The After-School Special Ch 02

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College Sluts

The Schoolbreak Special

Note: This story is a sequel to “The After-School Special,” and is a work of complete fiction. All characters depicted in this story are intended to be 18 years of age or older and consenting adults. Any resemblance between people or situations in this story and actual persons and/or events is entirely coincidental. The views expressed in this story are not necessarily the views of the author or this website. Void where prohibited by law, batteries not included.


Allie was sure she was going to be in trouble, if anyone found out they had skipped school… but Mom had gone to visit with Aunt Jilly, and Daddy wouldn’t be home until late… or so she thought…

Allie and Sarah walked through the big house anyway, just to make sure no
one was home. They had left school at their lunch break, as they both hated their afternoon classes and it was soooo hot today, they just couldn’t keep their mind on study anymore…

“See, Sarah? Nobody’s home. Told ya! We can spend all afternoon swimming and working on our tans. Come on!”

Allie took Sarah by the hand and lead her almost running to the back door, and out into the back yard. She started taking her blouse off…

“Allie… um, I didn’t bring anything to swim in. I thought you were going to let me borrow something…”

“Don’t be silly, Sarah! No one’s here, and no one can see in our back yard. Lets have some fun, and skinnydip!”

Allie undid her bra and flung it aside, turning around to Sarah, her luscious DD breasts bouncing in the warm sun.

“Allie!” Sarah said, blushing.

“Come on, Sarah, don’t be shy! You’re usually the brave one…” Allie walked over and started fumbling with Sarah’s buttons… but Sarah took a step back – then pulled her tshirt over her head… her braless D-cups bouncing out.

Allie smiled and started shimmying out of her skirt… and noticed her nipples had become very erect. And she wasn’t sure if it was from the open air… or the arousal she felt at seeing her best friend’s tits.

Allie pushed her skirt and panties down to her ankles, then kicked them away, and stepped out of her sandles. She noticed Sarah fumbling at her pants, staring at her bare, smooth pussy… so she knelt at Sarah’s feet, and helped her slide her pants and panties off, until both girls were naked… and Allie was looking at Sarah’s delicious, bald snatch. Allie looked up at Sarah and smiled, suddenly very horny.

Sarah blushed. “You sure have been awfully frisky lately… almost like you got a new boyfriend.” Allie winked playfully, then got up, flipping her ponytail as she turned and dove into the pool.

Sarah walked to the pool and started down the steps into the warm water.

“You did get a new boyfriend, didn’t you?”

“Yes… and I lost it to him, too.”

“Lost it? Your virginity? Oh my god, Allie! Who is it?!”

Allie swam back to the shallow end, standing up, her wet breasts rising out of the water. “I… I can’t tell you.”

“I’m your best friend, Allie. I won’t tell anyone!” Sarah’s eyes were on Allie’s beautiful wet breasts, and Allie noticed. Of course, Allie couldn’t take her eyes off Sarah’s lovely cups either… which she noticed Sarah had had pierced.

“Didn’t that hurt?” Allie said, pointing to Sarah’s nipples.

“Yes but only at first… and you’re changing the subject. Tell me about your new guy.”

Allie blushed… how could she tell Sarah she was fucking her own daddy?

“I’ll give you a hint in a while. But… I want you to help me first.”

“Help you?” Sarah asked. “Help you how?”

Allie blushed a bit, stepping closer to Sarah in the water. “Well… you know I’m a virgin… or at least, I was. I know you’ve izmir escort bayan had a LOT more experience with guys than I have… I’m not even very good at kissing. I thought maybe… maybe you could teach me.”

“Teach you what… how to kiss?”

“That… and maybe practice getting fucked… you know, how to feel the most pleasure during sex… that sort of thing. I want to do it right for him.”

Allie took a step closer…


Jonny walked in the front door… glad that he had gotten his day’s work done early and could spend the afternoon relaxing at home. Knowing no one was home, he reverted to his old bachelor ways – taking off his tie, unbuttoning and taking off his pants and tossing them both on the sofa. He walked in his shirt and boxers to the wetbar and made himself a drink, then walked toward the back glass door, and stopped – stunned at what he saw – his daughter and her best friend, wet and naked in his swimming pool… and preparing to kiss!


