Sweet Sister Ch. 15a

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Chapter 15a: The Party Part 1

We all slept soundly that night and woke late. The evening seemed to take an age to arrive and it was the best we could do to keep our hands off each other.

Naked apart from our robes we awaited the door bell heralding the first of the visitors and the start of the party. When it chimed we all dashed for the door to relieve the tension as much as anything else.

The first people in were the young twin’s maternal grandparents, Molly and John. They were introduced to us as Grandma and Grandpa who had brought along John’s brother, Great Uncle Joseph.

In normal houses a shake of the hand or a kiss on the cheek would have been quiet normal. In the twin’s house Grandma greeted Daddy and my brother Alan with a soft hand proffered under their robes to run the length of their penises.

“Mmm that’s nice, “Smiled Grandma addressing the two appendages, “I’m sure we’ll be on better terms with you two by the end of the night.”

Grandpa squeezed my bottom making sure the tips of his fingers explored the cleft while he learnt my name. He was even more forthright with his granddaughters, slipping his old hands between their legs and giving each pussy a good feel. Both girls squealed in delight.

“I understand you two are proper women now thanks to your friend Alan here,” he said referring to their anal deflowering the night before. “You’ll have to acquaint me later,” he hinted gleefully.

We repaired to the living room while the new arrivals got changed. They joined us for drinks and small talk while we waited for more arrivals. Slowly more and more people came to the door and some were real surprises.

Miss Pike, our gym teacher, arrived with a girlfriend, a fellow student from the year below me. The doctor and nurse who gave Alan and I such a thorough examination at the school also came along for some medical backup. Several other couples came along with their offspring and many didn’t bother with robes and lounged around us completely naked.

One couple attracted me above the rest, though. They were introduced as Toni and Peter, a young sister and older brother who had come with their parents and were old friends of Aunt Polly and Uncle Bob.

Aunt Polly was talking with the parents and Peter and Toni were standing to one side looking a bit bored. I was next to Aunt Polly and the twin were slightly behind me and to one side. Suddenly Peter’s eyes lit up and he was fixing a stare on something to my left. I looked down and noticed that his cock had risen slightly and was getting harder by the second.

Following his line of sight I looked to my left. Aunt Polly had slipped her arm around Alan who had come up on the other side and in doing so the top of her kimono had gaped open revealing most of her large, firm, left breast and erect nipple.

I looked back at Peter who’s erection was now bobbing around in front of him. His little sister had now also noticed the view and was running her tongue around her lips as if Aunt Polly’s nipple were in her reach. It wasn’t, however, so I guess the next best thing was her brother’s stiff cock. She almost unconsciously reached her hand across and slipped it around her brother’s shaft and started to wank it up and down.

I decided to help things along a little and nudged the twin behind me. They caught on in double time and observed the scene with a growing lust in their eyes. I slowly sidled in beside Aunt Polly and ran my hand around her stomach and gradually upwards until I was softly caressing her large tit and squeezing the rubbery nipple in between my finger and thumb.

Aunt Polly never missed a beat and continued her conversation although her voice had started to crack a little. I looked over at Peter again who caught my eye and mouthed “Oh yes” very plainly.

Toni’s stroking had caused a bead of pre-cum to collect at the slit on Peter’s prick and again as if sensing it was there she flick her finger over the top smearing the sticking substance over the cockhead. The twin licked their lips and were on their knees in a trice. April (or was it May) got there a second before her sister and Toni fed the angry shaft into her sucking mouth.

Peter gasped as the beautiful young girl started sucking and tonguing his cock. He gasped again as May’s tongue started lapping at the length of cock not in her sister’s mouth including Toni’s sticky stroking fingers. April was followed by May at the cockhead as the former stood up and placed her lips against Toni’s slightly open mouth and started to French kiss her. In doing so she opened Toni’s robe and started to caress the young girl’s perk little ataşehir escort bayan breasts causing her to utter muffled moans into April’s mouth.

I slipped open Aunt Polly’s robe fully allowing young Peter an uninterrupted view of the finely built woman and whispered in her ear. “Aunt Polly, sorry to interrupt but I think Peter would love to see me fingering your pussy and sucking on your breasts.”

