Taking My Man in the Office Ch. 01

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As can often happen in any romantic relationship, people can grow apart over time. Life gets in the way, your forget to just pass by and touch the other on the shoulder, give a good morning kiss, or remind them you are thinking of them, and you eventually grow apart. But, on occasion, there are soul mates. Those two people who, through some amazing twist of fate, found each other and realized from the earliest moments that not only were they meant to be together but that as good as they are individually, they are exceptional as a couple. And part of that uniquely committed relationship is an incredibly deep passion and desire to keep the fire burning for 2 months, 2 years, 20 years and beyond…

Rob and I are such a couple, still in awe that somehow the forces of nature allowed us to meet, and taken aback that we can feel as deeply, lovingly and passionately about each other as we do now, longing for each other when we are not together, looking ahead knowing we always want to be and daydreaming of when we will come home to each other every day. Along side that we share an exceptional level of passion and sexual adventure which we have never seen rivaled and which we enjoy exploring to it’s fullest extent, changing roles, locations, scenarios and anything else to keep things fresh and exciting while exploring our deep seated erotic desires enhanced by our complete mutual trust and desire to drive each other absolutely over the edge of ecstasy.

Rob is an amazing entrepreneur, intelligent, confident and engaging, he can pull you in with a solid handshake and genuine smile and he puts his talents to good use having run a number of business ventures and currently working on his latest, which has had him renovating an office and retail shop location. The hours can be long, the effort intense turning an outdated space into a modern and professional atmosphere — and as I look at the photos of how far the office has come, and think of the effort he has put into it, I am not only filled with admiration but a strong desire to find ways to make the office a place he will always smile thinking of the special secrets we have, and will continue, to share there.

Then my mind begins to wander to naughty places, sexy thoughts, carnal desires, as they always do when thinking of Rob, and I can’t help but think about how I want to show him how proud I am of who he is and the work he has done in his new office and how I want to reward him for all his efforts… and as soon as I start thinking, I begin to grow moist in anticipation of doing everything I’m thinking … of sharing the ideas of what I want to do with him, and then living out that hot, naughty office fantasy to it’s fullest extent. I like even more the idea of teasing him about it insanely until we make it happen, very soon, so every time he walks into the office, he gets hard in anticipation of the coming naughtiness.

So baby… here is the first installment… the first scenario of many we will live out in full, wet, hot, dirty glory in that new office of yours …

I can picture it, a tight black pencil skirt, button down blouse, thigh high stockings, high heels, very sexy lingerie underneath… slowly walking towards your desk as you push back your chair, I stand in front of you between your desk and chair while you remain seated, your hands on my hips, your head resting on my abdomen awaiting my commands. The scent of my fragrance arousing you, your hands on my hips, your head so close to the sweetness you desire. My fingers run over your escort kartal head and to the back of your neck which sending tiny chills. Your hands reach to massage my thighs but I push them away and look down at you. The office is so quiet, almost a perfect silence as we are all alone. I reach one hand to loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt, slowly unzip your pants with the lightest possible touch, I walk around behind you, bending over, my breath against your neck, as I whisper in your ear – “now you will show me what a good boy you can be, and well you can earn what you want”.

Your hand slowly running down my long legs enjoying the silky feeling, then back up, stopping momentarily and looking to me for permission before continuing… receiving such if you have pleased me with your touch, you push my skirt up as you go to expose my creamy thighs and black lace panties beneath. You feel your heart beating faster in anticipation of what I may allow you if I am so in the mood to do so…

A nearly subconscious soft moan escapes your lips as you slide from my chair and kneel between your soft silky thighs. I am standing as you lean forward and kiss you way up my thighs, your tongue licking me through the silky panties you so adore feeling. My hands are holding your head as your tongue circles around craving to taste what lies beneath. You keep your hands by your sides as you do this, surprised when I push you away to see whether your cock is standing and desiring. You are completely hard and I smile slightly while looking down at you. “Good boy”, I say.

” I’m pleased at your hardness and your desire to show me how good you can be.” I walk around behind you, tell you to get back in your chair and put your hands behind your back, then I secure them there with your tie, walk back in front of you and slowly remove my panties, sliding them down my silky legs, your eyes watching the decent… I move up on to the desk with my legs crossed, you wheel closer and I tell you to show me how much you want what I have to offer. “Beg me for it.”

Another soft moan instinctively parts from your lips as you hear me say that. Your heart is racing wanting to taste me so much and having never been told to beg for it before, your cock twitches with a wanting desire as u move your chair over to me, wishing you could use your hands to part your thighs. “Please let me taste you” I whisper at first as though people were still in the office. I don’t budge and you realize I want more from your begging… as you raise myour voice and beg to taste my sweet, succulent pussy. “Please” you say over and over again, needing me more with each plea.

Hmmm “good boy”, I say, beg me like that, with the urgency of needing to taste my sweet juices, and I shall allow you to do just that, spreading me legs wide so you may get a glimpse of the smooth, soft, full lips, glistening with the dew of your actions… you push all the way in until you are at last immersed in my sweetness, showing me how hungry you are to please me, how your need your thirst quenched by my flowing nourishment, having only your lips and tongue to worship me with your hands still tied and your cock bursting with desire I grab you and pull you in harder. Your tongue is circling as your lips clench around my swollen clit suckling like a hungry babe. My scent is intoxicating, every taste luscious gliding over your tongue. You listen as I tell you how good it feels and not to stoop, my pleasure driving you crazy with passion. Your lips wrapped around maltepe escort my smooth lips as your tongue teases deeper, wanting to feel me release in your mouth to quench your thirst.

