Sweet Sandy Ch. 01

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Part 1: At the Beach

At 7 a.m. my eyes popped open. There was something I had to do. I turned in bed and snuggled up to the sleeping form beside me. She sighed deeply as I put my arm around her and pulled her close. The scent of sex and skin wafted up to me. I nearly fell asleep before I again realized there was something I had to do. I kissed her on her ear and reluctantly got out of bed. I went down the hall and took a pee, then went into the other bedroom and turned back the covers on the bed in there. Returning to my bedroom, I could see she was stirring and stretching a little under the covers. I pulled the damp, cum-covered sheet back and uncovered the blond-haired, petite form of my daughter. I gently lifted her nude form from the bed. Her arms went around my neck and hugged me as I carried her down the hall. I laid her in bed in the other bedroom and covered her up. I kissed her gently but passionately. She held the kiss, then turned over and went back to sleep.

Sunlight was streaming through the windows when I returned to my bedroom. The sheets were damp with blotches of dried semen and, to my surprise, a little blood. It ran through my groggy mind that I must have wanted her especially keenly last night. But then, I always wanted her keenly. I stripped the bed, gathered up the sheets and took them to the utility room to be washed. Lest my wife find them, I went ahead and started the washer. No evidence.

I made coffee and sat at the table reviewing the events of the previous six months. My wife Helen had had a cancer scare about six months prior. During and after that time, my daughter Sandy and I had become close, intimately close. Sandy had always been my “Daddy’s Girl” but she became even more so. She had become very physically affectionate, wanting hugs and kisses when I left for work and when I came home. She seemed to crave my physical touch all the time. I figured this was how she dealt with the fear of losing her mother. So I went along with it. I rather enjoyed it, actually.

Let me take a minute to describe my daughter, myself, and my new wife. My daughter is small, perfectly formed, and a true blond—at least physically. She is no fool, though, and after awhile I realized that she had planned out the series of events that later transpired. She has blue eyes, firm but smallish breasts, and a beautiful ass. As I said, she’s a true blond: her sex is lightly covered with fine light fuzz. She is 19, and she is beautiful.

I on the other hand, am a rather ordinary looking 46 year old with salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes, a (slight) paunch, and apparently not enough sense to see what was going on around me. My name is Bob, and I own a small contracting business.

My wife Helen is an ambitious small-town company executive who travels a lot and is thus away from home much of the time. She is a striking blond with sharp brown eyes, heavy breasts, rather voluptuous hips and a hearty sexual appetite. She would be arriving there at our beach house later that morning.

Lost in my reverie, I didn’t hear Sandy get up and go to the bathroom. She came up behind me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She said, “Daddy, last night was wonderful. I’m halfway sorry that Mom is coming today. I could use some more of that loving.” I turned to her and put my arms around her, burying my face between her breasts. She was nude. She always seemed to be nude, at least around me. “I’m going back to sleep for a while. I was up late last night.” She laughed throatily and skipped off, her nice ass wiggling for my benefit.

It had been one of those January nights when it both rained and snowed. The wind was blowing and I could hear it whistling down my chimney. I had a fire going in the fireplace, the lights were out, and the living room was dimly lit by the dancing flames. My wife was in the hospital for a series of tests, and Sandy and I were alone in the house.

Sandy had been especially clingy all evening. We had talked to Helen on the phone, made sure she was settled, and then we ourselves had settled in for the night. Sandy had cooked steaks and potatoes, and had opened, with my permission, a bottle of my best cabernet. By the time dinner was finished, we were both feeling very mellow. I changed into my most comfortable loose-fitting flannel pajamas and Sandy put on a rather thin cotton nightgown. Then we got on the big, comfy couch and talked quietly and hugged and comforted each other.

Sandy had put light perfume on and the scent and warmth of her body was intoxicating. She kept inching closer and closer to me on the couch. Her hand was on my chest, caressing me gently. I was a little surprised, but it was pleasant, and I didn’t stop her. Then Sandy raised her head and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth.

“Sandy,” I said quietly, “I don’t know if we should do this.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” she said. “I knew it would surprise you, but I wanted to do it anyway.”

“But why, darling?” illegal bahis I asked.

“Because I love you, Daddy. And I’m scared for Mom. And if we lose her, then you’re going to need someone to take care of you.” Sandy’s eyes welled with tears. “And I just need it, Daddy.”

