Teri’s Vacation Ch. 05

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Hello everyone. I know part 5 here took awhile to post here, but between work and well…just living it’s hard to write a lot now. This is not the end of the Teri line and I plan on having at least 2 more chapters before I finish…if then. So everyone who asks, there will be more, but again….I’m going as fast as I can and still try and make it as good as I can. I’m not writing just pure sex scenes without emotion. So I hope everyone who wants more can be patient and just pray for my sanity. Hehehe. But Thank you too all who have written good things for me to read about my stories and ..boo..hiss on those negative ones. But I don’t mind criticism…just please no cussing and please…don’t get so upset about it. It’s a fictional story for god’s sake. And if you vote…Thank you! But I don’t mind if you give me a 1….your opinion and I KNOW the worth of my stories. So enjoy all those who want to. But remember if you think so badly of any writer…YOU TRY IT SINCE YOU’RE SO DARN GOOD. Ok tata all.

When Karen awoke the next morning, she quietly got up out of Teri’s bed and left David to sleep. She had always been an early riser; in fact she was usually the one to wake Robert in the mornings to get him off to work. She wanted to see the new lovers in her bed and quietly walked down the stairs and down the hall to her room. She silently as possible opened the doorknob and peaked inside. She saw their Teri lying partly across her husband’s body. Her pussy felt a twinge, the whole situation making her horny.

She quietly tip toed into her room and wondered what to do next. She then thought about what she had thought about last night, sucking the cum out of Teri’s sweet pussy. True, there really wouldn’t be any left after this long, but just the thought made her shiver. As careful as possible she opened the covers and slid her head as close to Teri’s pussy as possible. Luckily she had her legs staggered so Karen could see her daughter’s pussy. She wondered how much they had fucked, as she drove her mouth into her daughter’s still wet pussy. Teri didn’t stir right away, but soon started moaning in her sleep. But after about twenty seconds she moved enough to look between her legs.

“Oh Shit mom, eat my pussy.” Teri moaned, she had been thinking it was her father waking her up in such a delicious way. “Oh god yes mom…suck it.” Teri moaned louder and that brought Robert awake. He rubbed his eyes and saw the covers move below Teri. He lifted them and saw Karen, his wife eat their daughters pussy. He felt totally blown away, as well as extremely horny now.

“Shit Karen….my god that’s hot to watch. Suck our daughter’s pussy.” Robert exclaimed. Karen moaned into Teri’s pussy, hearing her husband talk that way. Robert couldn’t stay a passive watcher for long though, his cock now reaching fullness. He moved up and offered his cock to Teri to suck. She looked up at him and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking it into her mouth. She sucked it for a minute then stopped.

“I think mom needs it more right now dad.” Teri said looking at her mom. Karen hearing this lifted her ass and shock her head yes, as she licked Teri’s clit. Robert moved around to his wife’s ass, and his dick and her slit being very wet, in one move slid his cock to the hilt into her pussy.

“Oh god yesss Rob.” Karen moaned out lifting her head. She looked back at him. “So did you enjoy fucking our daughter honey?” Karen asked him, and then felt him slam into her as he shook his head yes. “I guess so….you like watching me eat her pussy?” Karen asked in a husky voice.

“Fuck yes Karen. Now get back down there and make her cum.” Robert said, starting to fuck his wife even harder.

“Ohh god Rob fuck me hard!….uumm but that’s a good suggestion.” Karen said as she again licked Teri’s pussy. Teri started to moan feeling her mother again licking her pussy. Robert got a huge rush seeing his wife licking their daughter’s pussy, the same pussy he had fucked last night. Teri also got a rush watching as her father slammed into her mother. She knew the whole scene was driving her father wild and decided to really put on a show for her father.

“Oh mom that feels great. But I need more mommy, I need to be filled up.” Teri said trying to hint at what she wanted from Karen. Karen looked up at her, Teri’s juices dripping off her mouth.

“You want your father to fuck you sweetie?” Karen asked, not really wanting to give up the hard cock filling her now, but if Teri really wanted it she would. Teri shook her head.

“No mom, I want you to fill me up. Pllleeaasseee!” Teri said in a very youthful voice. Karen then grinned hugely, finally figuring out what Teri meant.

“Oh honey anything you want.” Karen said smiling as she brought her hand to Teri’s pussy and inserted two fingers inside her pussy as she rubbed her clit with the other. Karen moaned as her husband also watched what they were doing and really gave it to his wife. Teri started to hump her pussy toward Karen’s fingers.

