Sweet Little Girl

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She was 18, she was small for her age, she was beautiful, and she was a flirting and sexual little thing. I always watched her as she moved her hips while walking past me, teasing me with a smile on her pretty little face. Her Mother had taught her how to attract the opposite sex and she was a fast learner. She always went to bed with only a small nightshirt on and no panties. It was common for her to come jump into my lap at night and snuggle up close before bedtime.

I would be sitting in my den with only my pj’s on and her nude little ass would always seem to find my cock and then she would wiggle her hips against me. Always my cock would grow stiff and push up against her, pressing into her ass and as she spread her legs,

Ever so slightly, my cock would find itself against her bare, innocent, sexy, little pussy. She would push against my cock and smile at me as if. “I know you like this, Uncle Don, I can feel how excited I make you.”

Then she would turn around and straddle my hips, placing her legs alongside me and settle down with a snuggle/wiggle of her hips and make sure she was as close to my covered cock as she could get, without me taking it out and putting it against her hot, pulsing, vulva, oh how I wanted to; how I wanted her to feel my warm, hard, cock head open her ataşehir escort bayan pussy lips and rub her as she rocked back and forth on my shaft.

After satisfying herself that she was as close as possible to my cock, she would put her head against my chest and hug me tight, tell me how much she loved me and gently fall asleep. This evening was no different than others had been for months and months. Her mother was in her own bedroom watching TV and actually expected me to put her baby girl to bed with a kiss and a hug. She in fact, was the one that seemed to push her daughter to me and encouraged her little flirtations with me, even instructing her how to walk, sway her hips, and look sexily at me when she wanted something… Forgive me but, this little one was such a turn on and she had my heart in her hands.

Soon she was asleep and breathing softly into my bare chest; she always liked to rub my hairy chest with her soft little hands and kiss me as she rested her head against me. I stood up with my hands under her sweet little butt for support and then I carried her up the stairs, her bare, hairless ass in my hands, and her sweet innocent pussy at my fingertips. I could feel her warmth on my fingers; her natural wetness making my fingers it was calling me like a love escort kadıköy song. I gently spread her pussy lips and found the inner most part of her tender lips. Moving my fingers along her moist slit I found her clitoris and rubbed it gently. Her moans told me I was in the right spot.

Each step made her bounce a little in my arms and as a result forced my fingers to push gently into her, ever so slightly. I dared to open the fly of my pj’s and loose my hard cock. It also bounced as I walked and the thought of her bouncing up and down on the head of my stiff “man rod” was too much; I could not resist any longer. Gently I let her drop down to the point of touching her pussy against my “hardness”. It made my head swim to feel her pussy pushing against the head of my dick as I walked and maybe bounced a little more than I should.

She held me tight, almost as if she were aware of our “encounter”. I spread her ass with my hands to allow my cock better contact with her pussy and moved past her outer lips, pushing and rubbing against her little clitty. I was amazed; it seemed hard and very pronounced. Was she awake? Was she moving her hips against me? Trying to force her pussy down onto my rock hard cock… I could feel precum at the slit of my cock. It served us well, making our bostancı escort contact slick and wet. Our movements making my cock head almost enter her; all but the rim of “the hat” was in her… I wanted her so much.

I opened her bedroom door and bent over her bed, holding her tight against my bare chest and moving her away from my throbbing cock; oh how much I loved the feel of her bare pussy, warm and hot against my cock head.

Laying her down on the bed, her legs fell open and her nakedness was in my view as her nightshirt rode up her hips and bunched along her ribcage. I stood there staring at her beauty, my hands moving naturally to my groin. My cock was hard and wet from our “play”. I started to stroke my dick. The sound of our moistness on my cock seemed to

Play loudly in her room… it was indeed the music of “love”. I wanted so much to bend

down and flick open her pussy lips with my tongue; I wanted to feel her moistness on my lips; I wanted to push my cock head against her and let her feel my manhood, hard and hot for her beautiful little body.

Dare I touch her again? Dare I risk putting my head between her legs and push my tongue into her, deep into her little girl slit, fucking her with my mouth? I wanted to mount her and feel my cock deep inside of her belly. I wanted her to feel my gush of hot, sticky cum as I shot it into and all over her nakedness; all over her tender, peach like, little pussy…

This story will have to be continued until another time.. I feel flushed and embarrassed… Dare I continue??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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