She threw her arms around me and kissed me again, hard. I didn’t push her away because, truthfully, I was excited and aroused by her kisses. My erection was already pushing against the material of my pajamas.

I felt as though I should resist a little more, if only to assuage my conscience. “But you know what other people, what society would say, if they found out we were having…” I let myself trail off.

“A physical relationship?” My daughter said. “Well, nobody has to know, and I really don’t care anyway. Dad, I love you and I’m attracted to you. Aren’t you attracted to me?”

“You have no idea, darling,” I said truthfully. She was indeed, stunning. The firelight played on her features and outlined her figure beneath the thin material of her nightgown.

She crawled over me and laid her head in my lap. I knew she couldn’t help but notice my rock-hard cock just millimeters away from her face and separated from her sweet lips by only a thin layer of flannel. She snuggled her head into my lap, sending delicious sensations through my body. “I think I have an idea of how you feel,” she murmured. She snuggled again and inhaled deeply, then I felt her kiss me through the fabric.

I was in heaven, transfixed. I never wanted the moment to end. And yes, all my resistance was gone. This delectable creature in my lap, my precious daughter, was nuzzling my cock eagerly. All she would have to do was unsnap one or two snaps and then…

“Dad?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, baby.”

“You’re very hard.”

“I know. Believe me I know.”

She sighed and snuggled. “Does Mom, you know, suck it sometimes?”

I paused. I couldn’t believe it. “Yes honey, your Mom does suck my cock sometimes.”

She looked at me. The fire had died down somewhat but the room was still warm. I could see her face, her eyes. “Daddy, please.” Was all she said.

“Are you sure you want to?” I asked. My thoughts and emotions were racing. And there was no denying the feeling in my loins.

“Yes Daddy, I want to suck your cock.”

“Okay baby, then here’s how you should suck my cock. First, take off your nightgown.”

Sandy got off the couch and stood before me. With one slow motion, as if she was revealing herself to me a little at a time, she lifted the gown off. Then she stood before me bewitchingly nude. I sat up a little and held out my arms. She came to me eagerly and I buried my face in her belly and then moved lower, nuzzling her fine pubic hair. I could smell her warm sweet sex. I kissed her pubic area. Sandy ran her fingers through my hair and drew me closer.

“What do I do next, Daddy?”

“Well, sometimes as a token of her love for the man, a woman will get on her knees in front of him when she sucks him,” I said.

Sandy immediately fell to her knees before me. “Unsnap me,” I said. She undid the snaps of my pajama bottoms and my cock sprang forth. He eyes widened. She took it in her hand and slowly moved it up and down. I nearly came right then so I took her hand and said, “Easy baby. I don’t want to come too fast.”

She looked up at me and said, “What next?”

“Circle the tip with your tongue, then move down the shaft, then come back up and put it in your mouth…” I actually had to stop talking then because she was already doing it. Sandy ardently kissed and licked my straining dick up and down. True, she was a little amateurish (something I was secretly glad for) but her eagerness made up for it. She arrived back at the top and briefly paused, then engulfed my cock in her warm, moist, sucking mouth.

The feeling was incredible, absolutely incredible. I looked down to see my daughter’s beautiful blond head bobbing up and down in my lap while my body was flooded with the most exquisite sensations I’d ever experienced. She was mewing, catlike, over my cock while she sucked.

“Oh baby doll,” I moaned. “That is sweet.”

She stopped momentarily, taking her mouth off and asked, “What do I do when, you know, the stuff comes out?”

“Baby the highest compliment a woman can pay to the man she loves is to swallow his cum.”

“Then that’s what I’ll do,” she said, before once again engulfing my cock.

I leaned forward a little and rubbed my daughter’s back and shoulders, caressed her breasts, leaned forward again and reached down to touch her anus and pussy. She moaned while I was doing this threw her arms around my waist as she sucked. I could feel every movement of her sweet mouth and tongue against my cock. I leaned back and let the pleasure roll over me in waves, surrendering fully to Sandy’s hungry mouth. She took her small hand and pumped me gently while she sucked. My pleasure skyrocketed and I knew I would illegal bahis siteleri soon explode.

“Oh baby,” I sobbed, “I’m going to cum very soon.”

She answered with a low gurgling moan.

