The Affair

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Every word of this story is true… I am Kara and as time allows, I’ll write about the rest of the two days with Mike (which include my first anal experience), and the weeks that followed. We meet for a night or a few nights as often as we can, and it gets hotter ever time.


It began innocently enough, with teasing text messages and light-hearted banter on the phone and with online messaging. Kara and Mike both worked as consultants for the same company, traveling the country providing counsel to their clients. They were rarely in the same city at the same time, but few people kept the hours they did and Kara knew that when she stepped off a plane at midnight, Mike was probably doing the same thing in another state. The work could be very lonely but they made it less so for each other.

Both loved their job; both were married and had children at home, and spouses who understood the need for their travel to ensure their career success. Mike’s family lived outside of Boston, where their company was based; Kara lived in Chicago with her husband and son. Frequent travel put pressure on their marriages but also gave both of them a freedom that they enjoyed.

Ping! Another instant message broke Kara out of her reverie. A message from Mike. Kara smiled at the familiar ‘voice’ making her hotel room in Omaha a little less lonely. They talked casually at first, but the banter soon took on a sexual tone as it always did, as Mike teased her about picking up strange men in the hotel bar to keep her company (something Kara had considered but never done…at least, not yet). This led quickly to a discussion on monogamy and Kara found herself telling Mike things that hadn’t even occurred to her, much less been something she’d tell a colleague. They talked about the consulting life, the time on the road, the strain it put on their marriages, and the excitement of leaving on another trip. Kara found herself guiltily looking forward to the days away more than the days at home. She loved her husband, loved her son, but was so much more fulfilled by her job than when she was faced with mounting laundry piles and dirty floors. The joy of travel and the pride she took in her work gave her a high she didn’t get at home. The frequent conversations with Mike added a spice to her life that she hadn’t expected but wouldn’t trade for the world.

“Hey, are you going to be in Atlanta on the 18th for this deal?” Mike asked.

“Yep – two nights,” replied Kara.

“Uhoh. You know what trouble I can be on the road… hope you are up for my company.”

“Not sure what you mean… I’m always the one you have to keep up with.”

And they were off, trading barbs, circling around the idea of getting together without actually spelling it out. Neither wanted to be the first to suggest anything, though they were both thinking the same thoughts. Looking back later, neither was sure who was the first to suggest that they could be together in a new way… he insisted that she started it; she was certain that he had given off vibes or she never would have been so forward. But something about being on the road so much, always communicating in a hotel room, let her shed her inhibitions and tell him honestly that what she really need was some honest-to-God fantastic sex. Hesitantly, she told him how she had considered cheating before but the fear of sex with someone she didn’t know and trust always held her back. She needed it to be someone safe, someone she could trust, someone who had as much to risk as she did if they were found out. It took just a few nights of long conversations and reflection before she realized that Mike was perfect. Neither wanted to leave their spouse, neither wanted to risk their marriage and so they were perfect for each other, for what they needed now.

Having decided two weeks before their trip that they were going to take their relationship to a new level left a lot of time for teasing, innuendos, double entendres. It was amazing how turned on pendik escort Kara would get just talking to him. It was unlike any experience she had had before. The anticipation of what would surely be amazing sex was just so hot. Just messaging with him left her so randy she always had to type with one hand so she could masturbate with the other.

The boost of confidence from being desired was so exhilarating. Just knowing that Mike wanted her so badly gave Kara such self-assurance that she practically radiated heat. There was a saunter in her walk now, and a glow in her eyes. Sadly, the only one who didn’t notice it was her husband. But somehow, knowing that she was going to get what she needed from Mike made things easier with her husband, like the pressure was off and she could just appreciate him for what he was.

“You are going to have to work very hard in Atlanta” Kara would say.

“Oh, I’ll be hard. And you’ll be begging me to work it,” replied Mike.

They talked several times a day, and each conversation raised the bar a bit. The sexual tension was so palpable that Kara was sometimes surprised that the keyboard didn’t melt under her fingers. She found herself expressing desires that she didn’t know she had, to be dominated, to try anal sex, to try a threesome. Mike aroused her in a way she hadn’t felt before, and all of a sudden she felt freed up from convention, able to declare what she wanted and be rewarded with a man who pleasured in giving it to her.

