Teaching Tara Ch. 08

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The wedding party was in full swing. Marion, my bride, was being fucked by her father John, while his other son in law was tongue fucking his ass.

I was exploring the pain thresholds of my new mother in law while she sucked one son and was being fucked by another. Terry had already dumped his load in my wife’s mouth and was sitting recovering and having a drink with his sister Pauline. A pretty standard wedding party eh?

Handing JJ the spoon to continue the assault on his mother’s tits, I climbed off the table resumed my seat where I could watch Marion as her father pumped his cock into her to the hilt and filled her with his cum. Marion was coated in sweat, her make-up, so carefully applied that morning, was running down the side of her face.

“Having a good time baby?” She asked me.

“I’ve been to worse weddings.” I laughed back at her. “This is some family you have.”

A frown crossed her beautiful face, “It’s not creeping you out is it? You said you wanted this.”

I leaned in and kissed her, I could smell Terry’s cum drying on her face.

“Relax baby, I just wish you had told me sooner.”

I tensed as Pauline stood beside me, I thought her a bitch from hell and liked her least of my new family.

“You freaking out yet?”

“No, just enjoying watching.”

She just raised her eyebrows and looked down the table.

“Look, I am sorry about that night. In the car, you know.”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it, water under the bridge and all that.”

“No it was not ok. Come on, I want to talk to you.”

She grabbed my arm and brought me into the garden, I took the seat where a few short weeks ago I had waited for John. The night air was cool and fresh and for a moment all was quiet, the only noise the rustle of the trees enclosing the garden.

“I am a class A bitch, I know I am, but the best thing about me is that I love my family. Not only that kind of loving,” she nodded her head towards the house, “but I will do everything in my power to protect them.” She held up her hand to stop me interrupting. “Marion may be my big sister, but she has always been a bit naive. John Marshall’s reaction to this, tore her apart. It took her a long time to get over him. You do the same to her,” she grabbed my balls and squeezed, hard, “and I will cut these off.”

The pain burst in my head and my temper flared, I slapped her hand away and grabbed her crotch through the soft leather.

“And you touch my cock again without an invitation and I’ll weld this closed.”

She laughed. “We understand each other then.”


My balls throbbed but my temper was dying as quickly as it had risen, she was just trying to protect her family. I could respect that. As she headed back to the door, I called after her.

“What is it with you, the whole leather thing, Sam in a collar and being such a fucking bitch?”

She bursa escort stopped and turned, “It is hard not to bring work home with me sometimes.” She looked towards the house for a moment and then came back to the seats.

“Hi Tom, I am Pasha, professional Dominatrix.” I shook her outstretched hand.

“Your face is a picture bro.” She paused and seemed to make a decision. “Dad has always liked a little pain with his sex.” I nodded as she continued: “When he tried to break me we discovered I was more like him than Mom or Marion. I like to give pain and sure as hell not receive it.”

She paused again letting her words sink in.

“Go on.”

“Well, I was never good at anything at school, but it turned out this was something I was good at. I looked into it a bit, joined a few websites and found that there are plenty of guys out there who wanted to be treated like shit and will pay for the pleasure. Taa daa, my career path was chosen for me by genetics.”

“And Sam?”

“Ah Sam, my wonderful husband, my wonderful submissive, my man.” She laughed again. “One of my cardinal rules was to always avoid getting too emotionally involved with my clients. But Sam, well he kind of wormed his way in.” She paused, smiling at some memories in her head. “And well, he may not have the biggest cock in the world, but I am telling you, his mouth can send me to heaven.”

My head was swirling again. What a family! What a dysfunctional, gloriously original family.

“We had best get back, or they will think I am giving you 40 lashes.”

Ignoring the rest of the room when we got back, I went over to Marion, she looked worn out. I kissed her lightly and looked out across her body spread on the table. Her heavy tits, her flat stomach, her shaven pussy and her legs. “Baby there may not be a lot of you, but you are perfect. I love you.”

A chorus of Awww’s went up from the rest of the family. I hadn’t realised they were listening. Even Martha, with a mouth full of fat cock was smiling at us.

Martin slapped me on the back. “If you really want to be part of this family, Tom, you have to fuck Mom.”

Now to be honest, while I had been as horny as hell watching the action earlier, after the assault on my balls by Pauline, I was a bit nervous about performing in front of them all. It was Pauline who came to my defence. “Leave him be, when he is ready.”

I nodded my thanks to her but I sensed my nerves changing the atmosphere and regretted it.

“I think I shall take my beautiful slut wife upstairs and get started on our honeymoon.” Untying Marion, I carried her upstairs to her old bedroom.

“You ok babe?”

“Sure honey, just wanted you to myself for a bit.”

Marion knew me well enough to know when not to push it and she slowly undressed me. After releasing my cock she gently began to lick and suck me. I let her take it at her own pace, enjoying her slow exploration bursa escort bayan as if it was the first time she had tasted me. The tension left me and pulling her onto the bed I made love to my wife for the first time.

