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The hot, humid air of summer hits my face as we stumble out of the club, on our way back from a night of drunken revelry. I go hazy on most of the details, but what I do remember are your ruby red lips and how they tasted; how your body rubbed against mine on the dance floor; how my fingers teased you, moving in rhythm with the music, getting you wet…

As we rumble on in the rickety old cab, my attention is drawn to you when you whip out the familiar cherry lip-gloss and apply it to your lips. A fleeting moment of longing, to kiss you, goes through my heart. You turn your head towards me and I beckon you to come closer. You sidle next to me and rest your head on my shoulder tentatively, as I put my arm around you. I breathe in the flowery smell of your soft hair and gently rub your arm with my hand, to let you know how much I like this. You shift in your seat to get comfortable and the hem of your skirt rides up (the skirt I had to mither you into ataşehir escort wearing). My gaze is drawn to the creamy skin of your legs as you sit there blissfully unaware of the effect you are having on me.

Moments pass as my hand slowly slithers down your arm and comes to rest at your waist. I glance at the rear-view mirror to reassure myself that the driver’s eyes are on the road. Then I gently lift the edge of your top as my fingers find the skin they so yearn for. Your body bucks a little as I lightly caress you, causing your skirt to rise a little higher. I pull my hand from behind you now and it comes to rest on your thigh, at the very edge of your skirt.

I start drawing circles on your skin as my fingers slowly reach higher up inside your skirt and towards hidden treasures. I hear you gasp as my hand reaches your pussy. I rub your panty-covered lips as you squirm and push closer into my body. I feel a little moisture starting kadıköy escort bayan to seep outside through the cloth. I cast a sideways glance at the driver as you tug your panties aside and my fingers touch your vulva. I can feel the heat you are giving off as my heart starts pounding. I take a sharp breath and savour the tangy aroma of your arousal as it permeates the air.

You push yourself towards my hand and I can detect the anticipation in your wetness that is starting to moisten my fingertips. My finger circles around your outer lips, as you let out a sigh of longing. I delve closer to your pussy and part your lips to reach the clitoris. I start drawing figure-eight around it as you let out a moan into the air. It is the sweetest sound to reach my ears, and I risk a kiss. I bite onto your lip and my finger tentatively enters your moist canal. I feel the soft, velvety skin inside you burning hot and moist. I gently make short escort maltepe stabbing motions inside you, dabbing my fingers in your pearly liquid, as another moan escapes your parted lips. As you feel a wave building inside you, I pull my finger out suddenly to tease you some more.

You draw a heavy breath and grab my arm as my fingers graze your nub. Your breathing gets heavier as I rub your clit with my fingers. You dig your fingernails into my skin as my finger enters you once again. I move my hand to-and-fro, gently at first, then with increased persistence as you ride your crescendo. You draw ever closer to your orgasm as my fingers work feverishly to give you that elusive release you body now desperately craves. I kiss you again and suckle on your lips. Suddenly your eyes close and your lips part as it crashes onto you. Wave after wave of white-hot flames lick your insides as your head drops back onto my chest, and you shudder with the onslaught of hormones that your body just unleashed on you. I hold your head and kiss your lips again. You fall back with a dazed expression on your face. A content smile crosses my face as I gaze at you and feel your skin glow and blush. And all I can think is, until next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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