Systems Engineer Ch. 03

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Chapter 03

More treats

“She made certain I did,” I replied. “But I would have picked her anyway.”

He turned back to Jane. “Have fun.”

Then he turned on his heel and walked away.

Strange how brother and sister relate to each other sometimes. I put it aside. I was ready to leave, get on with my day of laid back waiting for the man to say yes, though I had a feeling that Jane had plans.

We strolled back leisurely, meeting Jacinth on her way to breakfast and exchanging courtesies. I was thinking vaguely about getting back to the pool, getting more exercise. I wondered if Jane would mind.

We got back to my accommodation. Jane stood aside as I opened up and I allowed her to enter first. She crossed straight over to the bed and lay back across it, legs dangling over the side.

I followed her over, lying back alongside of her, then half turning my head.

“Do you fancy going swimming?” I asked.

“I was thinking of catching some sun on the lakeside, somewhere near the bar. I’ll watch you swim in the lake if you like.”

The water was probably colder but the lake was ok, too. Exercise is exercise.

She rolled sideways, flipping her feet onto the bed and bringing her head close to mine.

“Do you wan–” she said before I covered her mouth with mine.

Her hand found my cock which was already stiffening. It answered her unspoken question, yes, I wanted to.

I nipped and tugged at her lip, rolling her mouth on mine. My hands reached and found her breasts, taking the nipples of each and teasing them. Her tongue pushed in and the kiss got more passionate, our tongues wrestling and dancing with the others.

Her hand dropped my cock and went between my legs, pulling me around and properly onto the bed alongside her, cuddling up to me as her hand took up my cock again. My arm slipped around her to pull her close and resume our kiss.

As our kiss lengthened she shifted fully onto me, letting my cock slip between her legs where her thighs squeezed it as she dropped her knees between mine. In her new position I reached down blindly to find her breasts, cupping each as my hands enclosed them.

I could feel the desire as her hips pressed against me, my cock now fully erect and wedged against her pussy, a ribbon of her juices tracking down it. My hands squeezed against my chest as I massaged her breasts.

I felt her wriggle as she opened her legs and pushed mine together. Her hips arched and she began stroking her pussy on my cock. I squeezed my thumbs onto her nipples and teased them, rubbing them slowly over the hard nubs.

She continued happily for a while then changed positions to kneel astride me and ride the underside as she pressed it against my belly. The sensations in the new position heightened my arousal as she worked herself faster the nearer she came to orgasm.

Her fingers pinched into my flesh, gripping my waist as her body shook and her weight fell onto me. She made soft inarticulate sounds through her panting, her body shivering as I looked up at her.

She leant forward, breasts dangling over me as she brought her lips to mine. A little peck, then a whispered, “Thank you,” then she cupped my cheeks and drew me into a passionate lip crusher.

As she moved up me, her pussy slid to the tip, gently probing her lips. I let the kiss continue till the passion was spent, then put my hands to her waist to impale her on my throbbing cock.

She gave a half grunt as it slid in and she rose and put her hands on my chest, her face reflecting her delight. I took her dangling breasts, flicking my thumbs over her stiff, proud nipples.

I felt her squirm as the thrill ran through her, jiggling my cock inside her and sending a thrill down that. She began to fuck me, making me stretch to keep control of her breasts. She had her eyes closed and her mouth drawn tight as she rocked on her knees above me.

Her furious pounding was sending me into overdrive. As my cock rippled in and out escort kartal her, the smooth, silky feel sent surges of thrills through me. I could feel the pressure build, my balls feeling tight and hard. Ready or not, I was on the cusp.

My sperm exploded into her as I pressed my hips to hers as she rose, arching my back and shuddering as the second load fired off. She held me deep inside her as I sagged back after the third.

She gave a few half hearted thrusts before lying on top of me, panting noisily, head on her crossed arms. Her legs tightened on mine as her hips pushed against me. I felt her hot breath on my chest as I put my arms onto her back, running my fingers down her backbone.

We lay spent on the bed, streaked with perspiration, hearts racing from exertion and sexual release. It was minutes till she stirred on top of me.

“Oh, God, that was one of the best fucks I’ve had,” she murmured, her voice soft and tender.

“It was nice for me, too,” I said, bringing my arm up to circle her neck.

“Oh,” she sighed. “It was better than nice, much better.”

She pushed herself up on an elbow, turning her head to face me, her eyes glowing with happiness. I half turned and stretched to kiss her, she meeting me halfway. Our kiss was tender to start with but she soon dipped her tongue between my lips as her passion increased.

