That’s Big

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I was at a cocktail party that was being thrown by an acquaintance of mine who lived in the same building that I lived in. His apartment was smaller than mine but still had lots of room. The crowd was a mix of young and old but, by the looks of things, I was probably the oldest person there. I had recently turned 61 but, in all honesty, I didn’t feel like I was 61. I worked out regularly in an attempt to keep my weight down (though I wasn’t totally successful and I shuddered at the thought of what I would look like if I didn’t work out.). I let my hair stay its normal salt and pepper as the idea of coloring my hair was anathema to me.

As I sat sipping my cocktail I gazed at the many people who were there. Most of them were in their 30’s and most of those seemed to be couples. I had a few short conversations but nothing of interest. I was thinking it was about time to go when one young woman caught my eye. She had a beautiful face, nearly cherubic, with medium length blond hair. Her body ran to the chubby side but not too heavy. Her chest looked like it was rather large. Her dress wasn’t real snug but was fairly low cut showing off an ample cleavage. I just sat staring at her lovely visage as she was talking to another woman. During her conversation she happened to look my way and caught me staring. Having been caught I just smiled at her trying to set her at ease so she wouldn’t think I was some kind of stalker or predator. Apparently it worked as she smiled back at me.

I got up off the couch to fetch another cocktail thinking that I was glad I didn’t have to drive. As my cocktail arrived the beautiful blonde stood next to me and ordered another cocktail for herself. She was about 5’6″ to my 6’1″ so I had a very nice view down the front of her dress. I decided not to look too long as I had already been caught staring at her earlier.

Apparently the person on the other side of her had had a few too many because he lost his balance and knocked into the blond which caused her to spill some of her cocktail onto the sleeve of my jacket. “I’m so sorry. Let me get some napkins to wipe that off your jacket.” She then asked the bartender for some napkins and began rubbing the sleeve of my jacket briskly. “I think that will get most of it out but it will definitely need to go to the cleaners. My name is Jan.” She stuck her right hand towards me to shake.

I took her hand and said, “My name is Jim. I’m sure the jacket will be fine, thanks. So, how do you know our host?”

“I’m his accountant. I have my own accounting firm and have been taking care of his books for several years. And, how do you know our host?”

I replied, “Ours is a casual acquaintance as we live in the same building. I’m not really sure why I was invited since I don’t see many of the other people from the building.” I continued, “Would you like to sit down?”

Jan agreed so we moved back to the sofa I recently vacated and began to talk. Jan was delightful to talk to. She had a wide range of interests that closely matched my own. As we talked I admired her beautiful face. Her complexion was perfect and was without makeup, something I like in a woman. Her eyes were a very deep blue, like that of a very deep lake. Every now and again I would sneak a peek at her cleavage admiring how her breasts would jiggle as she laughed and moved.

We had several more cocktails as we talked and I was really beginning to feel them. Our conversation turned to our hosts apartment as Jan said she thought it was very nice. “Is yours like this one?”

“No mine is a bit larger. I live in the penthouse apartment. Would you like to see it? It has a great view of the park, though it’s a bit dark right now.”

Jane sat up in her seat and said, “I would love to see your apartment! I’ve never been in a penthouse before.”

I told her to gather her things and I would take her up. She found her purse and coat then we left. The elevators open right into my apartment so you have to have a key to make it go to the top floor. When the elevator arrived I invited Jan to lead the way. As she walked in front of me I couldn’t help but notice her lovely ass a she sashayed into the living room. “Wow! This is incredible! I love it. It must have set you back a few dollars. What do you do to afford this? You must be a CEO of some big company.”

“I used to be the owner of a small software company until we got purchased by one of the big companies. I made out pretty well. Now I’m retired, do a little travelling and a lot of reading. Can I get you a night cap? How about some brandy?”

She said that brandy would be nice. I told her to have a seat and make herself comfortable by kicking off her shoes and what not. I went to fetch the brandy and found her on the sofa with her feet tucked under her. I sat down next to her and handed her snifter to her. We sipped on our brandy not talking for a while. I offered to show her the rest of the apartment which she said she would like. As we stood she pendik escort lost her balance momentarily and leaned into me. I reached out to help her regain her balance and drew her into a hug. Jan looked up at me with a smile and thanked me and began to pull away. I enjoyed the short time she was in my arms and didn’t really want to let her go but, alas, I did.