The last week before their trip, the conversations got so hot that Kara found herself dripping with arousal every time they talked. Her plane trips that week were the most unproductive of her career… she sat in solitude in the darkened plane, surrounded by strangers, living out in her head the fantasy that was about to take place. She shut her eyes and pictured Mike kissing her, Mike pinning her to the wall of the hotel room, Mike ripping off her suit and letting down her hair. She went about her work and her home life like normal, but inside she was a kid right before Christmas. Her ‘real’ life was the same but her ‘work’ life was about to become drastically different.

Mike, it turned out, was getting into Atlanta early and would pick her up at the airport Sunday when she arrived. Even after the graphic and deep conversations they had had, Kara found herself nervous. She stressed about what to wear and how to act. As much as they joked about being raunchy and dirty, with her blowing him in the car on the way to the hotel, she still felt like a girl waiting for a first kiss from her new boyfriend, unsure of herself for the first time in ages.

The flight from Chicago to Atlanta seemed like the longest of Kara’s life, knowing what was waiting at the other end. Please God, she thought, let this be what I need. Let this fulfill the aching need within me.

She saw Mike’s car waiting at the curb, and was giddy and nervous at the same time.


“Hey there,” he replied. She sat next to him and smiled nervously. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and suddenly everything was ok. She was happy to be here, happy to be next to him, and very happy to be heading to a hotel in a town where they were almost anonymous.

They made companionable small talk, stopping short of the suggestive topics that had gotten them into this situation. Somehow in the daylight, in person, it seemed so different. The night before, Kara had sent him a message of ‘I can’t wait for you to stick your cock in me’ but she was suddenly unsure if she could actually say those words out loud without dying of embarrassment.

They checked in and in the small elevator, Kara didn’t know what to do. Mike was the smooth one, the one who had done this before, and Kara waited to follow his lead.

“Why don’t you go unpack and change into something more comfortable, and I’ll come by your room in a little bit?” he suggested. Happy to have a plan and a minute to herself, Kara agreed. Up in her room, a floor above maltepe escort Mike’s, she hastily unpacked, leaving the sexy underwear she brought in a drawer. She pulled on jeans and a sweater, hoping that was what Mike meant by ‘something comfortable’ and sat on the bed to wait for him.

He knocked quietly, and she felt butterflies flipping in her stomach, as nervous as a girl on her first date. This is it, she thought. If this works out, it will be perfect. If not, it could be a disaster. Kara desperately hoped it was the former, and opened the door. Mike looked so sexy standing there and she was torn between wanting to rip off his clothes and feeling terribly unsure of whether she could please him.

She led Mike over to the couch and they sat next to each other.

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” Mike asked.

“Oh, yes. Not a doubt in my mind,” she replied with a smile. Mike moved first, gently taking Kara in his arms and kissing her. She sighed deeply, with pure joy. How did he know how she liked to be kissed? She lay in his arms and kissed him back, accepting as he explored her mouth with his tongue. How did he know?

He stripped off her sweater and moved his head down to nuzzle her neck, his tongue and lips moving over her smooth skin. She felt like she was on fire, finally able to just enjoy this lavish attention from this amazing man. Inhibitions gone, all Kara could think of was how she never wanted to wake up from this dream.

Mike led her to the bed and stretched out next to her, unhooking her bra and gently exploring her breasts. He lowered his lips to her erect nipples, nibbling and pulling them until they stood up as hard as nails. She pulled his shirt over his head and pressed her bare breasts against his skin, running her fingernails up and down his back. God, he felt so good next to her.

Mike continued licking and sucking on her nipples, and moved one hand down to cup her pussy through her jeans. The heat of his hand through her clothes was incredible and Kara ached to have his fingers in her. He felt her need, and unzipped her pants, pushing them down over her hips so she could kick them off. Her black lace underwear was sopping wet from her pussy juices and he could smell her excitement.

Kara reached down and undid his belt, then pushed his jeans and boxers down, eager to be naked next to him, eager to feel his hard cock pressed against her. She reached one hand down and smiled as she explored his cock. It was so thick and long she could barely think of anything other than having it inside her.

“Jesus, Mike. What a surprise… I didn’t expect you to be like this.”

“Like what?”

“So huge. Damn. I wanted you so badly before, and now… Jesus.”