Aunt Polly ceased her conversation apologetically and looked round at the rampant young man. She smiled her lustful smile and allowed me to lay her back on the nearby couch. She spread her legs wide still maintaining eye contact with Peter.

I knelt beside her and nuzzled into her breasts licking slowly around her nipple before sucking it into my mouth. At the same time my fingers slipped between her outer labia and exposed to Peter the pink wet inside and the already engorged clit. Easing two fingers into Aunt Polly’s cunt I set up a slow fucking motion causing her to moan loudly.

I thought Peter was going to cum on the spot as he thrust his hips forward burying his cock against April’s throat. His sister tightly clasped the base of his shaft keeping him in check for the time being.

As my fingers started to work a little harder Aunt Polly’s lust kicked in.

“Sam, oooh, Sam that’s lovely dear.” She groaned. “Please call Peter over. I need that lovely cock of his in my pussy NOW.”

I slipped my fingers from her slit and used them to beckon Peter over to us. His entourage came as well although April was disappointed to have to let his prick slip from her sucking mouth.

Aunt Polly reached forward and ran her hand over Peter’s dripping cock and pulled it towards her. She lined it up with her cunt that I was holding open for her and Toni eased her brother forward.

“Ooooh fuck, that’s good.” Moaned Aunt Polly. “Give me that lovely cock, push it all in and fuck me. Fuck me hard, Peter.”

Peter did as he was bade and ran the full length of his hot prick deep into Aunt Polly’s sucking pussy holding onto her hips for extra purchase. As he ploughed into her his head tipped back and he groaned out with each stroke as Aunt Polly’s cunt muscles squeezed at his shaft.

Toni moved around and sat open legged on the arm of the sofa her soaking pussy within easy reach of her brother’s mouth.

“Peter, come here lover,” she moaned holding her pussy lips apart, “push your tongue right up inside me as you fuck Aunt Polly. I want to have that long tongue fuck my cunt.”

Peter couldn’t resist the tasty morsel in front of him and leaned over, his tongue already protruding in anticipation. He pushed it as far as it would go into Toni’s hot hole and filled his mouth with her musky juices. As he curled and twisted his tongue in his sister’s channel his upper lip rolled over her clit sending orgasmic shocks through the young girl’s body.

“Ooooh aaaaaaah, Peter, yes!” she groaned, “You’ll make me … .aaaahh … ooooh .. cum in no time.”

Peter was now fucking Aunt Polly with monstrous plunges, his balls slapping against her rounded arse cheeks in rhythmic motion. His head was moving in time filling his sister’s hole with his expert tongue and Aunt Polly raced towards her finishing line.

“Fuck Peter …. Aaah … ahhh … aaaaaah, you’re gonna make me … uuuh … uuuh …uuuh.” Aunt Polly had difficulty in forming words at this point, “cum … make me …aaaah … aaaaaaaah …. Ccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!”

“Don’t cum in her cunt!” Warned Toni, “I want to aaah …ahhh … uuuuh …taste you. I want to aaa ..suck the uuh … uuuh ..aaaaah ..cum from the end of your cock as you uuuh … aaaah ..spurt in my mouth. I want to … ah ..aah … aaah ..taste Aunt Polly’s cum all over your .. fuck fuck .. cock … fuck fuck yyeeeeeeahhh .. yessssss …. Yessssssssssss.”

Toni joined Aunt Polly, her body bucking into her brother’s mouth. Peter drank as much of the flowing cum juices as he could before it started to seep from the corners of his mouth. I just had to taste them.

As Peter slipped out of Aunt Polly and stood up to allow Toni to fulfil her wish I slinked between Toni’s legs and lapped up the excess juices from her thighs and pussy lips. Above me I heard the family sounds of a young man expending his pent up seed.

“Oh Toni, yes. Here it comes sis. I’m going to spurt in your mouth.” He yelled. “Oooh Toni, suck it, yes, drink my cum. Here it is, here it cuuummmms … uuuh .. uuh.”

Peter’s hard cock exploded into Toni’s sucking mouth drowning her moans as her pussy leaked into my mouth. I saw her throat muscles working escort kadıköy overtime swallowing his copious load but eventually failing and allowing a dribble to exit here sealed lips. April (or was it May) moved in to catch the excess and gently fondled Peter’s balls as she did so.

