Sweet Catherine at 18 Ch. 01

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“Stop it, Robbie!” young Catherine cried. “God, you’re such a pain sometimes.”

“Awe – but you said we would when we were on vacation,” Robbie whined.

“I did not! I said maybe — if it felt right.”

Robbie tried rubbing up his dream girlfriend’s thigh again, cautiously, but with the ‘if it felt right’ bit giving him another idea. “But you know how much I love you, Catherine,” he whispered as he kissed her neck. “You know I’ve never even kissed another girl in my whole life!”

“Oh that’s just silly,” Catherine scoffed, though she allowed his hand to edge a little way beneath her skirt that time.

“No it’s not,” Robbie whispered to her. “You know you’re the only girl for me ever since we were kids.”

They had grown up as neighbours and playmates and Robbie had always expected a natural progression to boyfriend status. He had just turned 19 and had been hoping that with Catherine turning 18 he would finally get past 1st base. He had felt her up a few times lately and even rubbed her through her panties, but his constant erection had yet to be called upon.

“You know you’re the only girl I’m ever going to love,” he went on, kissing her ear and searching up under her skirt a little further again.

“Robbie! I said no! What if our parents come back? It’s not exactly the best place to be doing it when my dad could walk through the door any minute.”

“Awe, they’re not going to be back for ages. They said they’re going to check the resort out and that means shopping for hours and our dads will be at a bar somewhere for sure.”

“Well anyway this just isn’t going to happen right now,” Catherine declared as she pushed Robbie away and got up off the couch. “I want to go check out the beach. Are you coming?”

They were in the apartment Catherine and her parents were staying in. Robbie was staying with his parents next door. They vacationed together at least once a year, usually camping, but this summer they had decided on an up-market island resort. Which was another thing Robbie had figured would favour his chances of finally getting his eager young dick wet. What, with the romance and all – surely he’d be getting lucky before the end of the week.

He watched through the tiny opening in the door that Catherine hadn’t quite closed behind her. She stepped out of her panties and pulled on bikini bottoms. He caught a flash of her neatly trimmed pubes as she turned past a mirror then she tossed her bra and he saw her perky little breasts full on before she tied her bikini top in place.

“Come on then,” she said as she brushed past and out the door, and Robbie grabbed his towel and hurried after her.

The elevator opened into the foyer of the resort and that led to the pools, bars and gardens. Beyond that was the beach, and Robbie caught Catherine’s hand before she stepped down onto the sand and he pulled her close for a kiss.

“I didn’t mean to get pushy again,” he said apologetically.

Catherine responded with another kiss. “I know. It’s okay. I just want to wait until it’s perfect before our first time.”

They remained there at the top of the stairs leading down to the beach kissing and cuddling with Catherine warming to at least pretending to go steady. She had to give him credit for persistence, and it was flattering enough to make her want to play along with his fairy-tale fantasy.

They were kissing and talking and they hadn’t noticed George, the old maintenance man, leaning back on a broken down jet ski watching them.

**** George was a pot-bellied, grey haired man of 56. He had been working at the resort since vacationing there 10 years ago and scoring a job. He never bothered going home. He just called his old boss and told him to shove it then moved out of his suite into the bungalow behind the maintenance workshop. He had spent every day since living a life of relaxation in the sun, and ogling every hard bodied bikini girl that sauntered past.

Right then old George was puffing on a cigarette and looking young Catherine over. She had a very pretty face and beautiful green eyes, long blonde hair and golden brown skin. Her legs were slender and her hips were slight, though feminine. He could nearly squeeze his big old hands around her waist it was so tiny and she had perky little tits with upturned nipples just visible through her white bikini top.

He watched kartal escort bayan her stroll by clinging to the arm of a gangly boy with one of those stupid hair styles that looked like birds were nesting on the back of his head. He forgot about the boy though and concentrated on the sway of the girl’s hips and the way the little wrap around skirt she had on was swishing across the back of her thighs. He imagined with a nice womanly hip action like that she would be a good fuck. He imagined how good she could grind over his old cock if she was riding him cowgirl style. Or maybe reverse cowgirl so he could reach around and feel her little titties while she was at it.

These were typical thoughts for old George whilst ogling a young hard bodied bikini girl but he struggled to remember the day he could actually get any action like that. He would occasionally score with one of the many single mature women who frequented the resort, but there was no harm in checking out the young ones he reasoned as he flicked his smoke and went back to work on the jet ski.

“Morning, George! How they hanging?”

“Andy! Yeah good, son. How’d you get on at the airport?”

“Easy! Got there just before time and no delays.” Andy was a mid-thirties man who had been at the resort for a week hiring out one of the jet skis every day. He had been vacationing with his wife and two children but had delivered them to the airport that morning.

