and Jill goes to work with her sex stories all over again. Soon all four of us are laughing and just having a great time lying to each other about our past sexual experiences. Mark and Mary have nothing to tell us other than their past tales of great lovemaking together. They explain how their love for each other has kept their sex life together great and that they’ve never had a need to include any one else in it. Jill then pipes up and asks them both “you mean to tell us that you’ve never wondered what it would be like to make love to anyone else in twenty five years together?” Both Mark and Mary looked at each other and answered simply, “no.”

Even though Mary was dressed in a pair of flannel pajamas, I could see the nipples of those beautiful breasts sticking out from their hardness. I tried not to stare but it was hard not to. I’ve always loved those breasts! I glanced up from my trance to see Mark staring at Jill’s nipples that were highly visible through her almost see through night dress and knew then that Mark had the same dreams about Jill that I had about Mary. Maybe Jill was right. Maybe we would get lucky.

After a few more stories and lots of glances between the four of us, we all decided it was time to hit the bed. I know for sure that Jill and I are ready for some sex and I’m betting that Mark and Mary have plans for the same. When Jill and I hit the bedroom she was all over me. “I love you,” she tells me as she pushed me back over the bed. In less than an instant she had my shorts off and her mouth was covering my cock. I’d been hard off and on most of the night and told Jill to slow down, afraid that I’d cum in her mouth before I even got to touch her. Turns out that that was her plan! She started to suck on my cock relentlessly and had my orgasm reaching the tip of my cock before I could stop her. Not that I wanted to, mind you. She gave great head and I loved her for it! I started to cum and Jill continued to suck me until there wasn’t a drop left. She then lay down beside me on the bed and immediately dozed off in a deep sleep. Apparently, the wine had gotten to her. As I lay there trying to catch my breath from that wonderful orgasm I couldn’t help but think about tomorrow night and the four of us in the hot tub. I pictured Mary and her naked breasts staring me in the face, just begging me to touch them, to suck on them. And then I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up with Jill shaking my shoulder. “Jeff, you know that beautiful nine inch cock between your legs?” Of course I did. It was mine. “Well, our big friend Mark has an even bigger one and I intend to have it tonight!”

“Now how in the hell do you know that?” I asked her, just a little bit curious.

“I just went down the hallway to their room to see if they were ready for breakfast.” “I heard the shower running and the door was halfway open so I glanced in and saw Mark heading for the bathroom bare ass naked with a hard-on!” “Jeff, he’s huge!” “Anyway, I watched him head into the shower with Mary and could make them out through the glass door.” “It looked like Mary was bending over to suck on him.”

So now we head to the shower. I pushed Jill against the shower wall and entered her from behind. My cock had no more maltepe escort than entered her and she was having an orgasm! Whether pent up need from last night or her being turned on from the sight of Mark’s cock, I didn’t care! She was in a full blown orgasm and my cock was plunging in and out of her as fast as I could make it move! In no time at all, I was filling her hot, wet pussy cavity with my juices. When it was over, we both finished showering and headed for the kitchen. Mark and Mary weren’t there yet.

Mark and Mary finally come down for breakfast. Mary has on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that accentuates those beautiful breasts of hers. If I wouldn’t have just had sex with Jill I’d of had an instant hard-on! Her nipples were as hard as rocks! Both her and Mark looked a bit flush, as though a bit guilty over what they just did in the shower.

“Happy Valentine’s Day”, Jill shouts at them. “Did you two sleep well?” “You both look a bit flushed, tired still?”

The two of them joined us at the table and we all wished each other a Happy Anniversary, all twenty five of them. Plans were laid out for the day, or rather Jill laid out the plans. As I told you before, she’s been planning this day for a long time. The four of us would get in a bit of sight seeing and make a trip to the beach. The beaches weren’t usually too busy this time of year so they were looking forward to it. I told Mark we probably wouldn’t get to see too many bikini clad California girls running around because it was still cool out. Everyone laughed at that except for Mary. She told us he didn’t need to be looking at any of them anyway, he had her! I’m sure she has no idea how much Jill wants him and how much I want her. That’s probably a good thing.

The day went well. Most of the time we spent at the beach. It was unseasonably warm this beautiful day and we all frolicked in the surf and sand, stopping for a hot dog on one of the piers for lunch. After a couple of beers and the dog, we all decided we’d best head back to the house. Jill had much to do yet for tonight’s celebration. When we got home, Jill sent Mark and I away and told us to be back in a couple of hours. Off we went for a little tavern down the street from us.

After a couple of more beers, Mark asked me about all the things Jill was talking about last night. “Have you two really done partner swapping?” I told him that we had, and we still do on occasion. He wondered how we managed to stay together when we knew the other was having sex with someone else. I told Mark that it has actually made our love for each other stronger because of how much it’s improved our sex life. Then I figured this was as good a time as any to let Mark in on Jill’s little plan for the night. I told him that Jill has always had the hots for him and was hoping after a few drinks tonight that things would turn wild in the hot tub. I told him also that Jill had seen him this morning walking naked to the shower with Mary. He must have turned a thousand shades of red when I mentioned that! Mark told me that he’s always wondered what it would be like to have sex with Jill, also. Then I told him that I had always been turned on by Mary as well. “I don’t know, Jeff, I just don’t think it’s something that Mary and I could ever do.”

“Look, Mark. I’m not telling you it’s going to happen or even should happen. If you’re not comfortable with it, then it won’t. But let’s just play it by ear and see what happens.” He agreed to that and then off we went for home.