Appreciating your excited and increasingly heated hunger, I wrap my legs around your shoulders and pull you in to me as I gush the wet, sweet, succulent juices you so long to taste; moaning loudly, my back arching to meet your thirsty mouth, keeping you wrapped in my grip until my body is ready to set you free.

My legs land on either side of your chair and push you back with intent seeing the look on your face like a crazed animal satisfied by indulging on his prey and left with the sweet, lingering taste. I am pleased with your worship and can see your cock begging forth from the fabric, the look of need in your eyes and of wanting me to have been pleased by your efforts. I hover over your chair taking a good long time as you are still tied, virtually helpless and aching for my touch. I slowly let the fabric slide down your legs revealing your burgeoning cock, your breath quickens, I tell you that you have pleased me and you will be rewarded.. slowly going down on my knees , positioning myself so your legs are spread wide and I am between them with my lips so close you can feel my hot breath caressing your throbbing organ… And I wait… for you to beg me…

You begin again with a soft, whispering voice, asking me to touch you, I look deep into your eyes, conveying the feelings I want you to express, and you beckon me more intensely, “please touch me, I need to feel you”. My hand moves down slowly, just above your thigh, so close you can feel the heat from my skin, but not yet touching you. All the way down your leg and I puas for a brief moment before reaching into my purse on the floor next to you, your mind racing wondering what I’m doing, what will I pull out, what will I do to you. And then your eyes grow wide, your breath quickens as you watch me pull a long, slender vibrator and two silk scarves from my bag and bring them up for you to see.

I run the scarves teasingly over your aching cock, knowing your anticipation for my touch is supremely heightened, yet still not feeling the softness of my hands… or lips… yet giving you that pleasure; I urge you to move your lower body forward in the chair a little, so you are closer to the edge and I have all of you at my will… spreading your legs wide I secure them with the scarves rendering you completely at my control… my hot breath still teasing so near your aching cock, tiny droplets gliding down the tip in anticipation, excitement and nervousness about what I might do to you and how good it will feel to finally have my mouth engulf you; but then, you feel something warm, soft, gooey below your cock and realize it is my gentle fingers rubbing you with a slippery substance, teasing your tight ass, I pull back and look up at you with a knowing glance, your breath quickening in anticipation as you feel the tip of the vibrator very slowly begin to spread you, slipping in just a little, your cock hardening more than you thought possible at this pleasure.

Your breath is quick, your moans soft, your body on fire at the feeling of slowly being filled, feeling more and more inside you, the more you take, the more pleased I am and tell you what a good boy you are for taking it. Now it’s fully inside you and beginning to slide in and out, slowly at first, teasing, allowing you to feel your most erogenous zones pleasured, your body beginning pendik escort bayan to shudder, your hips slowly rocking back and forth almost subconsciously as your moans grow more intense at the feeling. You are completely at my command, your body tied down, your ass being taken, your mind racing as I talk to you more and more, telling you all the things you will do for me, how I am priming you to be taken in all sorts of ways, your eyes closed, your entire body stiffening at the level of excitement – sure it could not possibly feel any better than this moment… then suddenly as if jolted by strong current of electricity coursing through your veins, you feel what you have so craved as my warm, wet, amazing tongue very slowly, deliberately, begins to tease the entire length of your cock…

My tongue begins to dance over every inch of your throbbing hard cock, so slowly, sensually, as if taking an eternity from shaft to tip, over again, teasing so gently yet with firm intent, all the while making sure you tight ass stays filled with the vibrating cock that will continue to tease you. I look up at you at watch you watching me, your heart beating wildly faster with every stroke of my tongue, I pull back and look you in the eye, asking you to tell me how it feels, how much you like it and how you don’t want me to stop. Then I tell you the only way I will continue is if you beg me…. beg me like you’ve never wanted anything more in your life, show me as I continue to pump your eager, welcoming ass, how much you need me NOT to stop… and when you have pleased me enough with your breathless cries to continue, I will at once engulf your engorged cock in my mouth, pulling it all the way in, deep down my throat, causing you to reel back in pleasure as I work your cock in ways you never thought possible, using my lips, tongue and teeth to gently, firmly, deeply manipulate you in the most amazing ways.

You feel every ounce of your being pulling against your ties, craving almost as much as the immediate action, the ability to grab me, wrap your hands around me, take anything you want from me – but instead being completely helpless to my designs for what you will be allowed. I pull back only for a moment and tell you please me with your words, to talk to me, moan for me, express your endless pleasure at how I am making your body my own – and as you do, I go down again, wrapping my lips around your raging cock… and there you are, arms and legs bound back, ass being pumped full of vibrating cock, your own cock deeply entrenched in my soft, sweet, wet mouth and in one final moment of absolute bliss, to show you I am pleased with what a good boy you have been, I push you to the edge, the back a little, then back to the edge over and over until finally as you cum with the most intense force you have ever felt shooting through you entire being, your whole body shuddering uncontrollably, rivaled only by your loud screams of pleasure all so totally outside your character to do but so entirely freeing you cannot stop yourself and continue to gush down my welcoming throat as I drink you in and slowly remove the vibrator in one delicious motion until every last drop of passion has been drained from your body.

I pull back, lick my lips, a slight knowing smirk on my face, enjoying the site of your virtually limp, completely exhausted body, I untie your legs and arms, telling you not to touch me but just sit still, as you are still trying to catch your breath, then I bend down, kiss you passionately, tell you what a good boy you’ve been, and how next time will be even more intense and amazing… then as you remain seated in your chair, naked, fully spent, still trying to catch your breath; I get dressed, walk to the door and tell you to meet me for dinner in half an hour…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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