“Fuck I’ve been looking forward to this,” he said, stretching and looking around at the beach. “A whole week without the wife and kids! Thank god for business!”

Andy had a few business meetings to attend and one dinner function at the end of the week but the days were free. His wife had to return to work so she couldn’t stay with him. It was his first chance to be completely alone in years and he was feeling good.

“I’m just going for a quick surf then I’ll be back for a ski okay, George?”

George waved him off and he jogged down to the water and out into the waves. He was a keen bodysurfer and although the surf was a bit rough he did pretty well. He caught a few good waves and dodged the kids on body boards.

After half an hour he was about to call it and head back to shore when right in front of him a girl got absolutely dumped by a particularly savage little wave. She went ass over head with legs everywhere and when the wave spewed her out she didn’t know which way was up.

Andy caught her arm and lifted her, holding her until she found her feet. Her hair was matted over her face and she was coughing and spluttering sea water. Her bikini top had come undone or perhaps broken a string and it was hanging backwards from her neck. Her little white tits were bare.

“Are you all right?” Andy asked kindly.

She stopped coughing. “Yes I’m – oh my god!” she cried as she searched for her bikini top.

She found it and desperately tried to untangle it. Andy remained close, shielding her from a few other men and boys close by. “It’s okay — no one’s watching,” he reassured her, though he was looking down at her tits himself. They were perfect — small but nicely rounded beneath dark highset nipples. “Here — let me help,” he went on easily and she allowed him to take hold of the tangled string that was causing the problem while she held her arm across her breasts.

“This is so embarrassing,” she said, nervously looking around.

“No, it’s actually funny when you think about it. I’m sure you’ll have a laugh later,” Andy smiled, which caused the girl to smile in response. He had undone the knot in the string. “There you go,” he said, again checking out her perky young tits while she fixed her top into place.

“Thank you,” the girl said, seemingly even more nervous as she peered up biting her lip, and Andy left her with another smile and dived into the wave that was passing by.

The girl watched him surf into shore and walk up towards the resort without looking back. Her heart was pounding and her legs were numb. She went back to her towel and was drying off when her pretend boyfriend arrived from the shop with chips and sodas.

“Are you all right, Catherine?” Robbie asked. “You look a bit red in the face.”

“I’m fine. Better than fine actually,” Catherine said dreamily. She could see the man had stopped to chat with an older man working on a escort maltepe jet ski. She guessed the one who had helped her would be nearly her parent’s age but that didn’t matter.

“I want to go back to the resort now, Robbie. Are you coming?”

She tied her skirt around her waist and led off with Robbie following. She wanted to hurry before the man walked away but she slowed as she approached, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her boobs forward. She wished they were bigger!

The guy had man sized muscles. His shoulders were broad and his face had little lines that accentuated his smile. He glanced and Catherine smiled, which caused him to smile in response as his eyes flashed lower to check out her body, and that caused Catherine’s legs to go tingly again. She wished she had a reason to stop but she didn’t and she kept walking past and up the stairs. When she reached the top of the stairs she dared to glance back though and both men were looking.

Catherine and Robbie spent a few hours at one of the resort pools with some other couples their own age.

Robbie ended up parasailing with a group of boys and Catherine went shopping with her new girlfriends.

That evening they were left alone by their parents and stayed in the suite Robbie was staying in listening to music and cuddling and kissing. Catherine was feeling sexy and she parted her legs a little when Robbie started rubbing her thigh. He felt his way up to her panties and was rubbing her through them.

Catherine was wet but Robbie didn’t understand the significance of that. He just liked how warm she felt and how he could force his fingers inside of her a little way. He had never felt underneath her panties though and after being rejected earlier in the day he decided not to try and push things again just yet, so he soon left off rubbing her there and felt up under her top and bra.

Catherine liked the feel of Robbie touching her there but he never brought her even close to orgasm and she wondered if he even knew what that was.

She wondered – but as close as they were she didn’t quite know how to bring the matter up. She was worried it might embarrass him and was kind of hoping one of his friends might educate him one day and save her from having to go there.

Robbie searched around behind her back and released her bra clasp. She wriggled out of it and pulled it off completely to allow him better access. She then tossed it aside and straddled his lap, which made his eyes pop open and his body stiffen beneath her.

What was already quite stiff though was his dick and she straddled that and used it to rub where she liked to rub herself. She was splitting herself over the underside of his shaft which was sticking straight up against his stomach.

“Only like this though,” she whispered to him. “Not inside me, okay?”

“Okay,” Robbie groaned as he started thrusting. He only had thin cotton shorts on and his cock had worked its way through the opening in his boxer shorts. There was just that one layer of fabric and Catherine’s panties, and he could feel the heat from her open pussy. He was thrusting and spearing his cock through the feel of her and she was grinding down hard.