“Well, I don’t know…” said Sarah, as Allie stepped closer and their breasts pressed together… Allie could feel her nipple stud against her rock hard nipple… her breath getting faster… she cocked her head a bit… closing her eyes…

… and suddenly felt Sarah’s warm lips brush against hers… She slipped her hands around Sarah’s waist, coming to rest on the cheeks of her nice ass, pulling her closer… letting out a soft moan, as their kiss got more intense… Sarah’s tongue tracing Allie’s lips… Allie’s tongue sliding out to touch it… then each girl becoming full of lust, their tongues slipping into each others’ mouth, exploring, as their hands began exploring each others’ bodies…


Jonny instantly got erect as a rock at this unexpected and very erotic sight – his daughter and new lover and her best friend engaged in a lesbian encounter in his very back yard. “This can’t be happening,” he thought. As he downed his drink, his hand moved unconsciously to his hard cock, which had already pushed out of his boxers, and he began stroking himself as he watched this awesome scene.


Allie stopped for breath.. “Mmmmmm, Sarah… am I doing it right?”

“Oh yes,” Sarah said, “but don’t stop… you need more practice…”

Allie’s mouth dove at Sarah’s as they kissed hard again, their hands exploring each other’s tits, and asses… then suddenly Sarah’s hand slipped down and found Allie’s clit.

“OHHHHHH!” exclaimed Allie.

“Mmmmmm, you wanted to know how to move and feel good down there, didn’t you?” Sarah said mischievously, and winked. Allie’s hand slid between Sarah’s legs, and Sarah moaned too, and began kissing down Allie’s wet body until her mouth found Allie’s nipple. Allie moaned again loudly as Sarah’s mouth closed on it and began to suck… feeling a quake go through her quivering pussy. She ground her pussy against Sarah’s hand… and felt Sarah doing the same on hers. The lust between them was unstoppable now….


Jonny made himself another drink, then came back to the glass door to watch… he was so turned on he had to stop himself from coming several times… he knew he wanted a piece of the action out there, when the time was right…


“Sarah,” Allie gasped, pushing Sarah away a bit, “wait…”

“What’s the matter, Sarah asked.

“Nothing…” Allie smiled mischievously, and backed Sarah up the steps of the pool, and instructed her to sit on the edge. She moved in close, their bodies rubbing against each other… she sucked gingerly and licked Sarah’s nipples… then escort izmir kissed down her flat, smooth, wet stomach… Sarah saw where she was going with this, and lifted her ass off the steps in the water, raising and spreading her wet legs. Allie lifted Sarah by her ass, kissing the insides of her soft thighs… getting closer and closer, as Sarah squirmed in anticipation… until finally her tongue flicked over Sarah’s hard clit. Sarah let out a moan, moving her hips to meet Allie’s mouth… as Allie slid her tongue into Sarah’s beautifully parted cuntlips…

“Ohhhh fuck, Allie, YESSSSS!” Sarah exclaimed, one leg wrapping around Allie’s body, the other thrust high in the air, her toes pointing. Allie lapped at Sarah’s

juicy wet pussy, swirling her tongue around the clit… sliding a finger into her… Sarah moaning and squirming… finally in her excitement squealing as she came under Allie’s tongue…

Allie looked up at the out-of-breath Sarah coyly. “Did I do that good?” “Oh, FUCK yea,” Sarah replied. I want yours too, though.

Allie got up and stepped out of the pool… and helped Sarah step out… then lied down beside the pool, and led Sarah down over her, until both girls were lying in a 69. They were sidelong to the house, so Jonny could see them both as they started lapping each other’s fuckholes, grinding on each other’s faces, moaning and getting close to cumming again. Jonny had had enough… he had to have these two little girls NOW.


Jonny stepped out into the back yard, walked up to the oblivious girls, and cleared his throat loudly, as they were both clearly in the throws of an earth shattering orgasm. Sarah rolled off Allie in surprise, both girls lying there, wet and naked, legs splayed, trembling and breathing hard, faces full of wet girljuice. “DADDY!” Allie exclaimed, quickly trying to cover herself but in vain.

“What the HELL do you two think you are doing out here?” Jonny exclaimed, in mock anger. Sarah started to get a leg under herself to get to her feet, and Jonny pointed at her. “Don’t you DARE get up, young lady. Both of you, you just lie there and explain yourselves.”

“Daddy, we’re sorry! We didn’t think you’d be home… and we were just playing…” Allie noticed suddenly that her Daddy’s hard cock was jutting from his boxers, as big as she’d ever seen it.

“Sir, sh-sh-sh-she made me,” Sarah stammered, trying to get out of this. “She wanted to know how to be a good kisser and lover, because she has some new boyfriend, and she won’t tell me who it is! Please… please don’t tell my parents!”

“You girls are in SO much trouble. But – Sarah Jane, I won’t tell your parents, IF you both do EXACTLY what I say. Right now!”

