Taking the Step

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This is a work of fiction and is not true. This is a fantasy that I have but will more then likely never happen. Hope you enjoy it and your votes and comments are appreciated. Any comments about this being sick will be reported to the administrator of this site. These are my feelings and fantasies, if you don’t like them then I don’t know why you are on this subject, let alone this site.


I married my wife a little over 7 years ago and she had two daughters from a former marriage. Their names were Brenna, 12 years old and Stacy, 11 at the time. While things between my wife and myself were good at times, we also had our rough times. We did the best we could and I pretty much accepted the girls as my own. We did all the family things, took vacations, went out together and pretty much acted like a whole family. Things between my wife and I pretty much went south in the sex department a couple years after our marriage, I don’t know why, maybe money, maybe we got married too soon, I don’t know why, but things weren’t as good as we hoped they would be. Don’t get me wrong, we got along great, just my sex drive was just higher then hers I guess, that led me to look for sex from others, sometimes I would find it, other times I would end up at the computer seeking sex sites to stroke off too.

The first time I got caught stroking at the computer was by my wife, she came home early from work and I was so into the scenes on the screen that I didn’t notice her pull in, she threw a fit and demanded to know why I was doing that. I readily explained that it was because she never seemed to have time for sex. She just threw up her hands and told me to do what ever I though I needed to do, just leave her alone and not to let her catch me again. I just smiled and gave my hard cock another squeeze causing her to leave the room in a huff.

I had the pleasure of watching her two kids grow up; up and out I should say. Their mom was very blessed in the breast department, I think that’s why I hooked up with her in the first place, I am definitely a tit man and both her girls took after her in that department. By the time Brenna was 18 her tits had really grown. It wasn’t hard to notice, her shirts got tighter and her swimsuit fit better almost on a daily basis. Stacy was a year behind her sister in age and hadn’t begun to develop as fast. Brenna’s chest grew by leaps and bounds while her sister’s chest took the slow road developing

I had a neighbor at the time that had a pool and was fortunate enough that he invited us over to swim throughout the summer. Like I said before I was lucky enough to watch Brenna’s chest grow and her swimsuit fit tighter and tighter. Her top kept getting tighter because her body wasn’t growing at the same rate and she had to buy a smaller size for the bottoms to fit, which really allowed her chest to shine. On more then one occasion her top would slip up and her nipple would show either from diving in or rough housing with her sister or a friend. A couple times her entire breast popped out and I was lucky enough to be looking that way. The teenage breasts always impressed me, so tight and pert, I swear lead weights couldn’t pull them down from seemingly perky ways.

I tried to not get caught looking at Brenna as she grew up, I know more then once my wife caught my look but either dismissed it or ignored it. Brenna was 19 when she graduated high school, so I insisted immediately she get a job, but my wife didn’t agree with me. She thought that she needed some time off between school and getting a start with her life, so I lost that argument. Brenna spent the entire summer in my neighbors pool, her sister was bursa escort too busy running around with friends to join her, so she usually went alone, my neighbor didn’t mind, I think he enjoyed the view as much as I did. That summer both the girls had dark tans and I’m sure Brenna’s tan had few or no tan lines, due to the fact that no one was usually home when she went to the neighbors to swim. I figured this out by catching a conversation between Brenna and Stacy where Brenna told her sister about skinny-dipping in the neighbor’s pool. My cock sprang to attention just thinking about my now mature and very sexy stepdaughter swimming and tanning naked.