Mike smiled and leaned in for a deep kiss. He slipped his fingers inside her wet underwear, exploring her skin and the small patch of hair above her clit. God, she was so smooth. And so wet. He started to push a finger inside her but Kara pulled away as she crawled down the bed to take his cock in her mouth. She couldn’t get over how massive he was. She now had a new mission – to try to fit every inch of it in her mouth.. Kara licked her way up his cock from his balls to the head. God, this was so much more than she expected. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and started to pump him gently as she took his head in her mouth. Mike lay on the bed and stared at the beautiful sight before him. What had started out as a few innocent emails had so quickly developed into this… He just lay on the bed and watched her slide her lips and tongue and hand up and down on his hard cock. Her mouth felt so good around him and he took a deep breath to calm down. It would be so easy to come in her willing mouth right now, but he had other things in mind.

Kara kept licking and sucking on him, enjoying herself immensely. She could do this for hours, and hoped that he would let her. The feeling that she was giving him so much pleasure made her even wetter. She kartal escort opened her eyes to look up at him as she continued sucking, and smiled as she saw the lust in his eyes.

“Come up here,” Mike said, pulling on her arm. She reluctantly let his cock slide out of her mouth and kissed her way up his body until she was lying next to him. How quickly things can change. An hour before she was as nervous as a virgin, and now they were lying next to each other naked, and she was as happy as she had ever been. Mike kissed her deeply and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him until her breasts crushed against his chest. She raked her fingers down his back as he kissed her lips, her neck, her breast, her stomach. He peeled her sodden underwear down her legs and settled between them. Her pussy looked so beautiful from here, and he smiled at his luck. He was still unsure how it had happened, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.

Mike gently kissed her inner thighs, working his way to her pussy. God, she was so wet, and she smelled so enticing. Kara almost quivered with anticipation, and wrapped her legs around his neck. The feel of his tongue licking along her slit was amazing and she jumped a little as he licked her clit for the first time. Mike pushed one finger deep inside her and flicked her clit with his tongue. Kara could barely breathe. She’d been licked before but not like this. Never like this. Mike added a second finger and started to slide in and out, fucking her with his fingers as he licked and sucked on her clit. Kara moaned and squeezed her legs tighter around him. He moved faster, his fingers moving in and out easily as she got wetter and wetter. She felt the familiar pressure building deep within her and began to buck against his fingers with her hips. Sweet Jesus this felt so good.

“Come for me, baby,” Mike said. “I want to feel you come for me.” Kara couldn’t speak as she concentrated on his fingers and his mouth, somehow knowing exactly what she needed. She tightened as she felt the explosion start deep inside, and she cried “Oh God, I’m coming” as Mike felt her pussy pulse against his fingers. He kept his mouth on her clit and urged her on with his tongue as she came. She fell back against the bed, finally having reached the release she needed. Mike pulled his fingers out of her and licked them off as he watched her face and saw the relief sweep over her.

“Oh my God,” she said. “That was amazing. I’ve never felt like that before.”

“We’re just getting started,” Mike replied and he positioned himself above her. Kara raised her hips eagerly towards him as he stroked up and down her slit with his cock. His cock glistened from her sucking and from the pussy juices he now rubbed against. He was so turned on by how eager Kara was, how much she wanted him, how aggressive she had been. And now he could take her where he wanted to go.

Mike slowly slid his hard cock into her very wet pussy, just the head at first and then, slowly, his entire length. Kara’s eyes rolled back in her head as she adjusted to the biggest cock she’d ever had inside her. She had never felt so filled up, so completely taken. He slowly rocked back and forth, finding a rhythm that worked for both of them. Kara’s moaning showed him that she was enjoying herself, that he was taking her with him to another climax. Her breaths started to come faster now as she ground against him. Mike wanted to slow down, to draw this out but he couldn’t stop. He pushed into Kara as hard and as fast as he could, and feeling her come against his cock pushed him over the edge, as he came deep within her. He kept moving inside her until her own orgasm subsided, then he settled down on the bed, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto her side next to him, with his cock growing softer inside of her. He kissed her gently on the forehead and on the lips, and she thought that she could happily stay in his arms forever.

Both were silent for a few minutes, as their bodies calmed down and their minds started to spin. This was new territory for them and there would be a lot to talk through but that was for later. For now, they both reveled in the pleasure they had taken from each other, and were grateful that their trip was just starting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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