Telepathic Love

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You are alone in your bedroom, your naked body caressed by flickering candlelit shadows; the light dances across the images of sex above your bed and around the room, making your skin smooth and perfect in a soft golden glow. Music surrounds you, envelops you; from far away I know what time it is with you and I wonder what you are doing at this very moment.

Your body is warm. You kneel in the softness of your bed and survey the pictures that arouse you; you imagine what it might be like to taste my flesh now or to feel the body of another man; you think of me.

You touch a finger to your lips, close your eyes and pretend this finger is mine; take it gently into the heat of your mouth and wet it with your hungry tongue. With your other arm you hold yourself, wrapping closely around your chest, squeezing your breasts together in the comfort of each other.

You remove the finger and trace your lips with hot wetness and imagine that you feel an ache for my mouth as I sit, so far away, idly watching television with her; I wonder Kathy, if you recognize the tingling of your lips as my telepathic kiss?

You never open your eyes. You let your arms fall to your sides and sink into the music that fills your bedroom room like the pounding of my heart; still on your knees, your ass resting on the heels of your feet, you pretend that you sense me.

You touch the fullness of your thighs, the sharp protrusion of your hips and the slope of your pussy, so lonely right now. You use both hands to travel the length of your torso: your stomach, your waist and the roundness of your beautiful breasts. You take time to trace your nipples in teasing circles; you notice how they darken with your touch and how they excite you. You cross your arms and feel the line of your shoulders. You wrap your hands around your neck, squeezing briefly.

Is it hard to catch your breath for a moment? Does the sudden tightening around your throat remind you of me? What ataşehir escort bayan sensations course through your body right now?

You leave your neck and run your fingers through your hair, again and again; it is soft, like watered silk. You shut your eyes and pretend that it is my hands in your hair, tugging with a pressure to remind you that you belong to me; you arch your throat to receive my absent kiss. You have an image in your mind that you are feeling stirred; that a passing thought of me in your arms is temporarily distracting you.

You believe I can see you, this picture of waiting sex so warm and aching for me. In your head you think I close my eyes to see this picture better, only to have the woman beside me think I might be tired. She asks, ‘Are you okay, David?’ You imagine me smile at her in reassurance, saying ‘I’m fine, I just want to rest my eyes’.

You are tracing your inner thighs with the lightest fingertips and when I close my eyes again a small trickle of juice has begun to drip from your pussy. The knowledge of its presence makes you feel naughty and wild in the most seductive way that arouses you more. Your thoughts are saturated with ideas of me, projecting to me this desire that consumes you. You take a finger and carefully wipe the moisture from your leg; lick it, suck on it. You taste your juices, how female and wanton. You know as I am sitting in my living room, far away, that I can suddenly taste you too.

Like me, do you believe in telepathic foreplay, Kathy?

You move to the music; your hands slide so easy on your soft heated skin. You have disappeared into your mind, where my hands are exploring this body and my breath is burning your throat. You think that maybe my hands involuntarily reach for that woman beside me, only to find that it doesn’t quite feel the same.

You lift your ass from your heels, to kneel but be erect; taller. You spread your knees slightly apart, continuing escort kadıöy to caress your lonely flesh. Your hand covers the mound of your pussy; your middle finger lingers on your clitoris, which is already swelling to spread your lips in invitation.

The tip of this finger feels the wetness threatening to spill. You suppress the urge to go there quickly because you want to prolong the agony of such emptiness, to intensify the pleasure once you have it. Instead, you use this hand to softly rub yourself in circles in time to the music. With your other hand you suck on your finger in the same wet circles, your mind alive with thoughts of me kissing another, fucking another, but thinking only of you; wanting you, even when satisfied.

You pretend that I can see this, your growing state of wanting and needing me with you; perhaps you feel an urge to fuck and in your head you see me naked and masturbating.

You drop on all fours, supporting yourself with one arm while your other feels the velvety walls of your pussy, so dripping with desire and lust for what you lack at this moment. Your hair falls in your face and swings when you rock slightly. When you sense that I begin to rub her clitoris with increasing speed, you lay your head in the pillows to free your hands but to keep your ass high in the air.

You use one hand to spread apart your pussy lips for wide and ample access to your clitoris and with the other you press your vibrator to it. You begin to cum. You slide the dildo only partly inside you, imagining it is my cock so hard and ready for you.

You taunt yourself, allowing it only little access at a time before finally driving it deep within, the vibrator still humming fast on your clitoris. You are doing this: fucking yourself from behind as you submit in this position, feeling that it is me behind you, dominating you; wondering if I can feel a throbbing in my cock as I play with her.

You pull this maltepe escort substitute from you and lick your juice from its tip. Mmmmm, Kathy; did you feel that?

The tip of your tongue is now at the hole of my cock? You pretend it is mine. You run your tongue along the length of it taking it into your mouth until it touches the back of your throat; you lick the ‘sensitive flesh’ beneath its head and believe I can feel it. You believe I can; in your imagination I direct her head to my cock. Does it feel the same? Does it relieve this ache inside?

You roll onto your back with your arms above your head and pretend I am holding them there with my strength as I kiss you deeply, passionately. There is a brief interruption in your fantasy when you cannot feel the warmth of my lips to yours, but then you think you can taste me. You lick your lips and know that my cock just became wet.

Do you pull her away from your cock and push her onto her back? Do you lift her legs and stab her with your cock?

You think so, because you lift your own and thrust the dildo hard into yourself. You release a long moan that turns into heavy sighs while you feel me fucking you. You take your time; I vary the speed and strength of each stab. You go fast for a moment and then abruptly keep it inside, pushing deep and moving in circles. You don’t know if I do the same because she is demanding I maintain a quick, hard rhythm, my solid ass that tightens with every thrust.

You feel the birth of a more intense orgasm; you bite your lower lip in anticipation and know I feel the sting on mine too.

It is pressure in your abdomen, swirling weight that seeks an escape as you rise to meet penetration. It explodes and the inside of your sex contracts, tightens. Did you feel it? You must have, because it draws my own climax; and we cum together.

You shake almost violently, your entire body quivers with such pleasure. You don’t yet open your eyes, and think you can feel my ebbing orgasm throbbing softly inside you. Your own sex constricts and then relaxes and maybe you feel it, like a heartbeat; the gradual, receding pounding of adrenaline and longing.

Maybe it is my heartbeat.

And, I wonder if you feel it too Kathy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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