Taboo 2010

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69 Position

Chapter 1

I guess I was always a pervert, but I did realize that I really had a problem until she caught me jerking off to pictures of her on the internet. Now just let me ask you, if you came across pictures of the same girl that you have been fantasizing about on a regular basis on the internet bent over with little pink panties around her knees and that perfect tan round butt sticking up in the air, you can’t tell me that you couldn’t help but whip it out and beat it like Micheal.

So there I was about to have the biggest squirt of my perverted life, and she walked up behind me. Sara, nineteen, the girl in the pictures that I was about blow my load looking at was actually standing right behind me watching me. She had picked the lock on my door and crept in. but this was more of a nightmare than a wet dream.

“like jerking off to my pictures?”

I screamed, I was so surprised. “What the fuck Sara! What the fuck are you doing in here?”

” I should be asking you that same question, but it looks like I have found out what you are doing in here. Looks like you were beating off to my pictures.” Sara almost purred as she smiled.

I was not smiling, I was angry, and embarrassed and to tell you the truth more than just a little scarred. I had to think fast to cover my ass. “What do you mean, that is you in these pictures?” I defended.

“oh come on, like you can’t see my face in them, that is my ass up in the air! Just like this.” she spouted out and jumped up on my bed on all fours. Her ass pointed at me. “If you are going to jerk off to pictures of me, why not do it for the real thing?” She wiggled her ass at me.

I was totally outraged, this girl half my age was making a fool of me. I had gotten caught and I could tell that she was going to leverage it against me, and that could be really bad. I stood up and moved to grab her off the bed, I was very angry, but as I stood up my boner stood straight out and her eyes went right to it. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs, and whispered. “oh Daddy!”

that just made the embarrassment worse I grabbed at her arm as she rolled away from me which made me have to climb up on the bed. She stood up on the bed and stepped forward pressing my face right in between her breasts. The smell over took me. It froze me, the warmth and softness of the t-shirt that was stretched over those perfect young tits. She wrapped her arms around my head and smothered me in between them. She rolled me over and straddled me. Sitting down right on top of my pulsing cock. The little stretchy cotton shorts that she was wearing was all that between my cock and her young sweet tight pussy. That I could feel was hot and moist. She grabbed my arms by my wrists and placed my hands on her tits. She rocked her hips back and forth rubbing her clit against my hard cock.

It was starting to dawn on me that she was going to make me cum, and I just couldn’t let that happen. So I started to sit up but she didn’t let me. She pulled her legs in front of her without even raising up and put her feet on my chest. Still rocking her hip and grinding my hard cock. I couldn’t take it. Somehow she had found my weakness. Feet, I’m a foot guy, can’t help it. She rubbed my chest hair with her feet then slowly slid her left foot up my mouth. I sucked on her big toe and she moaned loudly. It was too much for me. I unloaded. A huge load at that, I came and came bucking wildly at each wave that ripped through me. My head spun as she screamed and just hung on.

My cum had sprayed all over my stomach and the crotch of her shorts. She looked down at all the jizz and climbed carefully off the bed. Quickly hooked her thumbs into the seam of the shorts and stripped them off then mopped up the cum off of my stomach with them and stuck the wet crotch of the shorts in her mouth. She popped them out and said, “thanks daddy.” and walked out of my room bare from the waist down.

I laid there thinking about what just happened, my head was spinning. In my defense Sara isn’t really my daughter, she is my step-daughter. But if her mom finds out, I’m just as dead.

I decided that the best way to cover my tracks was to work out and then have a shower afterward. Because if my wife, Sara’s mom comes home and finds the lingering scent of her perfume and the stickiness of my drying cum on my stomach then the whole gig is up. So I went downstairs to my little gym and worked out hard and vigorously. I felt better after the workout. I was thinking more clearly and the testosterone boost was making me feel more like I had deserved that. In my mind I was thinking, “hey its not like I did anything wrong. She climbed on top of me, and then humped me. It’s not like there was much I could do, right, and if she hadn’t wanted to she wouldn’t have done it. Right?” I went back upstairs feeling like a million bucks. I was no longer feeling guilty, and now was starting to just feel lucky. I stripped out of my work out clothes and escort ataşehir climbed into the shower. As I was lathering up I see the door to the bathroom open. I can see Sara’s shapely curves enhanced by the textured, and fogged up glass. “what is she doing?” I wondered.