Catherine quickly reached one of her usual orgasms and she clung to her make-believe boyfriend’s head while it pulsed through her belly. She could also feel Robbie’s dick throbbing and she understood he had ejaculated. He was suddenly relaxed and wasn’t trying to thrust anymore, and he was just holding her and panting against her chest.

“Did you cum?” she asked him softly.

“Yeah I did,” Robbie said, still holding her and starting to think what he was going to do about the mess. He could feel how wet the front of his shorts were.

“I think I need to go and get changed,” he said with a degree of embarrassment.

Catherine rolled off him and sat with her legs tucked up to the side without bothering to tug her skirt down. It was a tiny little thing that barely covered her panties anyway and it had bunched up like a belt around her waist.

She was sitting there cooling down after her mini orgasm while Robbie was in the bathroom cleaning himself up. But suddenly the door opened and Robbie’s dad walked in and stopped with his eyes popping open. Catherine instinctively tugged at her skirt but her bra was lying there on pendik escort the floor at Mr Dale’s feet.

“Hi, Mr Dale,” she uttered nervously.

Milton Dale was a happily married man with a satisfying sex life but he had been watching Catherine develop since she was a young teen and he was only human. He could see her little white panties as she sat hugging her knees to her chest. He picked up her bra and stepped close but didn’t hand it to her yet.

He grinned. “Where’s Robbie?”

Catherine pointed to the bathroom. She could see Mr Dale was looking at her legs and she knew her panties would be exposed because her little skirt was still bunched up her back. She lowered her legs, sitting up and smoothing her hands down to her knees, but her panties were still exposed between her bare thighs.

She watched Mr Dale’s face as he stared at them. It was like time had stopped but her heart was pounding. She moved her hands from her knees but kept her knees together. She felt for the hem of her skirt, thinking about stretching it down, but she waited until his eyes lifted before she did that.

He grinned again as he handed her the bra. “I just came back for my wallet. I’ll leave you kids to it then.”

Milton collected his wallet off the table and returned to the door. He had another look at young Catherine. Her nipples were hard and poking at the tank top she had on. She was fiddling with her bra and he could still see her panties. Her knees had strayed a little and he had a good view between her slender young thighs. She was biting down on an embarrassed smile.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell your dad,” he said with a wink. And he deliberately looked back down at her legs.

Catherine felt her knees parting even further like she had no control over them. She was excited by the fact that Mr Dale was looking at her and obviously thinking about her in that way. She had noticed his glances over recent years but had always been too shy to do anything about it. Except she deliberately wore short skirts sometimes when she was going to Robbie’s house and she knew Mr Dale would be home.

“Promise you won’t tell dad?” she asked him sweetly.

“Sure but it might cost you,” Milton chuckled in reply.

Catherine could hear the shower running so she knew Robbie would be a while yet.

“Well what can I do to make sure you don’t tell?” she teased as she walked over to the door. “Dad will kill me if he finds out.”

She had stopped right in front of Milton and she was swaying against the door. Milton checked the hallway over his shoulder then turned back to her. He touched her hair, gathering a few strands from her cheek and smoothing down to her shoulder. He watched her face and she was looking down at his hand. He then trailed his fingers down lower and touched her nipple through her tank top.

“I guess if you don’t tell then I won’t,” he said to her, and with that he felt her little tit more firmly. He squeezed it and felt her gasp and moan slightly as she pressed forward against his hand.

She had her hands behind her back clinging to the door frame while he continued to feel her up. She peered up at him and he bent to her and kissed her lips. He was instantly erect and she was completely submissive as he pressed his body against her but he was conscious of the fact that his son might open the bathroom door any second.

“This is our little secret then?” he said to her as he kissed her hard once more.

He then lifted from her and pulled her top up to have a quick look at her. The shower had stopped in the bathroom so he pulled her out into the hallway. He kissed her hard again and felt her little tits bare while he was at it. She was responding with open mouth and just moaning and thrusting her chest forward as he groped her and pinched her nipples.

Milton pulled himself away and walked across to the elevator. She remained leaning back against the door with her top still up over her tits. She was just smiling at him with her eyes glazed and dreamy.

“Our little secret!” he said to her again as the elevator door opened.

“Okay, Mr Dale,” she uttered through her smile.

When the elevator doors closed Catherine tugged her top down into place and went in to find Robbie coming from the bathroom. She told him she had to go and left immediately.

Back in her hotel room she went straight to bed and rubbed herself to another orgasm thinking about Mr Dale and the other man who had saved her when she was dumped by a wave earlier that day. She decided she was going to find him again tomorrow. The resort wasn’t that big so how hard could it be?

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