Sweet Sister Ch. 05

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Sweet Sister, Ch. 05

After making a couple of calls on clients, I called Bill’s cell phone number. I left my number on his voice mail. He returned the call while I was eating lunch. I asked him what was up and that Ellen had asked me to call him. He said he wanted to discuss a personal matter with me, if that was o.k.

I said “Sure, maybe we can discuss the matter over dinner.”

Bill gave me the address and telephone number of the motel that he was working from. I told him I’d see him late this afternoon. After calling the motel and making a reservation, I called my company dispatcher and gave them my change in itinerary.

I worked on calls through the afternoon. Fortunately, Bill and my clients were all located in the same general area. After I arrived at the motel and while I was checking in, I mentioned that I was going to be meeting with Bill. He was staying in a “long stay” suite and the one next door to him was available. I checked my schedule and decided I could stay here for two nights and still take care of my work with only a little extra time on the road.

After carrying my stuff into the suite, I called Bill and told him that I was in. He wanted me to come right over for a drink before dinner. I told him I wanted to shower and change clothes and I’d be over in thirty minutes. He sounded anxious, but he said o.k.

I quickly showered and shaved and dressed in a sport shirt and slacks. When Bill answered the door to his suite, he had a drink in his hand. “Hi, Brad. Come on in. I’m sure glad you could get here on such a short notice.”

“That’s o.k. Bill.” I stepped into the room. “What’s on your mind?”

“Have a drink first. Is a highball o.k?” Before I could answer, Bill had poured the bourbon and mixer and handed me a tall drink. Then he gulped the remainder of his drink and mixed himself another.

I sipped mine, “Man. You build a stiff highball.”

“I like them strong.” Bill took a long drink of his.

“You’d better slow down or you won’t be able to talk.”

“You’re right, Brad, but this whole thing has me upset and I really don’t how to begin.”

“Well, let’s begin by relaxing a bit. Take off your necktie and sit down. What are you working on here?”

Bill grinned. He set down his drink and loosened his tie. He looked around the room. His laptop was on a table and it was surrounded by drawings and estimating sheets. “I’m working on a bid for a communications package that will be a really big deal for our company if we win it.”

Bill sat down and put his feet up on a coffee table. We talked about general things while we finished our drinks. Bill looked at his watch, “We’d better go to dinner. I made a reservation for seven.”

We walked to the motel dining room. Bill had reserved a table in a small side alcove. “I told them I was meeting with a client and would like some place very private so we could discuss business.”

He wanted to order another round of drinks, but I convinced him to have wine with dinner. We ordered dinner. When it arrived, Bill finally broached the subject. “I don’t know how to begin, but here goes. Since you talked with us last, Ellen and I have had a great sex life, but sometimes it isn’t too exciting, if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t know what you mean, but go on.”

“Well, Ellen’s a good looking woman and she really enjoys sex. I know several guys who would like to get together with her and I thought it would be great to watch her make love with another man.”

“Great for you or her?”

“Huh?” Bill paused. “Oh, great for both of us. A couple of these guys I know are heavily hung. She’d have some great sex and I’d take care of an old fantasy.”

“And one of your buddy’s would get his rocks off by fulfilling his fantasy of getting into your wife’s panties.”

“Well, yes, that too.”

“What did Ellen say or do when you brought this up?”

“She thought I was nuts. But then she said that if it was something I really wanted to see, then she would do it for me.”

“That’s big of her.”

“Well, I don’t know how to say this. This is the hard part. Ellen said the only man she would have sex with while I watched would be her brother.”


“Yes. I told her that was crazy and that was incest.”

I smiled to myself. “What did she say to that?”

“She said if she was willing to commit adultery for me so I could watch her having sex with another man, then I should be willing to let her have sex with the man of her choice, even it was incest.”

“She’s got you there.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Would you consider it?”

“I’ll have to think about it. Let’s go back to you suite and discuss it some more.”

When we returned to Bill’s suite, I looked at his estimating sheets and drawings. Bill stood beside me, “I shouldn’t let you see this since your company is a potential competitor.”

“Relax, Bill. We’ve got more damn work that we can keep up with.” Besides, telecommunications is not our main thrust.”

Bill fixed another drink. bahis firmaları “What do you think?”

“Of this. Or of . . .?”

“Of my proposal so far.”

