Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 09

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Copyright © 2012, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

Knowledge of prior Tabootopia chapters is not essential for this story but it is recommended. Anyone involved in anything sexual is at least eighteen-years-old. Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 🙂 The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Erin Sanders is Kelly Vanderbosch


Early morning. Grey skies. Rain clouds hovering in the horizon. Looked to be a drizzly day.

A bald suntanned man looked away from his laptop, looked out his hotel window and shook his head.

“Weather,” he said with a deep sigh. The dreary grey clouds made him long for his home; his always sunny, nice, peaceful home. Tunisia was not supposed to be this rainy, yet this was the hand he was dealt. It was a cold and rainy day — and this man very rarely had cold and rainy days. He shook his head again, sighed, turned, looked at his luggage and hoped he’d packed a raincoat.

“Now where did I put it?” He got down on one knee, held his laptop with his right hand and tried unzipping his suitcase with his left.

“Mom! Mom! It’s swelling! Mom! It’s got so big it hurts!” said the voice from the laptop.

“Here we go.” He stopped his search, sat on a nearby recliner, put the laptop back on his knees and continued watching. As you can tell from the soundbite, it was a particularly…indecent clip.

The video playing on the laptop was a homemade family movie. Cameraman: Dad. Performers: Mom and Son. Setting: Bedroom. Scene: Son’s 18th birthday party and his official introduction into his parents’ sex life. The hairless teen was on top of his blonde hippie-chic mom, getting his pecker wet inside his momma’s hot, boiling oven.

Ring-ring. Without looking away from the laptop screen, the man picked up his phone.

“Good, isn’t it?” said the man on the other side.

The bald man wiped his lips and spoke with a smooth low-tempo voice. “This is…fantastic.”

“What part are you on, Ned?”

“Uhh, the part where the son thrusts into his mother while his father shouts encouragements.”

“Did you see ‘that’ part?”

“Which ‘part’ is that?”

“Then it must be coming. I’ll stay silent, you just watch.”

Ned watched with intense concentration. He looked for the finer details, the little clues that would allow him to gain more information on the Masorolo family. Ned looked at the mother’s vaginal region, finding something which gave him warm fuzzy feelings: A full bush. A golden bush at that. Of all the trends this 50-something man disliked, shaved bushes was one of them. Why? The full aroma was lost when shaved, the smell of the juices soaked instead into soft cotton or frilly lace. Ned knew the power of a woman’s aroma, and he could see that this son was powered by his mother’s scent. Yes indeed, this son’s red blood cells were positively flowing with furious teen energy, he charging into his mother with all his being, sliding deep into her most sweetest region. Then came the magic moment…

Son leaned down, opened his mouth…and kissed his mother on the lips. Not a peck, nowhere near a peck; this was a full open-mouth kiss, with saliva exchanged, tongues flapping, lips pressed hard, hands on each other’s cheeks. Sons don’t kiss their mothers like this. Quick peck on the lips? Fine, depending on where you live. But this? This was the kiss that two lovers exchanged, the kiss in the backroom, in the cinema, behind the barn. It was the full deal. The whole mother-lovin’ deal. This passion was ocean-deep, the emotions so raw that it hurt a little to see it, hurt to see a mother and son be so deeply intimate.

After eight full seconds, Hippie Mom pulled out for air, her face beetroot red. She held her son’s cheeks, her lips still dripping, her breath heavy and ragged. She put her forehead on his and whispered softly, “I love you.”

“I love you too. I love you too,” replied the boy.

This mother and son really did love each other — but in the absolute most immoral way possible.

Mom nodded, the confirmation setting off a warm glow all over her skin. She went down, out of camera range, and then back up again, on top of her son, their foreheads touching, her hands down below. With the camera still on their faces, the viewer could not see what she was doing down below. It sounded like she was crushing rubber.

She winced. “Let me just…” she said as she fiddled around her son’s nether regions.

The husband gasped. “Dear, no –“

She shot him a glare, her powerful emerald eyes silencing him.

Now Son was wincing. “Mom, uhh, it’s, uhh!”

“Shhh.” She put her hand on his chest. “It’s okay, it’s okay…” Her eyes went back down to her hands. She pulled hard one more time and then both she and Son exhaled.

Mom looked Son in the eyes, bit on her trembling lower lip, moved her left hand up and showed her boy what she’d taken off him

“Now without this, it will be so much more…pure,” she said as she held the floppy condom in her hand.

Now it had gone deep. Real deep. Going into the forbidden. A place where no mother and bostancı escort son should ever go. But with a mix of horror and arousal, Ned watched, stoically silent as he witnessed the beginnings of this unholy consummation.

Mom paused and looked at the camera. “Kenneth, please, don’t, don’t tape anymore of this.”

