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The two had met in the Central Asian Art exhibit in the capitol art museum. Both captivated by an age-worn thangka from the foothills of Bhutan, the two laughed perversely over the image of a bull-headed deity with his consort wrapped around his waist in synchronicity with his own body. The face of the two, and the overly smooth bodies provided the spark for crude jokes. Quickly, the laughter turned to slight touches, pokes and prods. Between narrowed eyes, they left for drinks and brief conversation before rushing to her apartment.

As she opened the door, he could do nothing but push her against the wall of the entryway, and he began kissing her. Two tongues roiling as their hands grasped and pulled, exploring the frames of one another that existed beneath thin fabrics. Coy, she batted his hands away and gave a look of mischievous disapproval, all while pulling him closer. He kissed her neck, feeling her heart race as her pulse raised to staccato, his hands moving to the small of her back as he burrowed into her. As he raised his head, he moved his tongue along her neck towards her ear, sucking on her lobe.

Her breath became heavy and intentional. She began to unbutton his shirt, pushing her hands under his clothes as she traced the definitions of his body. With her nails, she moved down his spine, feeling the curvature of his back. Reacting, he could only tense and bite onto her ear. She let out a yelp of surprise as she turned away and bit his jaw in turn. The devilish eyes that looked up at him urged to further action. Gladly, he pulled down her dress from her shoulders, letting it cascade upon the floor. In the dim light of her apartment, her body shone clear, each delicate arch of her toned physique, each beautiful imperfection highlighted through the shadows that played across her.

In kind, she began to undo his shirt, one escort ataşehir hand eager exploring beneath with each button. She traced his muscles, felt the warmth of his skin, and savored the scent of his chest. Hungrily, she kissed him, tongue forced back behind his teeth. As her hand moved through his hair and grabbed tight, he could only grin and move away. Confused for a moment, she paused. He stood grinning, shirtless, slowly taking off his pants and he moved his eyes across her body. She could see his excitement growing as he moved closer again.

Her body passive, she allowed herself to be stripped to bare skin. His hands moved across each fold and crevice, allowing his own body to learn hers. All the while, his eyes pursued each detail. She felt entirely exposed, free, and sought after. Heart quickening in feigned shyness, it was all she could do to keep her hands from massaging his cock over thin fabric as he drew nearer. The two kissed once more, deep and with purpose. She drew down his last bits of cloth and fell to her knees, taking him in her mouth as she stared into his eyes. His eyes quickly lost focus, in a haze of pure lust as she moved her tongue across his head, flicking in whatever sensitive spot that was presented in her search.

He moaned softly as he pushed one hand behind her head, thrusting gently in opposite rhythm of her mouth, desperate to be enveloped by her lips. A slight smile overtook her as she worked him, seeing his obvious tension in growing satisfaction. His body began to feel heavy in his thighs, a warmth spreading down his length. Shy to climax so fast, and to such talent, he pulled away and pulled her off the floor. Wordlessly, he pushed her towards the couch. Each careful touch arranging her across the surface of the furniture.

With urgency, he lifted her legs about his shoulders kadıköy escort as he crouched to the floor. She was sitting reclined, her back on his collarbones as he dove into her. His tongue darted across her clit as he groped her thighs and hips, clawing at her frame. One hand slipped between, pushing finger deep into her. He massaged her from inside as he sucked her clit between his teeth, tongue moving at a vibrating pace. She became uncontrollably excited, her body undulating in rhythm with his fingers. Between sharp breaths she could only moan and grind her mons in exaggerated and careless motion onto his mouth.

He performed voraciously, not letting a drop past his chin as he licked and sucked each piece of dew she produced. In a few moments, she felt her body tense and shake with the involuntary spasm of orgasm. She couldn’t restrain herself. Calling his name she began to climax. Her legs pulled tight, forming a vice about his neck, pulling him in deeper. Her words of encouragement rapidly faded to nonsense. She could feel herself breaking as she poured from her sex; he could feel the droplets form in greater number and intensity as the drank deeply.

As she moved from the haze of her bliss, she saw him standing in front of her. He was erect, throbbing. Each vein of him standing at equal attention. She grabbed him by his root and pull him close to her. They kissed and turned on the couch as they explored one another, alternating between forced exhales and taunting sneers. Together, they guided him down her body and inside of her. Both hands gripping, sliding outside of her lowest lips, kissing fanatically as they stumbled.

She felt his head slide about her as he pushed to enter; he felt her hands pull her with need towards her. As his glans caught, he dove eagerly. She arched with his prodding, feeling him go to maltepe escort bayan the base of himself and greedily writhe. She moved to bite his ear and latch as he thrusted with a vigor that could nearly be called anger. He had to take her. He had to feel himself channel within her. The rapidity and energy of his rhythm was overwhelming. Her body became limp as she increased her efforts on playing with his neck and ear lobe. Her perspective became white, the bright echoes of her climax blinding the peripheral of her vision. The lingering orgasm bought by oral talents only made her vulnerable to his penetration. He felt her tighten and tense, and slowed his movements – while gaining in intention. Her body burned, tendons clenched, her psyche catatonic. As she edged to her finish, her body became more rigid and pained; quickly lapsing to a satisfied hunger.

Relentless, he sought his own resolution. He stood over top as she laid on the couch. His body drilled into her with each push and gluttonous movement. Looking down, she could see his cock glistening with the remnants of her completion. She looked up to see his face, slack with pleasure, but eyes hard with purpose. His urging fluctuations brought about the aftershocks of her own peaks. She felt that familiar warmth again, much faster than she expected. It was his breath, mingling with hers as one cloud of damp heat and struggling need.

She whispered in his ear, the words accelerating his passion. As he moved to kiss once again, she pushed away. Grabbing the back of his hair, she poured into his eyes with a look of fulfillment and welcoming. Her drooping eyelids grasped by the gravity of his efforts. She kept him at a distance; he was too exhausted too move closer or argue. Their bodies twitched and thrust. He called her name, and she responded in kind. Smiling eyes and slack jaws met in their aim as they both clenched and gasped in ecstasy. She felt streams of heat fill her. He felt a ring of tension consume him.

There they lay in bed. Arms and legs tangled. Thick leavings covering their thighs and sheets. Nothing but completion on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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