The temporarily expended bodies flopped together on the couch and I took time to look around us. We had attracted quite a crowd of on-lookers who had become animated towards the end of the show involved in some form of masturbation. Daughters were stroking daddy’s cocks and mothers were fondling their young sons growing erections.

Over on the far sofa Aunty June was on her knees in front of her Father and Uncle alternately sucking each of their cocks. Alan was behind May running his hand over her firm breasts and you could just see his fingers as he filled her slot from behind. Uncle Jim had a young girl on his lap with his cock buried deep in her hairless pussy. She was sucking off an older man whom I took to be her father. Daddy had also found a young girl and was on the cushioned floor with her. Her mother was fingering her little girl’s hole preparing her for my Daddy’s pole to be inserted while Daddy fingered the mother.

I noticed two young lads over at the side of the melee looking in awe at the sight before them. Each was stroking the other’s small cock and pointing with the other hand as each sighted another revelation. I thought, “This might be fun,” and scooted over to talk to them.

As I arrived one of the boys became suddenly over-excited and a long jet of cum spurted from the end of his cock just missing my leg. He looked rather embarrassed and I just smiled, took his cock in my mouth and slurped the last remaining drops.

“Now, with all these lovely ladies around,” I started, standing up and wiping my lips on the back of my hand, “I though you two might find someone else than each other to satisfy those lovely young pricks of yours.”

They explained to me that they were brothers, Bob and Martin, and that they didn’t have much experience. They were a bit afraid of diving in and getting embarrassed by doing the wrong thing.

“I think we better help you boys out then.” It was Toni. She had spied me talking to the boys and come over for some fun. “Now we’ll get Sam here to sit on this chair. She can be our subject for this lesson.”

Toni pushed me back into the single easy chair then hooked a leg over each arm exposing my bare pussy to the two boys and flashing a wicked little grin at me.

“Now these are Sam’s breasts, or tits if you like.” She explained smoothing her hands over my firm bumps. “And these are her nipples: They can be very sensitive and need to be handled with loving care.” She went on slowly curling her fingers around my aroused teats. “However, sometimes a girls likes to have them pinched roughly, usually when she’s near the peak of excitement.” And with that she gave my nipples a sharp twist.

“Owww!” I yelped. “Steady Toni, I’m not quite at the peak of my excitement yet.” I said sarcastically.

“Oooh Sam, it won’t be long though will it?” she teased.

“Now boys you try – the soft smooth touching, that is.” Toni instructed the boys taking a hand each and placing one on each of my tits.

They started to stroke and fondle my aching breasts until my pussy was yearning for some attention. To take my mind off it I reached out and weighed their balls working them up before slipping a hand around each smooth stiff prick and starting to rub. I imagined that Martin, the one who hadn’t cum yet, would not last out for very long with my fingers working over his knobhead. Bobby I hoped would last out a little longer. I was right.

“Oooooh Sam, I think I’m going to cu .. oh dear”. Martin spluttered.

I revelled in the feeling of his hot young semen as it splashed forcefully against my breasts and the boys’ rubbing hands. Soon they were rubbing up a viscous foam into my sensitive nipples. Several streaks ran down my tummy, into my belly button and down into my slit where a snake tongued Toni lapped it up.

“Ooooh yes, Toni.” I gasped as her tongue swiftly licked through my sopping slit. “My pussy definitely needs some attention.”

“Not so fast.” Toni grinned as she stopped just as suddenly, “These lads need further education.” With that she used her fingers and thumbs to rudely open my outer lips to the amazed gaze of the two you lads. “Boys, this is a vagina. Pussy or cunt are probably better terms when you’re trying to hot things up.” She went on: “This is Sam’s cunt hole..”

“Ooooh mmm.” Toni’s fingers expored my dripping hole.

“.. bostancı escort where you can use your fingers, tongue …

“Ooooh fuck, you little tease.” As her tongue dipped into my cunt.

” .. or, after attempting the other two, your cocks. Sometime we girls use other things that look like cocks, carrots, candles, hairbrushes, etcetera.” Toni was watching the boy’s reactions. Martin was hard again, if he ever went soft at all, and Bobby was probably building up to another cum.