“…Yeah, okay.” Click. Blackness.

“…Seen it now,” asked the man on the phone.

“Yeah…I did,” replied Ned. “Sage, can you brief me on this family?”

“Ah. yes, let me just.” The shuffling of papers could be heard over the phone. “Ah, yes, uhh, the father’s an executive for a solar panel company, and the mother is an activist for renewable sources of energy.”

“So where will they be housed?”

“New Babylon.”

“Hmm, best for their skills. Well, got to go make contact with this family. Bye, Sage.”

“Safe trip.” Sage hung up.

Ned took a long deep breath. He looked at himself, shirtless, in his boxers…and already harder than a boulder. He stood up, put the laptop on the bed and looked back out again, to the horizon, the skies still grey but the outlook all the more brighter.

He smiled, walked towards the bathroom — but paused when he heard a knock on the door.

“Room service,” said a cheery Turkish female.

He sighed. “Come on in.”

She opened the door and pushed her tray in. This petite twenty-something brunette was wearing the classic black and white maid uniform —


Dark Ned was here.

She spotted his hard-on within seconds. She gave a shy smile and looked away. “I, good, good time? You, ah, busy, I come back –“

“You dirty little cunt,” he growled.

She stood as still as a rock and shivered like a leaf. “Sir?”

Ned stepped forward, his eyes locked on his target, fierce malice flowing out from within him. “You come into my room dressed like that and think you can leave whenever you want? You stupid little bitch. Ok, cunt, here’s how it will go: My bed, you and me. You’re my bitch, understand? You do not leave without my permission.”

The maid was shaking, trembling…and soaking wet. From her toes to her hair, every part of her body was heating up.

Ned pointed to the bed. “Get naked. Put your ass up. Do not make me wait.”

If it was any other man saying this, he’d be an incredibly offensive individual. Go say this to a random woman and you’re for sure looking at a lawsuit. But when the maid looked into the eyes of this man, it was an easy call to make: she was his bitch. This was Neighbour Ned’s talent: an ability which allowed him to detect and identify women who had the same sordid fantasies that he had. And, of course, rain or shine, Ned was more than happy to make these ladies dark desires become painfully real.

“Yes, Sir.” She briskly went over to the bed, stripping off as fast as possible.

Ned smiled, and then looked outside, at the now-shinning grey sky. A bigger smile grew on his face when he saw the maid’s tight wiggling bare butt.

“Please,” she said under her breath. “Please.”

“Shut it, cunt. From now to the foreseeable future, you will only be speaking when I instruct you to.”

She eagerly nodded.

“Good. Now spread those legs. Good, bitch. Now get ready for the pain…”


Tabootopia is a secret island. Its location is hidden from the outside world. Inside Tabootopia itself, the typical resident has a fair to decent amount of knowledge of this island — but very rarely does anyone know the actual history of this nation.

The place with the most limited knowledge of Tabootopia is also the newest: Sector 1, Our Haven. False rumours are rife in Our Haven. This is due to it being fairly cut-off from New Babylon, the city where the actual records are kept. False rumours that have been spread around by Our Haven citizens include: Tabootopia is beneath a volcano (false); Tabootopia is 100 years old (false. It’s much, much older than that); Tabootopia is not on Earth (fal…we’ll get back to that one). So why do these residents so blatantly ignore the facts and not learn more about their own home? Because facts are boring, and it’s far more fun to stick it in Miss Chen’s tight butt than it is to pick up a textbook. Which leads us to our current predicament…

Five teenagers from Our Haven have decided to go to New Babylon University. Armed with only a limited knowledge of the land, they made it through Sector 2 of Tabootopia: Gaudium. They made their way past the farms, the factory towns, the docks, and reached the halfway point of their journey: the entrance to Sector 3, also known as…Sector Three. Even among those in New Babylon, knowledge of Sector Three is limited. If residents of New Babylon have to go through Sector Three, they have a simple solution: they don’t. They built a bridge which goes over it, meaning that no one has to go through that dark, dense, inhabitable forest…expect the five teenagers from Our Haven. NB University set them a pre-entry challenge: to get into the university they must go through all of Sector Three, find the exit and collect the tokens at the exit. We join them as they ümraniye escort bayan make their first steps into the unknown…


They entered in when it was evening. Minutes after setting foot into the thick wilderness, it had turned into night. The dwindling rays of the sun were blocked by the dark oak trees, their long outstretched limbs sashaying with the cold winds and hovering high above the jittery brood.

