Tête-à -Tête with Tina

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It was a cold winter morning as the sun rose behind my back. Once again, I was driving a 130-mile stretch of interstate that I had come to know like the back of my hand.

Four years ago, my wife had asked that we move to a place closer to family and friends. I was reluctant to give up my current job, so we reached a compromise. I obtained permission from my employer to work off site. To avoid losing motivation, I would make a trip back to my employer’s headquarters for a two-day stay, once every two weeks.

The two-hour and ten minute trip wore heavy on me, but not nearly as heavy as my wife’s neglect of our sexual relationship. While it was true that her libido never had been strong, it was almost unbearable.

It was over six months since we had engaged in intercourse to completion. Granted, pregnancy can take its toll, but she didn’t even seem to be concerned that I might have some wants. But even prior to the pregnancy, the frequency was less than once a month.

Looking back over the history of our marriage, I was resentful that I had bought so many pieces of conventional wisdom hook, line, and sinker.

I went through joint and individual counseling. I tried being more sensitive to her needs outside the bedroom. I gave her space, trying not to pressure her over sex. I went on medication. I helped her with the task of raising our first child to the detriment of my own professional productivity. The frequency only dwindled.

One of her friends said that things would improve once she turned 30 because she would be entering her sexual prime. That was a load of bull. Another said that her drive would perk up during the second trimester of her pregnancy — more worthless wisdom. Both points were now moot. Some premature contractions persuaded her OB/GYN to put her on a sex embargo for the rest of the pregnancy.

I was burning out quickly, and I could see the breaking point coming soon. I was fed up with having to get up early with our child while she slept in. I resented the fact that she spent hours on the phone every day with her best friend and her mom. When she wanted to talk to me it was about one of three things: 1) What chores she wanted me to do for her; 2) What she wanted to buy; 3) What she saw as my inadequacies.

Part of me wanted to be free of the desperation. My conscience wouldn’t let me think of leaving the marriage — not with an 18-month-old and another one on the way.

It was at this point that I chose to strike a moral compromise. Perhaps there was another woman out there who was in a situation that mirrored my own — married to a spouse with no drive, yet bound by a sense of responsibility to stay in the marriage.

Recently, I took my chances posting a profile on an adult dating website, and after a few weeks, I got a lead. A woman who lived in the area where I traveled was looking for a paramour of her own to spend some stolen moments, and she responded to a virtual wink that I had sent her. She was about twelve years my senior, but I preferred a decisive maturity over rambunctious youth. I had a gut feeling that she would be perfect for me.

We exchanged instant messenger handles, and soon we were chatting, getting to know one another. Our comfort levels grew, and our willingness to meet in person overcame our fear of the unknown. The holidays put a damper on near term plans, so we decided to meet up sometime after the New Year.

And so I was making my trip with two-fold agenda. I would spend my days laboring in the office and meeting with colleagues, and the evening in between would be spent meeting my new made acquaintance — Tina.

All I had to go on was a picture of her face. Apparently she was modest about sharing her body with the rest of the world via the Internet. I could tell from our chats that she was worried over whether I would find her body attractive. I assured her that I preferred full-figured women and didn’t buy into the ideal image of a woman put forth by the media.

She had a round face framed by a thick, straight flows of dirty blonder hair, parted at the center. Her eyebrows were neatly trimmed such that her facial expressions carried a built in look of curiosity. Her lips wore a deep shade of rose-red lipstick that contrasted with the chilly blue of her eyes.

To keep things safe, we met on neutral territory, a local restaurant with tall booths to avoid being seen. We agreed to arrive bahis firmaları separately. I showed up first and was seated at our table. Then she arrived and was seated soon thereafter.

I could not have prepared myself for Tina’s raw allure. She wore a somewhat snug-fitting dress that accentuated the fullness of her feminine from. Her ample bust and hips joined by a curvaceous waist. She was the visual fulfillment of my most torrid dreams.

The conversation lacked the awkwardness of a blind date as we had spent many an hour becoming acquainted via pure textual communication. To keep things moving smoothly, we shared a couple of glasses of wine to chase away the lingering guilt. Her husband was away on vacation with his friends for the rest of the week, so tonight was ours.

The dining and discussion was enjoyable as we opened up about our longings beyond those of the flesh. She, too, had made sacrifices to keep her husband happy and was feeling as if her husband took her for granted.

With the dining behind us, I paid the check and followed her a few steps behind. She got into her car, and I into mine, and we followed her to her house. It was a beautiful, home out in the country far from the prying eyes of neighbors.

We walked to the porch together, hand-in-hand, and then she unlocked the door so that we could enter. After closing the door behind us, she stood up on her tip-toes to bring her lips to mine. I could still taste the traces of wine in the moisture. He held each other close and stood there for a few, silent moments. Her embrace injected a newfound vigor into me.