“MOM! tuzla escort More, I need more!” Teri pleaded to her mother, all the time making eye contact with her father as he watched and fucked his wife. Karen slid another finger into Teri. “Mom, more, uuuhh I need to be filled.” Teri said, writhing her body for show for her father, but certainly liking her mothers fingers up her pussy and liking it more as Karen slid a fourth finger into her.

“Ummm Teri, that’s hot. Is four enough for my hot slutty daughter.” Karen asked with a wicked grin really enjoying the show they were putting on for her husband. Again Teri shook her head.

“No mom…..I need MORE! I need it all…NOW!” Teri said loudly to Karen and braced herself for what she knew was coming. Karen grin grew even more wicked as she winked at Teri.

“NOW young lady? You want everything I can give you? Well I guess ill just have to give you my whole hand then.” Karen said as she slid her thumb into Teri and pushed forward. When Karen said whole hand Robert really watched as his wife slid her entire fist into their daughter’s pussy and his jaw just popped open, not believing what he saw. His wife’s entire hand to her wrist was up their daughter’s pussy!

“Ohh Ohh god! Uhhh…..mommy Im so fucking full! Uhhhh……fuck me fuck me fuck me.” Teri said through clenched teeth. Her mother hand felt so good but she was so full and couldn’t take this for long. Neither could Robert as he started fucking Karen super fast and knew he wouldn’t last but just a few seconds more. But that was enough for Karen as she started her orgasm as he started to slam her pussy.

“Ohhhh goooodd Robert! Fuck meeeeee….huhuuuuuuuuu……aaaaaaiiiiieeee!” Karen cried out loudly as she cam on her husbands slamming cock. Karen’s orgasm was intense as she watched her hand inside Teri and she put her head down as she rode her orgasm out. As Karen’s pussy contracted around his member, Robert also succumbed to his orgasm and felt his balls tighten as he shot his cum deep into her pussy.

“Arrgghh here it commeesss!” Robert moaned loudly as he slammed one final time into his wife and started to fill her pussy with his cream. Teri finally overcame with sensory overload came at the same time and bucked her hips onto her mother hand and screamed so loud it shook the windows.

“AaaaaaaaahhhhhhiiiiIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!” Teri screamed as her body shook violently and she went into spasms and passed out. She awoke to her mother rubbing her cheeks as her father kneeled over her, concern written on both of their faces. She smiled slightly feeling very weak now. Karen and Robert both gave a sigh and relaxed.

“God Teri you scared us to death. We half thought you had a heart attack or something. I was wondering how I was going to explain how it happened to the paramedics.” Karen said with a relieved smile. Teri looked at both of them, still nude and knew she hadn’t been out to long. Teri smiled.

“Im ok, I think my orgasm was just too much. That and the all the sensations your hand were giving me. Too much I guess. But I’m fine, really! Honest.” Teri said, but still her parent’s faces still showed concern. She figured she should lighten the mood in the room. “See, I’ll show you I’m fine.” Teri said and quickly moved her head and engulfed her fathers limp cock as he was still leaning over her. Robert looked a bit shocked, but Karen started to laugh.

“She’s fine if all she can still think about is sex.” Karen said still laughing. Then got a grin on her face. After watching Teri bring Roberts cock to hardness, she pushed him lightly away. “But maybe what she needs now is some medicine to make sure she gets a swift recovery.” Karen said as she lifted her leg and straddled her now grinning daughters mouth. “Followed by an injection just to be sure she gets totally well.” She said as she ran her fingers over her daughter’s pussy lips as she looked at her husband. He grinned, catching on to what she meant. Karen then lowered her pussy to Teri’s mouth as she started to lick her mother’s pussy.

Teri had to grin at her mother being as clever as she lowered her pussy to her mouth and felt her father take up position to fuck her now. When Karen lowered her pussy and Teri eagerly started to lick her mother’s pussy, some of her fathers cum came rushing out and into her mouth. Teri moaned loudly as Karen grinned, knowing what her daughter was receiving now. Teri then moaned again as she felt her father cock start to slowly ease into her completely wet pussy. She gave a silent thanks her mothers hand was small, as her fathers cock still filled her nicely. Teri moaned again as they both started to hump their daughter in concert. As it was they were all surprised when they heard a voice.