My pleasure was peaking. I could feel my semen gathering in my balls. The familiar pre-orgasm tingle started deep in my belly and raced through my loins. Suddenly, I could hold back no longer. “I’m cumming baby,” I said as my sperm burst out of the end of my cock into my daughter’s waiting mouth. Gamely, she sucked and swallowed. I felt her gag a little, but she kept at it until she had swallowed all of my salty load. She continued sucking until I grew too sensitive, then I lifted her gently off and looked into her eyes. A tiny droplet of semen, the only remnant of my pleasure, glistened at the corner of her mouth. Her pink tongue snaked out and drew it in.

“Did I do it right?” she asked.

“Yes baby. Just right.” I said. She crawled up into my lap and put her arms around me. “Good,” she said, sighing deeply. “I just want to make you happy, Daddy.”

“I know how you can make me even happier,” I whispered in her ear.

“How, Daddy?” she murmured against my neck.

“Daddy would like to make love to you now,” I said.

Sandy looked at me. She kissed me hard on the mouth. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she said. She jumped out of my arms and took my hands, pulling me out of the sofa. Her pert breasts bounced with her movement. “Come on Daddy! Let’s go to bed!” I got up off the couch and scooped her up into my arms. Sandy squealed with delight.

I carried her into the bedroom and laid her naked and writhing on the bed. Then suddenly, a worried look came over her face. “But Daddy,” she said. “I’m a virgin. Is it going to hurt? Are you going to get me pregnant?”

I took my pajamas off and sat down on the bed beside her. I caressed her beautiful body and looked into her eyes. “Baby,” I said gently, “first of all, I’m so glad you’re a virgin. That means very, very much to me. Now, it may hurt just a little when I take your virginity, but I know what I’m doing. I’ll prepare you thoroughly beforehand and I promise you the pain will be minimal. And don’t worry about getting pregnant. I got a vasectomy shortly after you were born. I couldn’t get you pregnant even if I wanted to.”

“Good.” She seemed relieved. She held out her arms and whispered, “I’m ready for you to make love to me, Daddy.”

I got on the bed with her and took her into my arms. We kissed passionately, our tongues wrestling gently. I kissed her neck, her ears, her breasts. Sandy’s scent and warmth were overwhelming. She was exquisite: responsive and eager and giving. She took one of my nipples between her lips and sucked gently. The feeling went straight to my groin and my cock twitched back into life. I was a little amazed. It had been years since I’d been able to get an erection so soon after cumming. But this young female, so beautiful, so firm, to limber and loving, she aroused me in a way that I hadn’t been aroused in many years.

I kissed her breasts, kneading them gently, pulling at the nipples, sucking on them. She sighed deeply and held them out to me, encouraging me to suck and lick them. I moved a little lower, shifting so that I was between her firm thighs. I circled her navel with my tongue and shifted a little lower yet.

Now I was at her treasure. Her untouched treasure. Sandy’s pussy hair was light, and fine, and wispy. Maidenhair, that’s what it was, maidenhair. I pushed her legs apart and she spread them wide, saying, “Oh yes, Daddy love. Make it feel good for me. Kiss me between my legs, Daddy.”

Her pussy was beautiful. Her outer lips were plump and aroused, and her inner lips hid shyly between them. I opened her gently and inhaled her girl-woman scent. She was very wet and her nectar glistened in the folds. I opened my mouth and gave her a sucking, open-mouthed kiss. “Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby that feels so good Daddy. Kiss it good for me.” I laved her sex with my tongue, tasting her, having her fill my senses. She tasted musky and sweet and tart and I loved every millimeter of her. Her down tickled my nose a little and I pushed in deeper, burying myself in her folds. I spread her fully apart and began flicking her tiny little clit, then switched and tongued her entire pussy. Back and forth, clit to pussy, then a trip down to her dainty asshole. I rimmed her thoroughly and inserted the tip of my tongue into her anus. I pried her apart and tasted the inner walls of her butthole. She was clean and sweet, exactly as I expected. When I moved back up to her clit, her cries became more strident. I could tell my darling daughter, my Sandy, my lover, was about to climax. Gently, but insistently, I flicked her clit up and down, up and down. She whimpered and cried, moaned and sighed and finally, she screamed, “Oh Daddy, right there! Don’t stop baby! Don’t stop! Aghhh, aghhh, aghhh!!” She sobbed through climax after climax as I licked her canlı bahis siteleri pussy and clit. Finally, to bring her down gently, I let up on the pressure.