She then pulled back and led me to her living room, where she had us sit down in a love seat. We resumed our kissing. The sound of lips combining and parting with each pass filled the dimly lit room. It would give way to the breath of two lovers surrendering to their urges.

I ran a hand along the curve of one side of her body to let her know how I found her form pleasing to my eye. She responded by rubbing her hands up and down my back.

Eventually, my lips left her mouth for her cheek and then down to her neck, where I could nibble teasingly. I heard her gasp as I took turns lightly pressing my teeth into her skin, followed by light licks of the tongue.

I moved further, caressing one of her tits, still clothed in her dress. She asked me to unzip the back of her dress, and I obliged. She slid out of the sleeves to expose her bust and midriff. Her cleavage was a sight to behold, the product of a well supporting bra.

I undid the hooks of her bra. No longer suspended by the support of her undergarment, her breasts now hanged freely. Her areolae were sizable, and the coolness of the ambient air caused her nipples to start hardening.

I planted kisses upon each breast and looked up at her approvingly. She smiled back, and her own insecurity over her body began to subside. I massaged her breasts gently, with my palms over her nipples. I could tell they were sensitive.

I then took her left breast in my hand and pulled the nipple to my mouth. Applying gentle suction with my mouth, I let my wet tongue massage the nipple to full hardness. I felt her hand move behind my head. She ran her fingers through my hair before pressing my head to her bosom. I took my time as a moistened her breast with my saliva. I fantasized what it might be to drink her milk.

After providing several minutes of attention to the left, I moved to the right. This time, I kissed the underside of the her breast and licked along the fold where the breast meets the chest. I then drew a circle of spit with my tongue around the areola to tease her. Suddenly I moved my mouth over the nipple to suck and release quickly. I repeated several times as her breathing expressed her approval.

I moved down to her belly, which was soft and full. I caressed and kissed it to let her know that I found it to be a very arousing experience. Such a belly symbolized fertility to me, and although the conception of a child was far from our minds, the primal instinct to propagate kicked in as I enjoyed her. I could feel her abdominal region rise and fall with each breath.

I slid the dress the rest of the way off of her body to find that she was not wearing panties. I knew right then that we were after the same thing. I marveled at her pubic hair, full, net neatly trimmed at the edges for her bikini line.

I got down kaçak iddaa on my knees and kissed her vaginal mound. I could smell her natural scent, and it removed whatever remnants of self restraint were left. I extended my tongue, flattened out, and dragged it across the crevice of her pussy. I loved tasting her, and it took all the restraint that I could muster to avoid letting loose with a rampant tongue lashing.

Instead, I continued to tease her, moving my tongue close to her clit and then moving it away. I licked the areas where her thigh met her crotch and occasionally moved to the an inner thigh to offer a random nibble or wet suckle. I could tell she was enjoying the attention despite the deprivation. She massaged her breasts as she made soft moans. She was lost in her pleasure. I could tell it has been a while since she had a man give her the care she needed.

I placed a thumb on each side of her mound to part the lips. The soft pink skin was being moistened by the juices of her arousal. I placed my lips upon the flesh and sucked lightly to drink from her well. She tasted lovely, and I wanted more.

I pointed my tongue so that I could penetrate her with soft lapping motions to pull in more of her juices. Her pelvis gyrated to meet each lick so that my tongue would touch her where it felt best. She was aware of her body and had no reservations about having her needs met.

I could sense her peak was approaching soon. I pulled my tongue back to the edges of her labia and placed one hand upon her pubic hair. I ran my fingers through the thicket of hair, massaging the sensitive skin thereunder with my finger tips.

My tongue now moved to her clit, now a very sensitive bead ready to receive the licks that would take her there. Over a period of several minutes, I slowly accelerated the pace of my strokes. Her moans became louder as her anticipation of the climax grew stronger. And then her breath leveled off as she narrowed her sexual focus. I knew her time was near.

I then put my arms around her thick thighs to holder her in place as I licked with a violent tenacity. She was ready to cum, and I was determined to make her cum hard. The buildup in her voice signaled the beginning, and then a gasp as the first contraction wrenched through her abdomen. She clenched her teeth as the raw sexual energy found its release. She had never felt so alive.

The orgasm blew away any perception of time. The quick and fleeting shock seemed as an eternity. As the climax subsided, she found herself struggling to catch her breath. This is the way that a woman should feel, she thought to herself.

The orgasm may have satisfied the desire to cum, but she was now feeling another, related urge. She was ready to mate. She pulled his head up from her crotch and told me with a breathy voice, “Make love to me… please… I want to make love.” I needed no further convincing.

She helped me shed my clothes until I stood before her naked. My manhood, albeit not blessed with length, seemed to be extra large, the erectile tissue gorged with the blood needed for stiffness. The bulbous head had a deep opening, and it was already filling with clear pre-cum.