“I got a date tonight and Roger is in the other bathroom, he is getting ready to go out too, and you know how long he takes to get ready. Is it okay?”

I thought about it for a second. I was about to say no, that it really wasn’t a good ideal, when she pulled her tank top off over her head and quickly slipped out of her little shorts. My breath caught in my chest and I couldn’t say anything. She brushed her teeth and then put one leg up on the counter. She was rubbing a scented body lotion up and down her legs. I needed to see her do it without the glass between us. I slide back the shower door unaware that I had a huge boner already. I watched her rub her magnificent body with the sweet smelling lotion.

“Who are you going out with tonight?” I asked, trying to just sound like a concerned parent, not a jealous lover.

“His name is Thomas, but don’t worry, he is no threat to you.” she said as she turned and looked at my hard cock sticking straight out from my body. She put her leg down and turned towards me. She walked over and stepped into the shower with me. “I need to wash your cum off of me before my date, do you mind?” she almost whispered in that low sexy voice she had used to seduce me earlier.

I couldn’t answer her. I just stared because I had no idea what was about to happen. She lathered up a large sponge and rubbed it on her stomach and then moved it slowly to her crotch. She then turned around and slid the sponge up and down her ass. Then she threw the sponge down and rubbed her hand in her ass, moaning and moving her hips back and forth. She backed up a step and pressed her ass into my crotch. Moving till my cock lay right in her butt-crack. She humped back and forth. I tried to step away but pressed up against the shower wall. She kept humping me, making louder and louder moans. It was too much I grabbed her by her little waist and I came again. Spraying hot thick streams of cum all over her back. I was surprised at how much cum I had left. She quickly sprayed of the cum and soap off with the shower head, and said, “good thing we were already in the shower.” I love how unaffected by the whole experience she was. To her it was just having fun.

She jumped out of the shower and collected her things. Wrapped a towel around herself and ran off to get ready for her date. I walked into my bedroom and got dressed. My wife, Virginia or Jenny as most people called her was going to be home from work soon.

Virginia and I meet on less than normal circumstances. At the time she was stripping, and I was going through a painful divorce. A divorce that I didn’t want. My wife of ten years Julia, had decided that she was going to leave me and our two boys. Richard, the oldest at eighteen and Randy the younger by three years. I had been a pervert long before the divorce, I suspect that I was a pervert from the moment of conception. I was most likely the product of kinky sex. I have multiple fetishes, from a little S&M to a wicked foot fetish. In my first marriage I was sexually frustrated. I was just way to kinky for Julia. I would jerk off on her feet sometimes because I just couldn’t take it anymore and she would just stair at me in horror. Like I was the worlds biggest freak. So I, like most people, lived out my fantasies on the internet. I joined several kinky sex groups, and even started visiting one that met every Tuesday. I hind it from Julia and told her that I was taking a wood working class. I work from home and Julia was a workaholic so I had plenty of time to explore my wild fantasies. That is how I met Jenny. She, like I said worked as a stripper, but not because she needed the money. She liked it. She is a exhibitionist. She really gets off on it. She was in the same kinky sex group as me, and we started fucking before my divorce was final. I immediately wanted to do kinky things with Jenny. That was what I was attracted to more than the fact that she was smoking hot. I wanted to do all the naughty things that were in my repressed mind. After a couple of mouths of sex. She told me that she wanted to have a threesome. I was all about it. She brought home a sexy little chic from work and we all went at it. We fucked until my dick was sore and I had to swear off sex for a little while. The next time she wanted a threesome she brought home a guy and we doubled up on her. I was freaked out by it for a second, but I guess all those years of not being able to do anything have made me game for everything. I was exciting, I could think of something kinky to do and I didn’t even ask her, I just told her what we were going to do. She started bringing home a little young chic for me to fuck while she would get some older guy to ride. I would sit kadıköy escort bayan there and let this young girl suck my cock, while I watched Jenny riding this guys dick. And I must say I loved every minute of it. However, as kinky as we are and as much as we swing I don’t think that she would be real happy with the fact that her daughter has humped me into cumming twice today, and she will be home any minute now.