When the kiss ended she let her head fall back onto my shoulder, sighing again as she looped her arm to run her fingers up into my hair.

“We should get up,” she said. “I need to shower again.”

Despite her words she made no effort to move, snuggled comfortably on top of me, eyes closed. She was the picture of contentment. I let her lie there, enjoying the moment myself despite the cool, sticky wetness in my groin.

After a few minutes more she raised her leg, sliding it across me as she moved to my side.

“Come and wash my back,” she purred. “We need to make a move.”

She slid herself off the bed, pulling on my hand till I was upright next to her. She held onto my hand as we walked to the shower, pausing at the threshold when she started the shower to let the water warm.

We washed each other, me soaping and caressing her body first before she started on mine. She washed my cock with reverence, bringing me half erect despite my feeling drained by my previous exertions.

She rinsed it with special care, leaving me still half hard as she started to towel me dry. She dropped to her knees in front of me when she came to dry my cock, tenderly stroking it as she dried under my balls, then leaning forward to take my head in her mouth.

A surge of pleasure raced through me as her tongue caressed my head, stroking the sensitive underside and pushing the rim onto her teeth. I groaned as the silky sensations tingled down to the root where her fingers still gently stroked.

She licked and sucked, investing minutes in my pleasure till my empty balls ached, spurting only a thin gruel into her hungry mouth when my orgasm overcame me, my body trembling as I held her head to steady myself and my trembling knees.

She finished sucking the last drop and released me, letting me stager to sit on the toilet to recover. She stood and followed me over, sitting straddling my legs and wrapping her arms around me. I put my arms around her, hands on her shoulders, head between her breasts.

We cuddled for minutes more as my heartbeat slowed and my breathing got deeper. When my legs felt fit, I straightened up, bringing our faces together to kiss her, my gratitude swelling as the pleasure faded.

While she stopped at the mirror I wandered and stood in the open door, my nudity giving me twinges as someone equally naked strolled past. Jane joined me and we set off to the lakeside with just a pair of rolled up towels and a bottle of sunscreen between us.

The lakeside was hot under the morning sun. We walked to the grassy mounds at the edge of the beach and staked our place with the towels. She handed maltepe escort me the sunscreen as she lay down on her tummy.

“You’d better do my back first!” she suggested.

I knelt beside her and trickled some over her shoulder blades then rubbing it in with big, sweeping circles. I carried on, energetically covering the rest of her back with the sensuous caress of my fingers skimming over the creamy foundation.

I heard her softly groan as I reached her arse and let my thumbs slip down the valley, my balls ached slightly as my cock thickened, reminding me of yesterday’s marathon and the need to save myself for tonight.

The water was colder that I’d imagined. The hot sun and its black depths left it cool enough to still raise goose bumps when I ran and dived in far enough away from the boats on the little wooden jetty. A brisk swim soon saw me warm enough to enjoy myself.

After a ten minute swim up and down the length I felt ten times more alive, and I swam back to the shallows to rejoin Jane, who I found still stretched out at the base of the mound. She laid there, her sun bronzed skin glowing with the sunscreen’s oils, her eyes closed.

I leant over her and shook my hair, scattering drops all over her.

“Hey,” she cried, turning and reaching out for me as I jumped back out of reach.

“You’re done that side,” I teased. “Do you want a drink?”

She half lay back before turning over and sitting up, letting me feast my eyes on her beautiful nude body.

“Yes, why not?”

I turned to go as she twisted to her knees but she stretched out and pulled on my leg, making me stumble and tumble into the sand, acquiring a coating where my skin was still damp, and making me regret my start of a silly season.

“Truce,” I claimed as I scrambled to my knees and took her proffered hand.

We walked up to the café, a slow stroll in the warming sun. We sat and ordered, getting quick service as a staffer, the waitress greeting Jane by name.

“It gets to be boring after a while. I shouldn’t complain. It’s like a holiday but without any friends to hang out with,” she said languorously, laid back in the chair, her breasts stretched tight, making the nipples stand out.

My dick twitched as her nudity impinged on me, strangely reminding me of my assignation with Jo later. Our coffee came and we drank it slowly. I was thinking of my friends at home. What would they say, seeing me sitting here naked with a gorgeous girl sitting nude opposite me?

With our coffee finished Jane suggested that we go back to her place and let her apply sunscreen to me before the sun turned the reddening patches into full blown sunburn. I agreed, insisting that we go via my place so I could pick up my music first.

On the walk back she linked arms and after a brief stop for my iPod we found ourselves at her door. There were two beds and I looked from one to the other.

