Teenage Fantasy Cums True Ch. 01

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This is my first story. So please ignore any mistakes and your feedback is always welcome even they are good or bad. They will help me to improve the quality of my stories in the future. All the characters in this story are of age 18 or above. All the characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental.


Like most of the teenage boys, I also had fantasies about some mature women. But, most of my teenage masturbation fantasies were about a woman who is very close to me. She is aunt Sheela, the wife of my dad’s elder brother “Uncle Simon”. She is 45 years old now, but looks 35. She lives about 100 meters away from my house. As my uncle goes to his job during the day time, she is alone at home and she is use to listen to music and watch television. She is a quite conservative woman always wears long skirts and sleeveless tops. Aunt Sheela had married my uncle at the age of 18 and had two children who are now married and live in separate homes somewhat away from her home. So, only my uncle and aunty live at their home.

One day my uncle asked me to visit their home and company her to reduce her loneliness. I was obliged to spend my free time with my fantasy woman and I agreed him. Then I started to visit her home every other day and had some chats about topics of her interest like tele dramas, fashions, songs etc……

My aunt Sheela is 5′ 5″ tall. She is a voluptuous lady with 36F size breasts that were inviting to get sucked and waist size 38 with a wonderful ass. She had little fat around her belly which made her so much fuckable. She is a very good cook & when I go to her place she always prepares a special meal for me. I use that time to get in to the laundry room and feel her soiled panties. The smell of her pussy juices was so erotic that it always makes my cock rock hard in seconds. When I know that she has to spend some more time to prepare the meal I quickly take my rock hard cock out and begin to masturbate imagining her naked body is in front of me. I had all the best orgasms in my life in her laundry room while smelling her panties. They were far better than masturbating while watching porn. But I always be careful not to cum in her panties as it might lead her to suspect me.

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Sam. 19 years old. 5′ 9″ tall, fair and I’m neither a muscular athletic guy nor a fat pig type ass hole. But I maintain my body just at the right size thanks to the regular exercises and weekend cricket & soccer matches I play with my friends. I just finished my A/Level exam and waiting for the results. As the only child in the family my parents do not allow me to go out with friends as much as the other parents do. So I hardly go out with my friends. Due to this reason I am bit shy when it comes to girls. Actually I haven’t had a girl friend due to my shyness about girls. So I always masturbate by watching porn and fantasizing about busty friends of mom. My cock is an average 6 and half inch cock, but a bit thicker than normal.

About 3 months ago I went to aunt Sheela’s home one morning and when I called her name I heard her voice from the bathroom. “I’m in the bathroom. There’s an orange juice for you in the kitchen. Drink it and watch TV. I’ll come soon.” The evil thoughts in my brain started to work at that time. I quickly went to her laundry room searched for her soiled panties. But there were none. She must have washed them before her bath. So, I quickly went to her room and opened her panty drawer. There were many panties in different colors. I picked up a pink colored silk panty with a beautiful rose flower printed on its crotch. I brought it closer to my face and started to lick the crotch imagining that it was my aunt Sheela’s pussy. I started to jerk off and the softness of her panty & the thought that my aunt is bathing in the bathroom brought me to orgasm in a very short time. I wiped my cum from my handkerchief and replaced the panty at the drawer. Then, quickly sneaked out of her bed room to the living room.

About 3 days later both of us were sitting in her living room chatting about the tele dramas and TV shows she likes to watch. As always she wore white sleeveless blouse and a long skirt with some floral patterns. Then she asked me “did you like it?”.

I was surprised by her question and asked, “what did you say?”.

“I asked did you like it.”


She said, “My pink color panty.”

Her answer was like a wall of brick dropped on my head. I tried to answer. But no words came out of my mouth.

My aunty saw I was struggling and she had little grin on her face. Somehow I gathered some words. “I… I’m sorry aunty.”

Then, her grin turned in to a pleasant smile. “Licking your aunt’s panty is a reason to get heavy punishments. I knew boys were perverts. But I didn’t think you were such a pervert. I think I have to tell your parents about this.”

I got scared about kartal escort aunt Sheela telling this incident to my parents and punishing me heavily. I pleaded her, “Please aunty, don’t tell mom and dad about this. They will kick me out of the home. Please aunty, please.”

