The Adopted Ch. 03

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The characters and events in this story are 4% non-fiction. The characters themselves are 18+ and products of the author’s imagination because he’s a demented little fuck.

Viewer discretion advised…


Daniel McGee lit another cigarette and drank his umpteenth cup of coffee, it sucked….

He was sitting with a group of people who also had anger management problems, similar to his own, but not as fucking intense.

If anybody knew anything about him, they’d know his short fuse was brought on by trauma, and not just something he’s always had.

They took turns talking about what set them off enough to get landed here, Danny’s wasn’t sugar coated, or even all that nice. What got him landed here wasn’t very pretty, didn’t start out pretty either…

The girls only wanted to help him let it go.

He had lived with these women for many years, unaware that they were raising him to be their own personal fuck-boy, but only at his own choosing.

Something he eventually came to terms with a week after Miranda came to visit, but when it started was the day she arrived.


Danny was recovering from two hangovers, one supplied from booze, the other inflicted all over his body.

Guess which one will last longer?

The stab wound looked okay, an inch to the left, and he’d be suffering from another kind of liver damage.

After getting himself cleaned up, re-bandaged, and moderately dressed, you know, sweatpants, he went to find food or something.

Damn this headache…

Miranda McGee, had come of legal age about three years go, but that never stopped her from bedding any human with a pulse. Puberty hit her like water, and she had filled out very, very nicely.

Her school uniform made her more desirable as it hugged every curve she possessed.

Her Spanish heritage had shown very clearly, her olive skin, long shiny black hair, bright brown eyes, and full pouty lips, standing at only 5 feet tall, she believed she was fun size rather than short. Unlike her Caucasian mother, aunt, and cousin, she was fully figured and had real sized definitions, curves that drove men and women wet and wild.

Yummy with a tummy, and not ashamed to show it.

As Jessica’s only daughter, she saw Daniel and Sasha more as siblings rather than cousins, and that only made her want to fuck them harder, and the description they kept giving her, and the photos they sent of Daniel, she habitually used as masturbation fuel almost every night.

The perfect ratio of sheer muscle but not ripped, he could go extremely lean if he wanted, but a little cushioning isn’t a sin.

She had dropped her suitcases in the foyer, kissed her aunt and mother a passionate hello, realizing how much she missed those lips on her body, sucking and biting on her nipples and clit.

Her dominant mother always taking control, the sensuous aunt who prefers tantric sex, sweet compliant Sasha is ready and willing for anything, and recently learning about Danny’s inexhaustible stamina, made her mouth water and her love box hot and moist.

She can catch up on fucking them later, right now, she needs to ride Danny like a pony in heat.

However, the loving cougars suggested they got comfortable, and told her about what happened in the last few days.

The surprise encounter Thursday night she liked hearing, it made her want Danny even more, but the apparent agitation Danny faced yesterday, told via Sasha, and the state he came home in, followed by the reason why he was late, kinda turned her off.

She sat between them, open mouthed, and legged, at what she had just heard.

This promiscuous family unit of close lovers had a slight drawback regarding Danny, he had a frightening temperament, and the fact that he didn’t know about their incestuous relationships before taking Sasha to bed was a bit of a blow.

This whole plan of having a male live with them and be their exclusive paramour excited her, but if he didn’t know…

Miranda reclined further in her seat, Julian and Jessica sat curled up on the couch, and each had a cup of coffee.

Julian wore her favorite silky risqué red robe, and if anyone knew anything about it, they’d know she never wore anything underneath, or anything else, when she’s home. It wasn’t even properly closed, not leaving much to the imagination to anyone gazing at her delicious body.

Jessica wore a high black thong to accentuate her V-shaped curves, thigh high black transparent stockings, and nothing else really. She did have a matching purple robe to her sister’s, but it was so dark, it was almost black.

Miranda herself didn’t bother wearing panties, a fact she found pointless in this house as they’ll be on the floor anyway before she even deposited her things.

She was about to ask when they were getting up, when they heard movement on the stairs.

Her heart leaped.

Miranda hadn’t seen Dan and Sasha for at least a few years, not since she was accepted at that boarding school, finally; and smiled brightly as it was Danny who descended the stairs, izmir escort bayan she wanted to see for herself the man she was told all about.

Her smile widened at the jiggling bulge on his pants. He was known for not wearing any boxers with his sweatpants.