I made up my mind that I was going to punish Jenny for what Sara has done to me today. I felt a little ashamed that this girl just toke me twice today, as if I’m her little toy. It makes me feel embarrassed, and the person to blame for Sara being such a little slut, is her mother. So I am going to make her pay for what her daughter did to me today.

When Jenny got home, she started to make something for us eat for dinner. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. “Lets go out tonight instead.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Jenny said without hesitation.

“maybe we could go out dancing.” I said with a smirk. Jenny knows that when I suggest dancing there is a lot more to it. I don’t like to dance, but I love to watch her. This is how we usually end up swinging with other couples too. However that was not my goal tonight, but I did have my motivations. She spun around in my arms and smiled.

“what are you up to mister?” she asked smugly.

“I want you to dress up, sexy. With the red wig, and stockings, then we go out. I watch you dance, and then I fuck the shit out of you until we both cum.” I said with firm confidence and just a hint of threatening. She loves that.

“Yes, Daddy!” she said as she smiled ear to ear.

I usually love it when she calls me Daddy, but when she said after everything that had happened today, it blew my mind. We went upstairs and got ready. I was dressed a conservative businessman out on the town, slacks and a sport jacket. She was dressed like a whore. Perfect. She had on four inch heels, thigh high stockings, a tight black short skirt, and a red tight tank-top that showed way to much cleavage. Everyone that saw us would think she was a prostitute. Just what we like. As she was about to walk out the door I grabbed her arm and pulled her back hard.

“You aren’t going out like that!” I said firmly. She loves it when I dominate her.

“I’m sorry, what do you mean?” she asked seemingly afraid.

“These!” I said as I pulled up her skirt and grabbed her panties and pulled them to her knees. “take them off.”

“Yes Daddy, but if I’m not going to wear mine, don’t you think that it is only fair you not wear yours?”

“Deal.” I consented. I undid my belt and pants and pulled off my pants and boxers. As soon as they where down she bent over at the waist and started sucking my cock. It felt so good. I grabbed her ass and started to finger her pussy. I finger fucked her really hard, and then stuck a finger in her ass as well. Pretty soon I had two fingers in her ass and two in her cunt and I was fingering her really hard. I waited till she was good and wet then pulled them out and pushed her away.

“Lets go!”

“Yes Daddy.” she said meekly as she wiped the slobber from her lips.

At the club we danced together. She danced with other men. She really can dance, not just as a stripper either, she can dance. I grabbed a drink at a booth after I had had enough dancing and just watched her. I wasn’t the only one that watched her. Men and women both watched her dancing alone. She was never alone for too long though. Someone would always dance up to her and then dance with her. She would grind on the men eagerly. Most of the women she would make out with. At some point she grew tired and came over to my booth and grabbed a drink as well. She slammed it down quick. Then turned to look at me. She liked her lips, and I slid my hand up her dress. Her pussy was soaking wet. Her whole body was covered in sweet. She reached over and started jerking my cock through my thin slacks. This had gone on long enough, and at this rate we where bound to get thrown out soon anyway. I grabbed her wrist and pull her outside through a back door that lead to the alley behind the club. The alley was dark and deserted. I pushed her into a doorway across the alley from the back door to the club. I didn’t waste any time. I pulled the shoulder straps of her tank-top down and pulled her shirt with them all the way to her navel. Then pulled her skirt up to the same height. I unzipped my fly and whipped out my cock. I pushed her down to her knees and feed her my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face until tears ran down her cheeks. It messed up her makeup in a way that made her that much more beautiful to me. She was about to gag when I grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her back to her feet. I pushed her up against the wall and spread her legs with my knee.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now!” I growled.

“Please Daddy, escort bostancı fuck me hard!” she almost hissed. She was breathless.