She thought for a moment and said, “I’ll reconsider about it. Tell me why did you do that?”

I realized this was the moment and I told her the truth. “Please aunty, don’t get mad about me. I think you are a beautiful woman. Not only beautiful, but damn sexy also. You were my fantasy queen from the day I started to masturbate. I wanted to kiss your full lips, suck and fondle your great tits, touch your wonderful ass, and make love to you. I love you, aunty.”

She said in disbelief, “My god, what did you say? Do I look sexy?”

I said “yes aunty. You are. You have a body even a 30 year old woman feel jealous. That’s not the only reason that I love you. You are a wonderful woman with great qualities.”

Tears started to swell on her eyes. She said “but Sam, I am a 45 year old woman. You are a 19 year old boy. You can find a suitable girl of your age. Not an old gal like me.”

I said “You are not that much old. There are no girls that have great qualities like you. Also their flat bodies are just like ply wood compared with your marvelous body. Aunty, I don’t want just sex. I want to make love to you. Please, just give me a one chance to show you how much I love you.”

With tears on her eye, my aunt said, “I’m so sorry darling. It has been a long time since someone had said me that I’m beautiful. Even your uncle Simon hasn’t told me in many years that I’m beautiful or sexy. You almost made me cry by saying it.”

I couldn’t believe it. My uncle is such an ass hole. He couldn’t see the beauty of such a great woman.

While I was blaming my uncle within my mind, my aunt was looking straight at my eyes. There was love, lust, desperation in her eyes. We looked into each other’s eyes with love for more than 10 minutes. Finally she managed to break the ice.

She said, “Why are you waiting my darling? Please make love to your poor aunt.”

I didn’t want my first time to be a quickie. So, I slowly held her face with my hands and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. The moment my lips touched with hers was amazing. It was like an electric current passed through my body. She also started to shiver a bit. Then our kisses grew passionate and lasted more time. I felt her tongue trying to get into my mouth and I opened my lips to give her tongue access to my mouth. Then we started to explore each other’s mouth with our tongues. We kissed for about 20 minutes and finally she broke the kiss. She looked at the clock which was hanging on the wall and asked me “Oh… it’s already 12.30. I didn’t cook anything for the lunch. We’ll have to order something from restaurant. Is it OK or shall I cook lunch? But it will take time.”

I was in no mood to stop our love making for the lunch. “I don’t need lunch. I can have it on the bed.” And I looked at her crotch area.

She understood my pervert word. “Baby, this is not a joke. You should have strength to keep going. You should have your lunch. Otherwise we’ll stop this”, she said in a stern voice.

Finally, I agreed to have the lunch and she ordered it from a nearby restaurant. Lunch was delivered quickly and I ate in no time due to my enthusiasm. But she ate it in no hurry. My cock was rock hard all throughout the lunch and I wanted her more than anything in the world at that moment. Finally she finished her lunch and I helped her to wash the dishes. Then we went to the living room and I pushed her on to the couch and started a passionate kiss while gently squeezing her giant mammaries.

“Aahhhhhhh……” A little moan escaped from her lips. That was a positive sign for me that she was enjoying the moment. We broke the kiss for a moment to remove my T-shirt. Then I started to unbutton her top. Gradually I could see her deep cleavage and red bra revealing in front of my eyes. I wanted to savor this moment very much and I deliberately slowed the speed of unbuttoning the blouse to tease her. Finally I removed her top and started to run my index finger through her deep cleavage. She also started to run her hands over my chest and began to lick my small nipples. Holy shit! That was an amazing feeling. The feeling that my aunt is licking my nipples almost took me over the edge.

After some licking she told me, “I always loved to lick a man’s nipple. But your uncle didn’t enjoy it much. He rarely allowed me to do it. In fact he wasn’t ready to experiment much in sex.”

I said, “Oh aunty, you won’t be disappointed with me. You can be my sex teacher as well as my lover.”

My aunt smiled and said “I’m sure you would be a good student.” With that she once again kissed me with a passion like never before. I then slowly went down to kiss her neck and then moved towards her bra clad boobs. By that moment her maltepe escort bayan breathing had become louder. When I started to lick her boobs over the bra, she kept her hand behind my head and held my face to her boobs.