I showed her the kitchen which she admired and then took her into the hall to see the bedrooms and my “office”. She peeked her head into the hallway bathroom and said, “Oooh, I really like your shower. I like the multiple shower heads.”

‘If you like this one wait until you see the master bath. It is huge with even more shower heads and a steamer. The master bedroom is to your left.”

As we walked in Jan stood and stared taking it all in. The room is very large with a very large bed as the center piece. There are a couple of chairs and a loveseat arranged by the window with a small table between them. The walk in closet is big with a couple of chest of drawers and several different tiers of racks from which my clothes were hung. After the closet we went to the bathroom. It is really big with both a toilet and a bidet, a large two sink vanity with a full length mirror and a linen closet. The shower is a walk in and is situated at the corner of the building. As you enter you turn to the left with a wall that separates the shower from the rest of the room and a wall to the outside of the building. On each of these walls are a number of shower heads up and down the wall. Each wall has its own water control. To the right as you enter is a large window facing the rest of the world with a bench.

“I don’t think I could use that shower with that big window, I don’t think I could handle knowing the whole world was watching me.”

I pushed a dial and turned it a bit and said, “See, it has an adjustable setting that blocks anyone from looking in. Besides, with your beauty you shouldn’t be bashful.”

Jan blushed and said, “Thank you for the compliment but I’m not much of an exhibitionist. I think I’m too fat. I’m forever trying to shed weight.”

“I don’t think you are too fat. I think you look wonderful.” I then leaned down to kiss her. I felt her mouth open slightly so I made a tentative move with my tongue into her mouth and felt her tongue meet mine. I set my snifter down on the vanity as Jan did the same and then pulled her tight to me kissing her even harder. Jan moaned loudly as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tighter. As we kissed I could feel my penis begin to wake from its slumber as we held each other tight. I’m pretty sure that Jan could feel it as she began softly grinding herself on it.

After a few minutes we broke our kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. We both had a lot to drink and perhaps that was fueling each of our libidos. I pulled Jan from the bathroom towards the bed and pulled her down with me. We laid on the bed making out like a couple of teenagers. It had been a long time since I had been intimate with a woman so I was enjoying myself immensely. We rubbed and stroked each other while in our embrace. I reached down to feel Jan’s wonderful ass and as I caressed her through her clothes she moaned deeply. I then reached up and pulled the zipper on her dress down her back and then reached in to feel the soft skin of her back.

As I rubbed Jan’s back she began to pull my shirt from my trousers so that she could get to my skin too. Her hands felt soft and warm on my skin as she rubbed up and down my back. We continued like this for some minutes enjoying holding each other. I decided it was time to move things along and began pulling Jan’s dress from her shoulder. To facilitate this Jan rolled me onto my back and straddled me. She sat up a bit and pulled the hem of her dress up over her body and over her head leaving her in just her underwear.

Jan had very skimpy and lacy blue underwear on. Her breasts were barely contained within the cups of her bra looking as though they would spill out at any minute. My salivary glands were working overtime as I admired her body. She then leaned down and began unbuttoning my shirt then help pull it off me. She then scooted back a bit and undid my belt buckle and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers down until my cock sprang free. It was standing up straight as an arrow. Jan gasped slightly at the sight and then bent over and gave it a tentative lick. This threw a shudder throughout my body. She then bent over further and took me into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head.

The feeling was marvelous as she began licking up and down the length of my shaft with an occasional foray with it in her mouth. “It has been a long time since I have had relations with another woman. If you keep that up I don’t think I will last long.” Jan just smiled as she looked into my eyes as she continued with her oral ministrations. In a few minutes I could feel my maltepe escort orgasm begin to well up inside me. I began groaning and then announced, “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” Jan sank her mouth down as far as she could go and began drinking down my ejaculate as it streamed out of me into her mouth. After what seemed to be ten minutes I quit shooting my sperm down Jan’s gullet.