Busty, frowny, dark-haired, husky-voiced American teen Regina was taking the lead, walking at a slow, tentative pace. An inch away from Regina was her special kissing friend, Tammie Kwon, a long-legged, tan, toned Korean-American girl. Regina took a look behind her to check on her non-kissing friends. They were all accounted for: short slim teen Swede Björn, plain mocha American Daniel, and finally, Kelly, the creamy, cute, petite US-born girlfriend of Daniel.

Björn was walking with a quiver in his step. “We, ahh, need to keep talking, so, umm, you know,” he paused to adjust his heavy hiking bag, “see if we’re all here.”

Tammie brushed aside that suggestion. “I ain’t scared, because me? I’m a champion –“


Kelly jumped into her boyfriend’s arms.

“Eeek! Everyone, get closer,” she said. “Björn, Tammie, Regina, come on.”

The others agreed and stood closer together.

“Oh Daniel, wolves! Wolves!” said Kelly.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay.” Daniel stroked her hair and spoke in a soft tone. “Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts.”

After a short cautionary silence, Regina spoke up: “All right, everyone calm?”

They nodded.

“Let’s walk, but keep aware, no one trip over anything.”

Regina knew it was wise to stay close, stay tight, as this was the kind of forest in which someone could just vanish in the blink of an eye.

Björn approved of this sticking-close strategy. “Hmm, I’ve never been this close to such hot girls,” he said to Tammie and Regina. “I, ahh, never got this close to girls in Sweden school. Ha-ha.”

That perked Regina up. “Hmm, oh wow. Swedish high school girls…in a shower.”

Tammie liked the sound of that. “Oh now we’re talking. Daniel, we should’ve had that as one of our setups.”

“We did!” he said referring to the high-school sponsored porno movies he helped direct. “We did at least four movies in which you and Regina did nothing but play in a shower. God, it’s like you two live in hot showers, the amount of time you spend in them, naked, under that hot water — “Daniel stopped talking when he saw his girlfriend frowning at him.

“My feet are tired,” Kelly said with gritted teeth. “I wished we’d just gone with a boat.”

“Yeah, we could’ve gone through the docks,” said Daniel.

“Uhh, docks?” said Tammie. “That was a port.”

“I thought it was the docks,” replied Daniel. “Ships docked, took stuff out, put stuff away.”

Tammie raised an eyebrow. “Umm, no? I’m from frigging Long Beach; I know what a port looks like and that was a port.”

“Well now I feel stupid,” said Daniel. “And what were you doing hanging around a port?”

“Russian pussy,” Tammie said casually.

“Wish I was around you when I was a teen,” said Regina. “It must’ve been so much sexier than Baltimore.”

“You’re from Baltimore?” said Daniel. “How was none of this established?”

Regina shrugged. “I don’t know. Hey, Björn, where are you from?”

“Me? Umm, Gothenburg.”

Tammie glanced at Regina. “You’re thinking of naked Swedish girls, aren’t you?”

Regina bit her lower lip and nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“I have a scenario,” said Daniel. “Regina and Tammie are stranded American backpackers that stumble into a Swedish girls’ slumber party. The sweet, innocent girls invite the Americans in, not knowing that this slumber party is turning into…an all-nude shower party. We’ll call it Cultural X-change.”

“Umm, I have a suggestion,” said Björn. “Can some of these girls be, ahh, sisters?”

“They can all be sisters,” replied Daniel. “Eight sisters, a happy father and a tired mother.”

“Umm, perfect.”

“Whatever story you want,” said Tammie. “As long as we go with this order: kissing, groping, kissing, fingering, kiss-grope, eat me, eat her, dildo, kissing, low-squirt, shower, kissing, groping, grope-kiss, dildo, finger, eat her, squirt-medium, bed, kissing, spanking, squirt, encore squirt-high.”

Regina giggled. “Vintage T.K-Won.”

Tammie shivered. “Eww, gross, that’s something my dad would say.”

Kelly was wide-eyed and stunned with Tammie’s sex-layout skills. “Wow, Tammie, you plan all your sex out like that?”

Tammie turned to Kelly and grinned. “Well, at my level, you have to; most girls can’t match my champion pace, so I have to pace it out, plan ahead, for them, so they don’t pass out from all the pleasure. But for my fav bitch?” She pointed at Regina. “We just go with the flow. But with you, Kelly, if you put in a request for the best, hmm: tit-grope, ass-grope –“

“I-I don’t want to know!” replied a jittery Kelly.

“Aww, shame,” said a beaming Tammie.

Daniel felt a rising tide go over him. “…You kartal escort can keep going, Tammie.”

“Daniel!” shouted Kelly.

With lifted spirits, the group went on through the forest, never catching on to something important. Something quite important. Something pretty damn important, and that was that they were being followed…


The rest of the day consisted of walking, pausing for refreshments, and yet more walking through this seemingly endless forest. Eventually it got dark, and not wanting to trek in the pitch black night, they set up camp in a small clearing area.