I pushed her against the wall with one hand at the base of her neck, and pulled her ass towards me with my other hand on her hips. I then grabbed my cock and shoved it in her ass as hard as I could. I fucked her hard in her ass and thought about how her daughter had made me so powerless today. Now her mom was paying for that. I was not powerless now and no teenager is going to force me to cum right now. Jenny had one hand between her legs furiously rubbing her clit. She quickly started to cum. Her legs starting shaking and giving out on her. When a stream of water erupted from her pussy. She came and squirted and shook. I tried to cum in her ass, but I couldn’t. That made me mad. Sara had made me cum against my will twice today, and now I’m fucking my wife in the ass in a back alley and I can’t get a drop. Finally I give up, if we stay here to long we are bound to get caught. I pull out of her ass and put my cock away. I helped Jenny stand on her wobbly legs and pull her skirt down and get her composure. Then I turned to walk to the street. I hear quite laughter coming from further down the alley. There was a young couple down there trying not to be seen. I don’t know if they had been there before or walked up during, but man they must have gotten a show.

I hailed a cab and we went home. We both turned in as soon as we got home, Jenny still had to get up early and go to work. We decided that we would both sleep naked, so we could feel each others bodies all night. Sleep came quickly. I awoke the next morning really horny. I had a raging hard-on and Jenny felt so warm and smooth spooned up next to me in my arms. I started grinding my hard cock into her butt. She moaned and moved a little bit. My hands started tracing the contours of her naked body. I squeezed her tight little butt and firm breast grinding my cock against her more and more. I don’t know what she was still doing home, she should have been at work long ago, but maybe she was hung-over or something. It didn’t matter why, it just mattered that I was going to get some much needed mourning sex. It seems that my lack of climax last night has further frustrated my morning wood. I reached down a stroked my cock a little then slid my hand between her ass checks. My fingers touched her puckered up little asshole and I thought about fucking her ass last night, and that it might be a little sore today. So I moved on to her pussy, I rubbed it a little, but was too frustrated to work her up, she was just going to have to catch up. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing her pussy with it. I was just about to thrust it inside when she said.

“Wait a minute Daddy!” the only problem was it was Sara’s voice, not Jenny’s. My eyes shot open and I sat up. Sure enough it was Sara in my bed naked that I had just been fingering and about to fuck.

“Your quite horny this morning.” Sara said plainly.

“What the fuck are doing in here.” I was about to scream.

“Well I was sleeping until you started masturbating me, and then you where about to penetrate me.” she said with a sly smile on her face.

“I thought you where your mother.” I defended myself.

“It wouldn’t matter, if I was her you would still be thinking about me. So in the end it’s all the same.” she said with so much bravado and confidence that it made me want to slap her. Problem was she was totally right.

“well don’t just get a girl started and then not finish her off.” she said as she reached over and grabbed my hard cock. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me just like yesterday. Except this time she was totally naked. She sat on my crotch her wet pussy sliding up and down the length of my shaft. She grabbed my wrists and put my hands on her tits. I squeezed them hard. She gasped and I felt her grip me with her legs.

“I want you to make me cum today, yesterday you got off to easy.” she had a tone of commanding in her voice. After saying this she crawled up towards my face. She pinned my arms down with her knees and hovered over my face. Her little tight young pussy hung before my eyes. She reached down and grabbed my hair and sat down right on my face.

“stick your fucking tongue out and eat my little pussy!” she said with fire in her words.

I couldn’t resist. I was trapped and helpless. I did as I was told. I ate her pussy as best I could, my tongue lapped at her clit and shot up in her hole.

“now eat my fucking asshole.” she said as she gripped my hair even harder. She slid forward and my tongue licked in small circles around her tight little asshole. She rode my face as my tongue found its way inside her ass and pussy. She rocked all the way back and forth so I could eat her pussy and ass. Then she grabbed my hair again and held my face on her clit and she started to cum. I shoved a finger in her ass and she erupted shaking and convulsing I fingered her asshole and I sucked her clit into my mouth. She rode my face a little bit more, but just twitching for a second or two really. Then she climbed down and lay on her back.

“Thank you Daddy. Why don’t you let me return the favor?” she asked.

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