She started to moan, “Yes, yes, baby, lick your aunt’s boobs. It’s all yours. Do anything you want with me. I have been waiting so long for this moment.”

Her bra was soaked with my saliva after some five minutes of licking. So’ I wanted to feel the real thing without clothes. When I tried to unhook her bra, she asked me to stop. She said, “Let’s take this to bedroom, darling. I’ll be able to teach you lot more there.” Then she locked the front door, took my hand and we both hurried to the master bedroom. I went behind her so that I could see her great ass swaying while walking.

Once we were in the bedroom she jumped on me and began to kiss me furiously. Somehow I managed to unhook her bra. Then I broke the kiss to admire her wonderful boobs. Actually they were bigger than I thought. I slowly squeezed her left boob while pinching her right nipple. Her nipples got hardened by my touch and they were about half an inch long. She moaned much louder, “Please darling, suck my nipples. It’s been so long since anyone has sucked them.”

Who was I to complaint??? I gently pushed her on to the bed. Then lied by her side and took her right nipple to my mouth. “Ahhh…..” A sigh of relief released escaped from her mouth. She turned to my side and began to run her fingers through my hair. “Take the whole areola into your mouth. It will give more pleasure to both of us.” I took whole areola into my mouth and began to suck harder while flicking the nipple with my tongue. By this time my cock was in full attention and aching to be released from my shorts. Aunt Sheela noticed this and she put her hand through the waist band of my short and began to run her hand softly over my shaft. I had to concentrate hard not to cum very early as I hadn’t done much things with her yet.

Meanwhile, I had switched to left boob and squeezing her big ass. After good 15 minutes of tit sucking I stood up to remove my shorts. Then I started to remove her skirt and she lifted her hips to support me. After removing it I could see a huge damp spot on the crotch of her red panty. Before I could do anything, she got up from the bed and made me lie on the bed. She knelt closer to my cock and licked it from bottom to top.

She asked me, “Wow, you have a nice cock darling. How long is this?”

I replied her with pride “6 and half inches.”

“Your uncle’s cock is just 4 inches when erect. Most of times he cums prematurely. Also he can’t make it more than once in a night”, she said in a sad voice.

I didn’t want her to be sad in this enjoyable moment. I wanted to please her as much as I wanted to enjoy myself. So, I told her, “Don’t worry aunty; I will do anything to make you happy.”

She smiled at me. “I know it very well darling.” With that she wrapped her lovely lips around my cock and slowly took half of my shaft into her mouth. Then she started to swirl her tongue around my mushroom shaped sensitive cock head. She was a real pro in cock sucking. The warmth of her mouth, my excitement in my first sexual act and the movements of her tongue were too much for me. I felt like I was in heaven. I was ready to blast my hot seed in her mouth from less than 5 minutes.

So I warned her, “Auntyyy…… I’m going to cummm…….”

She quickly took my cock out of her mouth. “You are not going to cum that easy, young man. You should learn how to control the urge to cum. You’ll learn it eventually by the practice.” She didn’t do anything with my cock for a few seconds. She had wanted this fun to last longer. She once again took my tool into her mouth. But this time she took whole 6 and half inches of my cock into her mouth. This surprised me as she struggled to get past the initial three quarter of it and once she got used to it, she took the whole length in. Then she slowly started to bob her head up and down my shaft while gently putting some pressure on my sack. It was a great scene to see my conservative aunt semi naked giving her nephew one of the best blowjobs a man could ever experience in his life. Meanwhile I moved my hands towards her tits and started to fondle them.

Once again I was at the verge of cumming and I didn’t want my aunt to stop the blowjob. So, this time I didn’t warn her. Suddenly she quickened the speed of her head movements and finally I started to shoot my hot semen into her willing mouth. There was a happy look in her eyes while I was shooting my load. My cock jerked and jerked and released about five thick spurts of cum into her mouth. I think it is the most amount of cum I had shot at once by then. I thought she would spit them out. But surprisingly she swallowed it all. Finally she sucked all the remaining seed at the tip of my cock. “Yummy, I had forgotten that the taste of cum is such good.”

She got escort pendik up and lied next to me on the bed. Then she said in an annoyed voice, “You are such a naughty boy. You should’ve warned me before coming.”