When Jan was convinced I was through she sat up and smiled and said, “You taste really good! I hope I can do that again! If you don’t mind I would like to use your bathroom.”

I told her it was no problem and to treat my home as hers. Jan smiled, crawled off me and headed for the bathroom. As she walked away I admired her backside. Her panties covered only a small portion of her ass cheeks so admired the jiggle of each cheek as she walked. Her ass was nice and round and it reminded me of a song by Little Charlie and the Night Cats called “That’s Big.” She closed the door behind her as I lay in bed with a smile on my face.

Jan was in the bathroom for at least twenty minutes. I was hoping she wasn’t having second thoughts about continuing our tryst as I was looking forward to a full smorgasbord of fun. Finally, Jan came out of the bathroom and I was happy to discover she wasn’t having second thoughts since she had removed her underwear! She was a vision of beauty as she walked towards the bed. Her breasts were very large with large areolae and large nipples that stuck out ¾ of an inch. Her breasts swayed to and fro as she walked towards me in a hypnotic fashion. As I looked down towards her pussy I could see it was devoid of hair and that her lips were quite swollen. She was a vision of beauty and sensuality and my pecker recognized this as it began stirring back to life.

Jan crawled back onto the bed and laid down beside me. “I love the bidet! It got me all clean and fresh just for you.” My cock twitched at this news as I rolled her onto her back and began working my way down her body with little kisses. I took a long time working over both of her breasts. Her large, hard nipples were a real turn on as I loved the feel of them in my mouth. I sucked and licked and bit down on them for several minutes each. Jan was moaning appreciatively and constantly as I worked on her tits. I then moved my way down her body kissing all over her soft chubby belly. I shot my tongue into her bellybutton getting another moan out of her.

Finally, I reached my destination and began licking Jan’s vaginal slit from top to bottom and back again. Jan spread her legs wide as I dove into her essence. She was very wet and smelled heavenly to me. Jan then reached down and pulled her lips apart opening her flower to me. I sank my face into her and began licking her juices while taking her inner lips with my lips and pulling them into my mouth. I then sank my tongue into her vaginal cavern feeling her soft warmth. I then worked my way up to her clitoris flicking it with my tongue causing Jan to moan loudly and push her pelvis up to my mouth. I continued working up and down Jan’s pussy licking her all over, relishing her. I even worked down to her anus and gave her several tentative licks there and prodding it with my tongue eliciting a very loud OH MY GOD!

I decide it was time to let Jan have an orgasm so I worked my way up to her clitoris once again and focused in on it. I sucked it into my mouth running my tongue all over and around it. Jan let go of her pussy lips and grabbed my head holding me against her clit. I then began working my fingers into her honeypot. Jan was so wet she was dripping. I put first one finger then two into her love tunnel sawing them in and out while I worked mercilessly on her clit. Jan was pushing her pelvis up hard into my face. I looked up to see her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open in an “O” shape as she constantly moaned.

With my index and middle finger of my right hand working in and out of Jan’s pussy I decided to push my luck a little bit. I got my left index finger wet with her copious juices and then began working it into her tight little anus. As I sank my finger into her ass Jan let out a long low groan. Since she hadn’t complained I pushed my finger in as far as it would go enjoying the warmth and tightness of her backdoor. I sawed my finger in and out of Jan’s ass in a coordinated effort with the fingers in her pussy. The juices were flowing out of Jan freely now so I got my left middle finger wet and added it to Jan’s asshole.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! I’M GOING TO CUM!!” she screamed out. I could feel her pussy and asshole both clamp down on my fingers as Jan shook and shivered through her orgasm. I continued working her over with my tongue and fingers pushing her to several more orgasms until she begged me to stop. I pulled my digits from her holes and crawled back up the bed. When my face was even with hers, Jan grabbed my head and pulled me into a hard kiss, her tongue and mine dancing merrily.

When we kartal escort broke our kiss Jan said, “That was fucking awesome! I’ve never had anyone kiss my anus or put fingers into it. I loved that.”

“You’ve never had anyone play with your ass before?”

“No, but I’ve never had any real long term sexual relationships before, either. It just never came up and I never thought about it, frankly. I hope we can do that again too!”