I work an off shift that sometimes requires me to stay late at work, sometimes till early morning. It was one of these nights that I found out that Brenna was enjoying more then sun. I had gotten home around 2 am that night and walked quietly through the house toward my bedroom. I passed Brenna’s room and noticed a light on; I was about to enter the room to turn the light off when I heard Brenna moan softly. I leaned in closer and heard her bed squeaking slightly. I then heard moans coming from another person; Brenna was getting fucked in my house! I listened closer and heard her talking dirty, telling the lucky guy to fuck her harder, she loved that. The squeaking bed groaned more and so did her moaning. I could just imagine my sexy stepdaughter getting fucked doggy style, her tits swaying to every thrust. My own cock had swelled to larger then life proportions and strained at the jeans confining it. I knew I had to jack off and backed slowly down the hall, until I closed the bathroom door behind me. I pulled my cock out and squeezed it, bringing a huge drop of precum from the engorged head. That was all I needed and jacked my cock quietly, fantasizing I was fucking sexy Brenna. Finally after five minutes my cock shot a huge load on the floor, I usually cum a lot but never as much as I did that night thinking of fucking Brenna. I walked back outside and noisily made my way back in, making sure that I made enough noise to alert Brenna to my arrival. Sure enough as I turned down the hall again the light snapped off and I heard her tell him to be quiet I was home. I closed my bedroom door and held my breath, hoping to hear him leave. To my surprise I heard the bed begin to squeak again and him roughly tell her he wasn’t done, Brenna told him to hurry, she didn’t want to get caught. I listened as the bed squealed more till finally it stopped; I knew he had cum. I heard her door open and close again, and finally fell asleep thinking of her fucking.

The next morning my wife left for work and I was too groggy to talk about what I had heard last night. I fell back asleep and woke a couple hours later, around 9 am. I got up and went to the kitchen for coffee, I was wearing sweat pants and shirtless. Brenna was in the kitchen getting some cereal and muttered a ‘good morning’ to me. I nodded and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples poking through the shirt she wore. She asked me when I got home and I told her around 2. She said she wasn’t sleeping very well and heard me come in. I smiled and asked why she didn’t sleep well; she made something up about not being tired and her bed being uncomfortable. My cock was swelling from thinking about her getting fucked and her obviously hard nipples. I tried not to turn toward her, knowing my cock would show easily through the sweat pants I was wearing. I asked her more about her bed, what was really wrong with it? Brenna just replied that it was lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep on.

I made up my mine now or never and turned toward her, wanting to see bursa escort bayan if she noticed my crotch. Her eyes lit up and I was sure she noticed my growing bulge, I though that her nipples hardened even more then they were. I said something about it maybe being time to get her a new mattress; she nodded and said she would really appreciate one. I swear I thought she even winked at me. I finished my coffee and went to get dressed, thinking she would as well. I returned to the kitchen and found she had changed. My cock leapt as I rounded the corner and found her wearing a sheer top and cut off sweat pants. She walked up to me and asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded and smiled at her. She then asked me if I heard her last night. I replied that I had and wondered if her mother knew, she said no and told me that she didn’t need to know. I laughed and asked if I knew the guy, she just smiled and said yes, he was the neighbor’s son. I then asked her if she wanted a more comfortable mattress or a quieter one. Her face lit up and you could tell she was working it out; she smiled and said a quieter one would be nice.

“Ok, how much did you hear?” she asked.

“Enough to know you aren’t a virgin any more.” I told her.

“Well it was all Tom’s idea, he caught me skinny dipping and threatened to tell you and mom if I didn’t sleep with him.”

“So let me get this straight,” I began, “you slept with the neighbor’s son to keep him quiet, not because you liked him?”

“Well I didn’t want you or mom knowing I was skinny dipping, besides I lost my virginity a couple years ago and kind of enjoy doing it.”

I took a step back on that remark, “You enjoy doing it?” I asked.

“Well yea, what girl doesn’t love getting some guy hot and bothered and then using him for her own enjoyment.” Brenna said, totally straight faced.

I sat down at the table and tried to take it all in. My stepdaughter wasn’t only having sex; she was fucking just for fucking. I was totally blown away, I never thought of her as a slut and yet that is what she just told me she was. I took a long drink from my now cold coffee and looked at her. Her nipples still stuck out proudly and poked the material of her sheer top. Well, I thought to myself, there are several different roads I can take here. I can walk away from it and maybe tell her mother, I can get outraged and yell at her or I can give into my little head and see how far she is willing to go. Being the horn dog I am I chose the later. I stood up and Brenna looked at me wondering what was going to happen. I walked toward her and grabbed her shoulders and told her that I was willing to keep my mouth shut but it would cost her. She got a strange look on her face and kind of nodded in agreement.