She lay back on the love seat with one leg perched atop the couch to give me easier entry. I moved on top of her. She grabbed my thick cock and guided it to her moist pussy. After inserting it into her, she put her hands on my ass to press me into her as deeply as I could go. Her eyes closed and she bit her lips as we became one.

I started with long, slow thrusts to get my cock coated with her natural lubricants. The warm sensation engulfing my cock was very pleasing to me. I began to work my pelvis a little faster. The feeling of our intermixed pubic hair was very sexy. I wanted her just as she wanted me.

Fucking on the couch was not the most comfortable way to be intimate, but it certainly was erotic, maybe even more so than soiling the sheets of her marriage bed with our mixed love juices. The room resonated with the grunts of a man and woman in their most passionate of labors. Beads of sweat began to form on our bodies.

We rolled from the couch onto the carpeted floor. I was still on top of her, but we were now face to face. She kissed me, and our tongues began to intertwine as she put her arms around me. She wanted me close to her as we approached a point of no return.

I had barely given any thought to kaçak bahis whether she wanted me to cum inside her. But, I didn’t need to ask as she began to wrap her legs and thighs around my ass. She had me locked in so that there was no escape and no caution. She wanted my cum.

I could hold off no further as I began to let loose with a very loud growl. I shouted her name, “Tina!”, as the first spurt left my body for hers. The pearly white seed went deep into her pussy, as I ground my pelvis into hers. I could feel her strong pussy muscles squeeze every drop out of me.

After I could offer her no more thrusts, I gave her another kiss and ran my fingers through her hair, which had dampened from a mixture of our perspiration. I pulled myself out of her and lay next to her in a spooning cuddle as our bodies recovered from the raw passion that had just transpired. There was no need for words to convey the satisfaction in sharing one another.

I got up to go to the bathroom so that I could wash myself and prepare a warm, wet washcloth to clean her off. The soap and warm water felt good as I scrubbed the slime of our mixed fluids from me.

As I returned with the washcloth, I saw her seated upright on the couch. Her forearms rested on her thighs, and she leaned forward slightly. Her tits almost obscured her elbow joints. The upper thighs were cloaked in thin blanket, as her legs pointed out in an inverted “V”. Her feet were pointed forward, so that only the balls of the feet made contact with the floor. She was a like a real-life pinup girl.

I returned to her and kissed her. I then moved the blanket aside to expose her pussy, which was now soaked in my cum. I gently cleaned her up. The warmth of the washcloth relaxed her.

After I finished, she hesitantly asked me, “Sweetie, do you have enough for another go-around?” I smiled and replied, “For you, my dear, anything.” Tina then placed a hand between her thighs and said, “Good, get it hard for me. I want to watch you.”

I would have jumped off of a cliff at that moment, if she wanted me to. I took my now-clean cock into my right hand and began to run my thumb over the limp shaft. The blood flow returned to give it my cock a new lease on life. True to her word, she watched me and jilled herself off as I stroked it.

Once I was fully erect, I wrapped my hand around my shaft and began to stroke it. It didn’t take long for me to start leaking pre-cum.

As I stood there, putting on my show for her, she told me, “You know, my hubby didn’t get me what I wanted for Christmas.” She looked at me straight in the eye as she continued with an eyebrow raised, “I wanted some jewelry.” She then took the hand she was using to masturbate, wet with fresh juices, and pulled it up to her bust. She dragged the wet fingers down the center of her cleavage and said, “Maybe you could get me a pearl necklace?”

Not needing any blunter hints, I walked toward her. She took my cock in hand and placed the tip of my tongue in the piss hole to lap out the bead of pre-cum and taste it. The thick, clear fluid left a thin string from the head to her tongue. She use the fingers of her other hand to break the string at the head of my cock and then brought her fingers to her mouth, where she licked them clean.

She then spit a wad of her saliva onto my rigid member and ran her mouth up and down to spread the fluid. She placed my cock between her tits and enclosed it by pressing them together with her hands.

I proceeded to thrust upward, fucking her breasts with the same ardor that I had used to fill her pussy with my seed. She looked down at the swollen head of my cock and darted her tongue at it.

Although not an hour had passed since my first climax, it did not take me long to reach the second. I could feel the cum beginning to fill. Release drew near. I let out the gasps as I lost control. My sperm shot forth in thick ropes up through her cleavage onto her neck, chin, and even in her long hair.

She seem pleased with the visible fruit of our shared friction, rubbing my sticky fluid into her milky-white skin. It glistened in the dim light. I pulled up to me so that I could give her a kiss. Her wet bust, stuck against my dry hairy chest. My only regret was that it had taken me so long to find a woman who shared my desires.

We retired to her bed, both of us naked, as she fell asleep in my arms. Our love sated bodies, fatigued from our acts of intimacy, lie next to one another. As the day approached, I knew that we would have to part ways, but I was pretty sure that we would be seeing each other again soon. A seal had been made between us.

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