Sandy lay limply on her side, her legs tightly together. I heard her sobbing. Suddenly worried that I’d done something wrong, I crawled up beside her and took her in my arms. “What’s wrong, baby?” I asked. She immediately put her arms around my neck and held me tightly. I repeated the question. I could feel her tears on my chest. She sniffled and looked up at me. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“No Daddy,” she said. “It’s just that I’ve never felt anything like that before. Never. It was incredible.” Sandy opened her mouth to me and we kissed with every fiber of our beings. She pressed her body against mine and squirmed against my granite-hard prick. “I’m ready for you to… to take me Daddy… to fuck me,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. Please fuck…please fuck me, Daddy. Take my virginity.”

Sandy laid back on the bed and opened her legs. Her sweet pussy glistened with saliva and lubrication. She put her hand on it and opened herself for me. “Put your cock in me, Daddy.”

I crawled up between her legs and placed the head of my engorged dick at the wet, swollen entrance to her sex. “Take me in your hand and guide me in, darling,” I said. Sandy took my cock in her hand and wedged me into her slit. I pushed gently, encountering resistance. I could feel her hymen stretch under my insistent pressure. I wanted to shove myself in, but I knew it would hurt too much. So, I readjusted my angle and dug my knees into the bed. Then I pushed again, intending to broach her.

“Unghh!” Sandy said as I pushed through her maidenhead. She frowned.

“Does it hurt, baby?” I asked. “Do you want me to take it out?”

She kissed me hard and whispered, “Yes Daddy, it hurts, but don’t you dare take it out!” I pushed again and broke completely through. “Unghh!” Sandy cried again as I hilted myself in her tight, untested sheath. And tight she was. It had been a long time since I’d been gripped that way by a woman. It was hard to refrain from cumming right away, but somehow I did. I began moving slowly back and forth. Luckily, Sandy was very wet already, and my cock moved easily in and out. Soon, the frown left her face, her mouth opened slightly, and she began moving with me.

I used all the moves I’d learned in my 46 years. I ground into her pussy, I went shallow, then deep, then round and round. Sandy began moaning quietly, urging me on. Her slim legs came up around my waist and held on while I fucked my daughter with ever-increasing energy and strength. “Oh yes Daddy, fuck me. Do it to me lover! Oh, that’s good!” She became incomprehensible as the pleasure overtook her. I sensed that she was nearing her climax; I was certainly nearing mine. I held her close and tight and fucked my lovely daughter for all I was worth. I felt her pussy spasm, then her whole body as she screamed out her climax. I covered her mouth with mine and poured my hot, thick semen into her as I shoved my tongue down her throat.

Covered in sweat, limbs twitching in exhaustion, I moved off of her even as she mewed her disappointment. I lay on my back beside her and she moved in close. I managed to turn on my side and we kissed and kissed. I brushed the sweat-damp hair back from her face and said, “I love you Sandy girl. I love you I love you.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


That had been six months ago. Since that time, Sandy and I had made love any time we could. Since Helen’s cancer scare (her tests had been negative, thank goodness) she had gone back to work full-time and was out of town a lot . Many times, Helen had barely gotten her car out of the driveway before Sandy and I were tearing at each other’s clothes. I was insatiable when it came to my sexy, sweet daughter. And Sandy, to my delight, was insatiable for me.

There was, of course, Helen. Sandy and I had had to talk about her. The fact was that I still loved and desired Helen. She was beautiful and had given me a beautiful daughter. “You know that I still love your mother very much and I’ll need to make love to her too,” I told Sandy one afternoon in bed. We had just finished and were resting before going out to eat.

“I know, Daddy. I don’t mind, really.”

I was amazed at her aplomb. Amazed and relieved. I really didn’t want to give up either of my two beauties. I considered myself the luckiest man alive.

“But,” she said, and I tensed. There was always a But. “Daddy, you absolutely cannot screw around on either me or Mom. You cannot do that, Dad. It would hurt us too much. Besides, why would you want to? You have two women to love. Most men would kill for what you’ve got.”

I was so relieved that it must have been evident on my face. “Sandy, I am no fool. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can hold a candle to either you or your mother. I have absolutely no intention of screwing around on either of you. You have my word.”

“Then Daddy, you have nothing to worry about. I’m certainly not going to tell Mom. That is, unless we do it together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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