When we got back, Jill and Mary had everything set. The red roses were scattered throughout the house and on the patio. The red rose petals almost filled the hot tub. Candles were spread around everywhere along with the balloons and everything else women can decorate with. Sitting in the middle of the patio table was a huge cake with the words “Happy 25th Anniversary” adorning it. I must admit, Jill had done us all well! It was a sight to behold.

Jill instructed us all to go and get dressed for the occasion. “I want you all in shorts and shirts,” she instructed. “This is a beautiful California day and I want us all to enjoy it.” And off we all went.

When Jill and I were in the bedroom changing she asked me if I had said anything to Mark. Of course I told her what we had talked about. She said she had dropped hints to Mary but that Mary she tried to avoid talking about it. “Play it by ear, Honey,” I told her.

A knock on the door as we left the bedroom made us both jump, and laugh! At first we thought someone was showing up to spoil our fun and then realized the caterer must be here. We let him in to do his chores as we finished ours. Mark and Mary joined us out on the patio just as the caterer finished up. The stage was set for our twenty fifth anniversary party and a Valentine’s Day none of us would soon forget.

Jill had outdone herself for dinner. She had the caterer bring in seafood of all varities, fresh vegetable salads and fruit salads galore. It was a fantastic sight! No doubt we’d have leftovers for days! After a toast for the four of us, the dinner began. kartal escort The patio was lit with nothing more than candles and as the dusk hit us, the setting was quite romantic. The four of had a setting for romance, just as Jill had planned. Dinner began.

As we all sat there and ate, the conversation was light. The food was so magnificent we didn’t want to talk! Soon, we were all stuffed and were leaning back in the chairs congratulating Jill on a job well done. Then Mary took over. “A toast to wonderful friends, a wonderful husband and to the best twenty five years of my life!” ” May the night never end.”

Silence ensued for what seemed like minutes. The normally quiet and somewhat shy Mary had led the toast and began the evening ahead of us. When she sat back down, her eyes met mine. I stared into them and marveled at that beautiful face, then at the gorgeous bright red hair and at the nipples that were now protruding from under her very tight shirt. I felt my cock begin to stir just from the thought of grabbing those breasts, of sucking the nipples into my mouth! Just then Jill piped up and said, “Jeff, put your eyes back in their sockets!” We all laughed heartily at that and we also knew the ice had been broken. All four of us knew what it was that Jill wanted to happen tonight, but until that very moment none of us had given it a thought because of the wonderful meal we had just enjoyed.

With that, Jill broke out the champagne. Toast after toast ensued until we finally had nothing left to toast each other about. Our conversation centered on our old times together and the times since we’d last been together that long twenty five years ago. When it seemed we had nothing left to talk about, Jill said it was time to hit the hot tub. We all retreated to change into our swimsuits and met at the hot tub in what seemed to be only seconds! Jill and I crawled in first and as we did I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and sexy she looked. Her raven hair sparkled in the light of the candles. As she crawled in to the hot tub I admired her beautiful ass, those long sexy legs. She wore an almost see through white bikini and the first thing I thought of was that now Mark would get to see his bikini clad California girl! I felt a stirring in my groin just staring at her.

In no time at all, Mark and Mary were there to join us. Although not quite as revealing as Jill’s, Mary also had on a bikini. Hers was a bright green that set off that gorgeous red hair of hers just perfectly. And, of course, those beautiful breasts strained to be let loose! The stirring I had in my groin when watching Jill enter the hot tub instantly came back!

As soon as we had all settled in and all the oohs and ahhs had subsided, Jill got out to get the wine. I couldn’t help but notice Mark stare at her lovely ass as she stepped out. Mary noticed, too, and I could see a flush fall to her face even in the candlelight. When Jill returned moments later, we all sat back with a glass of wine and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water and the jets that pushed it. Jill said to Mary “you really should position yourself over one of these bottom jets, Mary. They do wonders for your libido. In fact, I’ve had an orgasm from them before!” A huge roll of laughter rolled from Mark and I, but Mary once again became flushed.

“Is Mary embarrassed from Jill’s boldness?” I asked.

With that, Mary moved herself alongside of Mark and sat right over one of the jets. Her eyes closed and her hands moved over her belly. It was obvious that Jill knew what she was talking about because Mary was enjoying this immensely. Mark draped his arms over Mary’s shoulders and lightly caressed her arms with his fingers. He knew she liked it. I moved closer to Jill and bent to her and kissed her on the lips lightly. “I love you, Jeff.”

With that it began. I turned to Jill and pulled her to me. As she moved over my lap my cock began to grow. It was obvious she could feel it because she slowly ground her ass into my groin area. Then she drew my lips to hers and kissed me deeply. As she did this, my hands grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter against my now raging cock. Company or not, I was going to enjoy this evening! Jill was now grinding her ass against my cock even harder and I felt that I wanted to burst! I knew that I had to hold it because more and better things were to come. Both Jill and I turned and noticed that Mary had positioned herself over Mark just had Jill sat over me. They were in a deep kiss when Jill began to move down over me, her beautiful ass stuck just up above the water line. It was an obvious show off not just for Mark but for Mary as well. As she got lower, her fingers began to caress my cock through the material of my trunks. I was at full mast and even the baggy trunks couldn’t hide that fact. My nine inches was at it’s fullest! Jill then put her fingers under the waist band of my trunks and teased me by slowly pulling them down. When she got them down enough for the tip of my cock to be peeking out, she moved her lips to it and kissed the head of my cock. By this time, Mark and Mary had stopped what they were doing and were watching Jill’s every move. When Jill pulled my trunks all the way down over my protruding cock, she took me between her lips and began to lightly suck on my engorged cock. All I could do was lay back and enjoy it.

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