Regina had enjoyed her time in the girl scouts for various reasons: the sexy uniform, being around cute girls, and the fact that her clubhouse had a wide open shower room. Though Regina didn’t spend all her time leering at Camp Counsellor Letisha Jones’s giant rack, oh no, Regina also picked up a few key survival skills, such as how to start a fire.

Regina kneeled down, got her twigs in order, and smashed her flint and steel together.

Tammie and Daniel set up the tent, Björn stayed alert, and Kelly sat on her hiking bag, also keeping her eyes and ears open.

“Done!” Tammie wiped the sweat from her brow and admired her handiwork. “Hmm, with all our bags in there, will be a tight fit,” she said with a light licking of her lips.

“Uhh, what you mean?” Nervous Daniel knew what she meant but wanted her to say it.

“Nothing, what do you mean?” she replied with a grin.

“Okay,” said Regina. “Let’s just get it out in the open: who wants to do what with whom? Did I say that right? I’ll start: of course, Tammie, and I’m open to a little Kelly. Nothing with the boys, no offense, it’s just I can’t do it with male friends.”

Daniel and Björn understood the decision. Kelly shivered.

Tammie gave her thoughts: “Ditto what my top bitch said. No offense, boys. I just don’t want to do anything with you because we’re…ugh, I don’t want to say it…”

“…Friends?” said Daniel.

She sighed. “Yeah, and I wouldn’t feel right reaming you like I do other boys, because we’re, you know…that.”

Björn stood up. “Okay, me, I’m, umm, Regina, Tammie, please abuse me, ha-ha, yes, but nothing with these two.” He pointed to Daniel and Kelly. “That would be, umm, incest, like really durty incest, eww.”

Kelly grabbed her boyfriend’s arm. “Just Daniel.”

Daniel nodded. “Uhh, yeah, same…but I’m open to you girls, you know, doing stuff with Kelly, and I, you know, just…helping.”

She stamped on his foot. “No!”

“Ow, okay.”

“So who’s lookout?” asked Kelly.

A silence washed over the group. No one seemed to want to step up. Then a pale arm rose up.

“I will,” said Björn.

“Really?” asked Daniel. “You sure?”

He nodded. “Yes. I’ve been, ahh, outside of many rooms, so, ahh, I’ll do it.”

“All right.” Regina took her shirt off and threw it on the ground.”Let’s get ready for bed.”

The boys were mesmerised as the two teen stunners stripped to their underwear.

“Daniel!” Kelly slapped his back. “Come cover me up as I get changed.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Daniel followed Kelly to the corner, holding a pink towel up so as to conceal his girlfriend’s modesty.

Daniel peeked at his disrobed girlfriend. “Don’t be shy, Kelly, you got cupcake tits and a cute butt.”

She looked up at him with her little girl eyes. “Thanks, Daniel. Oh, do you like my puss-puss?” She pointed down low. “Look at this smooth trim. I’ve been using the gel, can you tell?”

Daniel’s knees buckled. “Oh I can tell.”

“Hey! Keep that towel straight.”

After they’d finished preparing, the four teens went into the tent. We had Regina in a small white t-shirt and boy shorts, Tammie in a tank top and cotton thong, Kelly in full Mickey Mouse PJs, and Daniel in his shirt and slacks.

Though this forest had a chilly breeze, the habitants of this tent felt very warm indeed.

“Should I keep the lamp on?” Regina asked the group.

“Yes, please,” replied Kelly.

“All right, goodnight, I guess,” she said with a horizontal shrug.

There was a small silence as they all tried to get to sleep. Then, Tammie reached her hand over and rubbed Regina’s cotton-covered vagina.

“Kiss me,” whispered Tammie.

Regina offered little resistance. “Oh…go on.”

Tammie raised her head up and planted a long wet kiss on her lover’s lips. Regina responded and they began making out. Adjacent Kelly opened her eyes and gasped. It was nothing new for Kelly, nothing out of the ordinary for her to see two of the same gender in a loving situation, and she’d seen TamGina before, seen them exchange passions — but never this close, never with only an inch or two separating her from them.

For Kelly, it was such a ‘whoa’ moment, to be able to see, to feel, to be able to literally taste the passion that these two girls had for each other. Cheeks flush, lips wet, the dripping saliva mixed with lip-gloss. This was something which would’ve caused pandemonium in the streets a few hundred years ago, these two soft, feminine teen girls kissing each other on the lips. This display didn’t arouse Kelly: it surprised her. She was truly surprised at how hot and deep Regina and Tammie’s passion truly was. Because beyond the pure animal-driven lust, these girls had a passion for each other that was real, raw and alive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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