Taking Me Unexpectantly

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My son, Andrew kisses me deep and with such passion. I return his kiss with more passion of my own. Our tongues slip into each other’s mouths and we are still kissing deeply as I put my hand on his thigh and slowly work my way to his front.

Him catching me just as I finish my shower and kissing me caught me off guard, but I can’t say it isn’t something I hadn’t wanted.

I moan into his mouth as we kiss and my hand grabs his hard cock. I squeeze it and stroke it as we kiss some more. I can feel it throbbing in my hand as it wraps around his cock.

Andrew breaks our kiss and says “Let’s take this someplace else.”

My pussy twitches in excitement. I run my hand across his chest, then over his muscular arms as we reach the bed. My fingers run down his stomach and right down to his cock.

“I always imagined what this would be like,” I say as I grab hold of his hard, throbbing cock.

Andrew kisses me once before he grabs my breasts. With both hands, he plays with them and then leans down to kiss and lick on one as he pinches the nipple hard on the other.

I moan softly as he starts to suck on each breast, one at a time. I reach out and stroke his cock again as he continues to suck on my breast. I can feel my pussy leaking as he removes his mouth and places them on my lips. He passionately kisses me deeply as I squeeze his big cock.

I throw my arms around his neck and we lock our lips into a deep, passionate kiss. I think about how much I love that he is my son and how he is now in my arms, but in a more intimate and loving fashion, bursa escort one I have spent many nights dreaming about. I am brought back to the moment when I feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy as we kiss. I can feel my juices flowing from my pussy as our tongues meet in our mouths.

I can no longer take his cock against my pussy any longer. I place my hands around his neck tightly as I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist.

“Take me now Andrew,” I plead. “Please let me feel your cock in my pussy.”

I figure maybe he would carry me to the bed, but he does not. Instead, Andrew places his hands around my ass as he lifts me a little way up and gets his cock lined up with my pussy. I feel his cockhead part my pussy lips as he lowers me onto it. He pumps my body up and down onto his cock and each time more of his big, hard cock goes into my pussy.

“Fuck me Andrew!” I scream out as I tighten my legs around him and start to rock down onto his cock every time I feel him pulling me down onto it. Andrew starts to slam his cock upward as he pulls me down. He fucks me like this for several long and intense minutes.

“Aaahh, yeah,” I moan as I feel his cock slamming in and out of my pussy. I am getting fucked deep and hard by my son that I have wanted for so long. It feels better than I ever thought it would. My pussy starts to suck at his cock as I feel it start to throb as it drives its way deep into my pussy.

“I’m going to cum Mom,” Andrew groans as he drives his cock all the way up inside me.

“Me too,” I moan as my body starts to shake.

I bursa escort bayan let out a soft, little moan as my orgasm rocks through my body. My pussy wants to squirt, but with his big cock buried as deep as it is, I do not think I can. I start to feel Andrew’s cock swell up and throb in my pussy. It starts to twitch deep inside.

He groans loudly as his cock starts to shoot ribbons of cum into my pussy. It convulses around his cock each time I feel him shooting cum. I suddenly feel pressure as it builds up in me and I raise my pussy upward, thinking it may help. It doesn’t and I squirt forcefully as I rise up a little. Andrew’s cock slips out and another strong and powerful orgasm rushes through my body as my pussy juices flow out.

Andrew’s lips find mine and he kisses me hard as I let my legs slip from around him. As soon as my feet hit the ground, Andrew is lifting me into the air and placing me on the bed on my stomach. My legs swing open and he pushes them open further and slides between to use his tongue on me.

I moan as he licks at my pussy, bringing on another orgasm. I figure he will jam his cock back into me, but he doesn’t and instead, kisses my inner thighs down to my ass.

“I always thought you had a nice ass,” he says before spreading my ass cheeks apart.

I feel him licking at my asshole with his tongue. I have never felt anything like this as no one has ever licked my asshole before.

“Mmmm, you’re tongue feels so good,” I moan as I pump my ass back against his face.

Andrew digs his tongue deeper into my escort bursa ass and after a bit I feel his fingers slip into my pussy. He immediately starts to run them in and out. Between his tongue up my ass and those fingers, I am about to orgasm again. And before I can say anything I cry out as another one takes me.

Andrew curls his two fingers downward in my pussy and he starts to rub my G-Spot. I feel my pussy tense up and then I start to squirt as he runs his fingers in and out. I jump pump my ass back onto his face faster as my orgasm continues. He gives my one final lick of his tongue before standing up and slipping his cock into my pussy. He starts out slowly as he fucks me from behind. A few minutes later I am rocking back against his cock.

“Fuck me Andrew! Fuck me hard and deep!” I yell back to him.

Andrew slams his cock deep up into my pussy as he locks his hands onto my hips. He slams my pussy hard and deep and I love it. I can feel his balls swinging up and banging into my clit as he fucks me. Never have I been fucked so hard and deep before in my life. All I hear is the sound of my juices each time he slams into me. I lay my head to the side and just moan softly as he fucks the hell out of my pussy.

Andrew grunts loudly as he suddenly shoves all of his cock deep into my pussy. I feel his cock start to twitch as he fills my pussy with cum from behind. I start to orgasm wildly myself as I feel those ribbons of cum shooting up into my pussy. I had wanted to suck his cum out of him, but I just cannot move when I feel him starting to cum in me.

As he slides out of me, I roll onto my back and my hand slips t my pussy. I pull my pussy lips apart and feel his cum slowly ooze of out of me. I lick my lips and smile.

“That was better than expected baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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