“It looks pretty good. I’ve got some information on some new digital data switches on my laptop. Let me go get it and you can get out of that suit.”

“I thought you weren’t into telecommunications.”

“Only so far as what we need to know to make it connect to the servers we sell.”

I went back to my suite and, while I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, I downloaded the switch information onto my a disk. When I went back into Bill’s suite he had also changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants. “Here’s the info.”

Bill slipped the disk into his laptop drive and pulled up the files. “This looks pretty good. Do you have time to talk about it tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, but let’s talk about something else.”

“Well, if it’s about me and Ellen, I guess what I need to know is will you have sex with Ellen?”

“It’s not about you and Ellen. And I haven’t decided. (There was a lie. I’d have sex with my sister Ellen any time, anywhere, and in front of anyone.)

“Actually, it’s about your bi side.”

“My bi side? What do you mean?”

“When he visited me awhile back, Bill, Jr. told me about your visit during the basketball tournament.”

“So. What about it?”

“Well, it seems he saw you having it off with a couple of his roomies.”

“I was afraid he might have seen some of that. I suppose he never wants to speak to me again?”

“On the contrary. He saw you sucking cock, taking it up the ass and butt fucking his roomies and he said it made him so horny that he wanted to join you.”

“Bill, Jr. is saying he’s gay?”

“No! He’s saying he’s may be bi like you.”

“Oh! I don’t know if that’s a relief or not.”

“You’ll have to work that out with him. But speaking of butt fucking, ever since I sucked you off a while back, I’ve thought about how it would feel to have your thick cock split my ass cheeks and stretch my asshole to it’s limits.”

“You want me to butt fuck you?”

“Unless you need a picture, yes, that’s what I said. You’ve got a seven inch long, extra wide and thick slab of man-meat and I’d like you to shove it up my ass. Bill, Jr.’s description of your actions made taking it up the ass from you sound exhilarating. What do you say?”

“Well, I haven’t gotten my rocks off yet this week. I’ll do it, if you’ll blow me first.”

“I wouldn’t think of getting you hard any other way.”

Bill pulled his t-shirt over his head. “I’ll get the lube.”

“You travel with lube?”

“Among other things,” Bill grinned. “I’m prepared. You never know when opportunity will open a door. Or an ass.” Bill went into the bedroom.

I peeled off my t-shirt and shorts. When Bill came out of the bedroom, he was carrying a large squeeze bottle of anal lube. He had removed his sweatpants. His chest, stomach and legs were fairly hairy. His cock and ball sac were still shaven and stood out against the dark curly hair of his crotch.

He stopped and looked at me. “Let’s lube you up first so we don‘t have to waste any time. Why don’t you bend over the back of the couch?”

I walked over to the couch and leaned over the back. Bill stood beside me. He rubbed his hands over my shoulders and back then down to my ass. He rubbed my ass cheeks then pushed his hand between my legs and cupped my cock and balls in his hand.

He gently rolled my nuts around between his thumb and fingers before he pulled his hand back. I heard the lube bottle “burp” then I felt a finger rubbing cool lube around my brown pucker. Bill worked his finger to the second knuckle in my ass.

He slipped his finger out and inserted the nozzle. I felt a generous load of lube fill my ass and colon as Bill squeezed the bottle. I stood up as he pulled the nozzle out. He wiped the nozzle with a tissue and handed me the bottle, “Lube me up.”

“Lube you?”

“Sure.” Bill was already bent over the back of the couch. He looked over his shoulder at me, “When things like this get going, one never knows what may happen and I want to be prepared.”

“Well, o.k.” I ran my hand up and down the cleft between his ass cheeks. I spread his cheeks apart and lightly pressed and tickled his asshole. Bill pushed against my finger. I squirted a little lube on my finger and worked it around and into his asshole. I removed my finger and replaced it with the nozzle.

After filling Bill’s ass chute with lube, I wiped off the nozzle and my finger. “Turn around.” As Bill stood up and turned, I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. His cock was not quite completely flaccid.

I put my hands on his thighs and kissed the fat cockhead. I tipped my head back and opened my mouth. Bill smiled down at me as he leaned forward slightly and dangled his cock over my face.

Straightening up a little I slipped my mouth over his cockhead. I took that fat cock just like a fish taking a fat worm. My mouth was filled kaçak iddaa with his man meat. I heard Bill sigh as I snaked my tongue out of my full mouth and licked his smooth ball sac.