Her heart hammered, her thighs rubbed together, her kitty was purring with hunger, she bit her lip in anxious anticipation.

Only to lose all that feeling the moment she saw the true extent of his injuries. Her jaw dropped.

The right side of his face, and places that weren’t bandaged up, looked like he fought Freddy Kruger.

He favored his right leg and had a clean patch to the right of his stomach. Julian and Jessica also recoiled at the sight of him, having no idea the description Sasha gave them was an understatement, and the description to Miranda from them was diluted with fermented grapes, and had nothing to go on except that it was a fight and he got roughed up.

He looked like he was beat to Hell, chewed up, and spat out!

Danny stopped in the foyer, and turned to address them in his usual fashion.

“Fuck y’all looking at?” He grunted, and lurched into the kitchen.

He was looking for a cold pack, but found a roast in the fridge, that would work, he thought, and slapped that bad boy on his face.

The cellophane would keep his open cuts away from the raw meat, but the coldness felt so fucking awesome he shook with relief, shame the rest of him couldn’t experience as much.

He had his phone with him, and checked whatever messages he may have missed…

His band got a gig somewhere on the outside of town, wishing he was there, partying like the animal he is, because Paulina.

The Leaf Tribune is now accepting Asian Bisexuals. Why? He doesn’t know, doesn’t want to know, doesn’t care to know.

The ever anticipated Frisbee playoffs are next week, and the Musicology Hall is being zoned for…fumigation? Stupid administrative decisions.

Vandalism is at an all time low, only one vehicle was violated, but campus security is baffled.

Yeah, sure they are…

And… He has a new email from Anonymous. “You did well last night, my good sir. Despite being out numbered, you defeated all your opponents, and with minor injury.”

Say that to his gut, he pressed the roast to his side, and it sort of helped.

“Next month is an exhibition of a more lucrative nature. Rest well and enjoy your earnings. We expect to see great things of you.”

As always, there wasn’t a number or email, but that was the point. All members, big and small, were to remain anonymous, or by their chosen codenames.

His was of his favorite band.

Next month? Enough time to heal up, hit the gym, think about what to do with Sasha.

His earnings? Well, the first thing is to repaint the car, or at least buff out the scratches.

Oh, and he’s not alone in the kitchen anymore.

“Daniel,” his mother said in a concerned dulcet tone, “how are you?”

“Alive.” He said.

“Does everything work okay?” Jessica asked.

“Define ‘okay?'” He said.

“How you been Danny?” Miranda asked brightly.

“Been better.” He said, returning the cool roast to his face.

“What’s everyone doing in here?” Sasha said, having silently padded into the kitchen, wrapped in a blanket, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

Danny had to admit, she keeps getting sexier everytime he sees her.

“Good everyone’s up, family meeting, loving room, now. There’s something that needs to be addressed.” Julian said.

“Yeah, Sasha…” Miranda said.

“Miranda…” Jessica said.

Loving room? Danny mouthed to Sasha, who merely took away the roast, took his hand and lead him to the living room, sat him in his spot on the wraparound couch and straddled him, almost sitting on his cut.


She opened the blanket just long enough to give him a good view of her slim frame before sitting herself on him, and closing the blanket around them both.

Her lithe young body pressing into his, she was brimming with life, to give, to share. Wanting nothing more than to help expand their family with him, to love and to cherish.

Jessica sat on his left, moving aside his unruly hair to take in his handsome features, see how comfortable his face was to sit on.

Julian sat on his right, brushing aside his locks to see her stoic son, despite his behavior the previous night, she still wants him to grace her bed, she hasn’t had a real man in too long a time.

And Miranda sat right behind her, seeing everything just fine, and rubbing herself a little.

The closeness of their warm bodies made him slightly aroused, but it was more…soothing, than sexual.

He was in no mood to fight off any more bodies.

However, Sasha might take advantage. In fact he wants her to take advantage. In fact, she was going to take advantage.

“How adorable.” Jessica said, patting the top of Sasha’s pure white hair.

Julian had her exquisite breasts pressed into his arm, and were it not for the scratches, they wouldn’t feel escort izmir like spiked pillows.

Miranda rested her angled chin on her aunt’s shoulder, imagining sitting on his chiseled face too, and getting wet from it all, reaching around her aunt to feel his powerful thigh.