I replied her, “I’m sorry aunty. I thought you would stop it again if I warned you. I didn’t want it to stop. You are a great cocksucker. That felt so good to me and also I wanted to cum so badly. Will you forgive me?”

She smiled at me. “Oh darling, you are really good at appreciating women. It’s OK. I knew that you were going to cum soon. That’s why I increased my speed. That comes with experience.”

“My uncle is a lucky man to get such blowjobs from a very hot woman every day,” I said to my aunt.

She said, “I did that to him often when we were young. But later, he lost his interest in me. I got to know that he is getting them and much more from a young secretary in his office,” and began sobbing.

“Uncle Simon cheats on you. Oh my god! Why does he do such a thing?”

“I don’t know Sam. He thinks that I’m too old to enjoy sex. So, he hadn’t had sex with me since last year.” She was still sobbing.

I hugged her tightly. “Forget about that old bastard darling. If he cheats on you, the same treatment should be given to him in return. Show me that you are capable of pleasing even a young stud.”

She kissed my chest. I lifted her face up towards my face and kissed her full on the lips slipping my tongue into her mouth. I could taste my own cum in her mouth and it was the first time I had tasted it. She was very quick to respond to my kiss and she opened her mouth to welcome my tongue. After some time she broke the kiss and said me, “Please never leave me darling. I feel very safe between your arms. I’ve never felt such a safe feeling.”

I kissed her forehead and said, “Never Sheela, never. Just forget your troubles and I will give you the ultimate pleasure of your life.”

Then I slowly slid my hands through the elastic band of her skirt and started to massage her crotch over her panty. I felt dampness around her crotch area. Then I took my hand out and licked the moisture on it. She took my hand and put it in her mouth. Then, began to suck it.

I asked her, “Are you wet all for me, darling?”

“Of course, baby. I haven’t been wet like this in ages. Not even for your uncle. That means you are so special to me.”

With that I got up on to my knees and tried to remove her skirt and she lifted her hips to support me. Then I saw that she was wearing the panty which she had seen me jacking off. I was amazed by the sight in front of me and I think my mouth was half open at that time. Then I saw the huge wet spot on her crotch making the color of the printed rose flower into red. Also I could see some of her pussy hairs through it.

Then she told me, “I thought you would like it.”

“I really do. This is my favorite one. Can I kiss it?”

She said “Of course baby. From today, I’m only for you. So fulfill your all fantasies about me. Frankly, I too have fantasized about you for some time. I saw you growing in to a fine young man. Sometimes I thought how it would be to have you on my bed. So, today both our fantasies will come true.”

I slowly crawled in between her legs and put her legs over my shoulders. Then I slowly planted a kiss on her crotch. She shuddered a bit with it. I began to lick her crotch and the feeling of silk on my mouth was awesome. She kept her hands on my head and her sound of breathing became more intense. Her cunt juices were lot tastier than I thought. At that moment it was the tastiest drink in the world for me.

She was in great pleasure and was screaming, “Yes, yes…….. ohhhhhhh………”

After some time she began to gyrate her hips against my face. I kept my hands on her thighs to reduce her movements and lick her more easily. She began to scream much louder,

“Oh my god….. This feels so good. Please baby, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. I’m going to cumm……. Ahhhhhhhh……… I’m cummiiiiiiinnnnnggggg……………………………. Aaaahhh…………”

With that her womanly fluids started to flow in great amounts and I greedily drank all her juices that my mouth could take. But most of her juices remained on her panty and they made her panty look like she has just come out of her bath. Her public hairs were clearly visible through it.

Her eyes were closed tightly with the orgasmic pleasure and seemed like she was in another world. I still kept licking her crotch to give her much more pleasure that she deserved to have. About five minutes later, she grabbed my hand and dragged me towards her.

“I want to taste myself from your lips.”

With that she started to lick my lips. Then suddenly she darted her tongue between my lips and started a deep French kiss. It didn’t last long.

She told me, “I taste pretty good, huh.”

“Yes sweety, you taste like honey and I would drink even a gallon of it.”

“Oh darling, that was one of the best orgasms I had in my life. You are amazing. Do you want to see that ultimate place of your aunty?”

I was more than happy for that. “Yes aunty’ I was dreaming about it for such a long time. Please let me remove your panty. Please….”

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