“Then at the last resort if your girl hasn’t cum by any of those you could try her clit, here.” She pointed flicking her nail against my angry little nubbin.

“Yeeeeahh,” I yelped, “pleeeese make me cum.”

Toni ignored my plight. “Now Bobby, you try first.”

Bobby traced his hand tentatively down towards my pussy. Then gaining confidence, and with some leading by Toni, pushed a finger into my quivering cunt hole.”

“Oooooh fuck.” I stammered. “Put your fucking hand in there, Bobby. Frig me, make me fucking cum.” I was getting desperate.

“No, Bobby.” Toni stated flatly. “Go down on her. That means use your tongue in her cunt. And use your fingers as well but stay away from her clit and stop precisely when I tell you. Understand?”

The young lad nodded his assent then knelt at my altar. His inexperienced tongue blundered around my cunt lips and flicked in and out of my hole. “Holy shiiiit, yes. Tongue my fucking hole Bobby.” I practically screamed at him.

Toni let him continue with me screaming abuse at him until seconds before the arrival of my orgasm.

“That’s enough Bobby.” She grabbed his hair and pulled back his head. His poor face was coated in my cream, a chance Toni wasn’t going to pass up. She bent down and licked my sauce from Bobby’s face cooing as she did so.

Licking her lips clean she now delighted me by heralding my release. “Now Bobby you’re going to feel your first girl cum all over that lovely little prick of yours. Stick it in Sam’s cunt and fuck her senseless.”

I moaned with delight as the youngster rammed his small tool into my burning pussy with a satisfying slosh. “Chriiist Bobby, give me that cock. Fuck your pole into me and make me … oh shiit, I’m going to ….. aaah …. Aaah …. I’m Cuuuuummmmmmmmming!” I yelled and at the same moment I felt Bobby stiffen then start jerking his cock uncontrollably into my cunt.

What his pounding lacked in age and experience was adequately replaced by youthful enthusiasm. I shook for several minutes after his cock had finished spurting and had slipped from my dripping pussy. When I came to I looked up at Toni who was grinning down at me. Between her legs I could see her cunt lips glistening with her juices. I reached up and ran my finger deeply along her slit then stuck my finger in my mouth tasting her sex.

“Your turn.” I pounced grabbing her arms and swinging her into the chair in place of me. I hoisted her legs onto the chair arms spreading her perfect pussy. “Come here Martin, it’s your turn too. Get down there and suck that cunt.” I demanded.

The young lad was easily led to a kneeling position between Toni’s legs and I mashed his face into the glistening slit. I watched delighted as his tongue delved into the bottom of her pussy then slowly moved upwards pushing aside her puffy lips as it went. When his tongue emerged at the top, barely grazing Toni’s clit, a pool of cunt juice had gathered in the tongue cleft.

“Drink it!” I commanded. “Swallow that lovely girl juice then stick that tongue as far up her hole as you can, boy.”

Martin did as he was told. “Ooooooh … aaaaah ,,, fuck me, get him to fuck me Sam. Pleeeese!” Toni moaned.

I relented and made Martin stand up. I led him by the cock and positioned him at her entrance. With no further encouragement he pounded into the well opened hole with me fondling his arse crack and swinging soft ball sack as he did so. His small cock came out of her cunt at each up stroke before tearing back in again with the down stroke driving Toni wild.

“Jeeesus fuck … yeah .. yeah .. fuck fuck fuck … I’m gonna cum, yes … aaah … aaah … aaaaah … yesssss god I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming!” She yelled.

“Mm me tt tooooo.” Martin balled.

The first spurt went deep into Toni’s love chute but as Martin’s pumping cock emerged from the hole a second spurt went over her cunt lips and up over her tummy to her tits. I dived in sucking and licking the gooey mixture from her body as more cum splashed over my face and hair. Finally I sucked the deflating member into my mouth and cleaned it thoroughly.

Looking up at Toni I smiled across my cum dripping face, “Kiss me.” She raised her head and we spent several minutes French kissing and sharing the young lad’s juice between us.

“I think a shower might be in order.” I suggested pulling her from the chair and heading to the shower room.

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