Sasha gave a small smile and nestled her perfect nose closer into Danny’s neck, covered almost entirely in the blanket, leaving only the top of her head exposed.

She loved his body, pressed against hers, and apparently he liked it too, feeling that hardening organ trying to break free and enter the closest female orifice. She could help him with that.

“Okay, we’re here. What’s this about?” He said, wishing he stayed in bed.

Julian was picking her words carefully, she didn’t want him freaked out or angry, definitely not angry. Sasha being where she is might help keep him calm.

“It’s about last night,” she began, Danny gave a heavy sigh.

“Last night, we were going to tell you something that’s very important to us, for you, but the state you showed up in made us, your own family, question your actions outside this house.

“Therefore, we decided to exchange secrets. We’ll tell you what we were planning, and you tell us what you been getting into. Deal?”

Danny thought about this. He might need a bit of help.

“Miranda, there’s a case of beer in my car, it’s unlocked, could you bring in here please? And bring a straw.”

Miranda looked to her mother, as if asking permission. Jessica nodded, and the randy late teen went to get those.

They sat in silence, with Sasha fondling his chest and stomach. When Miranda came back, she looked puzzled and may have had a question she wanted to ask as she handed him a beer and the straw, but Danny answered her anyway.

“Morons.” He said.

“Who’re morons?” Sasha said quietly.

“The clever genius that scratched my car. It’s nothing to worry about right now.” He said, opening the beer and using the tab to hold the straw in place. “So what big secret did you want to tell me?”

“After you tell us how you got fucked up.” Mom said, now getting serious. “Why are you so badly beaten?”

Danny steeled his nerves, and took a deep breath.

“I’m not supposed to talk about it.” He said.

Sasha hugged closer to him. “Please, Danny? Don’t do that. You can tell us.” She looked up with those doey green eyes.

“Daniel, we need to know.” Jessica piped in.

“I’m not supposed to talk about it!” He softly repeated, with emphasis.

Sasha rotated her hips, grinding her crotch against his.

“Daniel…” Mom said with that you-better-tell-me-or-else tone, “I need to know. Are you involved in anything, any-thing, illegal at all?”

There wasn’t any way out of this. He was trapped under 98 pounds of ready, willing, and able. The four people he loves the most are here for support, and demanding answers. There was no escape, and he was all out of fight right now.

Guess he has to talk about it…

“I need all of you to swear, on your lives, that what I’m about to say does not leave this room.”

Interestingly, they did. He took a sip of beer, and a deep breath.

“No, it’s nothing illegal. No, it wasn’t a bar fight, or an altercation, or even me blacking out…again…”

“There’s this,” Sasha gave him a light squeeze before he continued, “…club. No one has a backstory, no one has a real name, no spectators, no sporting deals, no teams, nothing. We don’t even share anything about ourselves, or why we’re beating the crap each other.”

“So, a fight club?” Miranda asked.

“In a sense. The only thing we know about it, is it’s for some rich guys’ entertainment, and we get paid, a lot.”

“Who’s the rich guy?” Jessica asked.

“Anonymous. That’s it. Never leaves the car, never greets anyone, never says a damn thing. Never shows up in the same car twice either, and never has the same middle man twice.” He said, putting the cold aluminum to his face, sighing at the relief it gave. “We’re there to break faces and bleed. That’s it.” He was tired, he was overtired, he shouldn’t have left the bed.

“What about these other members? Are they never the same the twice?” Julian said, dropping some of her mother tone.

“That’s the only constant. But what happens in the ring, stays in the ring. Outside, we are to hold no grudges, we’re not even to acknowledge that we were ever there. If we happen to see each other on the street, we don’t know a damn thing, we’ve never met.”

They digested this, Sasha pressed even closer to him if that was possible, her soft bare body touching his hard core made him responsive. She reached down under the waistband to free him from his cotton confinement and play with his beautiful salami, kissing whatever part of his neck her lips could reach.

So much trouble to go through just to have money. Not to mention the effect his voice has on her, being this close to him makes her a horny gooey mess.

“Anything else?” Jessica asked. “Like fringe benefits, or bonuses?”

“Actually, yes.” He replied, stuttering izmir escort the words out because Sasha was tickling his circumcised frenulum with her nails.

She knows he likes this.

“Ever wonder why we never had to take out a mortgage? How the wagon’s finance just, disappeared? Or why we never had our utilities shut off? How about every medical bill we got was dirt cheap, regardless of what we went in for?” He said, taking another sip.