“Hey I’m hurt you guys started without me.” David said as he came into the room. “I woke up and thought I heard a scream. Sounded like Teri’s, so figured you guys were at it.” he said as he grinned and took in the three of them. “So dad, did Teri tuzla escort bayan give you a surprise last night?” David asked with a smile as he looked at his father. Robert gave a smile and nodded.

“Damn sure did. And almost was as surprised when she told me about you and your mother. So you and her huh?” Robert said still smiling, slowly continuing to slide his cock into Teri. David looked a bit embarrassed, but Karen answered for him.

“Yes me and David were…together last night. Just like ALL of us are now together. And that’s all that matters now. And if I’m not mistaken by that bulge in your sweats, you would like to join us David?” Karen said throwing her son a sly look.

“Shit yes mom, through I’m not sure where to hop in at…if you get my meaning.” David said with a grin as he stripped of his sweat pants. Roberts’s eyes grew wide as he saw his son’s rather large member. He swallowed hard, realizing his wife and daughter have had that thing buried inside them.

“Shit Karen…..you had that monster inside you? Do you even want me to fuck you anymore?” Robert said with a strained look on his face. Karen turned to him and knew he was upset about her and David. She had to reason it out to him quick or he might start to rethink the arrangement, she thought.

“Robert….yes I have. But I’ve also had to come to the realization that Teri turned you on more then I did. Do you understand? But we are a family and now we are….well…just more close. Robert….I still love you…..you know that. But I let Teri make love to you, to try and show you our relationship can be more then what it was. But I most certainly don’t want to ever give up having your wonderful cock inside me. Robert, David might be larger, but you are still way above average. Where do you think he gets it from?” Karen said now smiling and hoping she had reached her husband. David and Teri were also waiting for their father’s reaction, knowing a lot was riding on his thoughts.

Robert had stopped fucking Teri after seeing David’s “gift”, but still was buried inside her pussy. After listening to Karen’s talk, he knew she was right as Teri had been the night before. What was good for the goose was good for the gander and vice a versa. Robert gave a deep sigh and knew their lives had changed, but thinking it would be interesting to say the least. He started to chuckle slightly and smiled at his wife.

“I guess your right honey, but damn…..that thing is monstrous. Has he made you cum a lot with it?” Robert asked, realizing now that the thought of David’s huge cock fucking his wife was a big turn on. Karen turned slightly red and shook her head slowly then grinned.

“Umm…. oh god yes Robert. But partly because I’ve been so horny of late. I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings honey?” Karen asked him hoping not to hurt her husband’s ego. But he just smiled slightly and shook his head.

“I totally understand Karen. I should have put my foot down before and took care of you more. But now….well…..I have even more to be thankful for.” Robert said as most of the negative feelings drained away from him. He leaned forward and kissed Karen passionately and held her as David smiled at his parents. It was Teri that decided the Kodak moment was at an end.

“Hello…..are you going to fuck me silly or not daddy?” Teri said as her legs wrapped around his hips and tried to push him into her more. All of them broke out into giggling as the tension was broken and everyone relaxed. Karen looked down between her bush at Teri and smiled.

“Well if you get fucked, I hope you can finish that pussy cleaning. I think you missed a spot.” Karen said with a huge grin, pointing with her finger to her clit. Teri smiled up at her mom.

“Well I don’t want to be a sloppy eater, so come here.” Teri said as she used her hands and gripped her mother’s hips and brought Karen’s pussy down to her lips and started licking and sucking her mother again. Karen sighed as Teri licked her.

“Umm I certainly hope to come here again.” Karen said as she watched her husband resume his fucking of Teri. She also felt the bed shift and felt David as he leaned in and kissed her deeply, as he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. “Oh God David that feels good, mmmm play with my nipples…while I play with this.” Karen said as she reached for her son huge cock and started stroking it in her hand. After a few seconds Karen thought stroking it wasn’t enough and leaned onto Teri as she enveloped David’s cock head with her mouth, licking it and slurping it deeper into her mouth, moaning as she did. Robert watched in awe as he watched his wife worshipping their son’s monster cock, and he started fucking Teri’s pussy even harder, knowing he was now getting close to cumming. Teri’s body responded to the fierce fucking by starting her orgasm, as her legs held her father deep inside herself and her pussy jerked her fathers cock taking him over the edge as well.

“Mmmmmm ffcccuukkk yes daddy……hhhhhhhuuuuushhhiitttt!” escort tuzla Teri screamed from under Karen’s body and started to cum. Robert felt his balls tighten and slammed every inch of his cock he could into his daughter as her pussy milked his cum from him.