I slid my hands down her shoulders and stopped at her breasts; I then took my thumbs and ran them across her hard nipples.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I told you it would cost you, what did you think I was talking money?” I responded sarcastically.

“Well I didn’t think this.” Brenna said pulling away from me.

I held her tighter and said, “Well you pretty much said that you are a slut, I’m going to find out for myself.”

Brenna again tried to pull away but I held her tight, she was fighting but her nipples hardened against my thumbs.

“See,” I told her, ” You are fighting me but your nipples are getting harder, so I don’t think you really mind too much.”

Finally Brenna gave in to her urges and moved toward me, she placed her head against my chest and hugged me tight to her.

“That’s better.” I told her as I took her hand and walked toward her escort bursa bedroom. “Now lets talk about your bed.”

Once in her room I closed the door and pulled my shirt over my head. Brenna had removed her shorts and stood before me wearing only the sheer top and a thong. I smiled at her and pulled her hands, placing them on my waistband. She quickly worked the buckle and slid my jeans down my legs. My cocked tented against my shorts and she even moaned a little at the sight. My little slut stepdaughter impressed me more by getting to her knees and pulling my shorts down using just her teeth. My cock sprang out and brushed her cheek lightly. Brenna looked me right in the eyes and swallowed my cock in one quick move.

“Damn girl you can sure suck a cock!” I exclaimed.

She just nodded and continued to suck my meat into her wet, warm mouth. She continued to suck my cock for five minutes till I pulled my meat from her. I was too close to cumming and wanted to fuck her today. I picked her up and placed her on the bed, she pulled the top over her head and I sucked her nipple greedily into my mouth. She began to rub her pussy through her thong as I continued my assault on her tits. Brenna was moaning and writhing on the bed as I sucked and bit her nipple. Finally the aroma from her pussy drew me lower. My mouth moved quickly and I actually ripped her thong with my teeth. Brenna was moaning louder now, begging me to make her cum. I licked at her pussy like a man dying from thirst, savoring every drop of cum she exuded. My tongue flicked then licked her hard clitty. Brenna moaned for more and I didn’t disappoint as I began to finger fuck her while I ate her tasty pussy.

Brenna screamed, “I’m cumming, please eat me, make me cum harder!”

I went wild and licked and fingered my stepdaughter till her whole body shook from a huge orgasm. Her body tensed and released several times, cum spurting a little less each time, with each one I knew her climax was subsiding a little more. Finally she slumped back on the bed and I rolled off her, smiling.

“Thank you daddy.” Brenna cooed.

She had never before called me daddy and I loved it. She reached over and found my cock still half hard and rising again. She stroked it slowly then leaned over and licked the head. She used her tongue to swipe at the precum leaking in great abundance and savored the taste. Brenna then swung a leg over me and told me it was my turn.

She held herself up and slowly lowered her tight pussy onto my hard cock. She moaned hungrily as she took my entire length into her wetness. Brenna then began to impale herself on my meat with long slow strokes; my cock is average length but thicker then most. Brenna was totally loving my meat when I reached for her ass and held her and began to pound her tight little pussy. Brenna moaned again and kept moaning with every thrust. My cock was ready to explode from her tightness so I pulled out and told her to get to her knees. She seemed to read my mind and moved on the bed so she was sideways to a large mirror on the wall. I pulled her ass to me and slid my cock into her wetness again. By looking at the mirror I could watch her facial expression and see her perky tits swaying to my thrusts. I thrust into her for all I was worth, trying to hold back an orgasm of epic size. I thrust deeply into her one last time and my cock erupted, unloading a huge load into her.

Brenna moaned and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, milking every drop of cum I had to offer. I thrust into her once more and finally pulled my wilting cock from her tight hole. I fell to the bed and lay there totally exhausted. Brenna turned back to me and sucked my cock into her mouth again, licking and tasting herself from my meat. She then joined me and held me tight and kissed me deeply.

“Now can we talk about a new mattress?” she asked laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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