“Yes Sir,” said Sarah, who was crying now. “Yes Daddy,” said Allie, who was now quite turned on again and looking forward to what her Daddy had in mind.

“Get on your knees, BOTH of you, and come over here this instant.” Both girls did as they were told… but as they did, Sarah suddenly noticed Jonny’s massive hard-on and gasped. “Sir… your cock!”

“Well what do you think is going to happen to a man’s cock when he sees two hot little girls going at it in his own back yard like little sluts? Now you have to pay the penalty for getting me this way. Allie, I think you know what to do. Show Sarah what I expect of her!”

Allie slowly pulled Daddy’s boxers off, and Sarah finally saw his huge cock and balls for the first time. She gingerly put her hand around the shaft and started stroking, moving her head closer. “Come on, Sarah… I’m sure you’ve done this before…”

“But… but he’s your Daddy!” Sarah said, stunned… but moving closer.

“Yes, he is…” she said, kissing the tip of his penis and looking up at him, izmir escort to catch him sneak a wink at her, “… but he’s also my new lover. And he’s going to be yours too – unless you want him telling your parents!”

Sarah remembered that part of it, suddenly exclaimed, “no!” and moved her head in to take Jonny’s penis in her mouth as Allie moved to lick the side of his long shaft. She lovingly cupped and caressed his balls, the way he liked it, and was rewarded with a soft moan from her Daddy’s lips.

Jonny looked down at the two young vixens servicing him, worshipping his cock… it was almost too good to be true. They licked and sucked so expertly… stroking his shaft… then Allie pushed a wet finger into his ass and he moaned again as she searched for his prostate and began to rub…

He watched them share his throbbing head, passing it from one mouth to the other… then they got turned on and locked their lips in a hot kiss… his cock head pushed into both their mouths as their tongues explored each other’s, over his purple helmet. This was more than he could stand, and he shot a thick jet of hot semen into the girls’ mouths, which they shared eagerly as they continued to kiss.

“Damn,” he thought, as the hotness of this scene was keeping him rock hard.

Sarah was like a woman possessed now. It was obvious this hot young vixen was the experienced one. She pushed Allie back onto the grass and dived into her pussy, and pushed her cute ass up in Jonny’s direction. Jonny didn’t need an engraved invitation – he sank his still stiff rod deep into the girl’s tight snatch, and moaned loudly as he felt it grip him hard.

Jonny fucked Sarah hard from behind, spanking her hot ass as she ate his daughter out. Loud moans came from all – and Jonny thought for a moment that he saw his neighbor Dora’s head peeking over the fence… He didn’t care anymore though, he needed to fuck these girls! He hoped they put on a good show…

Sarah was moaning, bucking back against Jonny’s cock and he could feel it hitting her cervix with each hard thrust… Allie was moaning and squirming… suddenly Jonny felt Sarah’s pussy grab like a vise and she screamed into Allie’s pussy as she came hard… forcing Allie to have her own orgasm…

Sarah rolled away, and looked at Jonny with a very mischievous look on her face. “Ok,” she said, “if I’m going to be a co-conspirator, I gotta see this, Allie. I gotta see your dad fuck you.” Allie didn’t have to be asked twice, and quickly turned over presenting her ass to her daddy. As Jonny pushed into Allie’s tight pussy, he saw Sarah scuttle underneath her, getting back into a 69 position. “This was almost too much,” thought Jonny, for as he started fucking Allie he felt Sarah’s tongue licking his shaft and balls as well as Allie’s dripping wet pussy, and felt her hot breath on his nads.

Jonny swatted Allie’s ass as he fucked harder and harder, needing that orgasm… as Sarah licked and caressed encouragement from below… suddenly he felt Sarah’s finger push up his ass! He groaned loudly and stiffened, shooting his hot seed deep into his daughter’s snatch… then Sarah pulled him out and shoved him down her throat, sucking the last of his load out… some of it gushing on her neck, splashing the top of her tits.

The three lay on the grass, caressing and holding each other under the warm summer sun for a long while, spent and sated. Then they slid into the pool and swam and played a while… until the phone rang, and Jonny reluctantly got out to answer it.

“Who was that, Dad?” Allie asked when Jonny walked back out to the pool.

“It was your mom… she is going to stay the night with Aunt Jilly.”

“Sarah,” Jonny turned to her, with a wicked grin on his face… “Do you want to call your parents and tell them you’re having a sleep-over tonight?”

“Hell yes,” Sarah said, practically jumping at the phone, as Allie wrapped her arms around him in thanks – and with wanton desire.

This was going to be a great night…

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