I tried to keep my tongue on his ball sac, but his expanding cock was pushing deep into my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth. I ran his fat cockhead over my lips, eyelids and the rest of my face before licking my way down to the root.

Bill pushed his hips forward as I licked his sac. I held his cock in one hand as I gently sucked and bathed each of his plump nuts. I licked my way back up to the cockhead and ran the tip of my tongue around the sensitive rim before plunging my mouth as far down his cock shaft as I could.

Bill touched my head. I backed his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him. “You keep that up and I’ll lose my load. I want to lose it inside your ass.”

I gave his cock shaft one last lick, “I believe you’re as ready as you’re going to get.” I lightly jacked his cock as I stood up. I bent over and braced myself by placing my hands on the couch back.

“No, lay over the back.” He moved me so I was laying over the rolled back of the couch. Bill sort of boosted me up so my toes were just touching the carpet. He pushed my feet as far apart as he could then he worked his hand under my crotch and pulled my cock and balls out and down so my half hard cock was pointing down at the floor.

“That’s more like it.” He put his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them. His thumbs were on each side of my pucker. He massaged it and stretched it. I heard some movement then I felt his tongue touch my cockhead. He licked up the underbelly to my balls.

After nuzzling my balls with his nose and licking them, his tongue continued up between my ass cheeks. Bill’s thumbs stretched my asshole then I felt the tip of his tongue touch it.

I felt spit trickling down my thighs as Bill worked his tongue in and around my hole. Suddenly he stood up. He pressed his cockhead against mine then he ran it up against my cockshaft, over my balls and up between my cheeks to my wet and lubed asshole.

Bill pressed his cockhead against my pucker. I felt the slick lube run down between my cheeks and over my balls and cock as he lubed his cockhead. His voice was hoarse, “Here it comes, ready or not.”

I barely had time to nod my head and take a deep breath before Bill’s fat cockhead penetrated my asshole and began to push through and stretch my sphincter ring. I exhaled and relaxed my ass muscles as much as I could.

The stretching pain was sharp and short as Bill’s cockhead pushed through and his cock slid up my ass chute in one smooth motion. I felt his pubic hair against my ass cheeks. Bill leaned over me, “How’s that feel?”

“It feels like you’ve pushed a ball bat up my ass.”

“Well hang on, buddy-boy, because I’m going to hit for a home run.”

Bill gripped my hip bones. He rotated his hips and churned his cock around in me. Then he pulled back until the rim of his cockhead tugged my muscle ring. He set up a slow deep in-and-out piston action as he fucked me. My asshole had a tingling and burning sensation but it had stretched to accommodate Bill’s thick tool.

To keep the fucking from becoming boring for both of us, Bill would throw in a series of short fast strokes. Sometimes these would be deep in my ass and at other times they would be short fast teasing strokes just inside me.

He also used hard fast deep strokes. His pelvis would smack my ass cheeks when he bottomed his cock. Sometimes he would grip my hips and push extra hard. When Bill did this, our balls were pressed together. He would begin to rotate his hips in one direction then the other.

The grinding of his meat in my ass and the grinding together of our balls gave me sensations that I had never felt before while being fucked. With just my toes touching the carpet, I couldn’t get leverage to push back or help grind. The cushions didn’t provide any support or leverage either.

There wasn’t much of anything for me to do, except to keep my legs spread and enjoy the cock ride that my brother-in-law was taking me on. There was one thing that I could do. While Bill was long cocking me, I could flex the muscles in my ass.

Along with tightening and relaxing my ass muscles, I also tried to squeeze Bill’s cock shaft by tightening and relaxing my asshole. I was doing something right because Bill’s breathing was becoming ragged and he was fucking me with faster and harder deep strokes.

He was gripping my hips so hard I could feel his fingers digging in. It was good that he was gripping so hard, because when he began to cum, Bill let out a roar and drove his cock up my ass so hard that he almost knocked me onto the floor in front of the couch.

He would pull his cock back then slam it into my ass. When he bottomed he would let out another roar as he shot a gob of hot cum deep into my gut. Bill did this five or six times before he collapsed onto my back. “Gawd, Brad, you’re the best ass fuck I’ve had.”

He kaçak bahis finally stood up and pulled his cock out of my ass. I looked over my shoulder as Bill squeezed and “wrung” the last bit of cum from his cock. He squeezed a small wad into my ass crack then he rubbed his cockhead up and down and painted my now painfully hard cock and ball sac with the last of his cum.