“That one’s mine. The other’s Jay’s. We share. Jo and Jackie have the next cabin over,” she said to my unasked question.

She put her bag down and opened it. “Do you want to lie on the bed?”

I went and lay down while she came over with the sunscreen.

“I should have thought of this when I saw your pale body yesterday but my mind was full of other things,” she said with a little giggle. “There’s a notice up about sunburn in the dos and don’ts in the guest rooms.”

The application turned into a massage with her spending time playing with my engorged cock, stroking and holding it as her nipples grew erect. My balls started to ache as she pulled on the skin and fondled them.

I reached up and took her arm.

“Later,” I cautioned her. “If you want sex let me go down on you.”

She looked at me. “Shall we sixty nine?”

“No, it’s getting a little sore. I haven’t fucked this much in years.”

“Aww,” she said, releasing it. “No staying powers, you Brits,” she continued jokingly.

She sat next to me and put her hand up to stroke my chin. I stretched pendik escort bayan my hand up to take her arm.

“Come let me taste you,” I said, pulling on her.

She half stood and went to turn.

“No.” I stopped her with another pull.

She looked at me quizzically.

“Come sit on my face. I like it best that way.” And it’ll keep you away from my cock, I added mentally.

She climbed on and straddled me, her shins on my shoulders and feet in my armpits. I widened her knees then grabbed her hips to pull her that little bit forward to stroke my tongue up the pink petalled valley to the glistening pearl at the top.

I worked my way down after the little tease and enjoyed the aroma and taste as I circled the rim of her vagina, teasing again by thrusting my tongue inside and fluttering it. She bent forwards and took my head in her hands, rubbing my hair as she pulled me into her.

Her move took my tongue back to her clit and I started fluttering my tongue tip over it. She gave a shiver and began to knead my head. I responded by pressing and stroking with the flat of my tongue.

She released my head and grabbed the headboard as she came full in my face. I felt her weight as her back arched with her legs still trembling as she slumped forwards, her head resting on her hands.

I slipped from under her and rose to my knees to wrap my arms around her waist, my cock still hard enough to press against her. She pushed back at me and turned to lie, her free hand swinging behind to touch me as her hand clasped my flesh.

We lay still as I let her recover, her breathing slowing as she pressed into me.

It was half an hour before she stirred. “What time is it?” she asked sleepily.

“I don’t know.”

“Look on my locker, my alarm clock.”

I twisted my head. “Half eleven.”

“Shall we have a shower before dinner?”

“If you’ll put more sunscreen on me afterwards.”

“Okay,” she giggled.

I was strict in the shower and with the sunscreen afterwards, stopping her from arousing me too much. It was past twelve when we finally left for dinner. She was annoyed to find a text message when she checked her phone.

“Damm. They need me in the server room asap. You go on to dinner. I’ll see you back here later.”

“Do you want me to help?”

“No, you’d better not. You’re not authorized yet.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “See you back here later.”

She gave me a quick hug as we parted ways, brushing her fingers down my flaccid cock before turning to her path. I watched her go, her pert globes waggling as she walked away. I followed my path and found Jay and Jackie already seated.

“Jane not with you?” Jackie asked as I sat.

“No, she’s been called away to work,” I replied.

The sight of them sitting there nude struck me again, Jay’s voluptuous body with her large breasts still firm with her large dark areoles crowned by her full nipples. Jackie, on the other hand, sat with her pendulous breasts sporting crinkly little balls, swaying a little as she turned back to her food.

I turned my attention to my food and began to demolish my steak and chips. Jackie left before Jay, leaving me drinking coffee with her.

“Are you going back to your cabin?” I asked. “I left my iPod there.”

“I wasn’t but I could if you need it.”

“Naw, you don’t need to make a special journey. I can wait for Jane to get back.”

“Oh, she could be ages yet. I’ll get it for you.”

She finished off her coffee and stood, waiting a second for me to join her. We walked out together and up into the woods following the path back. She unlocked the door and let me in, shutting the door behind her as she stepped in behind me.

“I’m going to the toilet a moment,” she said as she walked past me.

“Okay,” I acknowledged.

I was looking around for where exactly I’d put me player down. I’d gone straight to the bed but I didn’t remember leaving it there. It wasn’t on the bedside table either. I took a step back and scanned the wider area.

“Hey,” came Jay’s complaining voice. “You’ve left all the towels wet.”

I turned to the door. “Oh, sorry, we had a shower.”

She came out wiping her hands. I was fascinated by the way her breasts wobbled, half hidden by her hands.

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