“Ohh shit Teri…..hhhhhooo shit!” Robert moaned as his cum erupted in huge spurts into her, flooding his daughter’s pussy. He kept moaning in aching need, as Teri’s pussy squeezed his cock with every pulse and finally he leaned forward onto Karen’s back as she sucked David cock. Karen then stopped and grabbed Robert head as she slammed her mouth onto his and kissed him as he continued to moan into his wife’s mouth as they kissed. Teri’s body below her gave a final shudder and Karen knew she was finished with her orgasm. Karen broke the kiss and looked down at her daughter.

“Did your fathers cock live up to your expectations sweetie?” Karen asked her daughter as she watched her breathing hard and knew the answer before she had asked it.

“God yes mom, it’s wonderful. I’ve wanted it for years, now I finally have it. Can I fuck daddy everyday mom?” Teri asked her mother hoping her mom wouldn’t mind her doing her father all the time, though she also wanted David all the time to. Karen smiled and looked up at her husband who was grinning. Karen thought she could figure out his desires.

“Of course dear. Everyone can play as much as they want to with each other. I just hope your father doesn’t mind if David plows my pussy regularly with that cock of his.” Karen said to Teri as she gave her a wink, hearing a groan from Robert at the same time. She looked up, expecting to see a frown but saw a smile instead. Karen was surprised and looked it.

“I’m sorry…but now thinking about it…..the idea of watching David….fuck the shit out of your pussy….turns me on to no end. I hope I can watch the next time you two go at it.” Robert said, confiding to Karen and all of them in fact. Karen chuckled.

“Of course you can watch…..because I’m about to fuck David right now. And you can watch as his huge monster cock….fucks me slowly…and oh so fucking deep, into the pussy from where he came from. And husband of mine, you can watch as he slams that big thing into me and makes me scream as I cum on it….then also watch as he shoots his juice into me. But the most shocking thing about it is…..that yesterday I made a decision. I stopped taking my birth control pills, and so that means David will be cumming up inside of my very fertile pussy.” Karen said as the rest of the family looked on speechless, with Karen becoming more red faced, waiting for the answer from her husband. Robert pondered the whole message then answered.

“It’s kinda of sudden and too be sure…it freaks me out more then a bit. But you fucking David does turn me on…and if you want to get pregnant by him….yes…..it does turn me on.” Robert said with a smile, though butterflies were swarming in his stomach. Karen grinned from ear to ear as she hugged her husband and kissed him.

“Well it will be either yours or David’s, I don’t want to stop fucking you honey believe me. In fact I want you now more then ever. It’s just, after everything that has gone on…I want another baby. No matter if you or David is the father. And you’re ok with that?” Karen asked Robert. Robert shook his head yes and kissed Karen. A new child might be fun, he thought, even if it wasn’t his sperm; it would be from the family. Karen looked over at David who was still in shock. “Are you ok with that David?” She asked looking at her son. David turned to her.

“Umm ya…I think so. I mean…yes mom…if you want another kid, I don’t mind being…well the father. Weird though, but ok with it.” David said, still quietly in shock. Again it was Teri that broke the spell in the room. She was turned on that her mom wanted to be knocked up by her brother, and wanted it to happen as soon as possible. She even thought in passing of letting her father knock her up, but she had to think more on it.

“Well….you two going to fuck or do we have to wait all summer.” Teri said with a smirk looking up at her mother, who was still over her. Karen looked down at her between her legs and smiled.

“Oh shut up you. Or don’t…Ill do it for you.” Karen said as she quickly but softly sat back down on Teri’s face, causing Teri to give a surprised and muffed groan. But Karen quickly jerked up and off her daughter face, as Teri started to laugh. “Hey you little minks, no biting. Well…at least not that hard.” Karen said with a grin, knowing Teri hadn’t nipped her clit that hard. Robert started to chuckle as David laughed. Robert grew a bit more serious and then looked at his wife.

“But Teri does have a point….you going to fuck David now or not.” Robert said, now eagerly wanting to watch his beautiful wife fucking their son and his big cock. Karen smiled and leaned up and grabbed David cock as she started to stroke it again.

“What do you think? David…you ready to cum up my pussy?” Karen said with a lustful smile. Teri and Robert both looked at David as he answered.

“Fuck yes mom….I’m going to fuck you silly…then cum up your pussy.” David said with a grin as he moved closer to Karen.

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