Marion was asleep and I was just on the edge of it when there was a knock on the door and Martha came in.

“Just wanted to check you were ok.”

I whispered back, “Yeah we are fine. Thanks for all the trouble you went to to-day.”

I went to roll back into Marion’s warm body but she pulled a chair near the bed and sat down.

“Be good to my girl Tom. She loves you. She was willing to give up her family for you.”

Disentangling myself from Marion, I swung my legs out of the bed and took Martha’s hands in mine.

“Mrs B, Martha, I am not taking her away from you.”

“But downstairs you ……”

“I was nervous, woman,” Marion stirred so I lowered my voice. “I didn’t want to be the big sissy who couldn’t get it up in front of the guys, ok?”

Martha laughed. “Hell we already have a sissy, you wouldn’t be the only one. Sam’s cock is about the size of your little finger, when he’s hard.” She pushed my thighs apart. “And you have him beat there.”

Watching me all the time, she went down on her knees and took my cock in her hand and then her mouth. After circling the head with her tongue, she moved her mouth down its length to my balls, licking and sucking as she did. I moved forward to the edge of the bed to allow her better access.

“Son, there is nothing wrong with this equipment.”

She curled her tongue around the back of my balls, making them swing a little. Her hand was slowly pumping me as she sucked one then the other into her mouth. As she worked her way back up my cock, she took my sac in her hand and was squeezing it lightly. I leaned back on the bed and allowed her to work her magic.

She sucked hard and used her tongue in the vacuum of her mouth, I was hardening all the time and within a few minutes I was rock hard. The woman had some mouth on her. The feeling of my cock hitting her throat was nice, but when she began to swallow me, it was so good. Grabbing her hair, I had to fuck her mouth hard, I wanted to feel her gag on me.

Perhaps it was my grunting or her mother’s slurping, but Marion woke up and peered over my shoulder.

“Hi Mom!”

Martha waved with one hand and I used her distraction to push my cock deep into her throat. Oh it felt so good, Marion joined us by taking my balls in her mouth and sucking them lightly. They were already tightening getting ready to dump into Martha bypassing her mouth and doing a direct delivery to her throat and belly. The woman sucked me so hard for the last of my cum, I thought my balls were going to appear through the head of my cock.

I fell back on the bed, spent.

“Dad says Mom has the best mouth in the world.” I had to smile at the escort bursa note of pride in her voice. A daughter boasting that her mom gave good head was definitely new to me.

“I’ll leave you to it, I just wanted to check everything was ok.” Martha got up and headed to the door.

“Aw Mom, stay, please. He is wiped for a while, stay and talk to me.”

“Ok baby, if you are sure Tom doesn’t mind.”

It took all the strength I had to raise a hand and give a thumbs up. Perhaps she has sucked some brain matter out with my balls. I fell asleep to quite whispers and woke to giggling.

It was bright, it felt early. It also felt like my cock was in a pussy and I was being ridden cowgirl style. Yee haw, I opened my eyes and my mother in law was helping herself to my morning glory.

“Opps Mom, I think you woke him.”

“Morning husband.” my new wife kissed me. Morning breath, stubble and all, my sexy wife kissed me, her lush tits rubbing against my chest and another two huge tits were bouncing up and down attached to the woman fucking me. Have I mentioned it normally takes a lot of coffee before I can think in the morning?

My cock was clenched hard by Martha’s pussy.

“Does that one count Marion?”

“No Mom, he is awake.”

“Aww fuck it, I was going for the record.”

Marion explained: “Mom likes to try and beat her own record for how many times she can come before the guy wakes up.”

“Her father still has the record at 6, but then he could sleep through World War Three. But now since you are awake, let’s see if we can make you feel good.”

She clenched her pussy muscles and began to ride me slower, making sure all of my cock was held tight. It may take the upper brain a while to wake, but the lower one was in heaven. She fucked me slowly then fast, then back to slow, bringing me to the edge and then backing off again. It was truly incredible. When at last I came, her pussy drained me just as her mouth had done the night before. It may not have been the largest load I ever dumped in a pussy, but it was one of the sweetest.

After she dismounted and fell down on the bed beside me. I thanked her by biting hard on her tits, the teeth marks surrounded her nipples and her cries filled the room.

“Sweet tit Momma, thank you and Good Morning.”

“You are welcome son,” she pulled my head between her two huge tits and jiggled them so they bounced off my ears. Then laughing got out of bed. “Ok gotta shower and make breakfast. See you two downstairs later.”

“She really likes you. You got the five star treatment. One of her special blow jobs last night and then the pussy clench fuck this morning. Mom likes you.”

“Coffee, I need coffee.”

I could hear Marion laughing the whole way down to the kitchen.

A gallon of coffee later, my upper brain switched on and Marion beside me we walked into the kitchen. To applause.

John spoke from his position at the table. “Welcome to the family son.”

I looked at Marion, she shrugged: “Well they asked, can’t lie to my family can I?”

Terry yelled out “A Mom special, you’re definitely in the family now.”

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