I rolled over onto my back. My cock, which had been trapped in a painful position, sprang free and slapped against my stomach. Bill wrapped his hand around the shaft. “You need to take care of this and I need to be fucked, so I think we have a match.” He turned and walked into the bedroom.

I pushed myself off the back of the couch and stood up. My ass felt like it still had a ball bat up it and my legs were shaky. I steadied myself and followed Bill. He was sitting on the edge of the turned down bed. I stopped in front of him. “Lube my cock.”

He reached for the bottle of lube.

“No, with your mouth.”

“Oh.” Bill put the bottle down and held my cock between his fingers. He licked the cockhead then began to lick up and down the shaft. Soon my cock was wet and shiny with his spit and drool.

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed.”

Bill got on his hands and knees and crawled to the middle of the bed. I put a couple of pillows in front of him. “Spread your cheeks.” He put his head and shoulders down on the pillows, reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

I kneeled behind him and pressed my cockhead against his asshole. Bill grunted as I pushed it through his muscle ring and up his ass. Bill would stroke his cock and squeeze our balls together as we fucked. I scooted him all over the bed as we screwed dog style.

When I began to cum, I painted his ass and balls. Bill rolled onto his side and I lay on my back. We didn’t say anything before we fell asleep.

I awakened at my normal time. Bill was asleep. I got out of bed and returned to my suite to shower. I was toweling myself dry when Bill walked in. He was also toweling off.

“I slept well. How about you?”

“Fine, Bill.”

He looked around. “You’re bed hasn’t been slept in. That looks suspicious.”


“So I’m up for an appetizer, a cock tail, before breakfast.” Bill pulled the covers of my bed down and lay down. “Let’s suck each other off.” He pulled a pillow under his head. I got on my knees beside his head. Bill opened his mouth and I fed him my cock.

As he sucked me into a hard-on, his own cock began to get hard. I watched as his cock became erect and flopped onto his stomach. I lay down on my side, licked his cockhead then slipped his cock into my mouth and down my throat. His thick cock was a tight fit.

Bill was sucking me hard and gently squeezing my balls. I popped my load into his mouth. Bill, in turn, began to cum. With my lips, I felt his cum pulse through his cock and down my throat. We licked each other clean, got up and, after shaving, got dressed and went to breakfast.

I was taking a bite of omelet when Bill asked, “Have you decided?”

“Decided what?”

“You know. Uh, Ellen. The uh.”

I leaned close to Bill. “Why should I screw my sister when I can screw her husband?”

Bill grinned, “That isn’t what I had in mind.”

I know. I’ll let you know before we leave here.”

“But, that will be tomorrow.”

“I know. I’ll let you know.”

After work, we met for dinner. Bill didn’t mention Ellen. We went up to our suites afterward. We changed into sweats and sat around talking and watching a ball game.

I looked at Bill. “You must have a strong voyeur tendency.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you ask your wife to have sex with another man so you can watch, then when she says you can watch her only if she can have sex with her brother, you acquiesce.”

“Yeah? So?”

“It sounds like a voyeur’s dream. You get your rocks off to a double dirty.”

“A double dirty?”

“Sure. Your wife fucks another man outside your marriage. That’s adultery. The man she is committing adultery with is her brother. That’s incest. Boy, when you pop your rocks after beating off while watching them, you should be able to paint the ceiling.”

“Uh, that’s crude, Brad.”

“Crude, but true.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Well, Bill, to make your fantasy real, I’ll do it only if Ellen still wants to do it for you.”

“Let me call her now.”

“Why don’t I just stop by your place tomorrow afternoon. If Ellen is agreeable, I’ll stay and if she has changed her mind, which, by the way, I think she should, I’ll stay over until Saturday morning.”

“Gee, that’s great! I know she’ll go along. That’s great! I owe you. How can I . . .?”

I stopped him. I stood up, pulled my t-shirt off and pushed my sweat pants down. I stepped over next to Bill and ran my cock over his face. Then I sat back down. “You can start now by being a good cocksucker and getting down on your knees and giving me a first class blowjob.”

His face flushed, but Bill set his drink down and got on his knees between my legs. I held my cock as he sucked it into his warm wet mouth. He interrupted the blowjob just long enough to pull his clothing off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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