“What about it?” Julian said.

“You’re welcome. This club, though asks for total anonymity, does ask for specific information on their members. Next of kin for example.”

“What information?” Julian asked.

“I’ve declared all four of you as my benefactors, should the worst happen. The house is paid for, and any other house I choose to take as my own.” He drew a sharp breath. “You’ll all get a form of reimbursement, and any funerary expenses will be taken care of.”

“You mean, people have died?” Sasha said quietly, giving his member a loving squeeze.

“Small price to pay to provide for the family.” He said, wanting her to quit playing with him and put him inside her already.

“And what about these winnings you get?” Miranda asked.

“Mine to do with as I wish, there’s a bonus if I fight any round without getting hit. I spent a few hundred on getting this one underwear.” He said, nodding to Sasha, who was rubbing him against her tummy.

She’s killing him with all this teasing!

“Whatever I don’t get for myself, or anyone, funds my tuition.”

“How long has this been going on?” Jessica asked.

“Ten years.” He sighed.

“You’ve been doing this, since high-school!?” Julian said, letting her mom side show again. “Why?”

“Needed an outlet, heard about this thing, sounded like something I could get into, helped me get my anger under control.” They all looked at him with unbelievable eyes.

Julian had her son’s hand in hers, loving and hating him, Miranda was pressed into her aunt like Sasha was to Danny, her hand hovering just above that special spot of hers, Jessica had a hold of his shoulder, and was playing with his hair.

It was all she could do to not rip him out from under Sasha and give him a good loving herself.

“Is that it?” Julian asked, tentatively.

“Pretty much.” He said, taking another sip, feeling his own brew bubbling in its manufacturing.

“Well that just beats the Hell out of our little secret.” Jessica said.

“Only fair. I told you mine, now tell me yours.”

Sasha was playing with herself too, using her vaginal fluids as the perfect natural lubricant to stroke him off. If she keeps that up, he’ll add some fluids of his own.

“We were going to seduce you today. Sasha was a naughty girl and beat us to it. And it looks like she’s doing it now.” Julian said, running her fingers through his hair.

“We’ve been planning this seduction until you came of age, raised you into a desirable man and screw your goddamn brains out.” Jessica said, doing the same with him on her side, making Danny wince when she squeezed his cut thigh.

“To help quell that rage lurking inside you.” Julian said.

“To take turns fucking you too.” Miranda added in, reaching up to squeeze his unhurt thigh.

“But I got to have you first. I’ve been waiting so long for you to take me.” Sasha sighed, scooping out more of her natural lube onto him.

“Oh, that…I May have already figured that out.” He said, his voice cracking slightly.

“How so?” Julian asked huskily.

“I may or may not have come acrossed a diary…” He said, looking at Sasha.

“When was that?” She asked, getting into that perfect rhythm he liked so much.

“When I… dropped off your gift. It was just lying there, wide open, so I read a few pages.

“You all were planning this for years, and when sweet cousin Miranda could have some fun too when she vists.”

Miranda smiled brightly and touched his knee.

“That night we punched… each other’s v-card was, unscripted… completely out of the blue.”

“I needed you. I had to have you, Danny.” Sasha said lovingly, and kissed his neck as she continued to gently stroke him off.

“I’m not…I’m Not freaked, or anything. I’m glad.” He said, responding to his sisters caressing, taking stuttering breaths.

“There were girls I could’ve gone for, but none showed interest.” He added.

“Oh you poor man!” Julian said, leaning in to also kiss his neck.

“You’ve been suffering from everything.” Jessica said, planting kisses on his arm, getting every bandaged scratch there.

Miranda didn’t say anything, she was too busy kissing, licking, and biting her aunt’s nape.

“So…so…oh God babe.” He started, but Sasha was working his shaft so good, he rested his weary head on hers.

He cleared his throat and started again. “So, I was do…ohh… Doing some, some planning myself.” He said through Sasha’s skill of masturbation.

“Oh?” Julian said softly, wedging her hand behind to the small of his back and scooting closer. “Like what?”

“I w…wha…was going to start with…” He swallowed audibly, “with Sasha here. Then either you…or Jessica first.” If she keeps this up, he’ll explode. “And may…be, Miranda, when she’s over…” He couldn’t hold out any longer, she’s too good at this.

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