“Well, I’m sure we can do that and more…maybe you’d like to explore anal sex at some point.”

“Well, maybe we will… But right now I want you to fuck my pussy!”

My penis was ready and raring to go after our little cunnilingus foray. I climbed between Jan’s legs, took my cock into my hand and began rubbing it up and down her slit. I then placed it at her opening and slowly pushed into her sopping depths. I luxuriated at the warm, wet feel as I pushed myself into Jan’s depths. We both let out simultaneous moans as I sank deeper and deeper into her lushness. When I got in as far as I could I slowly pulled back out, almost all of the way and then sank back down into her depths. I slowly sawed in and out of Jan’s pussy feeling her tightness as I did. I leaned down to kiss her and she pulled me hard into her mouth. She released my mouth after a while and I leaned back up admiring her breasts as they moved with our coital motion.

My lust was building up as I continued pushing in and out. I began picking up the tempo and pushing harder into Jan’s inviting pussy. Jan was breathing hard now staring into my eyes. We continued looking at each other as we continued our mating dance. Jan’s face was flush with the exertion and looked absolutely gorgeous.

“You are so beautiful!” I gasped as I continued pumping into her. “I have never been with anyone as beautiful as you!”

Jan smiled as she stared into my eyes. “Thank you…now fuck me harder, please!” she wheezed.

I began to pound into Jan’s pussy as hard as I could. I could feel my orgasm building as my balls slapped her ass every time I pushed into her. Then, all at once, Jan screamed out that she was cumming. I could feel her squirt on my balls as she had her orgasm. I continued pounding into her until my own orgasm released itself. I was pumping copious amounts of my sperm into Jan’s womb as we held each other tight.

I laid on top of Jan still buried in her hot pussy trying to catch my breath. I could feel my penis begin to shrink down though it was still at half-mast. Finally, I rolled off of Jan and then kissed her hard and hugged her into me. We kissed for several minutes until Jan said, “That was wonderful! I have never cum like that before. I have never squirted like that either.”

I replied, “I have never cum in buckets full like that, either!”

We laid in bed caressing each other and kissing when Jan suddenly said, “I should, probably, go home. It’s pretty late.”

“Why don’t you spend the night…hell, why don’t you spend the weekend! I have plenty of food and drink and if we need anything we can order whatever and have it delivered. What do you say?”

Jan thought for a minute then said, “I was feeling a little weird about being a one-night stand. I have never done anything like this before but I really like you. Yes, I’ll spend the weekend. I love having sex with you and it has been a long time since the last time I had sex.”

I kissed Jan hard and hugged her. After a few minutes I told her I was going to turn the lights out in the rest of the apartment. When I finished I crawled back into bed and pulled myself next to Jan’s back. I think she had nodded off while I was in the other room as she started when I laid next to her. “Sweet dreams.” I said as I held her against me. I then fell asleep as well.

The morning dawned a bright and sunny autumn day. When I awoke I felt Jan next to me. She was still sleeping so I tried to get out of bed as quietly as I could. I went to the toilet in the hall so as not to disturb her. I made coffee and turned on my laptop to read the news. After thirty minutes Jan wandered out to the kitchen wearing an old t-shirt of mine. She poured herself a cup of coffee and walked over to me. She bent down to give me a kiss and as she did I ran my hand up the back of her leg to her ass. I was happy to discover she had no panties on.

“This coffee is very good. How did you sleep?”

“I slept great. I had dreams about you.” I replied.

“I had dreams about you too! They were wonderful.”

“I’m feeling pretty hungry, how about you? I can make some French toast if you would like.”

“French toast sounds really good. Do you have any fruit?”

We started working together on breakfast. I made the French toast and Jan began cutting up fruit for a fruit salad. We dined on our breakfast and talked about all sorts of things. When we finished we cleaned up the kitchen and when done I suggested that we take a shower.

As we walked into the bathroom Jan pulled the t-shirt she had on over her head and threw it onto the bed. I went into the shower to turn on the water so it would warm up. When I went back out from the shower I stopped and stared at Jan’s beauty. She looked up and smiled and asked me, “What?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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